Ups and Downs, but I made it to 3 months since my accident!

TODAY, it’s 3 months since my accident! I can’t believe this time has come. DSC_1606Here’s what I’ve been doing in the past month to get me to this day!

Mon – Week 9

I went to gym from 4-8pm today. I was not in any rush to go home! Very happy.


It was an all day trip to the beach with school. I was just too tired to go to gym.


I fell in the school playground. I grazed my arm, leg, hurt my knee and cut my hand. I was really upset. It really shook me up and made me scared. Tears. The fall knocked my confidence for the first time since my accident. I felt like jelly inside. Kelly and my mum said that maybe ice, some rest and TLC would do the trick.

I woke up in the night crying. I thought I felt sick, but mum thinks it was just the shock of today. She kept telling me I would be OK. I am OK. I think it made me think back to my accident, and how fragile we all are. I didn’t get much sleep.

Thurs – I was really upset in the morning and I did not feel well. Tummy ache. I was feeling so bad that I just couldn’t go to school. I was crying a lot. I felt better in the afternoon though and went to my friends’ year 6 leavers service. (I really wanted to be there.)

Fri. A different day. A new day. I went to school happy. Today I was presented with the big yearly KS2 trophy 🏆 I think it was because of my gymnastics achievements this year, getting into GB squad, and then how I’ve dealt with my horrible accident and getting back to school and my attitude to learning and how I’m looking forward and carefully trying to get back to gym. _20170815_102010We broke up from school today for the summer holiday!

I went to the gym 4-7. It was ballet with Amy from 4-5. Last day before holiday!

Family caravan holiday to Wales for one week. I took my conditioning box containing my sheet, crop top, shorts etc. I was doing my conditioning in the caravan just after we had set up! It was what I wanted to do before going to explore with my brother and sister.

Week 10

We had a few really sunny hot days. I did loads of running on the sand and went in the sea lots. (The tides go out so far!!!) Bella and I did lots of dancing on top of the cliffs making up routines to music on my phone. We had lots of hills to climb up and down, we went for long walks, did lots of running and playing games outside with friends.


(Dad and Mum had to help carry Bella on many walks as her back and knee were really hurting.) We went to an indoor Waterpark. I couldn’t go on flumes and slides due to my head. It was so frustrating. Grrrrrr. But I just have to wait a bit longer. I could still have fun in the pool and wave pool and current river. Bella was struggling too. It was good fun though swimming and playing.

We did have some awful wet and windy weather. When we came back from a 4 mile tough walk in the rain on the sand and cliffs, our awning was breaking and blowing in the strong winds. It was scary. We had to try and hold it down so we could take it down (it was ripped and bent). I got hit on the neck by a pole. It frightened me. I cried. Luckily I was ok. But it upset all my family.

It was a good holiday though. I had lots of fun times with my family,  and bought a new crop top and leggings too!_20170802_131138

Mon – Week 11

I was so excited to be going to gym 10-3.

Tues DEVON Squad camp at Falcons. (We had to go with crazy hair, as a twin/triplet. ) I was so looking forward to this camp. I love games, and even though I knew I wouldn’t be going upside down or doing real gym skills I could still take part and work hard. I won a prize today!

It was so great to have a sleepover in the gym and to be with other friends from Devon too.

Weds – DEVON Squad camp again. It was brilliant. I won another prize today.

Thurs – day off. Mum had a phone call from Bristol hospital today. They wanted to redo a survey about my activity,  that we did when I was in hospital. Mum said that I was off the scale! Think these sheets are for average children, not elite gymnasts like me. Haha. ☺

Fri – Gym 10-2

Sat Gym 10-2. You’ll never guess what I did today! Upstart squat on jump to high bar upstart straddle shoot!!! It was so cool.

Mon – Week 12

6 hours at gym. I am so excited that I was able to do a cast down then a kind of mini swing half on my own!!! (No upside down. ) I think I’m allowed! One hand had a loop, one changing hand had the hand guard for wood on. I worked super hard.


4 hours at gym – tired.

Weds – off. Kelly sent Mum and Dad a review and they told me that she admires my passion and determination. This makes me feel extra good.

Bella is still off gym injured (it’s been many weeks) but the Physio today is positive and we will get her back. I miss her at gym, and I know she wants to get back.


1-5 pm at gym. I did leaps on the high beam!!!! (With some mats!) 

Fri 10-4 including ballet. We learnt a dance with ribbons from Amy. It was excellent fun. I want to do it again.

Sat – 4 hours in the gym. (I’ve done 24 hours in the gym this week!) Kelly and I started to talk about my come back plan once I hopefully get the all clear from the hospital, in just over a week’s time. Kelly discussed my targets and what I first want to try and achieve! I know that it’s not for sure that the consultant at Bristol will say yes that I can try, but I SO hope he does. I will start with the basics first, of course – cartwheel, handstand, forward roll! 😂 It will be like being little again! Then I want to do:

Beam – cartwheel, walkover

Bars – giants on metal

Floor –  round off, round off flic

Vault – handspring

Conditioning – straddle levers to handstand etc

I can’t wait.

Sun – day off. Family day. (With lots of bounces on the trampoline.)

Mon – Week 13

I wasn’t feel all that well today (I think I have a cold), but I managed to stay at gym 10-2.



Bella is coming back into the gym today, for a couple of hours, too! So exciting.

We ended up training together. I was not feeling that well with a cold so just did 2 hours with my sister. _20170815_145912

Next Tuesday I need to go back to Bristol Children’s hospital to see my consultant. So hope it is good news.


Fliss x

4 thoughts on “Ups and Downs, but I made it to 3 months since my accident!

  1. Once again a wonderful read and insight into your journey Fliss. I’m so glad that you have had lots of family and friend time, that’s an important part of the healing process as well! I know you’ve had a few upsets with little accidents that have frightened you, but as always you have responded well to them and I hope you realise that this is normal and not a failing, it makes you human!!! I hope Bella is as patient with her recovery as you have been and have no doubt you will both be top of the gymnastic game again when the time is right for you both – take care and lots of best wishes for next week x


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