Trying to fight back – half a year since my gym accident.

I think it’s three and a half weeks since my last blog. It’s been quite a testing few weeks, but I’m feeling positive again. Here’s my kind of gym diary…

October half term – lots of gym planned!

Mon Gym 3-8pm

Tues I started at 10am, but in the morning I hurt my right knee on the floor doing a straight front. It really hurt. (It hadn’t been hurting over the last few weeks, but it was so painful today.) I cried and cried. I was also tired. I then starting thinking about my comp and what skills I might compete, but I’m not sure I would be able to now. Kelly phoned Mum. I needed to be picked up at lunchtime. I was worried about my knee. We put ice on it and I had some medicine, then a snooze in the afternoon. I put ice on again in the evening. Mum messaged Megan the physio, as I thought I needed to see her to get my knee checked out. I was worried.

Weds My right knee is swollen, sore, stiff. Mum got an appointment with the physio. She thinks my knee is very swollen. I need to ice loads to get the swelling down. She thinks my quad muscle is so tight.

I feel better now I know. I will do what they say. Another set back! I get so close, then something else happens. I really think I’m getting somewhere then this happens. I can’t compete on Sunday now. I’m sad about that, BUT it’s not that important. It was just a chance to perform in a comp again.

Thurs A day to try and take care of my leg and knee. I am missing gym.

I asked Mum to ask Kelly if I could come into the gym, just to be there. To do nothing on my legs but maybe other conditioning and helping for a while. I’m still icing and Mum is massaging. Bella did great skills today – while wearing my leotard! 😁

Fri Ice and massage. Gym during the afternoon. I did bars and conditioning on my core and arms. Absolutely nothing on my legs. I don’t want to aggravate my knee. I am happy just to be in the gym. ☺ More ice and massage.

Sat I thought it was best not to go in to the gym today. I am still icing to get the swelling down.

Sun Halloween Spooktacular comp at Falcons. Bella and I dressed up, as we were helping. The gym was decorated and the coaches and judges dressed up. Bella and I helped all day. I was tired at the end. It was a shame that I couldn’t do my routines. Mum had to go away today.

Mon I went to see Megan the physio at 3pm. My knee is still inflamed and my muscles are tight. I have lots of exercises to do!

Tues I couldn’t run at the Inter Schools cross country today, due to my knee 😔 So annoying. I didn’t go to my usual afternoon gym, and it felt weird to be at school!  We did some Halloween games at gym 5-7pm. It was fun, and we dressed up. Mum back tonight! ☺

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Happy Halloween 🎃

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Weds  Meg has sent through lots of exercise videos and Kelly has done a programme for me. No leg work, just arms and core. Training 4-8pm. I think I will need 3-4 weeks recovery time, doing exercises and conditioning and rest. Frustrating! Another setback, but I’ll get better and we are starting to talk about 2018 competitions. Mum is doing lots of massage on me and Bella. It helps me relax, heal and recharge!

Thurs day off so friends time ☺

Fri I am still injured so not coming out of school. Gym 4-8pm.

Sat I probably should be at National Finals today, and would have made it if it wasn’t for my accident. Several of my GB friends are there. Hope they do well and go clean. I’ll get there another time. Wish I was there competing and trying to do my best. 😔

I must have needed to catch up on my sleep as I went off to bed at 5.30pm!

Sunday rest day.

Monday. I am still looking after my knee, having  ibuprofen and ice. I was feeling sick at school in the afternoon and after school. Stomach cramps. I couldn’t go to gym.

It was the last day with our old gym floor! Daddy, Jack and other people helped take the floor up ready for our brilliant new floor! 


I’ve just found another photo from my GB squad camp last month that my friend took. ☺ 


Tuesday. Our brand new Montreal floor arrived!!! So cool!  It was fitted during the day. I went on it when I went to gym 4-7pm.

Bella is back doing full hours now (20hrs a week), and I am so proud of her. My knee is getting better I think. I did my physio exercises as normal.

Weds 8th Nov

Gym 4-8pm

Thurs day off

Fri 4-7pm I learnt a new cool spin! I also heard that I got selected into the SOUTH WEST SQUAD for 2018! Yay! I won’t let anyone down. I am so happy to be selected.

Sat 12-4 pm Gym.  Tough conditioning.

Sun day off

Monday Another physio session with Megan early this morning. My knee is improving, which is really good to hear. I have still got exercises to do and a few new ones. Mum is doing lots of massage every night and we are putting ice on too. I can start to do some two feet landings on soft floors (no skills really yet) and run on soft floors to warm up now. Hopefully by being patient and strictly sticking to the rules I will come back really strong. Kelly is trying to help me build up my body.  (I think my body has done a lot of growing since my accident!) I’m desperate to tumble on the new floor!!!! I still can’t believe it is here. Thanks again to all the fundraising by everyone and Exeter Foundation for the big cheque!

Gym 4-8pn I felt that my clears on bars were good today!

Tues Gym 4-7pm Megan and Kelly chatted through all my conditioning and treatment plans. I am lucky to have such great help. Mum said it was a year ago today that Falcons announced that I’d been selected into the GB Development Squad for 2017! So much has happened since then. I will keep fighting.

Wednesday 15th November 2017

Gym 4-8. Conditioning tests! I think I did well. I felt happy with myself.

It’s 6 months since my accident today. Half a year! I wonder where I will be in another 6 months?! I always thought it would take me a year to really really get back to where I need to be, at the top of my sport. I think Kelly always thought so too. I’m determined to get there. I will persevere. Come with me on my journey if you’d like to! It’s going to be a tough and a busy time. Maybe a bit frustrating but good times ahead too. I must and will believe that.

Thank you for all the support you give me and for reading this. ☺

Fliss x


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