My recovery so far…

JimW-Felicity Ayres 28.jpgThis blog is going to be a bit like my diary since coming home from hospital. ( I wish I could do what I am doing in this photo! )

Week 1

I have had loads of messages from clubs across the country and people from GB squad wishing me to get better soon. I feel very thankful. I wrote some thank you letters to the hospitals, and to my wonderful club Falcons.

On Friday I spent 1hr with my friends in the gym. I was watching and laughing with them. It was weird being the other side of the barrier. I left just before my friend was about to start her bar routine. I felt a bit strange and wasn’t sure I wanted to watch that, just yet.

At home apart from relaxing I’ve been choreographing dance routines with Bella, not on the trampoline as usual (!) but on the floor, gently. I’ve been for a short walk. I felt a bit dizzy and had achy legs. 

It was Bella’s swimming party with an inflatable in the pool on Sunday. I knew I couldn’t do that, but did manage to get in the water out of the way and just bobbed about.

I know it is going to take me maybe a YEAR to get back to the elite top, but I’m going to try and be careful and ease myself back slowly, but also I want to get back to the top sooner if I can. I think I could do it.

Week 2

I’m helping Kelly coach today. What to wear?! For two hours I helped the little ones, my sister Bella’s group. I helped judge vault with Ryan. I stayed 2hrs.

I went into the gym a couple more times. I helped clean up some dance routines. I want to be doing gym myself but this was the next best thing. (I think I looked like a mini Kelly.) 


Quatro made me smile on Friday. I received a replacement leotard for the birthday one the paramedics cut off me after my accident. BIG thanks to Quatro and Kelly!

This weekend was GB development squad camp at Lilleshall. I was missing this. It was a big shame but I wasn’t that unhappy. OF COURSE I wanted to be there,  but I just dealt with it and made the most of my extra time with my family. I had several nice messages from my friends there.

Here is a line up of the squad – except me!  I hoped everyone was having fun. I’ll be back when the time is right!

Week 3


My first morning back at school since the accident. It was quite easy work. I had a little bit of a headache but I carried on. My friends were really excited but knew that they couldn’t grab or go mad touching me or go crazy near me. I felt a bit tired by lunchtime.

After a rest I went to gym for the first time back as a gymnast, not a little helper/coach! I’m not going to lie, I was scared a bit and didn’t want to (Mum was surprised when I told her this afterwards as she said that I didn’t show it) but also I REALLY REALLY wanted to! I felt really happy and chilled when Kelly talked me through the programme she had made for me. Basic stuff. I did visualisation of my routines/gym skills on each piece (not doing them, just lying down and thinking it all through in my head), some conditioning, some stretching. All really gentle. Light jogging on the spot first. I felt relaxed. Everything was going to be fine, I just needed to chill and get back slowly. I wore my replaced Quatro purple leotard and some leggings and stayed for 2hrs. I felt happy but achy!

This was a big day for me. The start of my road back! Gymnastics is my world. I have a huge smile on my face tonight.


I feel tired and achy. Seriously, I am tired today. Today I helped at a cross country race. I would have been competing normally, and been up near the front! But I had to settle for just a gentle walk of the course beforehand and then motivating all my school mates and sister to do well and advising them on how to tackle the course, and cheering them on! I was given the cool job of presenting the medals! This was great. I felt exhausted in the afternoon. A good night sleep will help ☺

I’ve been thinking about the weeks ahead and talking to Kelly and Mum and Dad. What will I be able to do tomorrow? Next week? What’s the plan? What skills will I start doing when I come back to gym after 3 months? I think it will be really basic cartwheels and forward rolls! My brain is always thinking about what I will be able to do and when.


I’m tired today. I had a headache at school this morning so came home earlier. I wasn’t feeling right to go to gym this afternoon. I think it’s been a busy week trying to adjust. I need some rest and quiet time. This afternoon I lay on the sofa and watched the hour long highlight programme that we still have recorded from the European Gymnastics Championships. It was great to watch Ellie Downie’s brilliant success, and all the other competitors do their routines. I was analysing their routines. I think all of this is good for me. I might not be physically able to do much gym, but I’m enjoying watching it, learning, and pointing out good things and things that aren’t perfect. Ellie you are incredible! You are inspiring me.ellie2017eurofx

After this and a rest I felt better. It’s been quite tough getting back into doing normal things but the Doctors said I would feel tired,  so I know it’s normal.

It’s Saturday. I feel much better today and my Mum says I look brighter and my eyes have a sparkle! I’m looking forward to doing my gentle conditioning programme in the gym.

I managed a light jog around the floor today! I looked over at Mum and smiled. It’s also the first day of wearing my new Falcons Pink training leo.

It’s my little sister Bella’s comp tomorrow. We are driving to Plymouth now (2 hours in the car), with her other gym friends that are competing, driving in their cars. It brings back memories of when I had to come Plymouth every Sunday for a year when I was doing special Elmhurst Associates Ballet lessons (linked to Birmingham Royal Ballet).

Tomorrow I hope I can support Bella, like she always does me. ‘Just try your best and go for it, Bella!’

So, it’s nearly another week that has gone by. One step closer. I am crossing off the days on my countdown calendar I made! Let’s see what next week brings!

Thanks for reading and supporting me. Bye for now.

Fliss x

8 thoughts on “My recovery so far…

  1. You’re doing so well, Fliss. When you look back, all recovered and back at the top of your game in the years to come, this set-back will be part of what made you stronger, tougher and more determined in your gymnastics and in your life. Chin up and smile, little lady – you’re always a source of inspiration! X

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  2. Wow, Fliss you really are writing so well about your recovery. It’s great to have an insight into how you are feeling and what you are thinking – I’m sure it’s not that dissimilar to the top athletes who have tough injuries to recover from. You clearly have lots of determination and a very positive attitude about what the future holds, amazing when you are just 10 years old! I like that you are listening to your body and resting when you need to, the body is clever at telling you this, so keep looking for the signs. I’m glad you are enjoying being with your friends back at school and it’s a joy to see your smiley face when I’m nipping in and out – you look incredible! Keep taking care of yourself and I look forward to your next instalment – big hugs Mrs H x

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  3. So pleased you are recovering quickly Felicity. It’s great that you are able to do gentle training. You’ll be back to long gym sessions soon.

    Jan (Four Gables )

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