Preparing for the English and British Championships 2022

Hello. This is my first blog of 2022! It’s been two months of training hard and preparing for the up and coming competition season. Unfortunately I’ve also had Covid, so my training suddenly had to stop while I was ill, but I am back and feeling good and pretty confident and nearly ready for the English and British Championships. I hope it goes well and goes to plan. Here’s my kind of diary. I haven’t had much spare time to write lots down as my GCSE school work has also taken my time when I’m not in the gym! Thank you for being interested in my gymnastics journey.

Tuesday 4 January 2022 4-8pm I fell and hit my knee at training today. I’ll definitely have a bruise. Ouch it really hurt.

Today Mike did my entry for the English and British Championships which are in March. I’m happy that he did it as soon as the application process opened as the English was full by the afternoon! 🤪

Weds day off. My first Sports Psychology session with Ryan. ☺ It was really great.

Thursday 4-8pm

Fri 2-7.30pm I finished slightly early today!

Sun 11-5pm

My sister Bella had an accident at a dance audition and went in the ambulance to hospital. She has broken her collarbone 😢

Mon 4-8.30pm My yerchenko vault and flic tucks on beam have not been going quite right for a few days now. I don’t know why as I’ve been doing those skills for ages. I have been feeling frustrated.

Kelly said to try a completely new vault, from a handspring not a yerchenko. I haven’t done a forward vault for years!!! I tried it and it wasn’t too bad, which was a real surprise to me.

Tues 4-8pm Guess what! I did my new handspring vault to mats in the pit! It was weird. I could actually do it. I was so surprised. A new vault in a couple of days. ☺

Weds off – my body feels achy and a bit tight so Mum gave me a full massage.

Thurs 4-8pm I did two of my floor routines tonight. ☺ I was super pleased with myself.

Fri 2-8pm It was a good day today.

Sun 12-6pm It was South West Trials in the morning for some of the girls from the region including some of my Falcons friends. I have automatically qualified to the squad so I didn’t have to trial.

Vault I did my handspring front again but to two mats ☺ I landed three!

Bars I did giant shoot to low bar upstart handstand toe on so circle upstart handstand fly away half twist to land. ☺It was good.

Mon 17 Jan. 4-8.30pm. A great day in the gym for me. 🎉

Vault – handspring front to three mats.

Bars -upstart, handstand, clear, giant, giant full, giant, shoot, upstart, handstand, toe on, so circle, upstart, handstand, fly away.

I am feeling really confident in my gymnastics at the moment. Everything seems good in the gym. ☺ It’s amazing. My bars are going super well.

Tues 4-8pm A great session. It’s going so well. My Jaegers were good and my vault (my new handspring front) was good as I put more mats in the pit. I am nearly at comp height. ☺ I am so happy. I am in such a good place and feeling confident and proud of myself. I haven’t been feeling this good in a while. ☺ Everything is going so well. (I like feeling like this!)

Weds day off Another chat with Ryan my brilliant Sport Psychologist. ☺

Oh no, I am not feeling quite right tonight. 😔 I did a lateral flow which was negative.

Thursday. During the day I didn’t feel well. I couldn’t go to gym after school. I had such a sore throat and headache at home and went to bed. Mum said that I fell asleep by 7pm! My lateral flow was negative.

Friday. I woke up not well and couldn’t go to school or train today. My lateral flow was negative. I started coughing and had a really bad headache and backache and my throat was awful. At 10.30pm I did another lateral flow. POSITIVE. I have Covid 😢

My sister has also tested positive. 😔 At least we can be together at home though.

For the week I had to stay at home and self isolate. I wasn’t well and felt so tired. I couldn’t do anything at home not even any conditioning. How can everything be going so well then BOOM I’m feeling ill and can’t do anything.

On Thursday and Friday my lateral flows were negative so on Saturday I could go back to gym 🎉. But my coach Kelly has Covid now 😔

It’s a really difficult time.

Sat 29 January 1.30-4pm

Sunday The postponed Falcons Christmas display show! 1.30pm rehearsal then two shows at 3pm and 6pm. Dad and Mum came to watch at 6pm. I joined Gemma’s group for our choreographed ‘Hairspray’ routine. It was really fun. Luckily the gym skills were not too difficult for me so I could find the energy to do the dance after 10 days of being ill! It was great to be with my friends. The show was amazing. ☺ It was nice to feel like a gymnast again.

I ordered my British Championships leotard today! 🎉

This week our training has been a bit different as Kelly’s been at home recovering from Covid.

I had a good session tonight. I did Jaegers (which I felt were good) and dismounts on bars, some comp tumbles on track and my handspring front on vault.

3rd Feb

I was pretty happy with how tonight’s session went. I did all my program apart from the dance elements on floor which I ran out of time for. My shoots were good, circuits on floor were good and a few vaults were good. Beam wasn’t too bad. ☺

Sunday 4 Feb. SW Squad at Plymouth. Kelly’s Covid isolation has finished now so at 7.45am I met my other Falcons team mates and Kelly and went to Plymouth. Training 10-4pm then home for roast chicken dinner at 6pm. 😋 The training went pretty well for me.

Mon 7th Feb 4-8pm I’m tired, my gymnastics was all over the place tonight. I just couldn’t get anything right.

My sister Bella is poorly again and has tested positive for Covid again!!! I feel so sorry for her. 😔

Tues 4-7.30pm I split the beam tonight. My knee is going to be so bruised 😔

Weds day off and another session with my Sports Psychologist, Ryan. ☺

Thurs 4-8pm Vault was ok. I can nearly do my bars routine as a whole!

I was getting frustrated with beam and a bit upset, but I got through it. Kelly and I were devising my new dance routines on beam. It’s so exciting. I really like it. We’ll finish it tomorrow!

I did two clean floor routines on floor tonight. ☺ I am feeling pretty good about myself.

Friday 11 February 2-8pm

My knee has a massive bruise. Ouch. I needed to put an elastic bandage on it today to protect it.

My mum has tested positive for Covid now. 😔

I had a good first session, did vault, bars and finished my beam routine, yay, and did 5 clean beam circuits.

Saturday (instead of Sunday) 2-8pm.

The next week or 10 days is going to be tricky as Mum is unwell and has to self isolate so can’t help get me to gym. Dad will have to do all the pick ups and drop offs. Well done Dad!

I filled up my stamp chart- 50 stamps and got a prize! A lovely owl mug. ☺

I’ve got both my squad certificates now too.

Here’s a Devon squad memory from five years ago! Me, my sister and my friends.

Sunday day off. This time next year I’ll be in Florida with Falcons competing at the Presidential Classic once again! (Oh, and seeing the sights!) Here’s a photo from three years ago when I went to America with Falcons! I look so little!

I get so hungry on my days off. I eat so much, especially fruit salads. Haha.

Mon 4-8.30pm

Tues 15th February 4-8pm. I did five clean beam routines, five circuits on tumble, my bars weren’t that good, they were OK ish, my Jaegers weren’t brilliant but my shoot section was OK, then on vault guess what I did – three pike tsuks over hard. Yay ☺ I did it pit way first to mats as I was a bit scared, then did it the other way and did three to hard. A new vault for me.

Weds off. A night to relax.

Thurs 4-8pm

I had an alright gym session I basically did a clean bars routine yay!!! And on vault I did two handspring front to land onto two mats, they have improved massively from what they were. On beam I did 5 clean beam routines and on floor I was quite tired but just managed to do two clean routines which took a while but I just managed to do it. I’ve got a sore back again though, it’s really quite sore, so yeah that’s not good.

Friday 18 February 2022

A red weather warning for wind today. This is really rare. We could have 90mph winds and it’s scary. All the schools in North Devon are closed today because of the weather warning.

It’s really windy this morning. A brick has smashed the back window of our car Red Rosie. 😔

My back is really tight and sore today. I got upset in the gym. 😔 We haven’t got any hot water at home either for a bath as our boiler has broken and Mum can’t give me a massage as she has Covid. 😔

Saturday. I went in to gym 2-3.50pm to do some stretching etc. I then went and had a jacuzzi bath at Granny and Grampy’s ☺

Sunday. A day off, so another jacuzzi bath and more massage and rolling out at home

I’ve been watching some of the Winter Olympics. It’s amazing!

