My amazing Falcons journey in Florida!!! A roller-coaster of a time 🇺🇸 , but now it’s the English Champs 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ! 

Tuesday 12 Feb… .Whoop. It’s here! I have been crossing the days off my calendar on my bedroom door for days and days and now I am so excited because I’m going to Florida with my Falcons team! I am so excited!!!


Weds 13 February 2019. I had to get up at 2am, as we left the house at 2.30am to go to the Falcons car park to meet the rest of my friends and coaches to get on the coach to London. Mum didn’t even go to bed as we didn’t want to miss it. 😂


It was a long coach ride to Gatwick Airport. We then flew to Orlando in a big aeroplane. Everyone at home told us that we flew over north Devon and they saw our plane! It was a 10 hour flight. I sat by the window. The flight was OK. I coped with it. I watched Mamma Mia ☺






Our villa was so cool!  It was big enough for all of us, with a pool and games rooms. The villa pool was great. I took two blow up unicorns in my suitcase for us all to use there. ‘Be yourself unless you can be a unicorn’ 🦄 😂


Thursday 14 Feb. The first place I went to on my American journey was Animal Kingdom. When I got into Animal Kingdom me and my gym family went straight to the safari, I saw many different animals like: elephant [baby elephant], hippo, giraffe, flamingo, different types of birds, lion, tigers, rhinos and crocodiles. After that we all went to the Yeti ride.

When we finally got through to the ride after a long wait stuck in a queue I went on the ride next to one of my friends. I started to panic because it looked like it was going up very high and that was my first proper roller coaster in the park. After I got off the ride I was so happy because it was so so so fun and I would do it again any time.This ride was one of my top favourite rides.

After that we went to watch the Lion King show and that was FANTASTIC. I even got to help them out and join in with the lovely ending song.








After all this, we decided to go back to the villa, relax and have some food.


Friday 15 Feb 2019 Competition day for me at the ESPN World Wide Sports.

It was The Presidential Classic. We even met up with an old friend who used to go to Falcons!

It was a humongous arena to compete in. Wow!


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Lets go girls 💫 ✨ #presidentialclassic

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I was competing at Level 9. I felt kind of  OK but my comp didn’t really go to plan!!! 😔 Oh dear. I was so tired and my legs weren’t that powerful.  I had a headache. I had some falls. 😔 😔 It just wasn’t my comp at all It’s not the end of the world though. I have to take the rough with the smooth. I will move on. I did come 13AA.


We had three days of going there for all our boy and girl competitions. We supported each other.









Once the competition days had finished we could relax and have fun. We went somewhere near the villa for some water time.

Monday 18 Feb. Hollywood Studios day!

Dad can’t believe that I went on the Tower of Terror. I think he’s proud of me. 😂


The Rockin’ Roller-coaster was so much fun. It was one of my favourites. There was loud music, and I liked going into the band’s recording studio on the way to the ride. We had to make sure our heads were right back in the seat before it started as it went super super fast. It did loop the loop which was fantastic! 

My other Florida favourites:-

The shopping was amazing!!! I would have liked to buy so many things. I want to go back and buy all the things I couldn’t get. It was so nice. I will save up all my money!

Our car was cool. It was a 7 seater car and we sang songs in it.

You must get into the parks first thing in the morning. In Hollywood Studios we all ran really fast to the catch the Slinky ride first before all the other visitors.

Other things I remember.

The car parks cost lots of money, 25 dollars! We needed money to go on the private roads with less cars, called toll roads.

Some of the park queues were 2 hours long! We played Uno card games. 😂

The ice cream was goooooood!

You needed to use your fingerprint and card to get into the parks. It was useful to have our cards on our lanyards round our necks. 👍

Tuesday 19 Feb. Magic Kingdom. I liked this park too. The Log flume ride was so long and so great! We went back in the evening to see the Fireworks. These were really fabulous.


Wednesday. Shopping!!!






Then we had to fly back. The airports were really strict on security. The flight home was overnight and was OK.  The coach got back to our gym at 1.30pm on Thursday. I saw Mum, Jack and Bella waiting for me and spoke to Dad on the phone, as he was still at work. It was so lovely to see them. ♥ I said a big Thank You to my Falcons coaches, Mike, Kelly, Katie, Paul and Kacey for looking after me and giving me a great time in America.



I went home for an hour


then went back to gym to do conditioning and stretching for 1 and half hours!  I found it hard. 🤯 My throat really hurt and I had nearly lost my voice.

I really wanted a roast dinner. I craved it so much. 😂 We had my favourite roast pork and I ate lots. I then started to type my blog on the computer, it also helped, as I didn’t need to talk! I had an English cup of tea and dipper! I felt really tired but I needed to try and stay awake until proper bedtime.


I also had loads of fruit salad, which I really wanted. Yum!  I really craved fruit! 

I slept for 13 hours and then slept again in the morning for 1 hour! My throat was so sore and my chest was wheezy, but I knew I had to get into gym to train for 4 hours. I have the English Championships next week!!! I survived.

I saw our school magazine, Park News. I am in it! ☺




In the Falcons entrance area there is a really nice Welcome Home wall and a new display of hall of fame and past achievements!


This is also up in the gym which I haven’t put on my blog before.



Falcons have made a film of the fun bits of our trip to Florida! 


I am tired and have jet lag (I know what that is now 😂) my throat is sore, I have a cough and wheezy chest but I needed to train as normal once I got back to England. I had a day off on Sunday and felt a bit better.

Mon 4-8pm I am still struggling with my chest and throat but I managed routines.

Tues 4-8.30pm. I’m still not feeling totally well, but I will be able to rest tomorrow after school and try to get really better.

I’ve seen the new advert for Nike. I love it!!!!  It has brilliant female athletes in it who have achieved amazing things. It’s got my gym idol Simone Biles in it too. Please watch it


…I’m crazy like them 😂

I write notes on my whiteboard to myself every night. I read it in the morning and it helps to motivate me in the morning for my amazing day that lies ahead. Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything in the world.

I am off to London on Thursday for the 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 English Championships. I compete on Friday. 🤸‍♂️

Just like the Nike video, let’s show what crazy can do. 💪 💪 💪 🤸‍♂️ 🦄

Ohhhh….and today this arrived!!!


My Quatro leotard for The British Championships. I am so excited!!! Thanks Quatro! I’ve designed my very own leotard and they’ve made it for me. You’ll have to wait to see it. ☺

Thank you for reading and supporting me every step of the way.

Fliss x


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  1. Well done Fliss! You sound as if you had an amazing time in Florid. Glad you enjoyed the parks – I love the roller coasters and log flumes. Next time you will have to go to the Harry Potter rides in universals studios, and don’t forget the shopping!

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