National Finals Level 3 Compulsory Competition & my birthday! 🎂

Picture By Jim Wileman 

It’s been a busy week.

On Tuesday it was my 10th birthday! I spent 7 hours of it in the gym training and eating cake with my friends! We did a control competition and I got a BIG score so it made me feel happy. British Gymnewstics posted a birthday message for me. Really amazing! I loved that!

On Friday afternoon I had a run through of my routines in Falcons gym with my gym friend Kayleigh, then Kelly did our competition hair. We then travelled up to Stoke-on-Trent (4hrs 30 mins in the car – it was a long way). My family and I were staying in a cottage on a farm near the competition place, as it was cheaper than having to book two hotel rooms, and more fun! They had baby goats, lambs, rabbits and guinea pigs to hold. 

I was feeling really positive about my competition. I knew that if I had a clean competition and I performed at my best I might have a shot at the medals. I was feeling good and didn’t have an injury. I would try really hard.

In the morning we got to Fenton Manor Sports Complex in Stoke at 11.30am. I found Kayleigh and her family and coach Kelly and we watched the younger ones from around the country competing. Madi from The Academy near Bristol, our other South West teammate, arrived. It was so great to see her! We only had 3 in our team and no reserve so knew that all of our scores would count. (If there were 4 in a team, the best 3 scores on each piece would be used.) There were going to be 2 rounds of Level 3 compulsory, one in the afternoon, one in the evening. Presentations would be at 7.30pm. It was going to be a long day! At 2pm we started our general warm up, and then had time on each apparatus. We started the competition for real at about 3.30pm.

First was beam. I felt good. I started really well but I fell on my forward walkover. I never fall on that! I was then a bit shaky and wobbled on some of my other skills. I had to battle. Normally I can do much better than that. I finished it off. My score was not brilliant (11.2) and I was upset with myself. I had to just forget about that and move on.

Next was floor. I felt a bit scared. I smiled and performed it, but once I’d finished and heard the score I was confused as my score (11.55) was really quite bad for me. I must have made some errors and I want to talk to Kelly so I can do better next time. Normally my score is higher on floor. My mum tells me I have to always keep smiling and fighting though, so I knew I just had to keep calm and do my very best on the next pieces. My mum says, ‘It isn’t over until the fat lady sings! ‘ The floor music was so loud. In my routine when I was on the ground doing my bendy back bend section I was close to a speaker and thought my ears were going to blow!

Next was Range and Conditioning. I had to do this on the shiny hard floor. I put some chalk on my hands this year. I did a fantastic routine and got a BIG score of 13.25. I thought I did my best! I was leading all the way. I was crossing my fingers and hoping no one would beat me. I held the top spot until in the second round of the comp one girl snuck in and grabbed my gold. Not fair! So I kind of got gold, but had to settle for silver after all!

We then had a Rest rotation. I was happy and laughing with my teammates for a few minutes which was nice.

Next was Vault. I was feeling positive. My warm up vault was good and then I tried really hard to do my best vault. I put in a good vault, maybe not my best, but I got a solid score (12.75).

Last rotation was Bars. In training at Falcons I’d been spending lots of time on bars to make my routine better. I felt slightly nervous as warm up at the comp had not gone that well but I knew I had to do my very best routine and not be safe. I really went for it. I hit my handstands and did my swing half bonus moves (not many other girls did them!) and stuck the landing after my fly away. I felt awesome when I saw my score. It was a MASSIVE score of 14.0. I was top scorer. I then had to sit through the next round and hope no one beat me. The last two girls in the next round were doing swing halves but thankfully they didn’t get as big a score as me. I was British Champion!

Madi, Kayleigh and I had done all we could for the South West. We scored 189.450.

We were able to follow the results live online from Gymdata on our Mum and Dad’s phones. We knew we had just missed out on a medal (it was so nerve racking watching) coming 4th. There were 11 regional teams, so we did well. 

My total individual score was 62.750, even with a fall on beam.  I am so happy that I came 7th all around in Level 3 Compulsory in age. There were 45 girls competing.

I AM THE 7th BEST GYMNAST FOR MY AGE IN GREAT BRITAIN!!! Same position as last year.

I am also BRITISH BARS CHAMPION, and SILVER MEDALLIST for RANGE AND CONDITIONING! (I wish they had given out individual apparatus medals as I would have taken home a gold and silver!)


My club friend Kayleigh did a clean and brilliant comp coming 9th AA and 3rd on bars. My friend Madi from Bristol came an amazing 2nd AA.

Here is a photo of me and Kayleigh, and one with our fab coach Kelly. 

It was a tough competition. Most of the other girls were really good. I said hello to several girls I know from the GB team. Next time I think I will go clean and plan to do even better! I’m excited for my new Range routine.

Out of the top 8, only 4 of us are in the GB 2017 team (there are 8 of us) , so there were a few new girls that got good marks at this comp. I need to keep on top of my game!

Here are all the results.

Results 2017 National Compulsory 4,3,2,1.

We stayed in our cottage for the weekend and had a family treat day to Alton Towers. I think I deserved it! It was so much fun. My favourite ride was the Spin Ball Wizard one.  I liked the Enterprise where I sat in a cage with my Mum. I said when we were spinning upside down, ” It’s like doing a very big clear on bars!”

Back to training on Tuesday – I’ve got another competition in 5 weeks time!

I hope you liked reading my blog. Thank you for supporting me.



9 thoughts on “National Finals Level 3 Compulsory Competition & my birthday! 🎂

  1. Well done Felicity. I remember how excited your mom was when you were 7th last year. I’m glad you enjoyed Alton Towers. We used to live near there before we moved to Tawstock.


  2. Fantastic blog Fliss – I always like reading this. My heart fell when you wobbled off the beam. Poor you – but you kept going and did so well. We’re all really proud of you and Kayleigh xx


  3. A great blog update Fliss. I really felt the emotion in the videos and your words. You are so passionate about this sport and your work ethic is remarkable. Lots of luck for 5 weeks time, where I’m sure you will go clean and smash it!


  4. Fab videos, Fliss! You work so hard and do so well – amazing stuff! Good luck from the Andrews family for your next competition. X


  5. Well done felicity – we think you are just amazing! Your attitude as well as your talent is something you should be so proud of. Glad you enjoyed Alton towers too! X


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