Half term week

I have been looking at old newspapers and found this from five years ago!

Mon 21 February 9am-4pm. I did 7 hours in the gym today! I was emotional at the start, so Mike and I had a chat.

Today I did some tsuks to hard on vault, and five clean beam routines in a row! ☺

I had another jacuzzi bath to help my back and I have professional sports massage booked on Weds.

Tuesday. Devon Squad training 10-3pm at South Devon Gym in Paignton today.

I had a good session.

Wednesday day off. I really needed my sports massage by Chris as I’ve been so stiff and tight and very achy. I felt much better afterwards and tired!

My wrists have some really big and sore rips arghh! The raw skin is so sore. I am hoping they heal quickly.

My song of the moment is ‘Light Switch’. I just love it. I also love listening to ‘I’m a survivor’.

Thurs 10-4pm. I had a good day in the gym. Four clean beam routines. I did my whole bar routine for the first time and one was clean. When I showed I fell but my mark was still quite good, two clean floor routines and my mark was good and I did tsuks on vault straight away to hard and my mark was good. ☺

My big toe joint is really bruised. I’m not sure how I’ve hurt it.

Fri 10am -4pm. Circuits on beam and one clean beam routine that was good

I tried my handspring fronts – but they weren’t that brilliant

I was a bit tired today but I got through.

This week has been pretty good. ☺ I am feeling quite confident.

My body especially my back is so achy tonight and my legs have so many bruises!

Sat and Sun off! Time to relax and chill and spend time with my family. This half term has gone quickly!

Mon 28 Feb. I had an early morning physio session at 8am with Meg for my back, then went to school. Mum had to go to London for work so Dad took me. I have some back exercises to do.


I had an okay gym session. First piece was vault it was going okay until I landed short multiple times and my feet are really sore. I then went to bars which was good I had 2 touch show did a clean bar routine when I showed. Then I did another one and then I went to floor but only did leaps and dance routines because we knew that my feet were really sore. I then went to beam and did 1 touch show but I only did my change leg mount, 1 and a half spin, a cartwheel (instead of free cartwheel) change leg sissone, forward walkover(instead of free walkover) flic (instead of flic tuck) and no dismount. After that I did corrections and then Kelly got an ice bucket to put my feet in which I think helped a bit. I’ll put my feet in ice again in the morning which hopefully will help and I will see how it goes at gym tomorrow. 

Tuesday 4-8pm my feet are quite stiff and bruised. I couldn’t do that much and we didn’t want to push it. I am icing them when I can and putting on some arnica and gently doing movements.

Weds day off. I’ve got another Sports Psych session with Ryan tonight. I think it will really help me with my mental ability in preparation for the English and British in a few weeks. I really think it will.

Now I need to focus on a competition at Melksham on Friday! (My sister has plaited my hair tonight!) It will be a chance for me to do some or maybe all of my routines (it depends on my sore feet) in a competition environment. Then it will be the English Championships 11-13 March in London and then the British Championships 24 – 27 March in Liverpool.

Thursday 4-7.30pm I ran through all my routines tonight! I had a good session. I’m happy.

Thank you so much for supporting me and reading my blog.

Fliss x

I now have a just giving page if anyone feels like they would like to help me financially with my gymnastics costs and getting me to the English and British Champs. Thank you so much.

Comps and illness, but new skills and hopes and dreams for 2022.

Hello again. This is my last blog for this year. I can’t believe how quickly 2021 has gone! The last three months have been good, but also sad and difficult at times, but I still love my gymnastics and I’m feeling positive about 2022 and I’m focused on the English and British Champs in March, so not long! Thank you for reading my blog. Here are my last three months, as a bit of a diary…

October 2021

A memory popped up from five years ago today! It’s me in my GB kit. 😍 I look so young! haha.

9-16 October 2021

Sunday. This week I did my bars routine from A to B! That’s exciting. It’s really coming now. I didn’t end it right, but I’m working on that!

Thurs. At home after gym I accidentally stubbed and bent my big toe back and cut it. Ouch. I now have a very swollen toe and it’s hard to move it, and the joint. I iced it and put arnica on it.

I couldn’t walk the next day. I really hope it’s better in a couple of days.

Sunday. Training today was hard and frustrating with my injured toe.

Monday 18 Oct. My toe seemed to be a bit better so I could do some more things. I did vault. I caught three Jaegers on bars again. I tried to be positive.

It was the World Gymnastics qualifications in Japan. Georgia Mae Fenton, Becky Downie and Ruby Stacey (my sixteen year old friend from Devon!) did brilliantly.

Tues 19 October – Ruby and Georgia have qualified for the all around finals!

Weds off

Thurs. World’s all around women’s final – Ruby and Georgia. They were amazing! Wow. 15th and 17th in the World Champs. I can’t wait to go and watch it live next year in Liverpool.

4-8pm A good session. ☺

Fri 2-8pm

Saturday, day off. I watched the World Gymnastics apparatus finals live from Japan. I love Angelina Melnikova from Russia but I also love Rebecca Andrade from Brazil. Her vaulting is incredible! Rebecca won the gold medal on vault so is now the Olympic and World Champion on vault. When I watch one of her vaults it’s like she stops/pauses in midair. Wow. Oh my days. She is incredible and I envy her. She is so inspiring to me.

I filmed it, but this is the better film of her vaults on YouTube! Wow.

Sunday. I had a really bad headache all day and felt sick so could not train today.

Half term yay!

Mon 4-8pm.

Tues 10-4pm

Weds off

Thurs 2-8pm

Fri 10-4 I did a control comp in the gym. I did my bars routine in the warm up  ☺ but just not when I had to show it unfortunately. Never mind. One day I will.

This week Mon 1 Nov – Sun 7 November

Back to school! On Tuesday and Wednesday the top of my leg started to hurt. I think I’ve got a groin or hip flexor strain. I have been icing it and putting heat on it and taking painkillers. I have to keep doing this. I needed to rest it and not do leaps and running. I had to take it easy and do less on it this week. I am not sure what’s going to happen about my comp next weekend. I might only be able to do bars and no other pieces. I want it to be better for the British at end of Nov.

Saturday. I was going to go to Exeter with my friends today but I decided that I needed to really rest my leg and that it wouldn’t be the best idea to walk a lot. So I didn’t go.

Sun I did a little bit more in the gym today and managed some tumbles.

Here’s my song of the moment! Coldheart by Elton John and Dua Liepa. Also Easy on Me by Adele. I listen to both of these to relax me at night and to go to sleep.

Monday 8 Nov 4-8.30pm

Tuss 4-8pm

Weds off

Thursday 11 Nov I had my Covid vaccination at school. I did not feel well afterwards, and nearly fainted. I was in first aid and needed to go home. I could not train tonight 😔I had a headache and felt sick and I felt poorly all night.

Fri I woke up feeling better! After school I trained 2pm – 8pm in the gym as normal. I managed to do all my routines! I haven’t been able to do this for over a week due to my sore leg and my covid jab. I did lots tonight, and I was happy. It was a totally different day! Yes.

Saturday. Day off to do homework, roll out, stretch my muscles and see my family. ♥ I have a competition tomorrow, Devon Levels at Paignton. I’m planning to compete all four pieces. I have several new skills to compete.

The Work Plan for the British Championships was emailed through today from Mike. It’s in two weeks time at Guildford.  🤞 I’m first year Junior, which is going to be on the Sunday . We can now book spectator tickets online.

‘The BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP showcases talents of the most exceptional Women’s Artistic gymnasts in the country, showing off their superhuman power and flexibility, breath-taking control, poise and creative flair. The gymnasts will battle for All-Around British Champion and Apparatus medals on all 4 pieces. This is being held on 27th & 28th November at Guildford Spectrum. This is one competition not to miss.’

