Quatro Comp, Upgrades, and Devon Trophy.

Hello. Here’s my new blog. I am trying to push forward each and every day. ☺

Fri 5 Oct 2018 9.30am – 4.30pm I’m tired and teary. I had a chat with Kelly and Mum together after gym. I really need to believe in myself. I know I can do it. It’s just been an emotional time in gym this week. Some days are bad days, and I need to accept this but always be positive. Tomorrow is another day. ☺

Sat 12-5 pm A better day.

Sunday. A day off. I had to make my number for the Quatro comp. My number is 416 and it’s Super Heroes theme!

Mon 8 Oct. It was a really good day in the gym. I put some tubular bandages on my wrists and had them under my hand guards. It helped a bit. My rips weren’t as sore. I did 8 vaults to feet and I did 3 clean bar routines.

Tues 4-8.30pm A good day!

Weds 4-8pm My double twists were good on track today so we put them into my floor routine tumble. ☺

Thurs. Day off. My club mate Adam is competing in the Youth Olympics in Argentina, with coach Mike. He was absolutely amazing. He came 5th all around, in the world!

Fri 10am – 4.30pm. Another good day for me.

Sat. I ran through my routines from 1pm – 2.30pm. It was good. I had a few corrections. I know what I need to do. Jess did my plaits on my hair for me! Thank you Jess. Mum and I drove to Melksham, 2 and a half hours away. We stayed in a hotel. I had to do my homework, while watching Strictly! 😂 The life of a gymnast! Haha We watched the live stream of Adam competing in his finals in 🇦🇷!

Sunday. We got to the Wiltshire School of Gymnastics at 8.30am. I registered and started the warm up at 9.10am. I met my friend Madi. It seemed to take ages to do the warm up before competing. How many minutes do we need to stretch?! I met up with many of my national and past GB friends. 😍

Beam. I was first up on the first piece! I managed a clean routine.



Floor next. I put my double twist in for the first time. ☺ Kelly said afterwards that I didn’t get my value for my change half as I didn’t quite get all the way round. I will do next time 😂 Mum’s video isn’t that great. I think she was feeling the nerves! 😂



Vault. I wasn’t feeling it. So Kelly and I decide not to do my big vault. I didn’t do my yurchenko pike turn, I just did my yurchenko flic as I didn’t want to hurt myself. I need to do national finals in 3 weeks time. I just did 2 safe vaults.




Bars. I’m not that pleased with bars. I can do better, BUT it was clean. I didn’t hit my handstands and I took steps on my landing. I can do better!


A clean comp…I am happy. I know what I need to do and what to train hard in the gym to do. I came 5th against some amazing national gymnasts.


Mon. 4-8pm Berni from BC photographic was in the gym all week. He gave me one of my photos from my Compulsory Level 2 National comp back in May. I like this.


Hmm. I cut my knee tonight. 😔 I don’t know when I did it really. It was on my giant full on bars. It bled a little and I looked at it and cried. Oh my days. Yukky blood. It hurts tonight. It’s only small but it is quite deep I think. Hope I can walk better tomorrow.

We watched the Youth Olympics live feed at 10pm and saw Adam do his Pbars final. He was brilliant! We saw Mike on the screen too. They were both amazing.


Tues 4-8.30pm I had to try and do 10 vaults tonight. My yurchenko pike turn. I did some really good ones, but I also got frustrated as a few weren’t quite good enough, so they didn’t count! Grrr.

Berni took photos of us in our competition leotards. We did lots of poses and ones on the beam. We got out of doing conditioning! 😂 ☺

Weds. At my school year 7 assembly we were talking about aspiration. A video of Simone Biles was played. They didn’t tell us who it was. I put my hand up to say who! She’s my gym idol, but they didn’t pick me! What?! But I’m a gymnast, I know 😂

Training 4-8pm We had a few more group photos with our comp leotards on, squad photos. Guess what I did tonight?! My straight front straight front full on floor. Yay it’s coming!


Thurs. A day off. I broke up from school for half term today.

Fri 9.30 – 4.30pm. Kelly has a bad back 😔 I worked so hard today. 😰 I had more photos taken by Berni!

Sat 12-4pm We finished an hour early! ☺

Sun. Hooray! A Sunday with no comp. I can relax!

Mon 3 – 8pm. I have no school this week. My vaults were good today. ☺ I had to do as many clean beam routines as I could in 30 mins. I did 11. I think that was good!

Tues. Devon Squad training at Falcons today. 10am-2.30pm. I finished all my programme today. ☺ I was surprised to receive a big trophy! All the Devon coaches voted for me to be GYMNAST OF THE YEAR! 🏆 I think it’s because after my major head injury last year I have done really well to get back to being an elite gymnast and passing my compulsory level 2 and fighting hard. I was so excited to show my family!



Weds 2 – 8pm. I got a Halloween sweet for my 11 routines yesterday, and one other sweet for vault. ☺

Thurs. Day off!

Fri 26 October 2018. Today I found out when I’ll be competing next weekend at the National Finals in Guildford. Level 2 is on Sat, last round. There are 36 others in my level.

Training 1-6pm

Guess what?! I beat my score. I did 13 beam routines in 30mins today. 🤪 I got another Halloween sweet,plus an extra one.  😂

It was a great session. I feel I am really ready for my big comp next week.

I even did this today. I’m feeling hopeful for my future.




Thank you for following my progress, and supporting me and reading my blogs!

Fliss x



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