Woohoo! Doctors said I can do gym again! (3 months since my head accident.)


It’s been a crazy time since my last blog last week!

Tues 22 August 2017

My day to go to hospital! I was excited in the car driving up to Bristol with Mum, but I felt a little bit scared too. I didn’t want them to say no that I can’t start going upside down yet. I kept trying to think positive thoughts.

I think the 3 months have seemed to have gone quite quickly after all, and I really wanted the doctors to say YES.

After a bit of shopping (!) we went to Bristol Children’s Hospital. On the way we saw a student nurse I remember that looked after me. We needed to go back to my green level. It felt scary to be back. I think Mum felt a bit strange being back. The doctor talked to us, and we talked back about how I’d been feeling and how well I’d been. He looked at my eyes, did some funny finger wiggles near my eyes and felt my head. I didn’t have another scan. He asked about moods and any sadness. I said no. Mum said there had been no memory problems. We talked about all my fitness exercises and the time I fell in the playground at school and that it was the only day I had cried a lot and been frightened and in shock. The doctor thought I was really good. He said my recovery had been better than they thought! I told him I had never gone upside down, that I had rested when my body told me to, and always done everything I should to help my recovery. Maybe being happy most of the time and being young and fit had helped too? The hospital said they would be happy to discharge me! HOORAY! YES! I was told I could go upside down again and gradually start doing gym skills again! The news I wanted! I was jumping in the air I was so happy. My Mum, Dad, Jack, Bells and all my family were really really happy. DSC_1706

I wanted to get home and get in the gym straight away! It felt like Christmas. When I got there it was amazing to hug my gym friends and Kelly and see Mike and Ryan. We were all so pleased.DSC_1711

I went to gym from 5.30 – 7pm. I did cartwheels on the grass outside with two of my friends! Have a look.

In the gym I got 5 stickers. I thought I would just do handstands and cartwheels but I did all this.

Also handstand hold for 20s, rope climb 20 hands with pike legs.

I didn’t feel dizzy like I thought, I was so excited. Someone said it might have been adrenalin in my body. I want more! But I know I need to pace myself.

For so long I have been doing so much conditioning, including chin ups, and it paid off. I feel stronger than I thought. I did so many more things than I expected.

It felt a bit weird to be doing things upside down again but I knew my body knew what to do. Even if it had been a few months.

Weds – Day off – beach with cousins lots of upside down time on the sand!





Thurs – Gym 9-3pm I then needed to say enough for one day! Lots of stickers! I did all this:


Cartwheel on high beam

Walkover on high beam

Split flic on high beam

Walkover flic on low beam

Split flic split flic on low red beam

My wrist started hurting then (as my hands aren’t used to it) so I stopped.


With help, handspring on vault top


Forward giant on metal

Cast to handstand on metal

And nearly…Clear to handstand on metal!

8 stickers!!!! Wow!

Today I received a lovely message from brilliant GB senior gymnast Alice Kinsella. (I love watching her. She did so well at the European Gymnastics Championships.) I am very grateful of the support and encouragement she’s given me. Thank you Alice. I hope I can come back really strong. I feel confident I can try.

Fri Gym 1- 7pm

My brilliant sister Bella is still having physio and is slowly getting better. She is back in the gym with me doing her exercises. It’s nice to have her in the gym.

I’m wanting to move on quickly! It felt so nice yesterday!

WOW WHAT A GREAT DAY! I feel so good! I want to do so much! I can’t believe I managed to do all my level 1 targets today. I achieved two swing halfs on wood over the pit with Kelly’s help, giants on wood over the pit and a straddle shoot and a forward walkover on the high beam! (Today I managed to do the skill that I had got injured from. I wanted to do it. Bella couldn’t believe it! My family and Kelly were amazed.)







I loved it!

It’s been such a brilliant week. I know it might get much harder but it’s the start of my path back. I have a big smile! ☺

Fliss x

4 thoughts on “Woohoo! Doctors said I can do gym again! (3 months since my head accident.)

  1. So lovely to see such a big smile 😀. Your patience and dedication have really paid off. You are so mature beyond your years Fliss and it is so apparent gymnastics is your passion. Your family are rightfully proud of you and you are an inspiration to so many other gymnasts at the gym. Keep working hard, listening to your body and living your dreams xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Mrs Hammond. I feel like my body tells me to stop if it needs to, and even though my head might want to carry on, I will listen! Maybe! You are always supporting me, and I need you by my side. Love Fliss. x


  2. Brilliant news, Felicity! We are so pleased that you were discharged and can now get back to the gym properly! Well done for being so patient and following the doctor’s advice!

    Liked by 1 person

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