Sunday 14 November 2021

Mum and I drove to Paignton to South Devon Gymnastics. Due to restrictions only 1 spectator was allowed.

For the first time this year I had all my routines ready to compete. Yay!!! I felt proud to have got this far and to get all my routines ready. It’s been a long process and journey. I was scared but I knew I could do it as I had done them many times in the gym and Fridays training was very good. I really hoped I could go clean. I competed in Devon Levels FIG class.

Vault – I didn’t feel comfortable with the vault run to do my yerchenko straight so ended up doing yerchenko tuck instead.

Here’s my warm up vault.

My presented vault video unfortunately cut out because the batteries died!


I competed my Jaeger for the first time (release and catch) and caught it fine. ☺ I heard some cheering from my friends! It was a big moment for me. My routine starts at 1min 18s.


My beam was a bit wobbly (I can make that better!) but I went clean, which was my aim!


I did my upgraded punch straight front instead of punch tuck today. Yay! I enjoyed my floor. I couldn’t believe that my chest was up in my double tuck. I was like ‘yes, what?! That feels good!’ My routine went really well and I had a huge smile.

I had a clean comp! I competed all my pieces. I am really proud of myself. Second AA and First on floor. Now I need to think about the BRITISH in two weeks time and go for it.

On the way home in the car I did this Tik Tok 😂 🔥 ☺ I’m a FIREBALL! (Mum loves it! haha)

Mon My hip was really sore. I had tears and I was feeling really tired and emotional. Mum picked me up early from training. I did the usual things of ice, heat, stretching, pain relief tablets.

Tues 16 Nov. Grampy:s 80th birthday. Gym 4-6.40pm I just did basics and conditioning. My hip/leg felt a bit better.

Weds day off

Thurs I am seeing Megan our physio today – fingers crossed. She said that I haven’t torn anything, so that’s really good news. My hip flexor is just very very tight and my muscles in my back and leg are tight. I need to roller out and do exercises, but my power is there so I can go back and train in the gym. I just need to minimise repetitions and leaps. I think my body and maybe my mind too are tired – I have been using my body a lot.

I have a really sore throat today 😔

Fri Arghh I woke up with a cold 😔 I do not feel very well. I can’t train my normal 6hrs today. I only trained 4-7.40 but I still managed to do all my program. Mike and I had a chat about the British.

Saturday. I helped on the Falcons fundraising stall 10-11am at the Christmas ice rink and Market near gym.

Training 12-6pm. I managed it. I don’t know how I did. Arghh I feel rubbish now.

It’s the British next Sunday.

Sunday. I still do not feel very well. I went in to gym to practice the Christmas dance with Gemma’s group.

Monday I went to school but I felt terrible. My cold/virus is really bad and I have an awful headache, bad nose and do not feel good at all. Today I needed to show my routines to Mike, as if I would be showing them at the British. I just couldn’t do them properly. I got so upset. I’m not well 😔 We had to make a decision together with Mike and Kelly. I’m not going to be able to go. 😔 It’s sad and disappointing, as I know I have all four of my routines now to compete. I want to be there but I am just not well enough to train this week. I have put in so much hard work but it is just not going to happen for me this time. I have to aim for the English and  British in March now, but that isn’t very long away. I need to get myself feeling better, and it’s important that I get myself well again, and have a rest and not feel completely exhausted. I haven’t felt this unwell in a long time. I just can’t perform or execute my skills when I am like this. It’s also dangerous to try. I need to have a strong mind and body, and both of these things are not there at the moment.

Dad, Mike and Kelly had a good chat on Tuesday night.

This week I was really poorly and was off school and gym all week. It wasn’t Covid, just a really bad cold that completely took over me and made me so ill and very run down.

Sunday 28 November I would have been competing at the Junior British Championships in Guildford today. It is a shame that I am not there.

But I feel better today, enough to go into Falcons to train again after 6 days of being off ill. I am excited to be back in the gym. 👍 I don’t feel completely better but I am much more ME now! I have to be positive.

I survived 11-5! I fell on beam and I’ve got a graze and bruise on my thigh now though.

Mon Back to school. Gym 4-8.30pm.

Tues 30 Nov 4-8pm. I did one and half on my bars flyaway dismount. I finished my stamp sheet of 50 and claimed my prize – a snowman bath bomb ☺

It’s been training as normal this week. My cough has been really bad though. I’ve been lateral flow testing every day and it’s all negative. Covid cases are really high in our area now though 😔

On Sunday, 5th December, I was supposed to go to South West training at Wiltshire. I had to take a PCR test on Saturday due to being a close contact of positive cases but in the morning at 6.30am the result still hadn’t come through. Mum and I drove to Tiverton to meet my friend who was going to take me, but the result still hadn’t come through so we had to go home instead.

I got a cheeky McDonalds breakfast though 😋 that’s what a gymnast needs! 😂 (I had to dress up Christmassy for South West Squad so I am Mrs Christmas in this picture!)

My PCR test result was sent on email at 5pm, and was negative. ☺

We still have to keep doing our daily LFTs before gym.

Monday 6 Dec. 4-8.30pm. Things just were not going right for me in the gym. 😢 I hurt my foot and my alignment was wrong on my beam dismount. I got upset and frustrated and scared.

Tues 7 Dec 4-8pm. It was a much better day at gym today. ☺ Conditioning, beam – I did my dismount with a mat, leaps and spin, my tumbles on track, on bars I did my one and half twist dismount to hard. ☺

Thurs 4-8pm

Fri 2-8pm

Sun 11-5pm I was a bit tired and achy. Our Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave an announcement today about the Covid Omicron variant emergency.

Mon 13 Dec – It was an alright session, and I was pleased to do my double pike over hard on track. ☺ 🎉

Tues and Weds was our dance show at school. It had to be filmed instead of having live audiences due to Covid, which was a shame but it was still fun though. ☺

Mum and I met up online with a Sports Psychologist today. He’s really nice. I’m going to talk to him about my gymnastics and I think he is going to be great and help me overcome some scared times that I have and make me more confident. 🙂

Thursday. In gym tonight one of my eyes started to go really blurry and I started to get a headache. The bright lights were terrible. I had to go home early and take some tablets and go to bed. I’ve not had a migraine before.

Fri I felt a bit better after my long sleep and I went to school for the last morning before Christmas! My head was still not right and when I put my head down I felt all weird. I couldn’t train at gym today.

Saturday A fun ice skating afternoon with my gym friends. Yay! I felt well enough to do this.

Sunday 19th December – Our last training day in the gym before Christmas! 11-5pm. We all gave our Secret Santa gifts.  Now it’s just my home program for a few days, time with friends and Christmas!

On Christmas Eve we went to watch my sister in the professional pantomime Cinderella at the Queen’s Theatre. It was fantastic! I love Christmas with all my family, grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins.

28/29/30 December. Back in the gym for a few days! I was excited to get back and I wore my new leotard on the first day back. 😍 It’s so smart! These last few days have been hard sessions and we have targets but it’s been good to be back. We also had our fundraising Movie night in the gym for our America 2023 trip.

Several of my national gym friends have announced that they have stopped/retired this year. It feels strange thinking that I won’t see then at national squads and national competitions but I understand why they have stopped. We are all fourteen years old now! I wish them all well for their futures.

Now it’s time for Christmas number two with the other side of our family over New Year. 😍

I am now looking forward to next year, new skills and competitions. Bring on 2022!

Thank you for reading this and supporting me.

Fliss x

An up and down summer 2021, but now competitions are back again 🥇🥈🥉and everything is starting to come together. 🤞

Hello. It’s been another three months since my last blog. I can’t believe it. During this time it’s been a real rollercoaster. It’s been really difficult at times and I’ve felt so frustrated, but I’ve kept trying to move forward and now I’m really happy with how my gymnastics is going and I’m feeling confident and believing in myself. My skills and routines are feeling good. Here’s what I have been doing, and some of my training videos and competition videos of my routines!

