Flying, double tucks, double twists 🤸‍♂️ and training after The British 🇬🇧 

Hello. It’s been four weeks since the British Champs and I’ve been having fun and working hard in the gym to get some new upgrades. Here’s my blog.
Weds 20 March. We are in a new training routine starting this week, so Weds is now my day off. It feels a bit strange.
Thurs. We train on this day now instead of Weds. It’s supposed to be 4.30pm – 8.30pm but I have to arrive half an hour later as I have something on at school. Dance! We made up a dance to Ellie Downie’s floor music today. 😍
Friday 10am – 5pm. My hair was crazy after my hard work today. I was really tired at the end of the day.

Mum made one of my favourite teas, spicy sausage pasta. I ate loads! As an athlete I know it is really important to eat well and have a balanced diet with lots of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins to feed my body and give me energy and strength. I also had yummy fruit salad. I really think about what I eat. I want to help myself be the best gymnast inside and out.
Sat 23 March 12-5pm. Arghh. I have a big fat lip. I cut my lip inside. I kneed myself doing basics in the gym. Doh.
We watched the Gymnastics World Cup on TV today. Mustafina from Russia was great, and she’s had a baby and come straight back!
Sun. A relaxing day off!!!
Mon 4-8pm. We had to write down our goal for the week. I did a full twist double tuck off bars with spot into pit today! I was a bit early on my twisting but it was my first try. 😂
Here’s just a photo of me on bars over pit.

Picture By Jim Wileman -
Picture By Jim Wileman –

It was hard and sweaty conditioning, even in between my fingers were so sweaty!
This nice message was in the foyer today on the wall. Thanks Falcons.

Tues 4-8.30 pm It was a good session. At school we had to write about something we love. I wrote about gymnastics 😂 😂 😂
Weds A nice chilled evening off.
Thurs. 4.30-8.30pm. A good session. I might be flying tomorrow! 😉 🤪
Fri 10-5pm I did some tkatchevs on bars with spot! I had to release the bar and catch it again.

It felt really good. I was a bit nervous to start, but I did fly! I practised my upgraded tumbles and my double back on track again. Beam was OK too.
Arghh in the last half an hour of conditioning I rolled my ankle. 😔 Ouch it hurt. It was really sore all night and I got upset. I iced it and put bruise cream on it. I hope it gets better soon.
But, I tried to think about my positive news today. Kelly did send my Mum these videos of my first flying experience. It was great.

Sat 12-5pm My foot hurt and I was a bit upset. I had to warm up on fast track and could not tumble or vault today. I did some double spins on beam though ☺ I was practicing my crouch spins on beam too.
Sun. A rest day with my family. ☺ It was Mothers day. I took the time to look after my foot and my Mum! 😂 .
Mon 1st April 4-8pm My foot was better today. I did lots of stretches this morning, I think that helped.
I did some more tkatchev practice on bars. It was my third day. It went really well. ☺ Only Kelly needed to spot me, so I only had one spot.

Guess what I did on track?! Straight front straight front DOUBLE twist! Yay. 🎉 After I did one of them, one of my favourite songs came on in the gym… Whitney Houston’s ‘I just wanna dance with somebody’. It was like my celebration song. ☺ 😂

Dad thinks I’d be good at long jump, but doing it in a different way as I travel so far. 😂

I put some Fisiocrem on my ankle and foot to help it before bed.
Tues 4-8.30pm
Weds 3rd April Day off
Thurs. I had double PE at school then the whole school had to do a cross country race. It was really tough. I came 2nd out of all the Year 7 girls in the whole secondary school. I could have come 1st, but I didn’t know where go, but 2nd is great too. ☺ I felt so tired and dizzy and had a headache at the end of school. I just wasn’t feeling very well. I couldn’t train at gym.
Fri 5 April 10am-5pm. I did lots of tkachev practice today. My shoulders were killing me! I needed a massage. ☺
Sat 12-5pm
Sun off
Mon 3-8pm. It was a good session. Mike had to help spot me on bars as Kelly had a really painful neck. I hit my heel on the bar so I think I will have a bruise. 😤
Tues 9 April. 10am – 5pm. I had a great first session. I have loads of news to tell you!!! I am so happy. I did two big skills today.
My first time on my own and I did it! I can fly 😂 I actually did a tkatchev on bars over pit on my own. It felt weird letting go then actually catching it and doing an upstart. I know what it feels like now though, so it won’t feel weird again. ☺

I also did my double tuck on floor. 🎉 This was the goal I set myself for this week. I did 3 tries. On two of them I over rotated so fell back, but that’s good as it’s better to over rotate rather than under rotate. My height was good and when I take away the mat I’ll be even higher. This is my good attempt.

This has been a really big memory day for me. I am very pleased. If you believe in yourself you can achieve anything. It’s a Terrific Tuesday. I will keep positive. I just need to keep working on these upgrades when I go to GB Performance Pathway camp at Lilleshall this weekend.
Weds. A nice day off for me. It was Devon Squad today, but I was allowed a day off, as I have so many hours training this week and GB Performance Pathway Squad all weekend at Lilleshall. So…it was beach fun!!! 😍 🏖


Thurs 2-8pm. A great session, and I did another Tkatchev! ☺ I needed to make sure I took all my kit from the gym as tomorrow I travel to Lilleshall.

I’ve been catching up on all the news about the European Gymnastics qualifications. We had 3 GBR girls in the top 5 (Alice, Ellie and Amelie) but only 2 can go through as it can only be 2 for each country. I think that is a shame. It should be the very best that go through to the finals no matter what the country. I feel sorry for Amelie. I hope I can watch some of the routines on TV when we are at Lilleshall 🤪 I hope I’ll be competing at the Euros one day. 🤞 😍
Bye for now.
Thanks for reading and supporting me.

Fliss x

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