One year has passed. Now looking forward to my future, and doing new skills!

Hello! Here’s my new blog.

Monday 14 May It’s SATS week! BUT I get a night off gym as it’s the day after the compulsory comp! I just want to chill.

I’m feeling a bit weird tonight. I think I’m a bit anxious about tomorrow. It will be the day I had my gym accident last year. I’m feeling a bit scared and strange. I am also scared about wearing a new leo like last time too. It’s a really strange feeling. Mum and I had a chat before bedtime. She said that it was a freak accident and that it’s normal to feel like this on the evening before the date that is stuck in my mind.

I hope gym can be a happy place tomorrow and that I can stop thinking about my accident.

Tues 15th May

I am scared. One year ago I had my accident. It’s playing on my mind and bringing memories back.

Mum feels a bit strange today too. A bit uncomfortable. I never want to go through that again. I feel agitated today. I just need to get through today then everything can be put behind us and I can move on and be just me.

Mum met me at gym at lunchtime. I think she just wanted to make sure we were both OK! Mum was feeling a bit strange too today. I think we want today to be over and to feel like we can be normal.

I had LOTS of fun in the gym. Lots of new skills! Kelly and my friends made it fun. ☺

Weds 4-8 pm. I was a bit tired and yawning, but I did lots of new skills. We had free time. No routines. Yay! We had to do some conditioning too but also played volleyball.

Thurs off

Fri 1-4.45pm I finished early and then watched Bella’s dance show! I hurt my chest today at gym. I think I winded myself.

I did another new skill today though.

Sat. 12-5pm I had a sore chest – it felt bruised.

Sun. I was up at 6am. At 6.50am we met Kelly, Katie and Kayleigh and Kelly drove us to Melksham! It was South West Squad. I did a new skill and saw my friends. (scroll across)

We got back at 6.30pm. I was tired and had a very bruised thigh – I fell on my beam change leg! Ouch.

We had Amy Tinkler’s coach, named Ross Falsetta, coaching us today. It was great! We were lucky to have him with us.


I am soooooo tired. My leg is killing too. My bruise is as big as the side of my thigh! I couldn’t train today. 

Tues 1-7.15pm. I did my level 2 beam and floor routines for prep for Gymstars.  Yay!

🤔 I SO want to create a new move that one day is named after me, like the ‘Fliss off’ or something. That would be so cool and a big dream! 🤔 ☺

Wed 4-8 It was a really hot day, but we still had to do really hard conditioning! I did many flic mounts onto the beam. My arms underneath are bruised!

Thurs. Ah a day off. ☺ I need this!
Fri 1-7pm Kelly asked to see my bruises. She says it’s like dot to dot! 😂 (Kelly has some fractured toes 😔. ) I needed to do a few more flic mounts on the beam, so bruises on bruises!

Ryan coached us for a bit which was nice.

Half term!

Sat 12-5 pm. Here is a video of my vault today. ☺



Sunday. Day off! Bella’s party!

Mon. Bank Holiday but we were still training! 🤪 10-2pm. Then it was beach and family time and a few gymnastics things while I was there!


Tues 10-4pm training then friends time and sleepover!

Weds 10-2pm. After gym it was pamper time – hair and make up with my best friend – a late birthday treat for us and a well done for completing SATS.

Then I went to Exeter to watch Flashdance the musical! There was loads of dancing and acro skills -‘What a feeling!’ ‘Maniac!’ One of the girls in the show looked like my gym friend Alice Kinsella – I thought it was her. 😂 It was a late night with Mum and Bella. So much fun!

Thurs day off! Family time. Beach time!

For the weekend Gymstars comp I’ve only got routines for two pieces, but it will be good to try them out in a competition.

I’ve been thinking about my goals now for the start of next year – in 9 months.

I need to work towards me taking my Compulsory Level 1 at Lilleshall National Sports centre in February . Hopefully I’ll pass and then I get to compete at the huge British Championships in March in Liverpool! This would be ACE! (Plus I hope we’ll have the Falcons gym comp trip to Florida in between!) It is crazy, but exciting.

Fri 1-7pm. I have a bit of a bruised top of my foot and ankle. It was quite good training. I got the conditioning queen trophy! 🏆

Sat 1-4pm We did just a run through of our routines and Kelly did our hair. It’s the Gymstars  comp tomorrow at Falcons. I’m only competing  2 pieces as I haven’t quite got my vault yet and I hit the bar with both bars in. I have grown and I need to learn how to straddle the bar.

Sunday 3 June 20198.  It’s the Gymstars comp at Falcons. It was sooooo hot in the gym. Argggg. Hot outside and lots of people inside. I competed my two Level 2 apparatus routines. There were some older girls in my level comp.

On beam I came 3rd, and on floor I came 4th. I competed a few new skills – my free cartwheel on beam and one and half twist on floor. My free cartwheel was good and I didn’t land on my bum doing my new tumble on floor! I also got a special prize for my spinning The Greatest Showman themed 195 number 😂 🎉 Can you spot me in it?




My competitions are over for a few months now so I can go on to learning more new skills! 👍 I can’t wait to learn a new floor routine to my new music too. ☺

Monday 4th June 4-8pm I did this new beam mount tonight.



Thanks for reading and helping me on my way.

Fliss. X


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