Gym is good!

Hello again. Here is my new blog. It’s been a great few weeks for me! I’ve done lots of new things. ☺

Fri 8 June. 1-7 Guess what I did today! A double twist!!! Whoo hoo!

Sat 9 June 12-5pm.

Sun 10 June Day off.

Mon 11th June 4-8pm. It was a hot day! We did some running outside and then we had trampoline time! We managed to get away without doing conditioning 😉 . Guess what I did! Yurchenko pike turn on vault. Yes!

After training we all had a meeting to talk about our Florida trip and the comp when we are there in February 2019. Mike is going to book our villa! There are only 8 months to wait! We need to save lots of money to pay for the trip but it will be amazing! I am so excited.

Tues 12th June 1-7.15pm It was only me in the afternoon! I started my new floor routine with Kelly. Yay! I’m excited. It was really fun and I love it so far. I think it will be incredible. ☺ Today I did my double tuck off bars onto mat into the pit. I’m working on it! 😉

Weds 13th June. During the day it was the Arlington cross country small schools comp. I am so happy as I finished the 1.5 mile race as the 1st year 6 girl. 🎉 I feel proud of myself. ☺

Gym 4-8pm. I tried my new comp leotard on today at the gym. It’s costing us lots of money but looks fantastic! The sparkles really sparkle!

Thurs. Day off

Fri 15 June. It was Oceanfest day. Dad came with me and school to Croyde beach. We did beach games with other schools all day. I did well at beach flags! Kelly gave us the day off gym, as she was away.

Sat 1-4pm Ryan coached us today. Thanks Ryan!

Sunday. Day off. It was Jack’s party. We went to the Aquapark again! I did the crazy monkey bars and went ALL the way to the end and didn’t fall in the water ☺ Dad did it too! 💪

Mon 4-8pm Kelly was back ☺. I tried doing Pacs on bars today! 👏 It was so much fun. I had to try on our new comp leotards again as I needed to make sure that we order the right size. It needs to last 2 years! I think I need the next size up! We had Junior Life skills on a school trip today. We talked about drinking and understanding alcohol. We had to wear ‘drunk goggles’ and then try and walk in a straight line to get to our pretend home. It was funny. I could walk in a straight line! I was one of the only ones that could. Mum said to me that it’s because I’m used to my world spinning or being upside down because of gym! Haha. That might be right! 🤔

Tues 2 – 7.15pm. I came in on the coach with school, as my other school friends were having a school PE gym session at the gym. It was a GREAT bars day for me today! I did a double tuck off the bar over pit but with high mats in. Whoo hoo! I needed to do a little dance 😉 🎉

My giant full was good today. Ryan was spotting me. ☺  

Weds 4-8pm (after The Mix school trip, and me playing the violin! I really want to learn how to play it. )

Thurs day off

Fri 1-7pm. It was a really really good day! I did off the beam – round off full twist, and I stuck it three times 🎉

I did on bars – giant full on my own. Oh yeah, oh yeah! 🕺 It was GREAT! Kelly was there but didn’t touch me. I really liked Kelly’s face 😂 ☺ I did 5 good ones.


I told Mum and Dad about my new skills today and Mum said it sounded like FIZZ FRIDAY! Mum told me that some bars have special Fizz Fridays 😂 🥂

I did some double tucks (round off flic double tucks) on track into pit. It was quite good. One was very funny though, as I did my round off and flic but I thought I was supposed to do my double tuck straight away so I missed my feet from my flic and did a tuck back into the pit. 😂

I was given the Gymnast of the Weeks trophy tonight. 🏆 ☺

Sat 12-5pm. My arms were aching from conditioning yesterday. It was just a normal kind of gym day for me today, nothing really special happened today.

It was International Handstand Day today, so I got my family to do some handstand comps! Here’s one photo of me.


The last 2 weeks have been fantastic and I feel I am really moving forward. I want to keep doing this! I will keep working hard. ☀

Thanks again for reading my blog.

Bye for now.

Fliss x

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