Week 28 June. It was normal training times in the gym for me this week and on Friday I received my England Squad kit in the post, which arrived at Falcons. For once in my life, the leggings actually fit! 😂 It’s smart kit and looks athletic kit, if you know what I mean? I like it. 😍Kelly also received an email to say that I’ve been invited to a GB assessment day at Lilleshall on 8 August. It’s with selectors looking for possible GB Junior Squad members for next year, who might be GB juniors to compete in internationals. If I feel I’ll have my skills ready I could go. It’s the day after my holiday though, so we may have to make some kind of training plan.

It’s a real opportunity. I think I should try. If I’m not ready then it says I can pull out, and they will watch people at the British Champs in November

Fri 10-5 I wore my new England leo and kit to training. I wasn’t keen on photos being taken! 🤣

It was a good first session today and I did pit bar. After lunch… Arghh I stubbed my thumb while doing my shoots on bars. It was sore and swollen so I iced it. Ouch. It was really swollen that night.

Sunday – my thumb is still sore but I managed the whole six hours of training.

The next week was a good week of training.

Sunday 11 July I did five clean beam routines and two clean floor routines, with my double back in. ☺ 😍

It’s the Football Euros 2020 final, come on England!

It’s been another good week in the gym, although Kelly had to self isolate due to Covid track and trace.

Sunday South West Squad! The Academy, Bristol. We all had to do lateral flows and prove that they were negative. The temperature outside was very hot today. I went with my lovely talented friend from Falcons. (I realised I had grown over lockdowns as my SW kit was very small!) It was fun to see other friends again and I really enjoyed the day.

Sadly in the eve I was told that I had to self isolate for three days as I was a close contact of a school friend with Covid, so I can’t go to school or to gym.

Mon & Tues I did my home program. It was sweaty!!! Outside it is 30 deg heat. Heat wave!

Weds off

Thurs I was in training with Katie’s group 4-8.30

Fri Opening of Tokyo Olympics!!! 📺

Sat off

Sun 4am alarm!!! It’s the OLYMPICS! Go Team GB! I watched the women’s artistic gymnastics qualifying from Tokyo Olympics on the TV. Jessica & Jennifer Gadirova, Alice Kinsella and Amelia Morgan were amazing! Their vaults were incredible in the the last rotation to move them up from fifth to third! Wow! It was so great to watch all the gymnasts especially the Russians. I am so glad that I got up early!

Once it finished I had a bit more sleep before getting ready for my own control competition at Falcons! While I rolled out before going to gym I watched the next subdivision and also USA.

This week I had training on Mon, a wedding on Tues and I was not well in the night, Weds went to gym but didn’t feel well and was tearful.  Mum and I drove up to Lilleshall and stayed in a hotel as it’s England Squad camp tomorrow. I hoped I would feel better.

Thurs I didn’t feel well 😔 I knew that I couldn’t go to England unless I was100%. So we phoned and said I was not well enough. Mum and I stayed in the hotel and watched the Olympics gymnastics as the England Squad organisers said that if I felt better at 3pm I could join the camp then. Sadly I didn’t so we drove home for 4hrs in the evening and I went straight to bed.

Fri I went in the gym at Falcons at 1pm when I felt better.

I am on my family holiday now for a week. Yay! Caravanning, surfing, beach fun, running, games. FAMILY TIME!

Week Mon 9 – Sunday 15 Aug

I am back training again in the gym. My bars are not working for me at the moment. I am finding it all so hard. I keep trying but I’ve lost something.

We’ve been given the requirements from British Gymnastics for the GB trial and I know what skills I need to do.

Sunday It was a good day. I did seven routines of beam in half an hour. That’s really good for me. I did a couple of floor routines. My double tucks weren’t perfect but OK!

We watched the Olympics concert from Wembley on TV. It was a real celebration and great to see the athletes. The final live performance was Ragnboneman and the song Giant. That’s my song that we kept listening to for my British championships in 2019. It brought back so many memories.

Monday 16- Sunday 22 August week – We’ve been staying in the caravan at Croyde with other close family and when I’ve not been at gym doing training I’ve been to the beach everyday and surfing, and playing football and games on the lawn with my cousins. This week has been viewing week at the gym – the first time parents could watch in the gym since Covid began in March 2020.

Training Mon 10-2 routines again, Tues 10-4 – routines again, Weds off , Thurs 10-2 Mum came and watched and saw my tumble, bars, beam and vault. It was a good day in the gym. I had really clean routines on beam, good shoot spots on bars, yerchenko straights to a higher mat in the pit on vault. Mum bought me some Lindor chocolates, my favourite, as she thought I looked amazing.

Fri 10-2 I caught five jaegers over pit today! ☺ ♥Sat off. Sun 11-5

Week Mon 23 – Sun 29 August. Things aren’t going quite right in the gym. I’ve had some tears and I am getting frustrated. My double back has gone on holiday. We’ve been caravanning at Croyde with cousins and going to the beach and surfing and paddle boarding every day. It’s been so sunny and hot. I’m tired!

Friday. Mum had a meeting with Kelly. Things have been difficult and hard recently for me and getting me upset. We talked about maybe needing to take a step back and taking the pressure off a bit.

Control comp on Friday in the gym. Mum was able to watch me. My vault was brilliant today, for the first time I did my new vault (yerchenko straight) and landed it. It felt tight! The feeling I got doing it was great. What did I do??!! Why was it right? I need to hold on to this feeling. My beam was good, my acro good. I just fell on my jump. On floor I took out my double back from my routine, but the rest went well. I need to get my arms out on my two and half twists. I surprised myself at this control comp. ☺ Afterwards we did leg conditioning and my legs were dead. I’m not sure how many hours I’ve done this week but it feels like a lot.

My song of the moment is Black magic. I love it. It is my gym song of this time in my gym journey.

Sat. We had a fun gym girls outing to The Bear Trail. There were muddy water obstacles and slides.

Sun 29th Aug 11-5 training with a water fight at the end outside! It was great fun. Clean water!

Monday a bank holiday day off.

Tuesday 31 August. I had a FANTASTIC day in the gym today. ☺ In 30mins I did 10,yay, 10 beam routines (probably the last time I did that was when I was 8 years old and my routines were easier 😂) I did my bars giants clear toe on section which I’ve been struggling with of late, and 5 double tucks on floor! Those double tucks have been ‘on holiday! 😂They just haven’t been working recently. They came back from holiday recharged and full of life 😂!

The rest of the training week has been OK.

Sunday another South West Squad. This time at Falcons. I could just roll out of bed without having to travel for hours 😂10am-4pm It was so lovely to see friends again. It was a good training session for me. Two floor routines with my double backs in, five clean beam routines, vault wasn’t the best but sort of OK and on bars some of my elements were good and I caught a jaeger. I ripped my hand though. Ouch. 

We had an email to say that there might be an England International comp later this year. If they do go ahead there would be a control competition to select the team. In the meantime they needed us to email our for competition leotards if selected.

Monday 6 September back to normal training times this week as school started back.

Tues no gym due to Covid rules as I needed to do a PCR Covid test.

Weds I have a negative Covid result.

Thursday. Back to school. I’m Year 10 now so I’m starting my GCSEs.

British Gymnastics said that I was allowed to return to training at the gym. I need to do lateral flows everyday and they obviously need to be negative, and I must wear mask. 4-8pm I landed hard and hurt my foot tonight.😢

Fri 2-6pm. It was really difficult in the gym today. I just couldn’t do my routines at all 😔 I’m not sure if I can go to the Nottingham comp this weekend or not. I took pain killers and iced my foot.

Sat 8.30am I did an early comp run through in the gym with Mike. Everything was good! Apart from falling on my flic tuck on beam. I’m good to go! My double backs in my floor routine were fine. ☺

So, Mum and I left home in the afternoon and drove four and half hours to Nottingham for my comp tomorrow. I needed to do my homework in car. That’s the life of a gymnast! (I took these selfies!)

