GB Camp and New Skills

It’s been two weeks since my last blog, and a busy time! I’ve had lots of training, a few difficult times, and my brilliant GB camp at Lilleshall National Sports Centre.

Monday 9th October. I clashed heads with someone at school today 😔 . I got a headache and it made me upset. I needed some medicine and some chill out time to feel better. I knew I just needed some quiet time and a hug from Mum! It soon passed and I felt better so went to gym 4-8. I did a Uchenko (I’m still not sure if I spell it right) on vault on my own! ☺

We heard some more sad news today. My other elderly Aunty died today. She lived a long way away but she was special. 😔

Tuesday. It was the funeral of my other Aunty in the afternoon so I got to gym at 5 and stayed until 8pm. I’m not sure how but I hurt my foot. Sore and bruised. Stiff. 😔

Wednesday. Gym 4-8 but my foot was sore. Kelly and I decided to do less floor and vault to make sure it is better for my GB camp.

Thursday. Not a day off! Wish it was! Tired! Thursday is normally my day off but not today! 4-8pm.

I feel ready and excited for GB Squad.

Friday. Feel excited but scared in a way. It’s the day to go up to Lilleshall for GB camp! IMG-20171006-WA0000Here is our car all packed, and very muddy because of our country lanes!DSC_0175

A long drive with Mum, 200 miles. There was lots of traffic at Birmingham on the motorway and roadworks so we came off the  motorway and used our sat nav. It took us down country roads! Thought I was going to have to sleep in a barn! After 5 hrs in the car we got to our hotel at Telford. It had a swimming pool so Mum and I went there to relax. Room service!

Saturday. After breakfast I was ready to go. DSC_0180Handstand walks in the corridor! DSC_0179It was good to wear my GB kit. I felt like a proper GB gymnast. Lilleshall was 15mins away. We got there early. There were no other gymnasts for ages, just lots of football players.DSC_0187DSC_0183

Kelly, with my friend and her coach, arrived. We all went to the gym together. We left bags and said goodbye to Mum. 🤗. All the other gymnasts started to arrive and everyone was in their new GB kit. We all looked great.

Mum had a talk in the lecture theatre to go to about nutrition. She then crept into the gallery for a short while to watch. I was on the beam and then vault. I did lots of Uchenko on my own while I was there. ☺DSC_0201

DSC_0194The training was the normal kind of stuff in the gym, but we also did some tests.

We had a talk about food, and the best things to eat.

I had my own phone this time at GB so I called home at 7.30pm. It had been very hard conditioning today. Very hard. I told Mum and Dad that I had made new friends, and that I really liked my room mate. I was happy.


I phoned Mum at 7.15am. Bit tired today. Hope I don’t have really hard conditioning again. Not the best night. Someone woke us up at 6.30am so I was dressed and ready when I called home! I was looking forward to sleeping in the car on the way home, and having a day off gym tomorrow to get my strength back. Hope I have a good day and learn lots. This is a really great opportunity. ☺

GB camp was brilliant!_20171023_162923 I had a great weekend. I am so lucky. My friends are great. Kelly brought me home at 10pm. It was a very very long day and weekend. I felt proud of myself.DSC_0209

Mon day off! Yes.

Tues 1-7 gym. Good session

Weds 4-8 gym. Bella got gymnast of the week! I was really pleased for her. Good session.

Thurs. Day off. Yay! School disco.

Fri. No school today as we broke up for half term yesterday. Training 1-7. Hard conditioning! Bella joined us for the whole session.

On bars today I did – clear to handstand on wood. Also, nearly did a toe on to handstand, but I went the wrong way! On beam – flic, flic with only two mats on high beam. Free cartwheel on high beam with lots of mats. 🎉

Weekend off as special family time with my sister, brother and Mum and Dad, caravanning! Awful storm Brian came! 😡

I have a comp next weekend at Falcons. I’ve got to think about what to make for my Halloween number next Sunday. I’m going to be a guest, and my number is 100. It is the first chance for me to try out being in a competition environment again since my accident. I think this is a good thing. I will give it my best try.

Thanks for reading. Bye for now!



2 thoughts on “GB Camp and New Skills

  1. Once again Fliss you’ve made me smile xxx I think a spooky ghost with the eyes as the zeroes in 100 would work well for your number. I’m commentating and GP is helping so looking forward to seeing you compete next Sunday! Xx


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