Trying to get competition ready and a flashback video of me doing gym at 7 years old!

Hello. I am trying hard to get into routines and preparing for my Level 2 Voluntary age group competitions. It’s sweaty times in the gym 😂 and I’ve had some bumps along the way but I’m getting closer.

Sunday 19 August. My ankle on the side is a bit sore today, so I’ve been icing it.

Mon 20 August. 4 – 8pm. ‘Believe in yourself and you will get far.’ This is what I believe. I have looked and chosen my new winning leotard! I can’t wait for it to come. I worked really hard. Even Kelly said we all did ☺ I managed the fastest time for run laps around the gym. How many do you think? We also did jumps over the beam. I did lots. I caught the side of my leg though. Ouch. I will get a big bruise. I did half my beam routine with only one mat under. I can nearly do all my skills for my new routines apart from vault. I need to work on that.

Simone Biles competed at the USA gymnastics comp yesterday for the first time since the Olympics! She is my total idol – the best in the world. She beat everyone on every piece and got over 1 mark more all around. That is unbelievable. I cannot get my head around it. It is ridiculously good.

Tues 1-7.30pm. I worked super hard today. It was really tough conditioning. I was sweating so much. I took more of my tumbles onto floor today ☺ That feels good. We all got our competition leotards. They are so sparkly and look amazing!

I worked so hard and was hot and sweaty. It was tough. My calf feels a bit tight, so I need massage and lots of stretching.

Weds. I was feeling poorly, so I couldn’t go to gym

Thursday. Day off

Fri 1-7.30pm my new leotard had arrived. It is gorgeous. I love it. It’s beautiful from Little Stars.


It was a good session. I wore my heel X brace for floor and beam as my foot was a bit sore from all the tumbles I am doing on floor now. There is a lot more pounding, and more impact and force.

Sat 12-5pm normal

Sunday. Day off.

Mon 27 August 2018. Bank Holiday. Day off and family time! Lots of fun activities, plus massaging my leg and ankle 😂

Tues 1-7.30pm I fell on my face twice! Doh. I was doing my front somi roundoff flic full twist on floor. I bent my knees so I landed on my face. I know what I need to do next time. I did do five giant fulls over pit on bars in a row though. Tomorrow will be better! Hopefully I won’t land on my face.

Weds only 11.30am -2pm (I had to go to the dentist first!) It was a great session. I didn’t fall on my face. 😂 I did on vault Yurchenko pike turn onto two mats. I worked hard on floor and bars. It was hard conditioning.

Kelly took all of my group to the Aquapark for our special treat for working hard. It was so much fun.


Thursday. Day off. I had more beach fun with my old Diamonds! These all my gym friends that were in my gym squad called Diamonds but who have left now. I miss them. I am the only one that still does gym. Unfortunately one other friend couldn’t come but I’ll see her soon. My sister Bella came along too.


Fri 31st August 1-7.30pm. I had a good first session I did 2 clean routines on bars completely on my own with the double tuck dismount over pit onto mats. I was doing my new beam dismount today and my arms really hurt from bruises. I realised that it’s September tomorrow. But I have a comp in September 😱 .. Oh my days! I’m not ready yet. But I then thought, I do have a lot of training sessions left. I’ll keep pushing on. My ankle seems to be better. I hope wearing the brace and Mum massaging my legs every night with the special cream is helping.

Sat 12-5 pm I bruised my leg trying to mount the beam, doh!

Sunday 2 September. No day off for me! South West Squad Training all day 10am – 4pm, at Falcons. At least I could have a bit of a lie in as I didn’t need to get in the car at 6.30am like I had to do before! Lannah was with me from Falcons today too. We had a guest coach today. Nicole Wooder she helped with dance and leaps. I think she is a very good choreographer. It was hard work. It was great to see my friends from other South West clubs, especially Madi.

It was a good day.. I worked very hard and my skills were quite good. I am proud of myself because I won an award for my dance and leaps from the special coach! ☺

Monday 3 September 2018. The Tour of Britain. I watched the crazy fast cyclists!

