GB Performance Pathway Squad 🇬🇧 and trying new skills.

Hello again. Welcome to my next blog. It’s been nearly a month since my last blog and I’ve had another GB Performance Pathway Squad 🇬🇧and I’ve been learning some new skills in the gym. ☺  

Thursday 10 October

This week, I have been worried and scared about bars but I did my 3 bar routines on my own!!! One routine was clean.

Wow! Alice Kinsella was amazing at the World Championships all around. She is 12th in the world!

Fri 10am-5pm

I am happy. I did 3 clean bar routines and I managed to get over my worry and fear.

My ktatchevs with spot were good today and I had a good session in the gym. Mike and Neil coached me for most of training today as Kelly was away at a comp. I was like one of the boys. 😂 💪  

Sat 12 October 12-5pm

It was another good day in the gym for me. In the evening I went to watch my Mum’s dance show. 💃

Sunday. Day off. I had a nice lie in and watched the recorded World gymnastics on TV. ☺ After that I also watched some of the apparatus finals that were on today. Wow! Simone Biles! She is so amazing, especially her floor. I was clapping so much at the TV 😂 !!!

Mon 14 Oct 4-8pm

A wonderful day in the gym today. ☺

I did 3 bar routines and I did them quickly. I did good double tucks on track into pit on two mats and I even stuck one, yay! My 3 x halves of my beam routine were good.

I was looking at some old photos of me and my gym friends. This is one of me many years ago.


This is me and my gym friends doing the Quatro Cup exactly 3 years ago! We were an Olympic ring each and became the team winners for Falcons.


Tues 4-8.30pm. I did my bars dismount to two mats tonight and then had lots of homework to do after training! As usual I put Sudacrem and socks on my hands when I went to bed. This is part of my night time routine!

Thurs 5-9pm

Fri 18 October 2019

I had a day off gym, and travelled to Cardiff with my Mum to get ready for GB Performance Pathway Squad this weekend🇬🇧. It was a good journey. Normally we go to Lilleshall National Sports Centre, but that gym is closed as they are refurbishing it, so they changed the squad location to Cardiff at the Welsh Institute of Sport. Cardiff is much closer to Devon! 😂





We had tea in the hotel restaurant and oh my days they had a Christmas tree up! It’s only 18th OCTOBER! I love Christmas but that’s early 😂 (Kelly will like it. 😂)

There is always homework to do! I missed a topic maths test today at school so my teacher sent it to my Mum by email. I wanted to do it when I got into the hotel, so I used any paper I could find.



I saw some of my friends arrive at the hotel too.

We went out of my room to go to the vending machine to get some dippers for my cup of tea, and we saw the National Dance Coach, Daniella, walking in the hotel corridor and I smiled at her. She smiled at me, and recognised me too.

Sat 19 October – GB Performance Pathway training 10.30am-5pm

I saw lots of friends and some coaches at breakfast. ☺

Mum and I drove to the Welsh Institute of Sport (Sport Wales National Centre). It was hard to park! We met Kelly and then had to wait for the Welsh girls to finish training in the gym before we could all go in. I saw another friend there too.











There was a big rhythmic gymnastics competition going on in one of the other spaces. There was a lot of hairspray smells, ribbons and balls 😂.



I have just finished my first day. I had an okay day, my vaults were really good and Kelly was happy with them. I can’t wait to know who is in my room with me. 💕

There were a few girls missing from squad as they were either ill or have stopped gym completely.

I shared a room with my two really lovely friends. It was brilliant to see them again.

Sunday 20 October 9am – 5pm

Another day of GB Performance Pathway Squad. We had a roast lunch today, which was lovely. My vaults were good.

Such a funny thing happened on the way home. Kelly and I stopped at Bristol services and walked in and saw my two Falcons squad gym friends. No way! They had been to Bristol for the day!

Mon 21 Oct

I wasn’t feeling that great today so I asked Kelly if I could train less today. I just did 2-5pm and survived.


Devon Squad at Plymouth today. Dad and I left at 7.30am.

It was a good session 10-2pm. We then went to IKEA! Yay!

Weds day off!

Thursday 1-8pm. I did so much in the gym today. ☺ It was really exciting.

On bars I am starting to learn to do shaps. We did it with only one bar  Kelly and Paul helped me. I got a point. Paul did too. ☺






On bars I also did my three routines and did my dismount over pit and nearly landed some to mats.

On beam I put a cat leap before my free cartwheel flic and straight away they improved.

Fri 9-4pm. It felt much too early! 😂 It was a good day. I did my cat leap free cartwheel flic combination on high beam. ☺

Sat 9-12pm. We had to train early today as it was the Halloween comp in the gym starting at 1pm. I tried a new vault today.

I then got dressed into my outfit and Halloween makeup and helped at the comp with my sister and my friends.


Sun day off and swimming and lunch with my school friends ☺

Mon 4-8pm.

Guess what I did today! Round off two and half twists. 👍





I feel happy today.

When I got home there was some post for me. It was a letter from Falcons saying I had been nominated by the coaches for three Falcons Awards…

Female Gymnast of the year, Female Most Promising Gymnast of the year and Hardest Worker – Female.

I am really really happy to be nominated. The awards night is in January. I hope we can go.

Tues 4-8.30pm I nearly landed to mats my double Arabian. On vault I did a tsuk to two mats and got a point (this is a new vault for me).

Weds off.

Thurs 5-9pm Halloween! We did a few games first.

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Happy Halloween 🎃 👻

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Then we did some tricks 😂 I wore my red (blood) England leotard and did a flic mount of beam and my round off 2.5 twists on track. ☺

Fri 10-5pm A good session. I did three clean bars routines over hard. ☺ I bought myself a small Galaxy bar as a reward to myself 😉.

Sat 12-5pm.

I am feeling positive and starting to think ahead to next year and the comps and skills I might be competing. ♥

Thanks for reading and supporting me on my gymnastics journey to be the best I can be. 

Fliss x










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