The Last Few Weeks of 2017 – New Skills, Handstand Holds and Dreams.

So this is my last blog of 2017. What a year it’s been. A roller-coaster. Highs and big lows, but I am coming back! I am looking forward to 2018. Hopefully it will be a bit more successful.  (15th May 2017 is a day I don’t want to repeat.)

Mon 20th November, training 4-8pm as normal. 

Tues to Fri. School residential to London, so no gym for 4 whole days! So excited to experience all the things in London.

This week I had a letter to say that although I have been considered,  GB are not going to select me for GB Home Nations development squad for 2018, as they want me to build myself back up at my club first. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to make voluntary National Finals in Nov – because of my accident I wasn’t ready.  I needed to try and get in the top 8 again with my combined score (compulsory in May and voluntary in Nov) to make the GB team. I was 7th in Great Britain in the national compulsory finals in May, before my injury, so I was hopefully thinking I would make the top 8 again. But everything changed due to my head injury and having to recover and fight back. It is disappointing that I am not in GB next year but not a surprise. I didn’t expect to, due to my accident. I’ll keep trying to get my skills back and to get in again. I will try and be as good as I can. 💪 Watch me try next year. 

Sat 25th Nov, gym 12-5pm. I felt sick for the first hour and there were tears, but I got through it and then felt better. I was so tired from residential.

Sun day off

Mon I had physio at 8am with Megan. She is really happy with my progress. I am getting stronger. I still need to do basic physio exercises to help my knee behave! I can start doing more soon – can’t wait to do tumbles! Really excited about starting to do more things soon. Can’t wait! I am so keen to go! Kelly and Megan will talk. Gym 4-8pm good session. Good forward giants today.

Tues Gym 4-7.15pm

Weds 4-8pm

Thurs 4-8pm extra session

Fri 4-7pm Christmas jumpers!

Sat and Sun off! Our Falcons big boys did really well at the British Team Championships. They are the 2nd best team in Great Britain. Well done! Ryan was part of the team, with Adam, Joe, Byron and George.

Mon 4-8 pm I did a stalder on wood bar with spot. ☺

Tues 4-7.15pm I got my forward giants. Yay! Christmas has come early!

Weds. I went to gym (after our school play performance) 5.30-8pm

Thurs day off and school play again (I’m the Headteacher.)

Fri GREAT afternoon session! I did 5 forward giants and a korbut flic on beam. Here’s my gym friend Kayleigh and me doing our korbut flics. You have to click on the little arrow on the side to see me after my friend. 

I also did a mini stalder on wood bar. After the afternoon session I had to go back to school for another school play! I felt really sick during the school play 😔


Sat ill! 😱


Sun day off


Mon 11th Dec, 4-8pm. A good session but some hard conditioning!


Tues 1-7.15  I did my forward giants on my own over pit. Yay! Really pleased with myself.


Weds 4-8pm It was our new South West kit wearing day! First time. I felt proud. 


Thurs day off


Fri  last day of school. Training 1-7pm. I DID MY 2mins 20secs HANDSTAND HOLD. Whoop whoop!


Sat Reindeer hair day!

We got some long brown hair wigs, silly eyes and reindeer features and put the hair into buns for Mike and Ryan to wear. Haha funny!!! All of Kelly’s girls looked great. Gym training 10-2pm. Arghh, we had conditioning testing. It was then Secret Santa time. 🎅  It was Christmas play time 2-4pm, when we could run around and play on the equipment, and help empty part of the pit of foam to clean it.  It was Kelly’s birthday weekend!


I got the prize for the longest Handstand hold! Yay! 2 mins 20 secs. Mum said she can remember a few years ago when I was aiming for 1min and couldn’t even do 10 secs! Now I can do over 2 mins. 😂


Monday & Tuesday 9am – 4pm each day. Intensive training with John Pirrie an international coach, Kelly had arranged it all. The conditioning was really hard (tough) on Monday, but we did do some fun games at the start to warm up. There was fun conditioning on Tuesday. Bella had a flu bug so was not well enough to come and take part 😔 I learnt a new skill on metal bar. It was a good 2 day camp but very tiring. 

Wednesday day off!


Thursday 10-3, I didn’t feel that well but I managed training.


Friday 10-1pm instead of 3pm as I wasn’t feeling that well. I proved myself wrong though as I did more than I expected, but Kelly said I should go home and get better – just relax on the sofa! I did Uchenko turn onto a mat not on vault but on a block and a mat into the pit. That made me happy. Can’t wait for Christmas. It’s nearly here! One more day of training.


Saturday 23rd December, gym 10-2pm. Finished for Christmas!!!! Yes!!! 4 days off!


Thursday 28th Dec. Back to training today 10am-3pm. I wore my new leotard! It was good being back in the gym with my friends and sister.

Now only two more days of training left this year, then a couple of days off. I wonder what 2018 has in store for me. I think it’ll be a good year, my year! Tonight I went to the cinema with my family and some friends to watch The Greatest Showman. It was a really good film. It inspired me. It was creative and full of great dancing and singing.  A man wanted to achieve something in life that he thought about when he was younger and believed in himself and did it. The song Come Alive was just how I feel. I can’t stop thinking about the lyrics ‘Dreaming with my eyes wide open’. This is going to be my moto for next year!  I will be dreaming a Million Dreams.

Happy New Year everyone.

Fliss x


2 thoughts on “The Last Few Weeks of 2017 – New Skills, Handstand Holds and Dreams.

  1. Let’s hope 2018 will be a good year for you fliss I know if any gymnast can do it,it will be you,your dreams will come true again you inspire lannah so much with your positive attitude,so keep doing what your doing,your dreams will come true,here’s to 2018 for you and your friends 💕🌟


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