Summer 2020 – First 7 weeks back in the gym after lockdown, England Squads and back to school!

Hello again. Here’s my blog about returning to the gym during the summer holidays after 4 months of lockdown at home, and then coping with going back to school as well!

It’s been seven weeks of trying to build things up again very slowly with my gymnastics, adding my hours carefully and getting used to new systems and programmes, but it’s been so good to be back in the gym doing real gymnastics again!

Monday 27 July 2020
We did a Zoom training session at home for 45 mins from 8.45am, as it was wet outside. I got all hot and sweaty. Then, I changed into my leotard (the first time I have put on a leotard for months!) and jumped in the car.

I met my squad friends at Falcons. I was so excited but a bit nervous.

The coaches need to take our temperatures at the door and no adults are allowed in. Every one has to social distance. I had to clean equipment and fill out a feedback form after my session. We did a two hour session. I was tired. We did easy skills and tasks, but it was hard! Rock hard! I feel that over lockdown I have kept myself really fit, doing cardio work (runs and cycle rides with my family) and lots of hours each day with conditioning and daily challenges! It’s different being in the gym though, but I think I have given my body the best chance to survive!

I went on metal bar and did some giants and a few other things. I thought I might only be doing up starts! 😂 Ouch, I hit my shins on the METAL bar! On fast track I did some roundoff flic straight backs. On high beam, I can’t believe that I managed to do a free cartwheel. Yay! That’s because I’ve been practicing on the floor and low beams during lockdown.

One thing I need to do is I need to try and remember that my attempts in the gym don’t have to be perfect. (But I want them to be perfect!) . I was so hungry and tired. I went straight home for a shower and poached eggs on toast! It was just want I needed, and then I watched some TV under some cosy blankets!

Tuesday. I am feeling achy today! 😂 My core is really sore.
We did training outside on the field 10-11.30am

Weds 9.45am – 12.45pm I was excited to get back into the gym! We did some outdoor running before two hours in gym then conditioning outside after. I was sweaty and tired.

Thursday 30 July. It was my day off from Falcons but not my day off 😂 I had an England Squad Zoom session in the afternoon. Ben from English Institute of Sport took a session with us – Strength and Conditioning workshop.
It was like a physics lesson too, about forces and stimulus. The forces through my body. He said that technique is’ King’ and we needed to prepare our bodies well for landings and take offs. I need elasticity for explosion!

I had to fill a rucksack with 10% of my body load and do exercises! We talked about lots of things and body parts like quads, hamstrings, calves and strength training.

I then had to put 20% of my body weight in my rucksack then squat, and then on one leg. It was very hard.

After my England Zoom, I went to the beach and met up with a few of my lovely school friends. The first time I’ve seen them since school closed in March. It was so nice. The afternoon was hot and sunny and it was fantastic to be in the sea!

Friday 31st July.
Mum and I ran to Falcons this morning with Dash. It was such a beautiful morning, but hot! I was sweaty.
We trained outside 9.30am then went in the gym for a couple of hours. I had a good session. I did my flic tuck on high beam with mats. ☺

Saturday – day off
Sunday – I ran to gym with Mum and Bella. In the gym we did 10-11.30am of conditioning and stretching.

Monday. I ran to the gym with Mum again. It was really nice. Training 9.45am-12.45pm. Guess what I did! Flic tucks on the high beam with only two mats underneath.
Tues 4 August. It was my day off, but my family and I went coasteering along the rocks at Hele Bay. I jumped off rocks that were soooo high. It was scary and a real challenge. But I did it! It was fun.
Weds – Ran to gym with Mum for training 10am-1pm
Thurs – We did our programme at home today.
Friday – I ran to gym with Mum and Bella. In the gym I did double backs on track! But I felt sick when I was on bars. It was really hot outside and I think I overheated, so I went home slightly early.

Saturday – day off so we went for a family countryside picnic.

Sunday – It was my first four hour session 12-4pm. It was a really good session for me. ☺ I did my free walkover on beam, my forward giants on bars were better and some other skills. It was a very hot and sunny day. I felt good and I’m happy to be doing gymnastics skills again. I didn’t have any real fear today.

Mon 10 Aug 9.15am-1.15pm. We didn’t run to gym today as I thought my legs would not make the programme otherwise!
Ouch. I crashed on my flic mount on beam. I was really sad. I head butted the beam with my face and scrapped my nose and cut my lip and now I have a big swollen nose. It also bled. After that I didn’t go upside down but iced it. Hopefully I’ll look better in a day or two!
Tues – off. I had a really sore nose. It was so bruised. I wasn’t sure if I’d broken it. 😔
Weds off
Thursday – I couldn’t go to gym as my nose was still swollen and the pressure hurt when I went upside down. I was worried about hurting it too. It was upsetting.

It was another England Squad Zoom session today. 5-6.30pm. We were learning about nutrition and fueling our athletic bodies. It was interesting and a lot of information to understand. We actually cooked something too! Homemade chicken bites! Yummy. I think I realised that actually I eat really well already, and have the right foods.