Dad, Bella and Jack had to stay at home as they had other activities going on. When we arrived at Notthingham I met so many of my falcons friends at the same hotel! There were outside eating and playing. I feel confident for tomorrow.

Sunday 11 September 2021. Comp day at the Robin Hood Star Cup. A chance for me to compete again. It’s been 18 months since my last comp. My round was in the afternoon.

I am happy that I tried and got my routines and skills out. Beam was good. I just feel that I wish I’d stuck my flic tuck. I know I can. On floor I almost held my double tuck. It was the first time of competing my new routine! The floor was super bouncy, crazy bouncy. On vault I struggled with the spring board. I really wanted to land my yerchenko straight but it wasn’t quite there. That was a bit disappointing because it is a new skill and it’s been going well in the gym this week. My bars routine is not ready to compete yet. For me, my competition wasn’t too bad. It was good to try, and to get my routines back out there, and to see other people.

BEAM (there was a long wait. I start at about 2 mins) & FLOOR

MY WARM UP VAULT (the video had to be taken through a glass viewing area upstairs).

I got bronze on beam and bronze All Around.

I got an award for my Olympics themed number! 💪

We had a five hours drive home and got home at 10.30pm.

Mon 13- Weds 22 September normal training in the gym. My routines are going well and I’m landing what I didn’t quite do in my comp. My shoulder and arm is a bit sore though, so I think I might have over used it or tweaked it somehow so I’m trying to take care of it.

Thursday 4-8 training. I have a SW FIG comp on Sunday that I’m preparing for.

Friday 2-7pm Here’s my message to my Mum, ‘Hey I’m on break know because I have had a really good session and have finished everything earlier. I’ve done first session bars, floor, vault then conditioning then beam then have gone to break 15 mins early so now I only have bars left. So all happy xxxxx’

Sat Run through of routines in gym. Control comp 9am-10.30am with Katie’s group. It went well and I believe in myself. My beam was clean, my vaults good, I fell on double tuck in my floor routine but I did another afterwards which I landed fine. I’m feeling really good and confident for tomorrow. 👍 

Sunday 26 September. Mum and I left home at 7am to drive two and half hours to Wiltshire School of Gymnastics at Melksham. They were only allowing one spectator per entry due to Covid rule so only Mum came.

I had Beam first. I stayed on, it was a bit wobbly though, but a nice clean routine for me. I came first. Score 11.1. I know I can get this higher but I’m pleased I had a clean routine! There was a long wait so I start at about 1min 30s.

Floor I had a good floor all clean. My three tumbles had improved! Double tuck landed. Yay. Two and half twists. One and half punch front. 1st on floor. Score 12.1. I was so happy and did a fist grab at the end!

Vault. This has been going really well in the gym- my yerchenko straight. In warm up I did a yerchenko tuck and landed smack on my knees. It was a loud smack. It hurt and I had to sit with my legs out and ice my knees. I couldn’t compete my vault to the judges. 😔

My bars routine still isn’t quite ready for competing so I wasn’t doing bars anyway.

When we arrived home, we had a zoom meeting at 6pm about the Falcons trip to America in 2023.

Monday 27 September

My knees were still a bit sore and bruised from yesterday but I made it to school and gym to train 4-8.30pm. After a bit of time and encouragement from my friends in the gym I found the courage to attempt my jeager on bars over hard tonight. I was really scared. I didn’t catch it and splatted on the mats, getting friction carpet burns on my elbows, but I’m pleased and proud that I tried it and gave it a go! I attempted it! Next time I’ll catch it.

Recently, unfortunately the charity that was helping me a bit towards all my large gymnastics costs has had to stop funding me (I am so thankful for what they have done for me), so I am looking for any new charity to help or businesses or individual sponsorship to help fund my elite gymnastics journey (including training fees, squads, competitions including British Championships and English Championships, kit, accommodation, travel etc). I still have a lovely person that sponsors my chalk every month. Thank you so much.

Once I feel really happy with my gymnastics in my floor routine I want to enjoy it more and improve my dance elements, and maybe bend my knees in some bits a bit more, use my head and body. Right now though I am focusing on getting my gymnastics right. I’m feeling much more confident now.

Thursday 4-8 I tried new things in the gym today! One thing was a yerchenko tuck full on vault. My carpet burns on my elbows opened up again tonight. I attempted my jaegers on bars again. I nearly caught them. I WILL tomorrow.

Fri 2-8 I didn’t have jaegers on my programme today, but I did have shaps on bars! I caught shaps! Yay.

Sunday 3 October 2021 11-5pm. Today was a GREAT day in the gym. I did it! I CAUGHT THREE JAEGERS OVER HARD! ❤

My next comp is on 14th November, so I want to compete all four pieces then. 💪 We’ll just have to see if I am ready for the British Championships at Guildford at the end of November. I think I might be. If not then the next comp will be the English Championships in March, and if I’m ready the full British Championships at M&S Bank Arena Liverpool in March too.🤞

Thank you for reading my blog and supporting me.

Fliss x

Spring 2021 – A difficult two months back in the gym after lockdown 3.0, but now I’m really flying again as an elite gymnast! ☺ 🤸‍♂️

Hello again. My last blog was in March, and now it’s June! We’ve been back in the gym for the last two months. It’s been really hard getting back to doing actual gymnastics in the gym. I found it difficult for things to work and for my skills to click into place, I felt pressure from myself and I’ve been worried and at times it was all feeling too much. However, I talked about my thoughts and then pushed on through and now my gymnastics is going brilliantly well! It’s been so busy with my normal hours of school, homework and all my normal twenty six hours training in the gym every week, that I haven’t had much spare time to write my blog! But I have been keeping a bit of a diary (it’s not very well written, sorry!) so here’s my rollercoaster few months. (Thank you Jim Wileman for my feature photo. ☺)

Week 11 of lockdown number 3.0. We have school but nothing else is allowed to be open as it is still lockdown, so my gymnastics training is still my home program of jobs (most days) plus online zoom sessions with my coach Kelly and other club gymnasts.

Mon 15th March. We did zoom conditioning at 4.30pm.
Tues 16th March. I had a beamwork zoom session then a leaps and spins zoom training session today. I was so impressed with myself doing my free walkover on the beams in my kitchen space today. ☺ Yay!

Weds more zoom training!

Thurs – I am so excited . We booked our World Gymnastics tickets for the Women’s qualifying weekend 2022 at Liverpool. When we went to see the European Gymnastics in Glasgow a few years ago it was an incredible experience. I can’t wait to go to the World’s.
Fri – It was a very very hot zoom session today. Afterwards I watched some of the Russian championships on YouTube.
Sunday – I went for a great run today. 487ft elevation gain.

Week 12 of lockdown 3.0
Mon – zoom
Tues 23 March 2021 – zoom beam and spins leaps
Today is the 1 year anniversary of the very first lockdown due to Covid19. We reflected today and did 1 min silence at school. All those people that have died of Covid. 😔 It’s desperately sad.

Weds – I sent a video message wishing Adam Tobin of Falcons good luck for his second Olympic trial! It’s so amazing that he has achieved this opportunity. 
At the zoom training tonight I felt tired so it felt even harder work.
Thurs – I was listening to the ‘Diamonds in the sky’ song. I am the only diamond left in our diamonds gym group now. Everyone else has moved on to do other things. I am the last one standing! I had a nice run today with Mum.
Fri -More zoom

Sat and Sunday conditioning testing. I also had workouts at home lifting hundreds of roofing tiles and planks of wood for our garage build! Haha!

Week 13
Mon 29 March. We had the second stage of the lockdown ease. We can now meet as a group of six people outside or two households. We can now do outdoor organised gym sessions! 
At the zoom session we had a bit of fun and played gymnastics snakes and ladders and created some dance. I was the captain of the pink team and we choreographed to ‘Shine like a Diamond’ song.

Tues zoom beam again. I got my gym bag sorted and packed once again.

Weds. OH my days, it was our first outdoor training session. Yay! 

