My Four Year Compulsory Level Journey to get to the British Championships 2019!🇬🇧

Hello, welcome to my new blog. On Wednesday I will travel to Liverpool to the British Gymnastics Championships. I can’t believe that I have earned my place. It’s amazing. I am excited, scared, nervous all at the same time. It’s such a big competition. I really want to be there, and I am going to be there! I feel very proud to be going and competing. My family and I have been thinking about my gymnastics journey to get there. It’s taken four years of competing and passing my Compulsory Levels, 4, 3, 2, 1. I’ve had to do four years of compulsory level national finals. It’s taken me hours and hours of training, with many ups and downs, but I made it! Kelly Park, my coach, has been with me all the way.

Here’s my National Results from the last four years, and my videos. I thought it would be fun to look at my routines and how far I’ve come. 💪 ♥

May 2016 – Compulsory Level 4 – Stoke on Trent

7th AA (All around)

Range and conditioning 4th, Bars 7th, Beam 9th, Floor 11th, Vault 12th

I was part of the South West Team with my friends and we came first. We were the BRITISH TEAM CHAMPIONS.


May 2017 – Compulsory Level 3 – Stoke on Trent

7th AA

1st Bars – I was the National Champion.

2nd Range and Conditioning

My Falcons team mate Kayleigh competed too.


Then, on 15 May 2017  (I will always have that date in my mind) I had my major gym accident. That’s when I fell on bars and suffered major head trauma. I had a fractured skull, bruising of the front of my brain, and a bleed on my brain. I had to be taken in an ambulance all the way from north Devon to Bristol Children’s Hospital for one week. When I went home I needed 3 months recovery to heal (I could only do some conditioning) before I could properly start to train again, and go upside down.

May 2018 – Compulsory Level 2 – Stoke on Trent

I scored 57.625 and passed! The pass mark was 55. I was so pleased to have achieved this, after my accident.

26th AA.


February 2019 – Compulsory Level 1 – Lilleshall National Sports Centre


1st Range and Conditioning

3rd Bars

3rd Beam

4th Floor

My score was 63.15, and the pass mark was 55!


Here are some photos taken by professional photographer Jim Wileman, and my comp videos taken by my Dad for each piece each year.


Picture By Jim Wileman -
Picture By Jim Wileman –


JimW-Fliss 015.jpg


Picture By Jim Wileman -
Picture By Jim Wileman –


Picture By Jim Wileman -
Picture By Jim Wileman –

Range and Conditioning

Picture By Jim Wileman -
Picture By Jim Wileman –

On Friday it was International Women’s day. Mum and I were talking about it and I said that I thought the most important thing that women have done for our country is earning women the right to vote, these women were known as the Suffragettes. Thinking about gymnastics though, I think Beth Tweddle was amazing. She really fought hard, achieved great things and got female British Gymnastics to be known. I want to be strong and inspire others too, if I can.


This is how people can follow the British Championships if they are not actually there.

I’m really liking the song ‘Giant’ by Calvin Harris and Rag ‘n’ Boneman. I think this is going to be my British Gymnastics song…’I am a giant. I would be nothing without you holding me up, now I’m strong enough for both of us. We’ll be breaking boulders underneath our feet.’

Picture By Jim Wileman -
Picture By Jim Wileman –

Thank you for reading and watching this and helping me on my journey. 🤞 




9 thoughts on “My Four Year Compulsory Level Journey to get to the British Championships 2019!🇬🇧

  1. Love this, what a journey and such hard work that you have put into everything . Super blog Awesome!! Good luck and stay safe.


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