Gym 4-8pm. I ran 34 laps round the gym in 10mins. I think I worked very hard. I am determined to be the best I can be. Competitions are coming! I need to put the effort in. I did my 100 jumps over the beam after the run and my session was good.

Tues 4-8.30pm. My bars are coming together I think. I did 4 clean bars routines over the pit today with Kelly stood on the other side of the gym. I feel good about that. I think my bars may be my best piece, beam next, floor next, vault last. But my vault is getting a bit better.

New school tomorrow!!! I am so excited! The only thing I’m scared about is whether I can get any lunch! 😂 It is all paid for using my thumb (Mum and Dad have put money on online) What if it doesn’t work? I need food! I am having to think about a new routine of how I am getting to school and gym after school.

Weds 5 September 2018. New school day! Then gym 4-8pm.

Thurs. Day off

Friday. My first full gym day with Kelly, and no school. Hope I can cope on my own. I feel I need to be perfect all the time, but realise that that’s not possible. I’ll work hard and train my best. I think the aim is to try my bars routine over hard, finger 🤞 9.30am – 4.30pm (7 hours!)

I sent this message to Mum at lunch.

‘Hi mum had a good first session did my three clean routines over hard on bars I am so happy! see you soon’

I survived on my own for 7 hrs! 😂 We did lots of vault then went straight to floor.

Sat. My sister is making up special things for our names. For FLISS she says I’m, Fabulously Likeable Incredibly Super Sentational! I like that idea ☺ I hope so!

It’s strange but now I’m at my new school, my tutor and teachers are calling me Flick. I quite like this too! My new friends might call me this too 😂 It’s making me feel like a new beginning for my new school life. I still like my other names too! I’ll always be Fliss and Felicity and Fizz!

Sunday off

Monday 10 Sept 4-8pm. A good session. On my way to gym tonight I found a really old and rusty one penny coin on the ground. I picked it up. Hope that brings some luck. 🍀

Tues 11 September 2018. Lorna who used to coach me found an old video of me when I was 7 years old, August 2014, which is 4 years ago. She sent me the video of me doing my very first round off flic! I can’t believe it. Oh my days, I’m really small! I have learnt so much in 4 years. I’m doing such big skills now! Thanks Lorna for sending this to me.



I also found this photo of me 4 years ago in the gym.


4-8pm training. I was tired after school but then had to start the session doing as many laps as I could in 10 mins around the gym then 100 jumps over the high beam again. I was very red and sweaty, but I was determined to do better than my last time. I was very focused.

Weds 4-8 opps a little bump on beam today doing my flic tuck, ouch, but otherwise good!

Thursday. Day off

Friday. No school today, it’s my GYM DAY! My favourite place, and that’s what I told my new Geography teacher 😂 Training seven hours, 9.30am -4.30pm with Kelly. It was a very good day. My bars were good, and I stuck one of my double tuck dismounts.

Watch this. I am there behind the mat 😂 I just need to add my giant full into it over hard now. I’m getting there.


My beam was good, my floor was better and my vault was better. I’m tired but happy. A nice chilled out time on the sofa and in bed when I got home.

I wrote on my white board to inspire me when I wake up, ‘Olympics 2024 here we come. Gym is a dream. You can do it. Always believe in yourself. Good luck in your amazing day ahead of you. Be the best you can be.’

Sat 12-5pm. I had some bumps and knocks today. My shin has a big bump and graze from bars and I had some tears. BUT I really wanted to try my yurchenko pike turn to competition mats today, as I really need to work on my vault. I did 3 out of 5 (the other two I wiped out and landed on my face 😱 ) but I did 3! That was good! You always have to be positive, and in it to win it. ☺

Yay it’s my weekend.

I made it through the week! I made it through a whole week of school and whole week of gym. ☺ Day off tomorrow.

Two weeks until my first competition…I’m counting down the days on my calendar and getting focused and will try my best.

Thank you for reading and supporting me.

Fliss x


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