First blog post

Hi! This is my first blog, so it might not be perfect! I’m going to tell you what has been happening over this Christmas, and what I will be doing over the next couple of weeks as I start my 2017 gymnastics year. I’m going to make this year the best year of all.

Over Christmas I have been training, but I’ve also had time off for fun at home. It’s now time to get back to full gym training, and I know that I definitely have to work hard this year because I have an important Level 3 compulsory competition in March and my very first GB squad camp the first weekend in January. I need to get my flexibility and strength up ready for those things. At my GB camp I will be tested on different tasks to measure my fitness and flexibility and strength. I want to be at my best.

I’m going to go up to Lilleshall National Sports Centre, about 4 hours drive in the car, on Friday and I’m feeling scared, but more excited than scared! When we get there my family will stay over for one night, but will then leave me with my coach, Kelly, and the British Gymnastics national coaches for the weekend. I’ll be training with other girls that got into the GB squad as well. One of girls I know the most is my friend, Madi, and I hope I can share a room with her. My Mum and her Mum have already been texting about meeting up in the hotel.

Right, I need to go now because I need to practice at home my straddle lever to handstand.

Bye! x



6 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Wow Felicity, it sounds like you have an exciting year ahead of you. I know how hard you work and look forward to reading about all of your many, many adventures and achievements throughout the year. Lots of luck and best wishes!


  2. Dear Felicity
    Hope that your GB squad weekend is going really well.

    You are amazing !!!
    Looking forward to hearing all about it.

    Xx love your cousins Emily and Sam xxx


  3. Well done Felicity! It’ll be really interesting to be able to read about your experiences as you progress. We’ll look forward to hearing all about you first exciting trip to the GB camp in class. I’m sure you will do brilliantly as you work so hard at this!


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