My very first GB Squad camp

Hi guys, this is my second blog. I’m going to tell you all about my GB camp at Lilleshall last weekend. It was mine and my coach Kelly’s very first GB experience together.

I had to pack on Thursday night ready to travel up to Telford on Friday straight after gym at 5pm. I remember thinking to myself how hard it was going to be, and difficult, but I knew it would be fun at the same time – I just knew it! Probably I would take one step into the gym and look around and say ‘This is amazing’. I was a bit worried about my conditioning testing, but just hoped I had done enough in training to get a good score.

My family and I drove up on Friday evening, and stayed in a hotel. First thing on Saturday morning we drove to Lilleshall National Sport Centre. It was in the countryside and very beautiful. There was a very long driveway!

First we had a presentation to tell us all about the programme, then I said goodbye to Mum, Dad, Jack and Bella and went off with Kelly, my coach, the other 23 gymnasts and their coaches to the gym. We met the national coaches and they introduced themselves. One was called Nick, one was called Claire, and the other was Daniela – sometimes I couldn’t understand her that well because she was Russian. We then started training and tried to get used to the apparatus. I was quite scared, but as time went on I felt more comfortable and happy. I then started to smile!

Before long it was lunchtime! I had sausages, beans, potatoes, cucumber and salad.The puddings looked really nice, but we weren’t allowed to have any! I enjoyed my meal though, it was healthy and nutritious and gave me the energy I needed.

After lunch we went to the accommodation building to find out who we would be sharing a room with. I was going to be with Lili. (In the evening it was like a party because everybody wanted to come into our room!)

I made 5 new really good friends. They were called Madi, Beatrice, Lili, Amelie and Sophie.

In the gym, Nick did most of the speaking, and taught floor and vault, Claire coached bars and Daniela did beam. They all taught conditioning.

The gym was very BIG! One area of the gym was all red with lots of pits, and the other side of the gym was blue with normal gym hard floors. It had everything that we could ever need there. It was a very good gym! (You can see the entrance into the other pit room in the middle and at the back of this photo.)dsc_0409

I couldn’t believe I was training in the same place that Team GB train. I think the Senior GB gymnasts sometimes train there for 5 weeks on their camps. I was only there for 2 long days this time. It was brilliant. I really loved this chance to be with other GB girls like me, learning new skills.

Kelly, my coach, drove me all the way home on Sunday night. I slept part of the way as it was a long drive and I was tired from all the hours of training really hard. I got home at 9.30pm, I think, and I was really pleased to see my family and couldn’t stop talking about it all! I’m looking forward to the next camp.

I can’t wait to get my new GB Squad tracksuit and other clothes. I just have to wait a bit longer as they told us that they have only just changed their supplier to Quatro, so the process is going to take a bit longer than normal. I shall be waiting for the postman to arrive everyday!








2 thoughts on “My very first GB Squad camp

  1. Great to hear how your amazing weekend went! The first of many wonderful experiences on your team GB journey – well done! X


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