First competition of the season and new skills!

Picture By Jim Wileman

I’m back again. I’ve just competed this weekend in a South West elite compulsory level 3 grade competition against 4 other people. These were the only girls in the whole of the SW that could do these hard skills. 

Now,  I’m going to start at the beginning. First thing was warm up, but I had a problem with a really sore knee. But I just had to wipe some tears away and get on with it. When I got over it, it started to go well. I started on range and conditioning and stuck it.

Then we moved on to vault. Normally vault is my best, but today it wasn’t quite right but at least I got a reasonable score.

Then it was bars. I didn’t quite hit perfect handstands but I played safe and stuck a good routine.

Then we went to beam, and that was incredible. I did a clean routine and was top scorer. (It starts about 2mins in.)

After beam I went to floor,  my last apparatus. I managed a pretty good routine. I think there are things I can still work on though. It was the first time with my new music and routine. Mum said I smiled and performed it well. She said I was beautiful to watch. (It starts about 1 and half mins in.)

It was the presentations next. I came second behind Madi who is the British Champion! I was happy with my silver medal and my total scores. I passed my grade with Distinction. Kayleigh my club mate was great too and came 3rd also with a distinction. We are now going to go to National Finals at the end of April at Stoke on Trent. Thank you coach Kelly for all your great help. ☺ 

Today was an extra special day, as my sister Bella competed for the first time at this competition with me. She was doing compulsory grade 5 with her friend Lannah. They were awesome. Bella got a Bronze medal, and Lannah came 4th – both with distinctions too. Mum and Dad struggled to film me and Bella at the same time, they told me! I love my sister and I’m proud of her.

DSC_0600 (1)

I was excited to get back in the gym the next day. I knew we would have some fun trying new skills and would not  have to do routines. Today I managed a free forward walkover on the low beam! So happy. 

It was another good day in the gym today. Free forward walkover, on the high beam this time with only one mat. Round off straight half off the beam. Three consecutive flics on the low beam. Pretty cool!!! 



8 thoughts on “First competition of the season and new skills!

  1. Wow Fliss, everything looks amazing. You are clearly working very hard and continue to love what you are doing, which is soooooo important. I love watching you, you are so elegant, yet so powerful. I miss seeing all your silverware and hearing about your adventures, although Bella is keen to share. You look so proud in your photo together, two super sisters – a strength to be reckoned with! Congratulations for your success so far and I look forward to hearing and seeing (keep the videos coming) you on the next step of your journey xx


  2. Amazing clips, Felicity – loved the floor routine, which we haven’t seen before! Also, that beam routine was superb – you nailed it! Keep doing what you’re doing, cos it’s working! Jo Andrews.


  3. It’s so amazing yo hear about your achievements – we’ll done! I’m so impressed by your flexibility I’m encouraged to work on mine! Keep up the amazing work!


  4. Well done Fliss such incredible ambition and success, i’m sure youre a real inspiration to so many gymnasts and all the holywell kids to show that hard work and commitment pays off


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