Preparing for the English and British Championships 2022

Hello. This is my first blog of 2022! It’s been two months of training hard and preparing for the up and coming competition season. Unfortunately I’ve also had Covid, so my training suddenly had to stop while I was ill, but I am back and feeling good and pretty confident and nearly ready for the English and British Championships. I hope it goes well and goes to plan. Here’s my kind of diary. I haven’t had much spare time to write lots down as my GCSE school work has also taken my time when I’m not in the gym! Thank you for being interested in my gymnastics journey.

Tuesday 4 January 2022 4-8pm I fell and hit my knee at training today. I’ll definitely have a bruise. Ouch it really hurt.

Today Mike did my entry for the English and British Championships which are in March. I’m happy that he did it as soon as the application process opened as the English was full by the afternoon! 🤪

Weds day off. My first Sports Psychology session with Ryan. ☺ It was really great.

Thursday 4-8pm

Fri 2-7.30pm I finished slightly early today!

Sun 11-5pm

My sister Bella had an accident at a dance audition and went in the ambulance to hospital. She has broken her collarbone 😢

Mon 4-8.30pm My yerchenko vault and flic tucks on beam have not been going quite right for a few days now. I don’t know why as I’ve been doing those skills for ages. I have been feeling frustrated.

Kelly said to try a completely new vault, from a handspring not a yerchenko. I haven’t done a forward vault for years!!! I tried it and it wasn’t too bad, which was a real surprise to me.

Tues 4-8pm Guess what! I did my new handspring vault to mats in the pit! It was weird. I could actually do it. I was so surprised. A new vault in a couple of days. ☺

Weds off – my body feels achy and a bit tight so Mum gave me a full massage.

Thurs 4-8pm I did two of my floor routines tonight. ☺ I was super pleased with myself.

Fri 2-8pm It was a good day today.

Sun 12-6pm It was South West Trials in the morning for some of the girls from the region including some of my Falcons friends. I have automatically qualified to the squad so I didn’t have to trial.

Vault I did my handspring front again but to two mats ☺ I landed three!

Bars I did giant shoot to low bar upstart handstand toe on so circle upstart handstand fly away half twist to land. ☺It was good.

Mon 17 Jan. 4-8.30pm. A great day in the gym for me. 🎉

Vault – handspring front to three mats.

Bars -upstart, handstand, clear, giant, giant full, giant, shoot, upstart, handstand, toe on, so circle, upstart, handstand, fly away.

I am feeling really confident in my gymnastics at the moment. Everything seems good in the gym. ☺ It’s amazing. My bars are going super well.

Tues 4-8pm A great session. It’s going so well. My Jaegers were good and my vault (my new handspring front) was good as I put more mats in the pit. I am nearly at comp height. ☺ I am so happy. I am in such a good place and feeling confident and proud of myself. I haven’t been feeling this good in a while. ☺ Everything is going so well. (I like feeling like this!)

Weds day off Another chat with Ryan my brilliant Sport Psychologist. ☺

Oh no, I am not feeling quite right tonight. 😔 I did a lateral flow which was negative.

Thursday. During the day I didn’t feel well. I couldn’t go to gym after school. I had such a sore throat and headache at home and went to bed. Mum said that I fell asleep by 7pm! My lateral flow was negative.

Friday. I woke up not well and couldn’t go to school or train today. My lateral flow was negative. I started coughing and had a really bad headache and backache and my throat was awful. At 10.30pm I did another lateral flow. POSITIVE. I have Covid 😢

My sister has also tested positive. 😔 At least we can be together at home though.

For the week I had to stay at home and self isolate. I wasn’t well and felt so tired. I couldn’t do anything at home not even any conditioning. How can everything be going so well then BOOM I’m feeling ill and can’t do anything.

On Thursday and Friday my lateral flows were negative so on Saturday I could go back to gym 🎉. But my coach Kelly has Covid now 😔

It’s a really difficult time.

