What I’ve been doing in January and February 2017!


It’s time for another blog! The past couple of months have been really tough for me. I’ve had highs (I’ve achieved my bar routine with fly away, free walkover on floor, roundoff straight back on beam and other Level 3 skills) and big lows because I have a lot of pressure and I was feeling not very confident and upset. But I’m feeling much happier and positive now. My wonderful friend Francesca made me this pillow, which makes me smile.


In January I helped out at Devon Squad Trials in Exeter (I’d already secured my place) and I encouraged the other younger Falcons girls, including my sister, Bella. Bella was brilliant and is now in the Devon Elite Squad with me!

I’ve got new floor music and a new routine. Sarah has made up some great dance steps for me. It’s really fun to perform, but needs a lot of energy!

On Saturday we had a control competition at the gym to give us practice for the real thing in a few weeks time. It went quite well and I stuck all of my routines. I want to keep training hard to make all my skills as good as I can.

On Sunday I went with Molly, my gymnastic friend, and coaches Kelly and Katie to Fromeside Gymnastics Club near Bristol for an all day South West training clinic. It was an early start! It was good fun and I met many other gymnasts. The conditioning exercises were hard.

In the entrance to Falcons gym there is a photo display – the GB wall of fame they call it! I really like my pictures next to Adam and Joe, who are amazing gymnasts.


Bye for now!





2 thoughts on “What I’ve been doing in January and February 2017!

  1. Great blog, Felicity! Keep up with all your amazing hard work! I see you train for part of your session every Monday, and I want you to know how incredible you are as a gymnast even when it’s not going as well as you want it to. You’ve got such a lot of mental toughness for a tiny lady! Go Fliss! (From Jo Andrews)

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