Training, Control Comps, Commonwealth Games and surprise Award for me!

It’s been 4 weeks since my last blog. Here’s how my training’s been going. I think I’ve made lots of progress and everyday matters as I get closer to completing. 🙏 I just want to keep fit and healthy and be able to perform my skills as well as I can.

Monday 19 March 4-8pm. An OK day.

Tues 1-7.15pm. Kelly marked my bars, and beam. I need to get at least 11 marks on each piece to pass my compulsory level 2 at nationals. I still have a little way to go, but I think it can be done. 👍

Weds 4-8pm. It was good today. I did some clean bars routines.

Thursday. Day off! I watched the World Cup on TV. My friend Alice Kinsella was amazing! She got a bronze all around (AA) medal! Poor Amy got injured though.

Friday 1- 5.45pm IT WAS A WOW DAY for me. One to put in my memories. I did my Level 2 compulsory bar routine over hard floor on the same bars that I had my major head injury on. I did it twice! I am so excited and proud. 😍

It was an early finish as we have a long long day tomorrow, travelling two hours to Melksham, training for 5hrs then travelling home.

I messaged my friend Alice Kinsella to say a big well done. She is awesome! I told her about my bars and what a big day it was for me today.

I heard tonight sad news that Amy Tinkler has a bad ankle injury and can’t go to the Commonwealth Games. Get better soon Amy. Who will replace her I wonder?

Sat 12.15pm -10.40pm. I went with Taylor and Lannah and Kelly to Melksham to train today as our gym was closed for the schools comp. It took 2hrs and 30 mins to get there, and we trained 3-8pm. It was a long day, but good to try some other equipment. It was a harder day than I thought. 😂

Sunday, rest day. Hooray! It was sunny!

Monday. Argggg I am so tired and I have a sore throat and headache. I don’t feel that good. I tried really hard to find the strength to go to gym 4-8pm. I was not feeling brilliant, but my training went quite well. I did all my level 2 routines on all the apparatus over hard today. I am pleased.

Kelly, Mum and I had a chat afterwards. Kelly said I should be so proud of myself, as where I have got to is outstanding. She said that it would take a year to get me back to being at the same level as I was before my accident, but I have achieved being ready to be entered into the next level (Level 2) at the right age even before it’s been a year since my accident. Mum and Dad said it’s incredible, and are so proud of me. We all thought it was going to be a hugely big challenge, but not impossible! I was aiming for the comp in October, but I am ready to be entered now. I just need to stay calm and not get annoyed if things aren’t perfect, but just do my best. The national comp is in May. I know I can do it. I want to do it. I am just aiming to pass, not worry about where I come.

Tues. I have a sore throat, headache and a cold coming and my heel is sore. I tried to go to training, but I only managed 1pm-4pm. Kelly said to go home, relax and get better. ☺

Weds  I was not well 😔 no training.

Thursday. I had the option to go in for an extra session but I needed another day off training to get better. We finished school for the Easter holidays.

Friday. Good Friday. 10-4pm, 7 hrs! We kind of did a control comp. I had a few slight mistakes/slips in practice but when I had to show, I did OK. I think I managed over the pass mark so I’m feeling positive. I can do this. I just need to keep working hard and doing more of the same. I really hope I can.

Sat 10-2pm. It was the last training before Easter! I got a bruise on my thigh from yesterday’s beam slip. It was only our squad in the gym! We did an Easter egg hunt, and some games. It was fun! I did preps on vault and our programme on bars and beam. We had a fun time after. I did the ‘worm’ dance move on the high beam 😂. It was time to go and have fun with my school friends afterwards. I was so happy that I could join in a sleepover tonight. I can’t always go along, due to all my gym training. I have to sacrifice quite a lot of things. My school friends are just brilliant and I really wanted to go!

Sun. Easter Sunday. Day off!

Mon. Day off!

Tues 3 April 10-4pm. I did 5 out of 6 clean bar routines.  Then I did some fwd fwd tops. Kelly said that if I was feeling clever that I could try some toe ons on wood. My toe ons were quite good, but for the last one I didn’t quite get to handstand and my shoulders were over the bar and my hands came off, my legs bounced off the bar and I kind of did a front somi and landed in the pit. Grrr.

At home, I had to try on my comp leotard to see if it still fitted. It was so tight! I haven’t worn it for nearly 1 year and I’ve grown a lot!

Weds 10-4pm. I put my comp leotard on to show Kelly and did a few quick moves in it. I think I will be OK in it for my next comps in the next two months. It does feel like it is sprayed on! Today was good. 5/5 routines on bars, beam routines were much better than yesterday, Kelly said my floor was good, vault wasn’t that bad. My knee wasn’t as sore as I thought it might be today.

Thurs 10-4pm

Friday 10-4 pm. There were some incredible performances by the boys at the  Commonwealth gymnastics in Australia. Well done!

Sat – I did a few hours extra yesterday so I was allowed to have a day off so I could go away with loads of family friends. Yippee.

The Commonwealth gymnastics was amazing! I watched the individual girls all around online. Kelly and Alice were fantastic. I am so happy for my friend Alice – she was fantastic and got the bronze medal!

It was the FALCONS Gymnastics Academy’s awards night tonight. I had to miss it, which was a shame, but we were on holiday with our friends.

Sun. There were more amazing Commonwealth English medals today!

Monday 9 April

I watched the Commonwealth gymnastics again as I didn’t have training until the afternoon. There were many more medals for England! Well done! Nile Wilson is incredible. My heart was going fast for Alice Kinsella though. Wow. She won Gold on the beam! Amazing!!! I sent my friend a message straight away! I really hope I am as good as her one day. She is inspiring me. I’ll keep training hard.

3-8pm gym. Quite a good day for me. Bars, floor, beam good, vault not the best. My friends were talking about our awards night on Saturday. They had a nice time. I thought my two rips on my pinkie finger might have hurt on bars today, but it was kind of OK.

Tues Devon Squad! I had to get up at 6.10am as we were leaving at 7am. I went to South Devon gym in Paignton with Lannah’s mum, Lannah and Taylor. We trained from 9.30am til 1pm. We wore our new Devon leotards!


Oh, dear…. Ouch I split the beam today.  It hurt but I tried to get back and do it again. It wasn’t too bad on the other pieces.

Weds, a planned day off. Kelly said I could go in if I wanted to but I decided that a day to chill out and be with my cousins would be better for me so I’d be able to give all my effort to tomorrow’s long gym training and control comp on Friday.

Thurs 10am-5pm I was presented with my nomination certificates from the awards night. I was nominated for Female Gymnast of the year 2017, Female Most Promising Gymnast of the year, Positive Attitude to Training and Gymnasts Gymnast.

Look what I won!!! ☺ FEMALE GYMNAST OF THE YEAR 2017. I feel very proud. My family were very proud of me.



After training my heel was hurting. I put lots of ice on it.
Fri 1-7pm I needed to ice my heel all morning and put bruise cream on. I was a bit upset in the morning as my heel and ankle were hurting. It was a proper control comp from 1-4pm. It wasn’t my best control comp but some pieces were really good. I was happy because I hadn’t done anything like that for ages. It was good to try and do it in my competition leotard which is now very tight! We finished early at 6.30pm! ☺

We had the weekend off, as there was a boys comp all weekend in the gym. (Yay!) I enjoyed the rest and went to the hairdresser to have lots of my hair cut off so that I am ready for my comps.



I am now looking forward to focusing hard next week. Every training session counts now.

Thanks for reading!

Fliss x

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