The next part of my recovery.


JimW-Felicity Ayres 43My next diary pages… (not allowed to do this free cartwheel yet!) 



It was four weeks ago today that I had my accident. I went to school for half a day. I had a few pains in the back of my head, and I looked a bit tired. I just didn’t feel well enough for gym. I came home had some medicine and rested.

Then Bella was practising gym at home, and I wanted to help her! She was practising on beam at home and I worked with her on some new dance sections.


Today I went proper swimming with school! It felt good! I wanted to jump in, the teacher told me, ‘No’. (I knew that really!) I liked being in the water, but I was tired afterwards. I just couldn’t go to gym as well, so I went home to rest.

When Bella came home, she told me that she’d achieved great things! I was so happy and proud of her backward walkover split flic on beam. Brilliant Bells.


Only half a day at school, as I was too tired.


Oceanfest at Croyde today! So excited! Shorts on! I could do Zumba! I was lucky that I got to eat a snow cone. Yum yum in my tum! My family and I also had a beach walk in the evening.


I managed my programme in the gym for 2hrs. Kelly changed some of my conditioning to make it a bit harder. It was good to be in the gym with everyone. Afterwards I started to help coach.  I had a sticker saying ‘Coach’ Fliss, Mike thought it was funny to put a sticker on me saying ‘Bus’ Fliss. Get it?!

I had a really bad nightmare that night. 😔


I really felt tired and felt a bit sick this morning, but went to the beach early anyway. I felt better and thought I could give body boarding a go – carefully in the sea. It was brilliant to be doing that! I also did some relaxing fun therapy just playing in sand.  When we got home I helped Bella with her beam routines.



BLAZING hot, 30deg C! It was Sports Day in the afternoon but we could only do half of it. There were a few team games I could take part in but there were no running races anyway today. I was too exhausted from the heat and sun to go to gym.


It was swimming with school again. It was too hot to try and do gym too. 33 degree C today! I am looking forward to gym and water squirting outside after gym tomorrow. I’ve packed my swim costume!


I went to school for half a day today, then had some rest then felt OK to go to gym. I managed my conditioning and visualisation programme which took 2hrs, then helped out with the others before it was outside water fun! I knew I had to be really careful of my head, and not run in case I slipped, but I still took part. We were ‘Gym busters’! Our coaches got wet.  


There was no gym training planned today. I did a full day at school. I find that I struggle in the afternoons to concentrate, and so I get a bit frustrated. It’s Taylor’s (from gym) Prom tonight. We went down to surprise her. She didn’t expect it. She looked beautiful. There were big smiles from us all. 


I am really excited to be going to gym this afternoon.

I wanted to get there EARLY.

I’m pleased as I managed to do my full 2 hour programme.


I set my alarm early so I could help set up Falcons gym ready for the national Gymstars comp tomorrow. Dad helped too. It felt good to help. It is International handstand day! I couldn’t go upside down as it would be too serious to put pressure to my head so we had to be innovative in the garden.  This is a picture of me doing a Handstand 😉 😉 DSC_1241  My mum and Bella joined in too. 

This is how I can do it when I’m well! JimW-Felicity Ayres 28 (1) Hope I do this again soon.


Gymstars day – the first national comp at Falcons! I helped from 8am. I REALLY REALLY wished I was doing gym and competing, but never mind I am still recovering. I was at the gym from 8am til 7pm. I was asked to present all the medals and rosettes. I loved it! I felt very special to be doing this job and it was brilliant when I got to put medals over the heads of club mates and other gymnasts from other clubs I know. It was good to meet people too. I felt a bit famous! It was quite hot in the gym all day so I had to keep drinking water.


A brilliant first national comp at Falcons.

In my brain I felt like I was competing too, and remembered all my skills. I hope I can get back to gym skills soon.



I felt so tired this morning. I was really exhausted. Mum had to pick me up from school at lunchtime. I knew I just needed to rest.

I’ve been talking to mum about food, and thinking about what food I need to eat to make me better, feel healthy and get me back to being an athlete.

I’ve also be thinking about doing a skydive! When I’m old enough I’d like to try. I think it would be great fun and I’d try and raise money for Bristol Children’s Hospital.

I want to get better and be able to do all these things. ☺


I felt better going to school, but missed my two friends not being there. I went swimming with school. It was hard stuff trying to treading water for one minute. I felt like I was going to be sick! After swimming I watched my friends play tennis. After a couple of hours I really wanted to go to gym, so I asked Kelly if I could come in 5-7pm. It was COOL tonight!

The postman has left a note to say that my new shoes for my Devon Sports Awards Night on Friday have been delivered and left in the shed. Can’t find them anywhere! Oh no, I need them!!!

It’s frustrating not being able to do amazing things in the gym but I know this slow recovery time is going to be worth it in my life.

My Mum and Dad and Jack and Bella are really supporting me and I also  want to say thanks for helping me too everyone.

Bye for now.

Fliss x

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