The start of a new year! Let’s go!

Hello. This is my first blog of 2018. I am hoping this year will go really well for me. I will give it all I can. Here’s my gym diary so far.

29 Dec 2017 Friday

I didn’t feel perfect as I was aching so I put on my special unicorn lip balm to help me and it worked! Today I did flic flic with only one mat on high beam, triple flic on high beam with mats, every other piece was good. ☺

We set our goals for 2018 today. I have several. Obviously I also want to get back into GB squad by the end of the year, if I can.

I have a few songs in my head from The Greatest Showman film I saw. They will inspire me for the whole year!

I love THIS IS ME! The lyrics say ‘Look out, cause here I come!’

Also from The Greatest Showman, I like the words, ‘The impossible comes true. It’s taking over you.’

30 Dec Saturday. I got the two weekly trophy  for improving and building my skills up. ☺. It’s the last training session of 2017 today!

Two days off!

It’s 2018. A new year. It’s going to be a good year. 🙏 🎉

Tues 2 Jan. 1 – 7.15pm. It was OK, BUT Kelly had to tell Mum and Dad about my fall today. I might be stiff tomorrow.

Weds 4-8 pm I hurt my knee on metal bar. I got a real bruise and bump. Ouch!

Thurs off

Fri 1-7pm Hurt my thigh falling off beam. The third thing this week! WHAT IS GOING ON?! I managed to get back up and do the skill again. Some good news is that I am track tumbling again! Yay! I did a straight front with full twist. Yay!!!

Several of my friends from around the country are at GB development squad camp today.

Sat 12-5pm training. My sister Bella made a really difficult decision last night. She knows that gymnastics isn’t her dream, like it is mine, so has decided to leave. She wants to do loads of dancing, singing and acting. She’ll be brilliant, but I’ll really miss her in the gym.

Sun off

Mon 4-8 pm I did Uchenko to mats with spot on vault. Round off flic straight half and round off flic straight full on track with piled up mats over pit. Kelly said, ‘you are turning into a real gymnast now’ (or something like that). It feels so great to be doing real skills again. My skills are really coming together now ☺ It’s been worth the wait and months of strength and conditioning. I hope I continue to build things up piece by piece.

Tues 1-7.15pm It was my good day! I did a free forward walkover on low beam. My straight front straight front on track. Triple flic on high beam with only two mats. But, I have to do 5 rope climbs tomorrow! Rubbish! HUH! ☺ (sarcastic)

Weds 4-8pm

Fri 1-7pm Guess what I did today?! Round off flic full twist on track on hard, free forward walkover (that’s no hands for those who don’t know) on high beam one mat, triple flic on beam were good today. Tomorrow on red beam I’m going to do flic then layout. I am!

Sat 1-5pm I am not feeling bouncy today, so no flic layout. Another day it will feel right. But did a full and half twist and a couple of swing halves on bars. (My eyes are really itchy today.)

Monday 15 January, 4-8 pm.

I did my 1 ½ twist again today.

Tomorrow I’m going to do my blind on bars on my own. ☺

Tues 1-7.15pm

Mum walked through the door after ballet and asked me, ‘How was gym?’ ‘Well,’ I said, ‘there’s good news and bad news.’ Mum said, ‘the bad news, you fell?’ I said, ‘Yes, I don’t think you are going to like seeing this!’ I had a large hand size graze on my thigh, graze on my other leg and two bruises. I fell on my free cartwheel on high beam. I cried. It hurt! But I’m happy now. Did my blind though! I said I would. My forward giants on bars weren’t great. It was just not the right day for them.

Weds 4-8pm

Thurs. My coach Kelly had her knee operation in Bristol today. I really hope it makes her better and she comes back to the gym soon and recovers quickly.

Fri 1-5pm Ryan covered for Kelly. He did well! It was fun. I had a good session.

Sat 12-4 pm training, then after gym I prepared for South West Squad. I got all my packed food and smoothies made and drinks to last me the day!

Sun 21 January. The First South West Squad day, at Bristol Hawks gym! I travelled with Taylor, Kayleigh and Lannah. It was an early start. I got up at 6am and left home at 7am in Lannah’s car. It was raining so hard and there was lots of flooding.

When we got there the gym was like a three layered gym. There was a waiting area on the bottom layer. Middle layer was a beam, track, bars, trampoline and fast track. Top layer was floor, vault, set of bars (and beam but I didn’t really use that). I really liked vault today. It was good. We saw Claudia Fragapane! We didn’t manage to speak to her though, because we were all too busy! Claudia’s coach said I had good clears on bars ☺ I knew lots of girls and it was good to see them, and I met a few new friends. The training was fine. I worked really hard.


It was good to chat in the car on the way home to make the journey quick. We arrived home at 7pm. It was a long day. I need a day off tomorrow, I am so tired!  😱 😂


Mum had a yummy roast chicken dinner ready for me, and I had a hot bath and watched a bit of Aladdin to relax and chill out. ☺

Thanks for reading this. Until next time!


4 thoughts on “The start of a new year! Let’s go!

  1. Dearest Fliss, I am so proud that GP had an opportunity to train and compete alongside you. But now she’s going the same way as Bella and quitting gym to try something new. I have always been in awe of your resilience, determine action and sheer “glass is half full” optimism and look forward to watching your progress over the forthcoming months and years xxxxxx

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