Training, training and more training! I will get there.

The last 5 weeks I’ve been trying to build up my skills and achieve my monthly goals. I’m training very hard to try and be ready for competition season. It’s a challenge but I’m determined to really try. Here’s my blog diary.

Mon 22 Jan. I asked for a day off, I was shattered after all the training last week and then South West Squad in Bristol yesterday. I need rest!

Tues 1-7.15pm I DID A STALDER ON BARS. Nice and clean! I am super happy with this.

Kelly was in the gym! Good to have her there after her surgery.

Weds 4-8 pm Good vaulting and Kelly was in for a bit.

Thurs off

Fri 1-7 Got my forward giants again! Kelly was in for a bit.

Sat 12-5 Today I did my bars blind forward forward and forward forward top giant. 🎉🎉 Whoop whoop!

On the floor beam I did flic layout. On the vault I did handspring front. Kelly was in today. ☺

Sun day off – fun swimming!

Mon 4-8pm I looked at my target list Kelly made for me for January, and I can do all of my goals set for January. ☺ There are still a few days to go until the end of January too! 😂 Today my triple flic on beam was really good. First time on bars with spot I did upstart handstand clear to handstand blind fwd fwd top giant giant fly away with Ryan. Double twist into pit. I feel good that I’m improving!  On my own I did up start handstand clear to handstand swing half swing half giant giant fly away.

Tues 1-7.15pm I did on wooden bar cast to handstand stalder, 3, and on track straight front straight front with full twist into pit with two thick mats. I did an accelerator on bars with spot. BUT I bounced off the beam today on a change leg and I also hurt myself doing my Korbut flic. I landed on the beam funny and I think I’ll have bruises. It was OK. It wasn’t one of my best days, but it was still a good day. I’ll get over the bumps and bruises.

Weds 4-8pm I thought conditioning would be rock hard today, but I found it OK. That was good! My blinds were good today. I did another blind forward forward top on bars.

Thurs day off. I just wanted to totally chill out.

Fri 1-7pm. I’ve got a cold 😔 I’m starting to feel not that great, but I managed the session. And it was good! I did my Level 2 Bars Routine for the first time (apart from my accelerator) whoop whoop!

Sat. I am not feeling well. I am full of cold. 😔 I didn’t go to gym today. I need to rest and get better.

Sun. Simone Biles’ film premiered in USA. So… I want to watch it!! Can’t wait. I’m reading her book Courage to Soar.

Mon 4-8pm

Tues 1-7.15pm. I did one Level 2 routine on bars.

Weds 4-8 My lengths of my beam routines were good today. It was hard conditioning day. Kelly and Ryan were poorly 😔 Mike and then Katie had to coach us.

Thursday – My pamper day! Mum gave me a good massage and I had my nails done.

Fri 1-4 (Kelly ill) This weekend is the English Championships, several Falcons boys and my Falcons training friend, Emily is competing this weekend!

Sat 1-5 Kelly back! Good day. I did stalder to handstand on wood, 3 x Level 2 routines on bars.

Sun day off – Lannah’s party 😉 in the gym!

Emily did really well at the English Champs!

Half term

Mon 12th Feb. 3-8 pm Uchenko to shoulder stand on vault! On bars, my Level 2 routines were good. Ryan back ☺ Devon Squad training tomorrow.

Tues. Terrible rain. I got up really early at 6am and left at 6.30am. Dad drove and we took Taylor and Lannah, Bella came too. So much rain 😔 There was an accident on the motorway. We heard it on the news and made lots of phone calls. It took 3 hrs to get to Cullompton. We had to turn round and come home. We spent hours and hours in the car. Rain, floods, accidents, fires, branches on the road. We missed Devon training at Plymouth, but nevermind, it is important that we are all safe.

Weds 10-4 Guess what a did?! Uchenko pike turn on vault. Yay!
Thurs. Day off. It was Wicked! 😂 loved Defying Gravity. At gym I want to defy gravity and leap and tumble super high!

Fri 1-8pm I had to do an hour more than normal!!! It was hard work. My vaults were good and I did an actual level 2 bars routine with accelerator, whoop whoop!

Sat 12-5. There was an earthquake today! I think it was at 2.30pm. DID I FEEL IT???? No, my feet can’t have been on the floor. Maybe I was really defying gravity!! I was given the conditioning trophy today 🏆 It’s been a long week. My body says it’s tired.

Sunday day off. I’ve been watching some of the Winter Olympics. The snowboarding jumps and skills are a bit like gymnastics! It’s really exciting. The event where you lie on a tray and go down a tube, I think it is Skeleton, is so fast. It was so exciting to see our two GB girls get gold and bronze. Wow. I am still wanting to get to an Olympics myself.

Monday 19 Feb. I am tired today, I don’t know why! Gym 4-8. I had a bit of a moment on bars tonight, it was not great! I did my upstart handstand, clear and then something really peculiar happened and I turned and landed on the mat. I hit my legs above the knees, and I’ve got a bit of a graze and some bruises. Hmm!

Tues 20 Feb. 1-7.15pm. I DID MY SWING HALF BARS ROUTINE OVER HARD! YAY! I am really chuffed. This is quite a big thing for me, as my accident happened doing swing halfs over a hard floor. Warning, though, the bar chains are mean. It’s really odd how I did it, but I hurt my under arm on them. 🤪 I’m OK!

Here’s some range photos of me and my friends.

Weds 4-8 pm training

Friday 1-7pm On track over to hard on one mat I did a one and half twist three times. ☺

Saturday 12-5 pm  We did conditioning testing! One thing I did, I managed 50 on R, 52 on L leg calf raises. I did 30 tap taps on wood bars. Legs in pike up the rope I did 45 hand changes up. I was happy to achieve on the floor beam, a free cartwheel flic.

Sunday. My legs are dead today. A day to relax, ahhhh, until it all begins again tomorrow for another week! 😂

Thank you for reading this and being a part of my journey.

Fliss x

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