National Finals are here – never give up on your dreams.

My Compulsory Level 2 National Finals are so close! I’ve actually got myself ready to be able to compete in time, I can’t believe it. Here’s my diary over the last few weeks. It’s been a difficult time but I’ve tried so hard and I’m feeling good now. ☺

Week 1

Monday 4-8pm. I trained quite well.

Tues 1-7.15pm. My heel was really hurting today. I couldn’t do lots of skills and pieces. I cried quite a lot. It was a really bad day.

Weds 4-8pm I was scared to go in to train as my heel really hurt. Mum and I chatted to Kelly and I put a wrist band on my foot to help and Kelly said we’d have an easier day. I ran on the fast track, didn’t do vault, had a soft mat on beam for my leaps. I didn’t do my dismount on beam, and didn’t do tumbles on the floor. All the other work including conditioning I did. Bars was good. Range was good. Mum stayed and watched for 4 hours to support me. She said my bars were great, my range looked beautiful and my beam was looking good.

I had lots of massage and ice when I got home .

Thurs day off. Mum ordered an ankle support heel cushion for me. We put ice on and massaged. I tried to relax and enjoy some sunshine after school.

Fri 1-7 pm I was a bit anxious. I wore my new ankle strap heel cup thing. It felt weird but it was very soft on my heel. I did everything today!

I also did these skills – Flic tuck on red floor beam, flic mounts with spot with Kelly. Toe on to handstand, so circle jump off on bars. Yay!

Sat 12-5pm it went OK today, and I was thinking about my sleepover with my best friend tonight for our early birthday treat.

Sun day off. Mine and my best friend Libby’s picnic party!

Week 2

Mon 4-8pm I was feeling a bit anxious and had to be brave. I thought my heel would really hurt. I wore my heel cup thing again. It does help me. Kelly said I had a good session tonight. I think I did too. ☺ I’m going to wear my trainers all the time when I’m at school (my teacher said I could) and at home to help my sore heel for a few weeks.

Tues 1-7.15pm I felt OK today. Training went well. My heel was still a bit sore. My vault was better than yesterday, beam felt really good. Guess what I did?! A giant full with slight spot from Ryan on bars! I put my sandwich pack lunch ice pack on my heel at break! I put ice on when I got home.

It’s my birthday tomorrow!!!!

Weds 4-8pm I AM 11 TODAY!


It was a really bad day for me at school. I got upset. Gym made me smile. It was a good session and I wore my new leotard! We had cakes! YUM.

Thursday day off

Fri 1-7pm. I wore my new xbrace on my foot instead of my heel cup. ( I think I’ve had a growth spirt which is why my heel might be hurting.) It slipped off my heel a bit but some tape held it on. It felt better and I had a good session. Kelly said I really attacked my vault, and it went really well. I’m feeling positive. 💪
Sat 1.45- 4pm. We did a run through of our comp routines and then Kelly did our hair. I pinged off bars 😔 It didn’t hurt but it was a bit scary.

Sun – Competition day. We left at 9.30am and dropped off Jack and Dasher at Grandma and Pa’s on the way. It took 2 and half hours to get to Melksham. While I was chilling in the car in the car park there, a bird pooped on the car. It went everywhere! I was so glad that I wasn’t getting out of the car at the time in my Falcons comp kit 😂 Round 3. This was just a control comp for my level, but it was a proper comp day for everyone else. I felt a bit strange. I kept saying what am I doing here?! It was my first competition for nearly a year, due to my accident.

We did vault first. My first Yurchenko (I know how to spell it now!) vault was good. My second handspring wasn’t amazing but OK.

Bars next

This was my best piece. I think I executed it well.


Grrr. I fell on my third flic of my triple flic sequence. Ouch, it was quite a big fall. I hit my thigh and my head on the beam. I had to get back on and finish and fight back my tears.


It was quite good but I just had a few mishaps, which meant I sat or put my hand down on the floor a couple of times. I don’t know why I tried to do a one and half twist instead of just one (full) twist?!!


This was really good.

I came 3rd, Kayleigh 2nd and Madi 1st.

My score would have been high enough to pass if it was a real comp, even with my three falls. So I am hopeful. 🙏


Week 3

Mon 30th April

I’ve got a big bruise! Kelly and I chatted about my scores and each piece and how I did and how I can improve more. When we talked about my floor we just laughed. We just don’t know where my extra half twist came from!!! 😂  Also, Kelly thought I was tired so just wanted to sit on the floor 😂
Taylor told us at the end of training that it was her last training day ever! She’s decided to stop doing gymnastics. Her body is hurting. It was very sad. I think it is the best decision for her though as she wants to be a doctor and needs to focus on that – she can’t really do all the gym training and all that she wants to do in her life now. I will really miss her. It is going to feel so weird.

Tues 1-7.15pm. A good training day. I’ve got a bit of a cough and snivels though.

After gym I watched the new Cbbc series Gym stars and saw my mate Madi on TV!

Weds 4-8pm A good training session. I did a flic tuck on the red beam! We finished off watching Simone Biles’ Courage to Soar film story. It was really great! She is a big inspiration to me. I want to be like her. This is a journey I am on.


Thurs day off. I need it! 😴

Fri 1-4.30pm. I wasn’t feeling that great, so Kelly said I could go home and have an early night. I have a bit of a cold and I’m tired. I’d done all my competition routines. My beam didn’t go so well. I fell and added another bruise to my other really really big one from the comp.

Sat 12-5 I feel better today and slept til 8.30am! I am pleased with training today. My routines were good. ☺

Sunday day off

Week 4

Monday 6th May. It’s Bank Holiday but we still need to train 10-12.45pm as it’s national finals on Sunday! There were only 3 of us training in the gym today! I got through my programme and it was a good session.

Tues 1-7.15pm. A good day in the gym.

Weds 4-8pm.

Thurs day off.

EAT, SLEEP, TRAIN GYMNASTICS! Never give up on your dreams.

Fri. I need to train 1pm to 5pm today (I’m going to wear my ‘Diamonds are Forever’ leotard.) It’s the big weekend! National COMPULSORY FINALS. My Falcons club mates Lannah and  Kayleigh will be there too. I am feeling nervous / excited. I want to be there! Let’s do this! I’m going to aim to do just what I do in training, and focus on that magic pass mark, that’s what I need. I’ve asked Mum, if I do well, if I can have a new leotard and my nails done! Marble effect! This morning we’ve been listening to the song ‘Chandelier’ by Sia. Mum and I love it. It’s a great song to motivate me. ‘I am going to swing from the Chandelier! I’mgonna fly like a bird through the night’.

I am ready to go. ☺ 💪

Thanks for reading and supporting me.

Fliss x


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