Spring 2021 – A difficult two months back in the gym after lockdown 3.0, but now I’m really flying again as an elite gymnast! ☺ 🤸‍♂️

Hello again. My last blog was in March, and now it’s June! We’ve been back in the gym for the last two months. It’s been really hard getting back to doing actual gymnastics in the gym. I found it difficult for things to work and for my skills to click into place, I felt pressure from myself and I’ve been worried and at times it was all feeling too much. However, I talked about my thoughts and then pushed on through and now my gymnastics is going brilliantly well! It’s been so busy with my normal hours of school, homework and all my normal twenty six hours training in the gym every week, that I haven’t had much spare time to write my blog! But I have been keeping a bit of a diary (it’s not very well written, sorry!) so here’s my rollercoaster few months. (Thank you Jim Wileman for my feature photo. ☺)

Week 11 of lockdown number 3.0. We have school but nothing else is allowed to be open as it is still lockdown, so my gymnastics training is still my home program of jobs (most days) plus online zoom sessions with my coach Kelly and other club gymnasts.

Mon 15th March. We did zoom conditioning at 4.30pm.
Tues 16th March. I had a beamwork zoom session then a leaps and spins zoom training session today. I was so impressed with myself doing my free walkover on the beams in my kitchen space today. ☺ Yay!

Weds more zoom training!

Thurs – I am so excited . We booked our World Gymnastics tickets for the Women’s qualifying weekend 2022 at Liverpool. When we went to see the European Gymnastics in Glasgow a few years ago it was an incredible experience. I can’t wait to go to the World’s.
Fri – It was a very very hot zoom session today. Afterwards I watched some of the Russian championships on YouTube.
Sunday – I went for a great run today. 487ft elevation gain.

Week 12 of lockdown 3.0
Mon – zoom
Tues 23 March 2021 – zoom beam and spins leaps
Today is the 1 year anniversary of the very first lockdown due to Covid19. We reflected today and did 1 min silence at school. All those people that have died of Covid. 😔 It’s desperately sad.

Weds – I sent a video message wishing Adam Tobin of Falcons good luck for his second Olympic trial! It’s so amazing that he has achieved this opportunity. 
At the zoom training tonight I felt tired so it felt even harder work.
Thurs – I was listening to the ‘Diamonds in the sky’ song. I am the only diamond left in our diamonds gym group now. Everyone else has moved on to do other things. I am the last one standing! I had a nice run today with Mum.
Fri -More zoom

Sat and Sunday conditioning testing. I also had workouts at home lifting hundreds of roofing tiles and planks of wood for our garage build! Haha!

Week 13
Mon 29 March. We had the second stage of the lockdown ease. We can now meet as a group of six people outside or two households. We can now do outdoor organised gym sessions! 
At the zoom session we had a bit of fun and played gymnastics snakes and ladders and created some dance. I was the captain of the pink team and we choreographed to ‘Shine like a Diamond’ song.

Tues zoom beam again. I got my gym bag sorted and packed once again.

Weds. OH my days, it was our first outdoor training session. Yay! 

It was so nice. It was great to train outside in the open air and with people. It was just so nice. The hour and half conditioning went quickly. It was just so nice!
More lifting for our garage build today!
Thursday – It was the last day at school before the Easter break today. I had my GCSE options chat with the Deputy Head at school and we talked about my career thoughts (interior designer) and my chosen subjects and my gymnastics. We both thought I should be able to cope balancing everything. I really hope I can. In our house assembly I was surprised to be awarded my 500 merit badge and Governors certificate. Yay!!! Wow. I didn’t think I had that many. ☺

We finished school at 12.45pm so I had the afternoon to play with my friends in the park in the sunshine. It was so lovely.
Friday. Good Friday. Outdoor gym on the field behind Falcons in the sunshine. ☀
Sat Mum’s birthday. We went for a run and it was a lovely sunny morning. We had family fun and games and trampoline in the garden all day.
Sun It was a very busy active Easter Sunday! Cycle ride to see our grandparents in the garden and then surfing in the evening. Perfect! I also ate chocolate!

Oh, and I also had to fit in my conditioning testing too.

Most of the foam socks are on the new foam in the pit now. We could see a photo today. The pit looks amazing.

Week 14
Mon 5 April We could go to Kingsley school today to train outside. It was a nice change!

