New Year, New Skills, Me in the Newspaper and Big Comps!

Hello. It’s been 6 weeks since my last blog. I’ve been training really really hard and I’m about to start a crazy two months of big competitions. I’ve been in my local newspaper and online too! The link is below in my blog. Here’s my diary. ☺

Tues 18 December 4 – 8.30pm. I did three lower bar routines today ☺

Weds 4-8pm I’ve got all the skills for my comp now. I just need to work on my routines and polishing everything. Ah oh, I grazed my nose on the beam tonight, as I was too close to the beam for my flic mount onto it. Doh.

We contacted Quatro today as we thought we should get a leotard made in case I make the  British Champs. Hope I can make it. We’ve only got 24hrs to design my own Leo to get the special offer and give them enough time to make it! It’s crazy and exciting. What ideas?! We talked with Kelly about them. ☺

Thursday. I designed my leotard today. I’ve never done that before!!! 🤸‍♂️ Whoop whoop. Day off gym.

Fri 9.30am-4.30pm My morning session was not good. My routines were not working. 😔

I also grazed my leg 😔 I felt frustrated and a bit upset.

My afternoon training was much better!

I was given a signed photo of Alice Kinsella today. She is my British idol. ☺

Today, one of the little 3 year old Happy Hoppers, Flo, wanted her photo taken with me! She is so sweet. I was very surprised. Am I a gym idol now too?! 😂 Many of the little ones in the gym say I’m ‘Gymnastagirl’ – this is so cute!!!

My new achievement before Christmas – my video is the second one.

Sat 12-2pm. It was Secret Santa then pit clean and party in the gym.

Sun 23rd Dec 10am-2pm

Now it’s 4 days off. It’s CHRISTMAS!!! 🎄

Fri 28 Dec Back to it! 10am – 4pm

Sat 29 Dec 10am-4pm. I did 2 clean floor routines today.

Sun 30 Dec 10am – 2pm

Mon 31 Dec 10am – 1pm an early finish. 🎉 ☺ It’s New Year’s Eve!

Tues, New Year’s Day. Day Off! It’s 2019! 🎉

It’s time to think about my achievements from last year and targets for this year!

It has been an amazing time in 2018, I will miss all the fun times I had then, but 2019 is going to be the best. Watch out 2019 here I come 🦄 ☺

Weds 10am – 4pm A good session, clean routines.

Thurs 10am – 4pm A good session, clean routines.

Friday 4 Jan 10am-4pm

We ordered my own designed leotard from Quatro today! I’m not going to say what it looks like, you will have to wait and see 😂. It is really exciting. Quatro say that they can make it by 1st March.

Sat 10am-2pm

It was a tired day in the gym. I got frustrated with bars. It all seemed hard today. I only managed one bars routine. But I did do something great today, which I’m happy about.

This I achieved!



Now for a day off!

Sun off. Time for some tricks like my friend Madi!



Mon 7 Jan Back to school! ! It’s going to be a long week! Gym training 4 – 8pm. I did 3 bars routines ☺ I needed to do 10 vaults and I did 10 vaults ☺ We had new conditioning today. I was really sweaty.

Tues 8 Jan 4-8.30. Had a bit of a bump on my change leg leap, I think a bruise will be coming! Guess what I did though…a double pike to mats in the pit. ☺

Weds 9 Jan.4-8pm. We met a reporter for The North Devon Gazette newspaper and he interviewed me for an article, and took my photo, and with Mum.

It was hot and sweaty conditioning tonight, but I quite liked it. My range was good. I did my voluntary beam routines today. I need my voluntary routines for my Florida comp next month. 2 clean. Just the lower bar routine today.  2 floor routines. Kelly gave me my training schedule for the next few months. It’s a crazy time with all my competitions coming up in Feb and March, Compulsory Level 1 at Lilleshall, Florida trip and comp, English Champs in London, and hopefully British Champs in Liverpool. 🤪 Plus South West Squad training 🤪 and normal training. 🤪

Thurs day off

Fri 9.30am – 4.30pm. It wasn’t a good training morning for me. I got frustrated and a bit upset.

My report in the North Devon Gazette went online! It’s nice! It has photos and videos. Read it here.

Sat 12 – 5pm I was with some of the other girls. It was great session for me today! I feel happy with myself.

I did 3 clean bars routines in a row. 2 good floor routines. 3 good voluntary beam routines.

Sun day off

Mon 4-8pm A good session.

Tues 4-8.30pm I had a bit of a difficult session, but then I did something new using the T-trainer on vault.

Weds 4-8pm My article is in the North Devon Gazette newspapers today.


I had a crash today. Ouch. 😔 I fell on the beam doing my flic tuck. I nearly landed on my head, but luckily I didn’t (I really could have landed on my head 😱 ) but I banged my leg and knee on the beam. It’s really sore. I iced it. I don’t think I got my foot quite right on the beam. I think my head was not quite as speedy as my body. 😂 They just weren’t talking to each other. But, my bars and floor were really good today. I think they were the best I’ve done. I did my floor routine even after my fall on beam as well 😕 🤪

Thurs. I have a bruised leg and shin 😔 oww. And I’ve got double PE today at school!!! Day off gym. I went to bed early.

Fri. I am feeling a bit scared about my control comp today, but I’ll do it. Mum and I have had some good chats and notes about it. I’m trying to be confident and positive though.

I had a pretty good control comp. Unfortunately I fell on my flic tuck again and banged my other leg though, so I’ll have another big bruise. 😔 My routines were good though. 🎉 I got total marks above the pass mark of 55, so I hope I can achieve this in two weeks time. 💪 I’ll try my best and be positive.

Normal training Sat, Mon, Tues, Weds. My Weds session wasn’t amazing. Thursday day off – I went to the theatre to watch my Mum performing ☺

Fri. A really good session in the gym for me today. ☺

Sat. Day off because I’ve got SW training tomorrow.

Sun 27 January. South West Squad at Bristol Hawks. Kelly took me, and we met her at 7.45am. It was a long but great day. I received an Award for good bars work from the guest coach.(Jody)

Mon 4-8pm

Tues 4-8.30pm It was a comp warm up today.

For my comp at the weekend I will be competing 7 new skills for the first time! I am feeling good and ready. 💪 I am feeling prepared. I just hope I can stay well and actually get there on Friday night as the weather man says there might be snow 🌨 😂.

Weds 30 January 2019, 4-8pm. Two weeks today I will be flying to 🇺🇸 with my Falcons team for a week long trip and comp at the Presidential Classic!!! I can’t believe it is nearly here. I am do excited. I just need to get through this weekend first 🤞 🤪

Picture By Jim Wileman -
7 Picture By Jim Wileman –


So, on Friday we have to drive up to Lilleshall National Sports Centre, where British Gymnastics is, and then on Saturday I compete my elite level in age Compulsory Level 1. Hope I go out there, have a great day and SMASH it!  I hope I can fly! (Like this!)


Thanks to Kelly for getting me to where I want to be. BELIEVE in yourself and you will achieve your dreams.☺All anyone can do is try their best.

Thanks for reading, watching, and supporting me along the way.

Fliss x


6 thoughts on “New Year, New Skills, Me in the Newspaper and Big Comps!

  1. Go for it Fliss – lovely girl and lovely family! I hope the snow doesn’t spoil your weekend’s competitions xx


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