Frustrating moments, but I’ll get there.

It’s been about three weeks since my last blog. I’ve done lots of gym skills, which is good, but I’ve also had frustrating times, and a few falls. I know I need to be patient and things will come but I want to do everything NOW! I’ll get there. I just know it.

Sat training 12-4pm

Bank Hol summer fun – lots of bodyboarding, beach, rock pooling, waterslides, running, walking, blackberry picking. Really hot and sunny. Cousins time! Nice to just have some fun outside of the gym.

Tues gym 1-7

Weds off –  time with friends

Thurs 1-5 training, then it was our end of summer treat! Beach trip – games and BBQ! It was BRILLIANT! We stayed playing rounders on Westward Ho! beach until it was getting dark. My gym friends and the coaches at Falcons have been really supportive and I have so many fun times with them.


FB_IMG_1505593182063Fri I got a new Pink leotard to celebrate my return to gym and my patience during 3 months of recovery. Love it!!!! Shines from far away!

Sat 12-4pm awarded the weekly trophy for the gymnast of the week – the gymnast that keeps going and doing as well as possible.

Sun –  day off

Mon 1.30-5.30 lots of things! Bars routines, swing half etc….

Tues 1-7 Round off on low beam. It was funny today doing swing halfs, as Ryan and Katie were both spotting me! Did round off flic straight back on track! Round off flic straight half into pit! I was really really pleased.

Good physio day for Bella. Passed all her exercises. Did really well.

I did a so circle on metal bars! 

Weds gym 4-8 tired. Bella did good!

Thurs Went back to school! I’m now in Year 6! My last year at primary school. Bella and Jack have got rips on their hands now. Must be working hard at gym! They can use some of my special balm that I won at Devon camp.

Mike went to Exeter,  Sandy Park, home of Exeter Chiefs Rugby –  where I went for my Devon Award. There was a special dinner with the charity, Exeter Foundation. They awarded Falcons £18,000 towards our new floor. Mum did the application, and we won! How amazing! With all our other club fundraising we now have enough to buy a new world class gym floor. Well done my friends mums Nadeanne, Tracey and everyone for all the other hard fundraising!

Fri. Second day back at school and I get hit on the back of the head with a ball! Had a bit of a headache. 1-7 gym getting frustrated, I want to be able to do things now! Kelly said I need to be patient. Mum and Dad said to try and chill out and not get frustrated just go with the flow and enjoy being back doing gymnastics. But I want to really do everything now!

Sat 9-1pm Really tired and feeling a bit sick. Couldn’t do much on floor today just not working. Just need to rest I think and some good food! And Strictly on TV!

Sun a nice rest day. ☺

Mon 4-8 Sore cramping knee.

Kelly thinks I might be ready to do a few just basic skills in a competition at the end of October. I think that would be good too. I could start to get back into the feeling of competitions before it is really important for me in 2018.

Tues 1-7 Kelly told me to do routine over pit on bar on my own. Upstart squad on, catch high bar, upstart handstand, giant giant flyaway but did straddle shoot instead of flyaway cause I can’t do it completely on my own yet. So, what I did was, I did upstart squad on fine, catch bar, upstart fine then when I did handstand I pushed off and didn’t realise that the bottom bar was in, and hit my feet and bounced off and dived headfirst into the pit. Bruised my feet. OUCH. Try again tomorrow!!!

Weds – tough day. Fell on my tuck back, kind of ish near my head. I am frustrated and a bit grouchy and scared. Bit of a headache. Realising I need to just take things a step at a time. ‘Go with the flow and chill’, my Mum and Dad say. Kelly says so too, and that I must be safe and wait for her when she tells me. Some painkillers, good hot spicy sausage pasta of Mum’s in the car on the way home, a bit of TV time, bath, milk and dippers (biscuits) and some chats made me feel better and more chilled and happy to go to bed.

Thurs. Just heard about the Olympics! I CAN AIM FOR PARIS IN 2024 and then Los Angeles in USA in 2028! My family need to start saving!!! 😉

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Paris 2024 ✨ #olympicbidannouncement

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Fri 1-7pm My tummy was aching a bit today at the start.  I had another little hiccup today and nearly landed kind of on my head. I changed my mind in the air! I was trying to do round off flic straight back on track. Mike and Kelly told me that sometimes things don’t go to plan and we have difficult days.  But I then managed to do two of them properly!! Hope that’s it for all the head crashes now.

My accident was 4 months ago today. Look how far I’ve come.

Sat 12-5pm Good session today. ☺ Then it was Barnstaple Fair time with my family! I knew it would not be a good idea to go on the mega high fast upside rides, but I did go on the big wheel and a very fast on the ground circle ride called Freddie’s Revenge. It was the fastest ride at the fair. Three months ago, I would never have thought I’d be well enough to go to the fair and go on the rides. What a journey I’ve been on. I also went in the fun house!DSC_0024

Can’t believe I was in Bristol Hospital 4 months ago, and now I’m so so much better.

Had candy floss to finish a good day in my life! 😉 ☺ 🎉

Sun – day off. A day to make up a new dance routine to some new music for a gym routine perhaps one day! Mum liked watching and she gave me a good mark for the moves and the performance!

Bye for now! Thanks for continuing to follow my gym life, and my real hope of being as good a gymnast as I possibly can be.

Fliss x

4 thoughts on “Frustrating moments, but I’ll get there.

  1. Patient seems to be your key word Fliss – you are amazing and I know you will most definitely be the best gymnast you can be… every breath you take oozes passion for this sport and I am so pleased your recovery is going well. Keep on fighting the frustration, keep up the patience and most of all keep smiling that wonderful smile x best wishes super star – Mrs H

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