It was so nice. It was great to train outside in the open air and with people. It was just so nice. The hour and half conditioning went quickly. It was just so nice!
More lifting for our garage build today!
Thursday – It was the last day at school before the Easter break today. I had my GCSE options chat with the Deputy Head at school and we talked about my career thoughts (interior designer) and my chosen subjects and my gymnastics. We both thought I should be able to cope balancing everything. I really hope I can. In our house assembly I was surprised to be awarded my 500 merit badge and Governors certificate. Yay!!! Wow. I didn’t think I had that many. ☺

We finished school at 12.45pm so I had the afternoon to play with my friends in the park in the sunshine. It was so lovely.
Friday. Good Friday. Outdoor gym on the field behind Falcons in the sunshine. ☀
Sat Mum’s birthday. We went for a run and it was a lovely sunny morning. We had family fun and games and trampoline in the garden all day.
Sun It was a very busy active Easter Sunday! Cycle ride to see our grandparents in the garden and then surfing in the evening. Perfect! I also ate chocolate!

Oh, and I also had to fit in my conditioning testing too.

Most of the foam socks are on the new foam in the pit now. We could see a photo today. The pit looks amazing.

Week 14
Mon 5 April We could go to Kingsley school today to train outside. It was a nice change!

Tues 6 April – We trained outside the gym on the grass but it hailed and was very cold!!!
Weds 7 April – My family and I did a really long countryside cycle ride all day today as well as my normal home program so it was a tiring day.
Thursday – our last zoom before we return to the gym. It felt hard work today!
I am feeling really excited about getting back in the gym on Monday! I will miss all the time I have at home, but I’m really excited to be thinking about actually being allowed to be back in the gym on Monday!!!
Fri Sat Sun. Home program, Hula hooping, dancing, conditioning testing, running, cycling.

Monday 12th April – government’s next stage of easing lockdown
Back to the gym today!!!! Yay. It’s been over 3 months.

Mum and I had a Zoom meeting with Kelly in the morning and then I had a training session with Kelly in the gym on my own 4.30-8.30pm. I had to do conditioning testing! I wasn’t that great. I also had flexibility testing, which I wasn’t too bad at. I really felt the pull from the downward on bars. It was all hard work but great. My body will feel sore. Bath and massage for me!

Tues 13th April
It was one of my little squad’s birthdays today so we met before gym in the park, then had gym. 4-8.30pm
Wednesday day off. My back and body aches! I think it was all the close bar work. I was tired today but it was our family day! All five of us went on a three hour hilly countryside cycle ride from our house. There were fantastic views. We only saw a couple of cars on the lanes. I was a bit grumpy to start with because I was tired, but it was good when I got going! We had a picnic and play in the playing fields we found! It is always so important for us to have family time.

Thurs 4-8pm
Fri 10-1 I did shap preps today. It was good fun. Mike, Kelly and I had a laugh about my vaulting!!! It was all over the place.
Sat day off. A day at the beach with my friends for once. It was so lovely. It was Prince Philips funeral today. He lived a long life.
Sun 18th April 6 hours in the gym today, and I made it through! Even managed my flic tuck on high beam. I’ve done 21.5 hours in the gym this first week back, which I’m really amazed at. I am tired now. Argghh back to school tomorrow!

Monday 19 April
4.30-8.30 felt a bit achy but not too bad. I worked hard in the gym with Kelly and it was really fun. I did double tucks into the pit!
Tues 4-8.30pm. Wed off. Thurs 4-8pm
Fri 1.30-5pm. It was the European championships all around finals, and we watched some of the women. The incredible Russian 15 year old won. GB’s Jess was an amazing 3rd, and she is only 16! Amelie from GB was fourth. Fantastic! The Russian winner’s beam showed some insane skills for a 15 year old! Her name is Viktoriia Listunova. Also, Angelina Melnikova from Russia, who I met at the European at Glasgow a few years ago and I got her autograph, is so experienced. She kept fighting.
This week in the gym has been really good. I’ve been trying some skills again.
Sat -Family birthday get togethers
Sun 11-5pm It is my birthday!!! I am 14 years old. All my gym mates were so over whelming with gifts and love. It was unbelievable. Thank you for making my gym birthday so special.

Week Mon 26 April – Sunday 2 May
Mon 26 April I was tired, grumpy, and tearful but I pushed on and got to gym after school. My elbow was sore.

It’s been a hard week for me this week. My elbow is sore, so I’ve bought some compression sleeves that came on Thursday and they help. I’ve had a sore throat all week, and thought I might have tonsolitis, but my nose started running so it became a cold (it wasn’t Covid as I did my home tests). I trained on Tues, Thursday, Friday (10-2pm) but it was a struggle at times. On Sunday I felt really ill and was coughing lots, so I just couldn’t train all day.

Week Mon 3 May – Sun 9 May
Mon I had tears today. I was upset and down. Everything felt hard and was hurting me. I am finding everything really hard. My skills are not clicking into place in the gym. It is a battle at the moment, and I’m finding it hard to know if I can do it and if I can do all my school work.

Tues I had a good chat with Kelly, and then went training.
Thurs Training was good fun today. It made me smile again.
Fri 1.30pm – I can’t remember what time I finished!

Fri – Kelly sent Mum a Timehop of me and our team winning the national Compulsory Level 4 British Gymnastics gold medal at Stoke on Trent five years ago.

This week. 11 May onwards
It was a better week for me. I am managing to deal with school and gym demands better. I think it all became a bit too much last week, and I wasn’t feeling well.
I did my double tucks to pit on floor and off bars ☺
Friday 14 May. 10am – 5pm A fantastic whole day in the gym. It felt fun and I managed to do lots of things. I got FIVE tokens in the pot for my team and four stickers. It was good to be with Kelly and Mike today, both encouraging me and challenging me. It’s taken me a few weeks to feel like this again.

Sunday 16 May
11-5pm. Good day. I did my double tuck over hard on floor(track) – token!

Monday 17 May. New easing of lockdown today.
4.30-8.30, I was a bit scared about a few things, but I got through and did them. It was a great day. Jeagers on bars, my double tucks again on track.
Tues Bella’s birthday. 4-8.30
Weds off
Thurs 4-8
Fri 1.30-7.30
Sat off
Sun 23 May 11-5 I did my shoots on my own again

Monday 24 May 4.30-8.30 It was a really good day in the gym for me today. ☺
Tues 4-8.30
Weds off
Thursday 27 May – 4-8pm I never expected to do this tonight. I caught three jaegers over pit!!! Yay! I am so happy. I feel like I can actually fly again. 😍I got more tokens and stickers tonight. My beam was good too. ☺ A really exciting day in the gym for me, after the roller-coaster of getting back and things not clicking into place, but now they seem to be. 🎉 Mum brought some yummy food in the car for me, but I thought I deserved a Solero ice cream too, so we went to the shop 😉

Fri 10-5 A good day. I got an award.

The travellers near Falcons have been causing huge problems. Falcons, Tarka Tennis and Football had to close at 7pm for safety reasons for the whole Bank Holiday.
So I had an unexpected long weekend off and fun in sun! We did high rope activities and water assault courses for Bella’s party. It was very energetic!

Tuesday 1st June. I did my one and half straight front on floor and caught three more jeagers. I got more stickers and filled up my sheet, so I won another prize for me!
Weds Yay! I was awarded the gymnast of the month. I am really happy. Actually when I think about it, things have been going well in the gym for me again.

4-7.30pm then I went on a sleepover with my friends in a tent.
Thurs I had a sore leg behind the knee and my ankle was sore. 4-8 tired but I tried to do two jeagers, but arghh the second one slipped.
Fri 10-4
Sat off
Sun 11-5 A great session. I caught two more jeagers straight together and did half of my beam routine.
I watched some of the USA championships today. Simone Biles is incredible and Sumi Lee on bars is just crazy. Wow!
Mon 4.30-8.30pm
Tues 4-8.30pm
Weds off
Thurs 4-8pm It was really good. I was only a bit tired at the end.

