Moving on, making new plans and thinking about food!

Hello! It’s been a month since my last blog. Quite a lot of things have happened in the gym, and I leave my primary school this week, so I am looking ahead to starting a new secondary school and a new gym training plan!

Mon 25 June. 4-8pm. A normal session in the gym. It was Pacs again tonight. I like them. ☺

I think athletes should have lots of fruit. Every night after training I make myself a fruit salad after I’ve had my hot tea. I think it’s important. I want to be a GREAT athlete.  Pineapple, strawberries, banana, grapes, raspberries, nectarines. Lots of summery yummy things! It was very hot in the gym tonight!



Tues. 2-4.45pm. Mum is away working for 3 days. 😔 I took the bus to gym with my school at lunchtime. I only had to train until 4.45pm! I then went to my year 6 parents eve at my new school with Dad, to find out my new tutor! It was a hot and sweaty training tonight, and very hot weather outside!

Weds 4-8pm I needed a crop top and shorts again! We did stretching in the sun outside on the grass. That was nice. ☺

Thurs. Day off

Fri 4-8pm It was a sad day. My best friend in the gym, Kayleigh, has decided to leave gym. She wants to try new things, and do lots of activities at our new school in September. I am finding it hard. I cried at training tonight. Kayleigh and I have always been together. It feels weird. I am the last Diamond now. It’s like part of me is missing. 😔 I will still see her at our new school but I will miss her so much in the gym. Good luck Kayleigh!

Sat 12-5pm It feels odd without my friend. I’m not really sure how I feel.

It was a good day. (It was an easy day!) I did on the low beam one free walkover, free cartwheel to stick!!!

We had water guns outside on the grass after training! It was so much fun and so hot.

To cool off even more I went to the sea with my family!


Mon 4-8pm

Tues 1-7.15pm I am so close to landing a straight double twist.  🤞

Weds 4-8pm

Thurs. Day off

Fri 1-7 pm Mum, Kelly and I had a chat about things and about pushing forward and getting to where I want to be. I want to reach for my dreams. I trained on my own for the afternoon. It was hard work, and I was tired at 7pm. The weather is still hot and sunny! We heard some amazing news today. My gym friend Adam and coach Mike have been selected for the Junior GB team at the European Gymnastics competition in Glasgow. Well done! My family and I are going to watch the women’s finals there in August, and I can’t wait! I hope I get to meet the GB girls, especially my friend Alice Kinsella. It’s really exciting.

Sat 12-5pm. I did a free cartwheel flic on the low beam today! I am trying new connections.

It was our fun Holywell Rocks festival in the fields at school! After gym I met up with my friends and my cousins.

Mon 4-8pm I did on vault, yurchenko pike turn into pit with two mats. I’m getting there!

Tues 2-7.15pm. Today was good. It was just a normal training day. ☺ No new skills.

Weds 4-8pm It was the World Cup semi final England versus Croatia. We watched part of it in the gym! Instead of conditioning! 😂

Thurs. Day off

Fri 1-7 pm It’s Friday 13th!!! arhhh I hope it’s not a bad day at gym. It was a good day! Hooray. Three times I did free cartwheel then flic on the high beam! Yay.

Kelly told me today that she knows the English comp date for next year. It’s at the start of March, that means I could have 4 competitions in 6 weeks! And one of those is in Florida so I might be tired 🤪 . (Compulsory Level 1, Florida, English Champs and fingers crossed that I make it to The British. ) Oh my days, well at least they are all together, so I can then come off routines and have time off and try out new skills. 😂 It’s going to cost a lot of money to enter the comps and stay in hotels plus the ✈ and everything else for Florida! We need to start putting money in a pot!

Sat 12-5pm then beach time and a sleepover with my great friends near the seaside! 🌊

Sun. Day off

Mon 16th July. I like to write new messages to myself to wake up to each morning. Today it was


4-8pm But it was a bad day at school today. I was crying after school, but I came in to train at gym. I did my yurchenko pike turn to three mats in pit. Kelly said that this is competition height. I am happy with that!!! ☺

I watched Gymstars on TV and part of it was filmed in our gym! I saw boys I know at the gym and some coaches and parents 😂

Tues 1-7.15pm. I was a bit tired today, so Kelly thought I should be careful! We didn’t do beam. But we did finish my floor routine!!! It was fun. I can’t wait to do it more. My routine is very sunny ☀

Mum and Kelly have been talking to my new school head of house about my gym training and when I will be able to come out of school to train, when I start in September. Mum says that the school is being really helpful and that they want to support me all they can. I think I might have to make some sacrifices at school. There might be some subjects that I can’t do. I know that my education is important and I want to do really well, but I want to be the BEST gymnast that I can too. I want to be the best version of me. I will fit my homework in somehow around school and my 25 hours a week of gym. I believe I can.

My report from school was really good. I am working at the expected level for my age and I got all As for excellent effort in every subject. I feel proud of myself. ☺

Weds 4-8 hmm lift to gym problems! 😂 It was a good day. I am doing my flic tucks on high beam more consistently now with just one grey mat.


Thurs off. Relaxing in the garden 📸 in the sun. Ah.


Fri 1-7pm. I had to give in my food likes and dislikes to Mike for our Florida trip. I wrote lots of things down for likes. I like looks of different meats, potatoes and rice and vegetables. I need lots of fruit! An apple a day keeps the doctor away. 😂 The only things I don’t like are prawns and coleslaw 😂 In the afternoon I trained on my own with Kelly. Guess what I did? On my own over pit without Kelly next to me I did my giant full (full turn) giant. I am happy with that!

I came home from gym and I found my school leavers book. It was so much fun looking at all the old and new photos and laughing! There are lots of questions to fill in about my friends. I need to write lots of memories – trophies, medals and awards I’ve won. It’s a place to say all my achievements. One question asks which of my friends is most likely to win an Olympic medal…I think that is me! I want it to be me! I am determined to make it me! It also asks what job I want to do when I am older. I said a GB gym coach, that would be incredible!


Sat 12-5. A good session, and I did another new skill. I did my split mount on the beam. ☺



We also had a fun time on the trampoline playing stick it! 🎉 ☺

Sun. A day off and some fun time with my friend. I only have 4 days left of primary school, then my new adventures begin.

Thank you for reading and helping me on my journey.

Fliss x

2 thoughts on “Moving on, making new plans and thinking about food!

  1. Challenging and exciting times! I’m sure that you will take it all in your stride, Fliss. Enjoy your last week of Primary school and have a great summer. X


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