Tues 6 April – We trained outside the gym on the grass but it hailed and was very cold!!!
Weds 7 April – My family and I did a really long countryside cycle ride all day today as well as my normal home program so it was a tiring day.
Thursday – our last zoom before we return to the gym. It felt hard work today!
I am feeling really excited about getting back in the gym on Monday! I will miss all the time I have at home, but I’m really excited to be thinking about actually being allowed to be back in the gym on Monday!!!
Fri Sat Sun. Home program, Hula hooping, dancing, conditioning testing, running, cycling.

Monday 12th April – government’s next stage of easing lockdown
Back to the gym today!!!! Yay. It’s been over 3 months.

Mum and I had a Zoom meeting with Kelly in the morning and then I had a training session with Kelly in the gym on my own 4.30-8.30pm. I had to do conditioning testing! I wasn’t that great. I also had flexibility testing, which I wasn’t too bad at. I really felt the pull from the downward on bars. It was all hard work but great. My body will feel sore. Bath and massage for me!

Tues 13th April
It was one of my little squad’s birthdays today so we met before gym in the park, then had gym. 4-8.30pm
Wednesday day off. My back and body aches! I think it was all the close bar work. I was tired today but it was our family day! All five of us went on a three hour hilly countryside cycle ride from our house. There were fantastic views. We only saw a couple of cars on the lanes. I was a bit grumpy to start with because I was tired, but it was good when I got going! We had a picnic and play in the playing fields we found! It is always so important for us to have family time.

Thurs 4-8pm
Fri 10-1 I did shap preps today. It was good fun. Mike, Kelly and I had a laugh about my vaulting!!! It was all over the place.
Sat day off. A day at the beach with my friends for once. It was so lovely. It was Prince Philips funeral today. He lived a long life.
Sun 18th April 6 hours in the gym today, and I made it through! Even managed my flic tuck on high beam. I’ve done 21.5 hours in the gym this first week back, which I’m really amazed at. I am tired now. Argghh back to school tomorrow!

Monday 19 April
4.30-8.30 felt a bit achy but not too bad. I worked hard in the gym with Kelly and it was really fun. I did double tucks into the pit!
Tues 4-8.30pm. Wed off. Thurs 4-8pm
Fri 1.30-5pm. It was the European championships all around finals, and we watched some of the women. The incredible Russian 15 year old won. GB’s Jess was an amazing 3rd, and she is only 16! Amelie from GB was fourth. Fantastic! The Russian winner’s beam showed some insane skills for a 15 year old! Her name is Viktoriia Listunova. Also, Angelina Melnikova from Russia, who I met at the European at Glasgow a few years ago and I got her autograph, is so experienced. She kept fighting.
This week in the gym has been really good. I’ve been trying some skills again.
Sat -Family birthday get togethers
Sun 11-5pm It is my birthday!!! I am 14 years old. All my gym mates were so over whelming with gifts and love. It was unbelievable. Thank you for making my gym birthday so special.

Week Mon 26 April – Sunday 2 May
Mon 26 April I was tired, grumpy, and tearful but I pushed on and got to gym after school. My elbow was sore.

It’s been a hard week for me this week. My elbow is sore, so I’ve bought some compression sleeves that came on Thursday and they help. I’ve had a sore throat all week, and thought I might have tonsolitis, but my nose started running so it became a cold (it wasn’t Covid as I did my home tests). I trained on Tues, Thursday, Friday (10-2pm) but it was a struggle at times. On Sunday I felt really ill and was coughing lots, so I just couldn’t train all day.

Week Mon 3 May – Sun 9 May
Mon I had tears today. I was upset and down. Everything felt hard and was hurting me. I am finding everything really hard. My skills are not clicking into place in the gym. It is a battle at the moment, and I’m finding it hard to know if I can do it and if I can do all my school work.

Tues I had a good chat with Kelly, and then went training.
Thurs Training was good fun today. It made me smile again.
Fri 1.30pm – I can’t remember what time I finished!

Fri – Kelly sent Mum a Timehop of me and our team winning the national Compulsory Level 4 British Gymnastics gold medal at Stoke on Trent five years ago.

This week. 11 May onwards
It was a better week for me. I am managing to deal with school and gym demands better. I think it all became a bit too much last week, and I wasn’t feeling well.
I did my double tucks to pit on floor and off bars ☺
Friday 14 May. 10am – 5pm A fantastic whole day in the gym. It felt fun and I managed to do lots of things. I got FIVE tokens in the pot for my team and four stickers. It was good to be with Kelly and Mike today, both encouraging me and challenging me. It’s taken me a few weeks to feel like this again.

Sunday 16 May
11-5pm. Good day. I did my double tuck over hard on floor(track) – token!