I’ve realised tonight that I’ve been doing really great at gym recently – getting new skills and my routines are coming back. Sometimes it is right to stop and just think, and be proud of how far you’ve come and the achievements you’ve made. I am feeling quite proud of myself.

Fri I had dance and then athletics at school before coming into the gym to train for the afternoon and evening. I discovered that I am very good at triple jump! I did proper vaults today (I’ve not done that for a month or so), jeagers, shoots to actual bar, beam, stamina, conditioning. I was very hot and sweaty, especially my hair.
Sat – A day at the beach and in the sea with friends. Yay! It was hot and sunny and so lovely. We all had a sleepover in the tent again.
Sun 13 June 11-5.
Mon 14 June. My elbow is a bit sore today. I did a lot with it yesterday. The elbow sleeve is helpful though. 4.30-8.30pm. The song I can’t stop playing at the minute is AURORA’s ‘Runaway’.
Tues 15th hot and sunny today
I’ve done a lot on my arms recently especially powering off the vault. My elbow is sore. I’m icing. . Weds day off. Thurs I was feeling sick and had a headache all day at school. I couldn’t train tonight. I came home after school and went straight to bed, and slept for hours!

Fri 10-5 in the gym with Kelly. Another fantastic day in the gym.

Mum and I watched the Jonathan Edwards documentary about his triple jump career and his world record jump. It’s fascinating. He only discovered and developed his ability late in his childhood. His world record of 18.29m has lasted for twenty five years! Wow.

Sunday. A great 6 hours in the gym for me today. Whoop whoop. I did three clean routines on beam and two of my routines on floor. I also did my shoots on bars without the blocks. Yes! I am happy.

Monday 21 June 4-8.30 – I trained with another group tonight, instead of being on my own. The stamina dance at the end made me very red.

Tuesday 22 June. It was Sports Day at school for my year group. It was sunny today. I ran three races. I came 1st in the 1500m, second in the 800m and we came 2nd in the relay. I was so happy, especially with my gold!

Thursday 24 June 4-8pm. TOKEN DAY for me!!! I caught five jaegers and landed my double tuck on floor and got lots of tokens. Yay!!!

Thinking about it, over the last few weeks I’ve achieved lots of tokens with the help of Mike supporting me and also awarding them to me. ☺

I am working hard and staying focused as hopefully I have South West Squad training on 18 July and then competitions coming in September, October, with the British Championships at the end of November. Maybe there will be some England squads soon too. Let’s stay positive!

Thank you for reading my blog and supporting me.

Fliss x

Start of 2021 : Ten weeks as an elite gymnast in lockdown 3.0 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🤸‍♂️

Hello. Thank you for reading my blog. Since the last time I posted, it’s been a strange start to the year as we have been in lockdown again (lockdown 3.0) due to Covid-19. It’s been ten weeks now. I’ve been trying to stay fit and as motivated and as positive as I can through the winter and while the dark nights have been here! Hopefully we are now looking to more sunshine outside and being back in the gym soon. I hope! Here’s my journey over the last ten weeks.

Monday 4 January 2021.
Boris, our Prime Minister, gave an announcement at 8pm. He announced to the country that we have to go into a national lockdown like the first one in March last year. We must stay at home, no school, online learning, only to go out to exercise and to get food. This will be until Feb half term, so that’s 6 weeks. But I think it will be until March. Oh dear, here we go again. It will be ok. We can keep going. On the bright side though, it’s easier for me to do some learning at home as with my hand in a plaster cast (due to my broken thumb) I can type so can use my laptop. At school I can’t write! I think we’ll be fine and work it out. I’m going to go for a run with Mum tomorrow morning before 9.30am and then do my online work. My favourite song is ‘Prisoner’ by Miley Cyrus and Dua Leper. I love this song. It seems appropriate for tonight’s announcements. 😂 Staying well and happy, and taking care of one another, is the most important thing.
Tues 5 Jan. It was the first day of full lockdown for the country this year. Mum, Bella and I went for a run at 8.45am to start the day! Jack decided to cycle, not run today. We did 40mins of hilly running, then school work and then conditioning with my friend online at 2.30pm.

Weds 6 Jan. It was zoom conditioning at 9.30am, then online schooling. We put some new desks up in the lounge as it’s warmer near the fire!
The rest of the week was more of the same! Running, school work, conditioning on zoom, my home workout program and dancing. My thumb was a bit sore.

Mon 11 Jan. I could do my zoom conditioning in our kitchen as we have put down a new floor. Our kitchen has a very high ceiling and is a bigger area so I can jump, leap, and skip without hitting the ceiling, and have a lot of space, yay!

Tues 12 Jan More conditioning program at home and more online school work.
Weds 13 Jan. I went back to the hospital today and the fracture clinic. They used a saw and cut off my plaster cast! Yay! It felt so weird. My thumb looks longer 😂 My hand is all yellow from the bruise. The doctor said it has healed and thinks it is aligned and he is happy. I am young and so I heal quickly. I just have to be careful for a couple of weeks and not put any pressure on it. I have to train my muscles again. I was looking at my thumb and willing it to move up when the doctor asked me to do it. It was slow but it worked! The skin is all dry and peeling. It’s great to be free! I am wanting to protect it and I just cannot wait to put it in the bath.

The Wifi hasn’t been that good this week, so it’s been a bit difficult with my online work and online conditioning!
Saturday – conditioning testing, I can’t do two of the jobs yet because of my thumb, and I can only do handstand holds on my elbows which is very difficult 😂. Another 4 mile hilly run in the countryside with Mum in the afternoon, which was muddy! We did 349 ft in elevation gain today, and tried to run at a quick pace.

Outside I am running as I can’t cycle quite yet because of my thumb. I am trying to run and do strength and conditioning as much as I can to fit around my online school work. I quite like being able to manage my own time.

Mon 18 January. It was a group zoom at 4.30pm today and I was so hot and sweaty, which I think is good! It’s quite busy in our house as my sister or my Mum are doing dance and acro zoom or online sessions in other rooms at the same time as me!

Tues. More workouts at home after all my online work. I did a good double crouch spin today. ☺
Weds. Work, work, work! Another really hot and sweaty zoom session.

It’s Joe Biden’s inauguration for US President and the first woman, Kamala Harris, as Vice President today.

Thursday and Friday – More zoom sessions for bars, and strength and conditioning, home programs, and even more sweat! I received a nice certificate today about working hard.

I’ve been communicating with my friend in Brazil whose an elite gymnast like me. She’s 15 and still able to train with a mask on. She always does online schooling, as she doesn’t have time to go to school due to gymnastics training. I really hope to meet her one day, maybe at a competition! The World Championships or the Olympics?!

Saturday. After a run, I tried to do my conditioning testing and I got better results this week!
2.30pm – I learnt a dance routine with Nicole Artistry on Instagram live. Mum and I did it together while Bella was doing her other dance classes. ☺

Sunday I recorded Nicole’s dance and received a Falcons house point for my team, yay.

In lockdown we have been trying out some new healthy food recipes, which has been fun, and it keeps meal times interesting! We are actually able to sit and eat as a family due to lockdown.

Monday 25 January
We were able to do a family run and cycle, as my Dad had a day off today. All five of us plus Dash. It was the first time cycling since I broke my thumb. I thought I would actually be able to hold on to the handle bars today! It was sunny, very cold and beautiful but very icy and slippery in places. So only a slow hilly route today. It was just good to get out, and be back on my bike.

I had very hot and sweaty legs doing my zoom conditioning for an hour and half today.

The rest of the week’s zoom sessions were hard work and it was good to have some different ones including HIIT. I am working so hard at strength and conditioning every day. My school working is still online with a live tutor time each week.
It’s so sad that there have been over 100,000 deaths nationally from Covid now.

We’ve been receiving some England Squad emails, as they are planning more zoom activity sessions soon.

