Getting closer to my goals, but some bumps along the way!

It’s been a bit of an up and down three weeks, but I’m doing quite well. I just want to keep fit and healthy, and keep training hard then I actually think I could be ready for my Level 2 compulsory comp in May.

Here’s my blog diary.

Monday 25 February 2017. Manic Monday! Mum said I need to change it to thinking Magical Monday! If my brain is thinking Magical Monday, that will be a good thing. (I had my accident last year on a Monday, and they always seem to be manic.) It really was ‘Manic Monday, I wish it was Sunday, that’s my fun day’. I made a mistake and pinged off the bars and hit the side of my head. I was not happy. 😡 My Granny is in hospital with flu and problems breathing, and Grampy is very unwell too. It’s a sad day.

Tues 1-7.15pm. It was a good day. Some snow! 😂 It was a really good day! My triple flics on beam were good, and I was happy with vault, floor and range. I am very proud of myself for my bars though. My bars are coming together.

Mum and Dad can’t believe I did this after my ping off on bars last night. 🤯 Just got to keep going and doing these skills! I’ll be able to do it every time. 

It was an extra good day because my parents evening was really good too. It does pay off working very hard. Mum and Dad say I must rest when I can though, so I don’t blow myself up because they say I always give everything mentally and physically. Perhaps I do? But that’s the way I want to be. I want to be the best version of myself that I can be.

Weds 4-8pm I fell on my free cartwheel on high beam. Doh! I hurt my side and bruised my knee and shin. I had just got rid of my other bruises!

Thurs off. We finished school at 1pm because of the snow weather warning. It snowed!

Fri 🌨 ❄ no school and I couldn’t get to gym because of the ice and snow!!!

Sat 12-5pm. I had a sore shoulder. People asked me, ‘Did you warm up before throwing snow balls yesterday?’ 😂 My vaults went OK and I just about survived the training.

Poor Claudia Fragapane. I heard that she has snapped her achilles tendon. It is so sad that she will miss big comps including the Commonwealth Games in Australia. Sad 😔 I sent her a message. I know she’ll recover, just like she told me when I had my major head trauma injury last May.

Sunday off. Relaxing.

Monday 5th March. The snow and ice has all gone now. 4-8pm training. I’m steadily plodding on and it was OK tonight. I am feeling OK about where things are and where I am for now. I need to do 3 clean beam routines tomorrow!

Tues 1-7.15pm. We received our letters about our America comp and trip next year! We need to say if we are definitely going and then our flights will be booked for Feb 2019! I want to go! I did my Level 2 beam routine tonight. ☺ I also got my Level 2 tumbles on floor tonight!!!

Weds 4-8pm

Friday 1-7pm. It was not the best of days for me. I had a big fall on bars. My hand slipped and I hurt my chin and side of my neck, side of my body and my arm on the bar as I landed on it before falling and then I got caught by Paul. Thank you Paul! Superman to the rescue.

But I did do something good! On the floor beam I did a free cartwheel connecting to a flic!!!

Sat 12-5 pm I feel sore today. My neck hurts and I’m getting a bruise. I feel like crying  and a bit fragile. I think I’ll be OK. Kelly knows that I might need a day to get me back to being me.

Adam was in the gym. We gave him a big cheer and congrats as he is BRITISH Champion Mens U18. Yay!!!

It wasn’t a good day for me. I felt unsettled and really strange and upset. I did cry quite a lot and felt not very confident. Mum thinks all my emotions from yesterday were coming out in me, but that’s a good thing and we can just let today go. Mum knows I’ll be back to normal on Monday. I can’t wait for a bath, some food, sleep and a total chill out day tomorrow, and watching the British Champs on the Internet. Our other Falcons boys were brilliant today. I saw Mike with the boys Byron and Ryan on the computer competing their last pieces when I got home.

Later I looked at Instagram and I did actually do something good today! ☺

Sunday day off. Mothers day! I watched the British Gymnastics Championships on the Internet, and relaxed. My friend Alice was brilliant!

Mum and Dad and I talked about things. They said to try and be brave and confident and positive, like they know I can be. It’s been ages since I got a new leotard so as encouragement they said they would buy me a new leotard if I can try and be positive and put all my falls behind me and look forward. I told them that I wanted to be brave and not have any tears! I want a new leotard!

Monday 12 March

4-8 pm. Mum picked me up and I told her that my session had gone well. I did have a slight slip on beam and hurt the side of my shin but that’s kind of normal now! I didn’t get upset. I did 5 clean routines. Mum was so proud of me for being brave. It WAS a Magical Monday NOT a Manic Monday, and I’m glad I wore Mum’s favourite supergirl leotard. ☺

I went home happy and looked up leotards online straight away! Haha. I’ve chosen one. It’s like Diamonds. My group is Diamonds. Diamonds are forever. They never break. I like that idea that I will be a gymnast forever and never break. 😉 The design was also based on the lights of the Echo Arena where the British Champs were. I will keep going and do my best to shine!

Tues 1-7.15pm I’ve been thinking about my new leo! Guess what I did day? I did 2 full out clean routines on floor for the first time. I am feeling positive and proud. My hands are really sore so I did every night thing of putting loads of sudocrem on my hands in bed and lying with my hands up high not touching anything with my eyes closed.

Weds 4-8pm I did a good session but it was hard conditioning night!

Thursday day off. I’m going to do a Throwback Thursday like people do! I’ve been looking at my Level 4 compulsory videos from May 2016 in Stoke on Trent. Nearly two years ago! I came 7th all around in Great Britain, and our South West Team became British Champions. Here’s a photo of me ( I look so little!) and my floor and range and conditioning videos.

Fliss May 2016 Level 4 Compulsory Stoke










Fri 1-7pm I wore my new leotard. Guess what I did? Three one and half twists on floor, Level 2 routine on floor without mats, on beam 10 start to finishes, 7 that were clean. Normal bars and vault. First try I did swing half bars routine over hard, 4 Level 2 routines over pit in a row. My goals are getting closer.

Sat 12-5pm I am so tired today!!! I’ve just got to hold onto my dream of chilling out all evening and all day tomorrow, and get through these 5 hrs! Dad and Mum said to dig deep! I got through! I did ‘medium good’ today too. Mum came a bit early and saw my vault Uchenko onto loads of mats stacked up. Mum said that my finish on top of the mates looked like the princess and the pea! I was voted the conditioning trophy 🏆 by my lovely squad friends.

My 25 hours of training this week are done! Now for a bath and chilling out watching the snow fall. Ahhhh.

Sunday. OK, so we had lots of snow. I needed to go out and have fun, so not a full day of relaxing 😉 Snow walks,  with a bit of gymnastics,



then onesie time. ☺ 😍

Thank you for reading this!

Fliss x

2 thoughts on “Getting closer to my goals, but some bumps along the way!

  1. This kind of dedication is inspiring! I wanted to be a gymnast as a child too, those are some great memories!


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