Working hard to get back! Wearing my new GB kit helps ☺

I’ve been back training properly for 6 weeks now since I got the ‘yes’ from Bristol Children’s Hospital after my major head trauma accident and my 3 month recovery time. My last blog was 3 weeks ago so this is how my training has been going since then.

Week starting 18 September 2017

I did my normal 25 hrs of training this week. Here are my highs :

Bars – Upstart handstand, upstart squat on catch high bar giant giant straddle shoot on hard.

Vault – Uchenko over normal vault with mats.  

Beam – tuck back off red beam

Floor – felt my tumbling was good!

Sunday. It feels strange today. I should be competing at the South West Age Group Level 3 comp in Melksham with my club mate, and one of my other GB squad members, but I’m not. It feels different to be at home. I am not sad though. Just happy for my friends.

Week starting 25 September 2017

Mon – poorly 😔

Tues 1-7pm.  I managed flic flic on high beam with mats, forward giant on bars with Ryan spotting, bars routine over hard, and full twist into pit with thick mat. ☺

Weds – sad day as my elderly Aunty passed away. 😔 Gym 4-8.

Thurs day off. Mum had an email from Kelly. GB said I can go to GB squad in a few weeks time! Yay! I am so pleased that I am well enough and that I can go this time.

Fri 1-7 Mum received an email from GB to say that the new kit could be ordered on Monday! HOORAY. I’ve been waiting 9 months for this! 🕒 🎉

Sat 12-5 Bella had a great day at gym today! She is back doing skills again after months of physio. ☺ Lots of my lovely gym friends are coping with some injuries or illnesses at the moment. I really hope they get better soon and can do gym again. I miss training and laughing with them.

Air Extreme tonight! Fun!!!

Week starting 2 October 2017

Mon 4-8 I felt cold after school and on the way to gym – I’d rather have been in front of our fire!

My highs tonight were straight front straight front on hard! Whoop! 

How exciting. We ordered my GB kit!!!

Tues 1-5 tired and a bit teary today. There are a few sad things happening in my life outside of gym. My knee is still a bit sore too.

BUT…. I did straight front tuck front on floor, and forward giants on wood.


Early night. I felt hot!

Weds 4-8 Gym

Thurs day off.  My official GB kit arrived! I am so excited and feel proud to be wearing GBR and the union jack flag!!!


Fri 1-7. I wore my official GB leotard to training for the first time! I think Kelly liked it!

I had a really good session. 😊.

On bars I did swing half with help, swing half on own, blind on own over pit.

Sat 9-1 with Ryan. My other GB tracksuit top arrived. I like this one the best!

I’ve been watching the World Championships from Canada that we’ve recorded this week. Amazing!!! It’s really sad about all the injuries though. 😔 Well done to all the FANTASTIC GB team, you are all amazing, but a big congratulations to the incredible Max and performing Claudia (for the medals 🎖) , Amy and Georgia, Nile and my friend Alice – get better soon. You all did your very best.

Other things I’ve achieved that I’ve just thought of and that I can remember are straight front tuck front, front somi walkout on floor. Single tuck back from standing on track.

After watching Claudia tonight

and all the brilliant gymnasts of the world I am looking forward to GB camp next weekend even more. I might be a bit nervous, as I am still only recovering, I haven’t got as many skills yet, and it’s been a long time since I was there, but hopefully I will be feeling well and I’ll be ready to work hard and will love seeing my friends that I made last time.

Thank you for reading this.

Fliss x


6 thoughts on “Working hard to get back! Wearing my new GB kit helps ☺

  1. Wow!- just look at that kit fliss! How amazing!- you have worked so hard- and waited a long time for it too! ….. Great to see your back doing so well and enjoying all your old moves. ️Xx Tara

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