Sat 29 January 1.30-4pm

Sunday The postponed Falcons Christmas display show! 1.30pm rehearsal then two shows at 3pm and 6pm. Dad and Mum came to watch at 6pm. I joined Gemma’s group for our choreographed ‘Hairspray’ routine. It was really fun. Luckily the gym skills were not too difficult for me so I could find the energy to do the dance after 10 days of being ill! It was great to be with my friends. The show was amazing. ☺ It was nice to feel like a gymnast again.

I ordered my British Championships leotard today! 🎉

This week our training has been a bit different as Kelly’s been at home recovering from Covid.

I had a good session tonight. I did Jaegers (which I felt were good) and dismounts on bars, some comp tumbles on track and my handspring front on vault.

3rd Feb

I was pretty happy with how tonight’s session went. I did all my program apart from the dance elements on floor which I ran out of time for. My shoots were good, circuits on floor were good and a few vaults were good. Beam wasn’t too bad. ☺

Sunday 4 Feb. SW Squad at Plymouth. Kelly’s Covid isolation has finished now so at 7.45am I met my other Falcons team mates and Kelly and went to Plymouth. Training 10-4pm then home for roast chicken dinner at 6pm. 😋 The training went pretty well for me.

Mon 7th Feb 4-8pm I’m tired, my gymnastics was all over the place tonight. I just couldn’t get anything right.

My sister Bella is poorly again and has tested positive for Covid again!!! I feel so sorry for her. 😔

Tues 4-7.30pm I split the beam tonight. My knee is going to be so bruised 😔

Weds day off and another session with my Sports Psychologist, Ryan. ☺

Thurs 4-8pm Vault was ok. I can nearly do my bars routine as a whole!

I was getting frustrated with beam and a bit upset, but I got through it. Kelly and I were devising my new dance routines on beam. It’s so exciting. I really like it. We’ll finish it tomorrow!

I did two clean floor routines on floor tonight. ☺ I am feeling pretty good about myself.

Friday 11 February 2-8pm

My knee has a massive bruise. Ouch. I needed to put an elastic bandage on it today to protect it.

My mum has tested positive for Covid now. 😔

I had a good first session, did vault, bars and finished my beam routine, yay, and did 5 clean beam circuits.

Saturday (instead of Sunday) 2-8pm.

The next week or 10 days is going to be tricky as Mum is unwell and has to self isolate so can’t help get me to gym. Dad will have to do all the pick ups and drop offs. Well done Dad!

I filled up my stamp chart- 50 stamps and got a prize! A lovely owl mug. ☺

I’ve got both my squad certificates now too.

Here’s a Devon squad memory from five years ago! Me, my sister and my friends.

Sunday day off. This time next year I’ll be in Florida with Falcons competing at the Presidential Classic once again! (Oh, and seeing the sights!) Here’s a photo from three years ago when I went to America with Falcons! I look so little!

I get so hungry on my days off. I eat so much, especially fruit salads. Haha.

Mon 4-8.30pm

Tues 15th February 4-8pm. I did five clean beam routines, five circuits on tumble, my bars weren’t that good, they were OK ish, my Jaegers weren’t brilliant but my shoot section was OK, then on vault guess what I did – three pike tsuks over hard. Yay ☺ I did it pit way first to mats as I was a bit scared, then did it the other way and did three to hard. A new vault for me.

Weds off. A night to relax.

Thurs 4-8pm

I had an alright gym session I basically did a clean bars routine yay!!! And on vault I did two handspring front to land onto two mats, they have improved massively from what they were. On beam I did 5 clean beam routines and on floor I was quite tired but just managed to do two clean routines which took a while but I just managed to do it. I’ve got a sore back again though, it’s really quite sore, so yeah that’s not good.

Friday 18 February 2022

A red weather warning for wind today. This is really rare. We could have 90mph winds and it’s scary. All the schools in North Devon are closed today because of the weather warning.

