GB Performance Pathway Squad Training Camp, first one for 2019 🇬🇧 

Hello! Here’s my blog about the weekend.

Friday 12 April 2019

Mum and I drove up to Lilleshall in the afternoon. There was so much traffic and some incidents and fire engines so it took 5 hours. We came off the motorway and went the countryway to make it more pleasant, instead of all the traffic at Birmingham. We then suddenly arrived in the lovely grounds of Lilleshall. Most of the main buildings are old and it’s got very pretty gardens and grounds. 

We had a room at Lilleshall to stay the night, it was in a different building to where I’ve stayed before. It was really near the gym. We were told we could have tea in the dining room if we went straight away. It was cool to stay in the room with my Mum. ♥ 

I am really excited. It’s great to be back at squad. I want to try hard, learn new things, and show what I can do. I have new upgrades to show 😉 I can’t believe how much has happened since we were last here for my Compulsory Level 1 grade competition only two and half months ago (I won bronze AA 🥉!) I’ve had my Florida trip and comp, the English Championships 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and the British Championships 🇬🇧. It’s crazy 🤪 

Saturday 13 April

We had breakfast in the hall at 8.30am. We had a quick walk around. 


I then got ready. I liked this quote over our beds. 


We checked out at 9.30am and met Kelly in the carpark, as she’d driven up to Lilleshall and left Devon very early! We also met my other three SW teammates. We went over to the gym at 10.10am and started training at 10.30am. Mum said that the parents were allowed to watch for 15 mins then Mum said they went to British Gymnastics offices for a talk and video and chat, then had a tour. Mum left after that to drive all the way home. 




I was sharing a room with a friend I know from other GB squads. That was really nice. ☺ 

I had a great first day! I did 3 more tkachevs 🎉 and Kelly got this great photo of me doing my change to ring leap on the beam. 




We had tea in the dining room. I had chicken, rice and vegetables. 

I phoned home (E.T phone home 😂) before bedtime to tell my family how I’d got on and what good things I’d done today. 

Sunday 14 April 2019. 

We had to get up early! We were awake at 7am and went to breakfast at 7.30am. Then we could have 30 mins to chill before going over to the gym. I found it quite hard to be at my best in the morning. 😂 But I was much better after lunch! ☺ 

I had a fantastic experience and it’s such a great opportunity for me to learn from top National Coaches. I want to learn all I can. I really liked seeing friends that I already know and loved meeting new gymnasts and making lots of new friends. Everyone was really nice. 

The coaches we had teaching us for the weekend were great National Coaches. I find it hard to understand the dance teacher’s accent sometimes, but I try hard and somehow work out what she wants me to do. I like that she knew my name ☺ 

While we were there we were trying to find out and were able to watch some of The European Champs in our break. It was apparatus finals for GBR Alice and Claudia. They were both incredible. I can’t believe it, Alice won gold on beam! Wow, really Wow. 

We finished at 5.15pm after a full day. It was hard work but great! Kelly then drove me all the way home in her car. Thank you so much Kelly. I actually stayed awake for most of the journey this time 😂, and we got to chat. 

I can’t wait to go back to Lilleshall for the next GB Performance Pathway Squad training.

Thank you for reading this and supporting me as I keep trying to get better and better and move forwards. ☺ 





2 thoughts on “GB Performance Pathway Squad Training Camp, first one for 2019 🇬🇧 

  1. you probably don’t know me. I go to falcons. I am in Coral’s group. I am so proud! My name is Elanor. I am in Ruby Squad. WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Elanor! Yes, I do know who you are. Keep trying hard at gym. I hope you enjoy it! It makes me smile to know that people like you think I am doing well and are proud of me. Thank you. See you in the gym! Fliss


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