Fri 14 August. 9.30am-12.30pm. I was happy to go to gym today, and it was a really really good day back for me! Yay!!! I didn’t feel scared. It was a good day on all the pieces. My nose was still a bit bruised but much better.
My giant fulls on bars were good. ☺
After gym we went to Croyde to stay by the sea in the caravan for a week. Yay! 🌊 I would still need to go to gym, but could come back to the caravan after.
Sat day off – It was time for fun on the water slide, in the rain!
Sun 10am -2pm
Mon 9.15am-1.15pm I was tired to start with but I got better!
Tues 18th August – day off from gym. I did a morning 4 mile run round the coast path with my family. It was great!

It was then a beach day with my family! It was sunny and hot. We did sea swimming, bodyboarding, had a fire and cooked s’mores. Then we went back to the beach and sea for more, and a BBQ til sunset. It was a busy day! Three beaches and lots of exercise in one day. It was exhausting but so much fun.
Weds day off. Rain. 😔
Thurs 12.30-4.30pm. A really good session for me in the gym ☺
Bars – I did three lots of the second half of my routine ☺I did Jeager preps.
Floor – I did three double tucks to land on a mat in the pit to level. ☺ I did some two and half twists to level mats.

Beam – my free walkover on the beam was better
Vault – I did some yerchenko open tuck turn onto mat in the pit.
Overall it was a good day on each piece. I’m feeling happy. I feel I am getting back slowly and carefully.
Sat off. A nice day to meet up with my friends. ☺
Sun 12-5. Arghh I am so tired. It was my first five hours session since coming back to the gym. My legs really ache.
My relations took me to gym today as my Mum was dancing for a filming day and Dad was working. I listened to some new floor music today, that might be mine!

Mon I felt really sad today. My gym friend decided that she wanted to leave gym. I’ll really miss her, but I understand. My body was really achy. I was also scared about doing something in gym and not having the pit available to do it in. 😔
Tues 25 August. 9.15am -1.45pm I felt happier today and I talked things through with Kelly and with Mum. I tried on our new competition leotard. It’s gorgeous!
Weds – we are still at Croyde caravanning. It was our surfing day and my day off from gym.
Thursday – Things didn’t really go right today. I just needed to say ‘oh well, never mind. Tomorrow is another day’.
I got my new Falcons competition leotard today! It’s beautiful and very sparkly!

Fri 9.30am-1pm A good day on all my pieces today! Whoop! ‘Tomorrow’ was another day!!!

We have managed to get all my medals up on the wall at home now, which is really nice. I feel proud.

These last five weeks since starting gym, I’ve kept fit by running (to gym or on my days off! 😂) , board boarding in the sea, kayaking, coasteering (jumping off big rocks into the sea) and cycling too. All with members of my wonderful family. 😍
Sat – Day off – We had such a lovely walk today.
Sunday 30 August 12-5pm, 5 hours of training. It was a good day. ☺
Bank hol Monday. A day off gym today, so I went for a 8 mile cycle ride to keep my cardio up, and to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors with my family. We met up with some more family and had a yummy BBQ. ☺ 🚴

Tues 4-8.30pm. My first night time training for months! It felt so weird.
There were other gymnasts starting and finishing at my times. It was dark when we came out. I was hot in the gym today. It was an OK session, I was a bit tired at the end.
Weds Day Off – we went kayaking again.

Thurs 5-9pm
Fri 12-4 Training with Kelly on my own
Sat day off
Sun 12-5. A GREAT day in the gym! I did on Vault for the first time a yercheko straight to a mat in the pit and on track a straight front double twist. Yay!!!
Back to school next week. Think I’m going to get very tired! I can’t wait to see my friends.

Week 1 back at school – September 7-13th. I went back to school after 5 and a half months! Trying to cope with school and my gymnastics training has been tiring but ok. I am still building up my gym hours, but I managed 21 hours in the gym this week, as well as school so I’m pleased. Friday was my half day at school and half day in the gym this week. It’s been good at school and good in the gym. Mum and Dad have supported me and always bring me hot food to eat in the car after training late at night! I’m always in need of some food!

I just hope that we are able to continue as the coronavirus is still worrying. Let’s all hope that everyone can stay safe and still do the things we love to do. From tomorrow though, we are not allowed by law to meet up as a group of more than six. I’ll miss seeing all my family. We will just need to speak on the phone and over Zoom.

Monday 14 September. I had tummy ache this morning. It was so hot during the day as it was 28 degrees in the afternoon. My tummy ache got better but then I had a bit of a headache. I needed to wear a crop top and shorts for my four hours of training tonight.

I had a bump on beam tonight. Ooh I have a sore graze on my thigh from a jump that didn’t quite go right.

Yesterday we had conditioning testing in the gym. I did really really well! I was amazed at the score I got! Maybe all my hard working during lockdown and the summer in the gym helped?

Tuesday 4-8.30pm. It was a good session (my leg has a big bruise!) and my bars went well.

Thank you for reading my blog and supporting me.

Fliss x

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