It’s really windy this morning. A brick has smashed the back window of our car Red Rosie. 😔

My back is really tight and sore today. I got upset in the gym. 😔 We haven’t got any hot water at home either for a bath as our boiler has broken and Mum can’t give me a massage as she has Covid. 😔

Saturday. I went in to gym 2-3.50pm to do some stretching etc. I then went and had a jacuzzi bath at Granny and Grampy’s ☺

Sunday. A day off, so another jacuzzi bath and more massage and rolling out at home

I’ve been watching some of the Winter Olympics. It’s amazing!

Half term week

I have been looking at old newspapers and found this from five years ago!

Mon 21 February 9am-4pm. I did 7 hours in the gym today! I was emotional at the start, so Mike and I had a chat.

Today I did some tsuks to hard on vault, and five clean beam routines in a row! ☺

I had another jacuzzi bath to help my back and I have professional sports massage booked on Weds.

Tuesday. Devon Squad training 10-3pm at South Devon Gym in Paignton today.

I had a good session.

Wednesday day off. I really needed my sports massage by Chris as I’ve been so stiff and tight and very achy. I felt much better afterwards and tired!

My wrists have some really big and sore rips arghh! The raw skin is so sore. I am hoping they heal quickly.

My song of the moment is ‘Light Switch’. I just love it. I also love listening to ‘I’m a survivor’.

Thurs 10-4pm. I had a good day in the gym. Four clean beam routines. I did my whole bar routine for the first time and one was clean. When I showed I fell but my mark was still quite good, two clean floor routines and my mark was good and I did tsuks on vault straight away to hard and my mark was good. ☺

My big toe joint is really bruised. I’m not sure how I’ve hurt it.

Fri 10am -4pm. Circuits on beam and one clean beam routine that was good

I tried my handspring fronts – but they weren’t that brilliant

I was a bit tired today but I got through.

This week has been pretty good. ☺ I am feeling quite confident.

My body especially my back is so achy tonight and my legs have so many bruises!

Sat and Sun off! Time to relax and chill and spend time with my family. This half term has gone quickly!

Mon 28 Feb. I had an early morning physio session at 8am with Meg for my back, then went to school. Mum had to go to London for work so Dad took me. I have some back exercises to do.


I had an okay gym session. First piece was vault it was going okay until I landed short multiple times and my feet are really sore. I then went to bars which was good I had 2 touch show did a clean bar routine when I showed. Then I did another one and then I went to floor but only did leaps and dance routines because we knew that my feet were really sore. I then went to beam and did 1 touch show but I only did my change leg mount, 1 and a half spin, a cartwheel (instead of free cartwheel) change leg sissone, forward walkover(instead of free walkover) flic (instead of flic tuck) and no dismount. After that I did corrections and then Kelly got an ice bucket to put my feet in which I think helped a bit. I’ll put my feet in ice again in the morning which hopefully will help and I will see how it goes at gym tomorrow. 

Tuesday 4-8pm my feet are quite stiff and bruised. I couldn’t do that much and we didn’t want to push it. I am icing them when I can and putting on some arnica and gently doing movements.

Weds day off. I’ve got another Sports Psych session with Ryan tonight. I think it will really help me with my mental ability in preparation for the English and British in a few weeks. I really think it will.

Now I need to focus on a competition at Melksham on Friday! (My sister has plaited my hair tonight!) It will be a chance for me to do some or maybe all of my routines (it depends on my sore feet) in a competition environment. Then it will be the English Championships 11-13 March in London and then the British Championships 24 – 27 March in Liverpool.

Thursday 4-7.30pm I ran through all my routines tonight! I had a good session. I’m happy.

Thank you so much for supporting me and reading my blog.

Fliss x

I now have a just giving page if anyone feels like they would like to help me financially with my gymnastics costs and getting me to the English and British Champs. Thank you so much.

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