Monday 17 May. New easing of lockdown today.
4.30-8.30, I was a bit scared about a few things, but I got through and did them. It was a great day. Jeagers on bars, my double tucks again on track.
Tues Bella’s birthday. 4-8.30
Weds off
Thurs 4-8
Fri 1.30-7.30
Sat off
Sun 23 May 11-5 I did my shoots on my own again

Monday 24 May 4.30-8.30 It was a really good day in the gym for me today. ☺
Tues 4-8.30
Weds off
Thursday 27 May – 4-8pm I never expected to do this tonight. I caught three jaegers over pit!!! Yay! I am so happy. I feel like I can actually fly again. 😍I got more tokens and stickers tonight. My beam was good too. ☺ A really exciting day in the gym for me, after the roller-coaster of getting back and things not clicking into place, but now they seem to be. 🎉 Mum brought some yummy food in the car for me, but I thought I deserved a Solero ice cream too, so we went to the shop 😉

Fri 10-5 A good day. I got an award.

The travellers near Falcons have been causing huge problems. Falcons, Tarka Tennis and Football had to close at 7pm for safety reasons for the whole Bank Holiday.
So I had an unexpected long weekend off and fun in sun! We did high rope activities and water assault courses for Bella’s party. It was very energetic!

Tuesday 1st June. I did my one and half straight front on floor and caught three more jeagers. I got more stickers and filled up my sheet, so I won another prize for me!
Weds Yay! I was awarded the gymnast of the month. I am really happy. Actually when I think about it, things have been going well in the gym for me again.

4-7.30pm then I went on a sleepover with my friends in a tent.
Thurs I had a sore leg behind the knee and my ankle was sore. 4-8 tired but I tried to do two jeagers, but arghh the second one slipped.
Fri 10-4
Sat off
Sun 11-5 A great session. I caught two more jeagers straight together and did half of my beam routine.
I watched some of the USA championships today. Simone Biles is incredible and Sumi Lee on bars is just crazy. Wow!
Mon 4.30-8.30pm
Tues 4-8.30pm
Weds off
Thurs 4-8pm It was really good. I was only a bit tired at the end.

I’ve realised tonight that I’ve been doing really great at gym recently – getting new skills and my routines are coming back. Sometimes it is right to stop and just think, and be proud of how far you’ve come and the achievements you’ve made. I am feeling quite proud of myself.

Fri I had dance and then athletics at school before coming into the gym to train for the afternoon and evening. I discovered that I am very good at triple jump! I did proper vaults today (I’ve not done that for a month or so), jeagers, shoots to actual bar, beam, stamina, conditioning. I was very hot and sweaty, especially my hair.
Sat – A day at the beach and in the sea with friends. Yay! It was hot and sunny and so lovely. We all had a sleepover in the tent again.
Sun 13 June 11-5.
Mon 14 June. My elbow is a bit sore today. I did a lot with it yesterday. The elbow sleeve is helpful though. 4.30-8.30pm. The song I can’t stop playing at the minute is AURORA’s ‘Runaway’.
Tues 15th hot and sunny today
I’ve done a lot on my arms recently especially powering off the vault. My elbow is sore. I’m icing. . Weds day off. Thurs I was feeling sick and had a headache all day at school. I couldn’t train tonight. I came home after school and went straight to bed, and slept for hours!

Fri 10-5 in the gym with Kelly. Another fantastic day in the gym.

Mum and I watched the Jonathan Edwards documentary about his triple jump career and his world record jump. It’s fascinating. He only discovered and developed his ability late in his childhood. His world record of 18.29m has lasted for twenty five years! Wow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oH711GPJ1M0

Sunday. A great 6 hours in the gym for me today. Whoop whoop. I did three clean routines on beam and two of my routines on floor. I also did my shoots on bars without the blocks. Yes! I am happy.

Monday 21 June 4-8.30 – I trained with another group tonight, instead of being on my own. The stamina dance at the end made me very red.

Tuesday 22 June. It was Sports Day at school for my year group. It was sunny today. I ran three races. I came 1st in the 1500m, second in the 800m and we came 2nd in the relay. I was so happy, especially with my gold!

Thursday 24 June 4-8pm. TOKEN DAY for me!!! I caught five jaegers and landed my double tuck on floor and got lots of tokens. Yay!!!

Thinking about it, over the last few weeks I’ve achieved lots of tokens with the help of Mike supporting me and also awarding them to me. ☺

I am working hard and staying focused as hopefully I have South West Squad training on 18 July and then competitions coming in September, October, with the British Championships at the end of November. Maybe there will be some England squads soon too. Let’s stay positive!

Thank you for reading my blog and supporting me.

Fliss x

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