English Champs and Easter training

JimW-Felicity Ayres 27Hello. I’m going to tell you what’s been happening over the last few weeks.

Last weekend was the English Gymnastics Championships at Loughborough University. My 16 year old friend from Falcons, Taylor, was competing for the first time and I wanted to go and watch her and cheer her on! I also wanted to go and experience my first ever big national competition. We got up up 4.30am and Daddy drove me and Bella to the comp. It took 4 hours!

Taylor did really well. She came 16th all around, which is brilliant. (At one point she was 1st on bars!) I was happy to be there and to support my coach, Kelly too.

There were lots of famous gymnasts competing. I got to watch Claudia Fragapane and Becky Downie! It was so cool! Becky came 1st on bars but fell twice on beam. I felt a bit sad for her because as she is famous everyone was looking at her and going ‘oooh’. Claudia got a trophy for the best choreographed dance in her floor routine.

Bella and I got to meet Claudia and have our photo taken with her. I can’t believe we’ve seen her on TV competing at the Olympics and on TV dancing on Strictly Come Dancing and now met her in real life. It is crazy!


We also got to cheer on our Falcons boys, Joe and Bryon, as they were competing the same day. They were brilliant too. Bryon came 4th but Joe badly ripped his hand so couldn’t do as well as he hoped.

We stayed in a hotel after the competition and came home the next day.

Back in the gym, I’ve been working really hard this Easter holiday. We’ve been training 10am – 3pm nearly every day. I got a bit frustrated a few days ago as I lost my swing half on bars, and just couldn’t do it, but then the next day I tried to keep calm and relax and it came back! I managed 5 clean routines in a row. I’ve also had these pictures of me training on beam put onto Instagram.

This week we’ve had another Devon Elite training session, this time at Falcons. We got our new 2017 T shirts! It was nice to see my other friends.

On Friday we had an Easter egg hunt in the gym. Kelly had hidden them well! We did find them all in the end. I also found one for Georgia who was away on holiday.
Happy Easter everyone – I’ve got two days off, so it’s time for chocolate!


4 thoughts on “English Champs and Easter training

  1. Well done Felicity. I loved reading all you have written. Good luck for the future. I look forward to living next door but one to an Olympic gymnast!


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