Worries, Improvements, Squads and a Special Trophy 🏆!

Hello. Welcome to my new blog. It’s been a while since I last posted anything. There have been ups and downs, but I keep on trying to work hard, and now Christmas is nearly here!!!

4 November 2019
This week I’ve had tummy pains up high in my tummy 😔. On the beam Kelly taught me my new routine ☺
I have been thinking about what to have for my own new design for my British Championships leotard! 🎨

11 Nov
My tummy is hurting.
I had an appointment to see my physio Megan again to have a massage, do some more exercises, see how my hamstring problem is, and get my new insoles for my shoes.
I also went to see the doctor. She thinks I have pulled some ab muscles up near my stomach. I need to take paracetamol and take things steady.
I had a long talk with Kelly and Mum. I think I may be worrying and not helping my tummy pain. I am not sure if I’ll get my routines and be ready in time for comps next year. It was good to talk about things.
The next day I felt a bit happier.
We have new bars and they seem slippy. 🤪

Thurs. I crashed on the new bars!!! 🤪 They were slippery. I pinged off and over the low bar. 😱 I scrapped my shins quite a lot 😔 😢 and I got scared, but I went back on after I felt better. Ouch it hurts though. My shins hurt!
Today I had a sleepover at my friend’s ☺ and we then had a couple of days off gym.

Mon 18 Nov

I was really scared and found it hard on vault. I am finding it difficult to believe at the moment, so I talked to Mum and Dad. I need to believe and find some way to be confident again.

Tues. I was scared and upset today.
But guess what I did! A double pike dismount on bars. I have some marks from my korbut flics on beam. My calves are really tight and sore so Mum massaged them. I had a better day today ☺

Weds off

Thurs 5-9pm It was a bit of a mixed session. I had a bump on beam and bars, but my free walkovers on beam were really good. I have a few scrapes on my legs again 😱 ☺ I’ll keep trying.

Fri 10am-5pm. I am tired today! I got another letter nomination for the Falcons Awards night today – The Gymnasts’ Gymnast. That’s so nice. This makes me happy. I am looking forward to the evening on 11 January.
It was an OK day.

Sat 12-5pm We have nearly finished our routine dance for the Falcons Greatest Show ☺
My vaults and bars were good today ☺
This week I’ve been listening to Michael Jackson’s ‘Billy Jean’ before I go to sleep. 🎶 I like this.

Sun day off ☺

Monday. I had four tests at school today! 🤪 My brain hurts 😂
4-8.30pm. A really good day in the gym for me! All four pieces went well. ☺

Tues 4-8.30pm

Weds day off

Thurs. I had a day off as I have SW Squad this weekend.

Fri 10-5pm

Sat 12-5pm. We practiced our Christmas show routine at the end 😉

Sunday. SW Squad at Melksham, Wiltshire today. I got up at 6.30am and Dad took me to meet Kelly. She then took me to Wiltshire School of Gymnastics. I did my normal training and met up with friends, although a few friends were missing and one of best friends has now decided to finish gym.

We got back at 6.30pm and Dad had a tree ready for me to decorate with my sister and brother!!! I was so excited. It’s nearly Christmas!!! 🎄

Monday 2 December 4-8pm. I did my double pike over hard today! Yay.

Tues 4-8.30pm. I made it through five days of training without a break! I am pleased with myself 😂 I feel a bit tired now. I did my double pike over hard. Yay!

Mum took a screenshot of me in mid air. 😂


☺ We’ve been working on our design for my new British Championships leotard that I’ll need in April next year. It’s exciting, and it’s a secret! Shhh.

Weds off

Thurs. My training had to be cancelled at the last minute tonight. An extra night off! ☺

Fri 10am-5pm. My bars were good this morning. We were talking about my leotard design again today, and looking at the pictures of the back. Ohhh, it’s getting exciting.

Sat 12-5pm

Sun. Devon Squad 1-4.30pm at Falcons. I didn’t have to trial in the morning like my friends as I have already been selected for the squad next year. It wasn’t a good training day for me though. Things didn’t go right today 😔 . (I was feeling a bit tired and achy too.)

BUT, I was awarded this trophy…

Devon Achievement of the Year

I didn’t expect it to be me!!! (I got the cup for Gymnast of the Year last time.) It was because of my results this year. 3rd in Britain at Compulsory Level 1, 6th at English Championships, 3rd on Bars at English Championships and qualifying and competing at the British Championships. ☺ I am so pleased. Thank you Devon.



My legs are tight tonight. Mum gave me a massage to help.
Today, I had more news I was also officially told that I have been selected for the South West Squad again, for next year 2020. ☺ 🎉 I am pleased about this too.

Mon 9 Dec. I am so achy and tired today 😔 I went in to gym at 4pm as normal. I had a better day than yesterday ☺ and we finished at 8pm.

Tues 4-8.30pm. It was normal things in the gym and I then had a massage at 8pm which was really nice. I had loads of homework to do before I could get to bed though! I listened to my Michael Jackson song ‘Billy Jean’. I love this. I like ‘Smooth Criminal’ too. I also listened to ‘It must have been love’ by Roxette. This is a great song too.

Weds day off

Thursday 5-9pm. I worked really hard on floor today and tried things without spot. (Double tucks but didn’t land them right. )

Fri 10am-4.30pm. I had a great first session! I got a point for my ktatchevs with spot from Kelly. That means that I have 25 points now and get a prize. 🎉 ☺ I did lots of things! I got a really nice prize.

Sat 12-5 pm training (I did some yercheko straights to pit with spot on vault) then we had a dress rehearsal for our Falcons The Greatest Show from 3-5pm. The little ones’ dance is sooo cute. 😍 I hope I stay on the beam tomorrow 🤞 I think I will.

Sunday 15 December. Show day! We had to get to the gym at 2.30pm for a rehearsal then the show started at 5pm. It was fun, and I am happy as I stayed on the beam. We all did really well. ☺ The little ones were so cute. ( It reminded me of the last time we did a show in the gym. It was the opening ceremony of our new gym and I was 5 years old! I did a cartwheel 😂 and was the youngest one performing.)

Monday 4-8pm. I did two clean routines on bars. ☺

Tues 17 December 4-8.30pm It’s Kelly’s birthday!

It’s almost Christmas 🤶 I love Christmas! I am sooo excited.
I am feeling positive for the year ahead. ☺

Thank you for reading and supporting me on my way.

Fliss x

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