Yay! I’ve got into the GB Gymnastics Performance Pathway Squad for 2019!

I’ve received some really fantastic news! Read my blog to find out more 😉 🎉

Friday 7 December 2018. I went to my normal  training 9.30am – 4.30pm. I met Mum at lunchtime. I said to her, ‘Guess what I did?!’ Round off flic double pike into pit on two mats and little mat. I think I am better at pikes than tucks. I get better rotation. I have to lift my hips up and arch my back a bit to get the rotation. It felt good! ☺ I think this might be the same score as for a double tuck? I am not sure.


I did my upstart handstand, giant, giant full, giant blind forward top, giant double tuck dismount combination over hard. ☺

Saturday 12 – 5pm. I had a great session. I am buzzing from this week. I’ve tried really hard to push on and try new things, and I’ve achieved so much. 💪 Look…


Sunday, day off. It was so lovely to be at home and to get the house decorated for Christmas 🤶

Mon 4-8pm. Mike was back from his holiday so I told him about my new skills.

My double pikes weren’t that great tonight though. I landed on my face, but that’s because I had another mat under. I don’t think I was quite ready. I only did it for the first time on Fri! 😂 Hey ho. I’ll try again tomorrow. 💪

I did do my Level 1 bars routine, with Kelly spotting the bottom bar. ☺

Tues 4 – 8.30pm. I am super happy that I did this tonight! Things are working for me, which is good! ☺ I am going to keep trying and trying.


Weds 4-8pm It was a good session.

Thurs day off.
Friday 14 December 2018, 9.30am- 4.30pm I went into the gym like normal on a Friday morning. There were some balloons and letters on the vault. I thought they were for the coach Lauren who is leaving to have a baby. Kelly told me that they were for me! ME?! I opened the envelope. I didn’t quite know what I was reading. Kelly explained it all to me! 😂 I was so surprised. OH MY DAYS. I have been selected for the GREAT BRITAIN (GBR) Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Performance Pathway Squad for 2019! I can’t believe it! I am so so happy! I am so excited and can’t wait to train with my friends at Lilleshall National Sports Centre. Wow. It feels so good. Everyone tells me that my comeback is amazing. It is incredible to get back into a GB squad only 18 months after my accident, when I had a major head injury – bleed on the brain, bruising of my brain and a fractured skull. I don’t like to think about it. I remember the date clearly 15 May 2017.

I can’t believe it! I am really so happy to have achieved this. GB squad! 🎉 Yay!


I trained really hard again today. I have skills to do 😂 I must train hard! The life of a gymnast nevers stops, haha.

I met Mum and Granny at lunchtime. They were so happy for me.

Look what I did today!

Sat 12-5 pm. I gave Kelly a special card and gift. I wouldn’t have got to where I am without her. My amazing coach.

I feel so lucky.

Here’s a video that Jim Wileman took of me training a few weeks ago. The music is by Beatsuite. I think it’s really good. This is my daily life in the gym.


Thank you to all of you for supporting me. My gymnastic life is busy and hard but I am so excited for my future.

Fliss x


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