At the weekend it was more conditioning testing, and I am improving every week! 💪 . I’ve managed more running, lots of walks and workouts, plus lots of dancing and choreographing dances with my sister. ☺ 🎶 We love choreographing together. Our Aunty Helen gave us a challenge this week, to her favourite song ‘Levitating’. My thumb is getting much better. Hopefully I can do proper handstand holds next week. ☺ I have to keep working very hard. This week I had to choose my GCSE options for school. Apart from being a gymnast, I want to be an interior designer, so I chose the subjects that would help me on my road.

It’s February! We made it through the first month. ☺
Mon 1st Feb. I had to have two vaccines (not Covid ones) at school this morning. One in each arm. I didn’t feel very well for the rest of the day and I couldn’t do my online school work 😔 I was just not feeling 100%.. I had to just sleep and laze on the sofa today.
Tues 2 Feb. I was the ‘Star of the week’ in English! The teacher said that my work online has been fantastic and high quality work, and that it showed that I had been putting a lot of effort into the work I had been producing. Yay! I have been trying!

Weds The zoom conditioning workout was really hard and sweaty work. I had my new adidas crop top and leggings on today. It’s the first time that crop tops and leggings have fit me properly! Adidas love.
It’s the World Gymnastics Championships next year 29 Oct – 6 Nov 2022. Max Whitlock and Beth Tweddle are ambassadors, and I really hope we can get tickets to watch some of the competition at Liverpool.

I also got awarded Geographer of the half term for the whole of Year 9 today, whoop whoop!

I received in the post this week a really lovely postcard from my coach Kelly, and some encouraging words.☺

It was good to do some beam work!

Saturday conditioning testing! I could do my chin ups and an actual handstand hold. I managed one minute, not my normal two minutes or so but that’s good on my hand I think.

In the afternoon, Mum and I did a more of a cross country run around the hilly lanes as I wanted to go through muddy woods and wet fields today. The sun was out which was nice! I can’t run everyday, because otherwise my knees hurt, but it’s good to run as much as can to keep my cardio up.

Sunday. I did some hill sprinting today in the cold.

Another week of online learning, hours and hours of gym conditioning zooms, home program workouts, conditioning testing, dancing with my sister. It has been bitterly cold this week. On my run on Thursday it felt like -6 degrees! It was so cold on my bars outside too!

Sunday. We went on another family run (Jack wanted to cycle instead). It was a very muddy four miles, and it felt like a good leg workout! We managed to see my friend at the end of her Falcons marathon challenge. It was milder today with a bit of drizzly rain and lots of mud. Did I say mud?! 😂

I improved on my conditioning testing scores from last week again and attempted my straddle levers (first time since breaking my thumb).

Half term week – so no school work to do!
WEEK 7 of lockdown
Mon 15 February. This week Falcons was running a zoom camp of activities. Today I did the HIIT zoom which was really hard work and had a burpee challenge. I was a sweaty mess at end. I did full pressups for each one of my burpees. I also had a flexibility session. I had two awards today (excellent zoom and burpees challenge).

At the end of the day I had an England Squad zoom. It was a lovely yoga session. It was so good to see my England friends again and to do something relaxing and mindful. It was a chance to breathe, go at a slower pace and do different types of stretches. It relaxed my mind and body. ☺ Parents could join in too, so Mum did.

Weds. I am always choreographing with my sister. This music and dance challenge was set by our Aunty Helen!

More zoom conditioning and flexibility, but we had a special guest coach, Marissa King, today! I had a few problems getting on to zoom, which was frustrating, but once I got there, it was great. Marissa Petra King (born 20 April 1991) is an English gymnast who represented Great Britain at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China, as well as the 2007 and 2009 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. Marissa is the daughter of a British father and Thai mother[1] and began gymnastics at age 8. During her elite career she trained at the Huntingdon Olympic Gymnastics Club and currently competes for the University of Florida Gators NCAA gymnastics team.[2] In 2011, she became the NCAA National Champion on vault with a score of 9.875 as well as being an 11-time All American.[2]

Thursday. More conditioning zooms.

We had a fun choreography zoom session with Danusia Francis today. I learnt this gentle lyrical routine.

Fri 19 Feb. It was a day of hard workouts – core and tabata – then we had a Falcons Gymnastics Family Movie Quiz zoom which was in fancy dress, and good fun!

To finish off the week we had another long family cycle and run (Mum and Dad ran so Dash could come too).

WEEK 8 of Lockdown 3.0
Monday 22 Feb. Boris gave another announcement today. Schools are going to be starting back on 8 March (so two more weeks of online learning at home). The gym can hopefully open on 12 April. ☺
It was a gorgeous sunny day so I could get the airtrack out in the garden again after my school online work! Yay. Then it was more zooms…

Tues After online work we had a beam work zoom. It felt so enjoyable doing just basic walkovers, split flics, free cartwheels, flic tucks etc on the beams in the kitchen. I felt like a gymnast again, and had a big smile on my face. We also worked on our kicks and holds for leaps. (I like the photos of me, and I can’t believe I got so much height on the beam before lockdowns.)

Weds 24th Feb Today I had live school lessons and online lessons then zoom conditioning and my home program. I used a lot of chalk for my handstands. It looked like the chalk monster had been! 😂

Thursday was just my home workout and a run, and on Friday was zoom conditioning as well.
Sat 27Feb – It is the Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Olympic Trial #1 and Adam Tobin from Falcons is doing the Olympic trial!!!!! Good luck Adam, and coach Mike! It’s really exciting.

I’ve got Devon Squad training on zoom at 9.30am.

Sunday. It was a gorgeous sunny day!! Another 2 hours and 30 mins of hilly family bike riding with my brother, sister, Mum and Dad in the countryside from our house. The lanes were nice and quiet and I was determined to power up the hills! There were daffodils in the hedges and beautiful views. It was so lovely.

WEEK 9 of lockdown
This week was the last week of online learning. On Tuesday I had my Covid test at school. It wasn’t as bad as I thought and was really quick. Some of my gym conditioning zooms this week have been really hard work, and at one point I thought my head was going to explode! It’s been lovely doing beam work, spins and leaps, using my airtrack in the house and making a chalky floor opps!

I’ve been running and cycling and doing lots of school work. I actually felt tired on Thursday. Over lockdown my positives have been spending time with my family, and just having more time at home. These have all been very special to me. My Mum has received some lovely emails from my teachers about my work and my attitude, including this message from one of my teachers… ☺
‘I just wanted to say how impressed I have been with the way Felicity has worked through lockdown on her maths. It is not easy to study at home, and she has kept going and done everything I have asked her to do. ‘
On Saturday we had a specialist zoom session with Nicole Artistry doing leaps. I then went for another run (it was hilly as normal (!) with an elevation gain of 360 ft)

I could get the beams and airtrack out in the garden to train in the sun today, which made me happy.

WEEK 10 of lockdown
Back to school!!!! I feel excited and a bit nervous because we haven’t been there for ages.
It was good to be back today but I had to race home to get on my zoom conditioning sessions. I had my Falcons squad one and my England squad one on Monday 8th March. My England zoom wasn’t a physical one this time though, it was a psychologist talking about emotions and motivation and dealing with feelings and pressures. (I looked a bit hot after my normal training!)

This week I have had braces fitted on my top teeth. They feel a bit weird. I can’t eat my favourite seeded bread now, while my braces are on. There are some other foods I have to avoid too! I eat apples all the time, but now I have to cut them up! This week I’ve been doing running, dancing and my gymnastics zooms and workouts after school this week.
Kelly told us that they have announced that the postponed British Championships for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics will be 28/29 Nov at Guildford. Now I have a date on my calendar! I hope we can get back in the gym on 12 April, so that I can train to be ready for the British Comp. I have written down my goals and my thoughts about lockdown and how I’m feeling about my return to training.

My teeth are hurting!

This Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun would have been the British Championships in Liverpool. (Now we know just the women’s postponed comp will be in Nov). On Saturday (13 March) at 10am British Gymnastics streamed on YouTube a 30mins film of some of the best British Championships routines over the years. Max Whitlock’s pommel from 2019 was on, the year I competed at the British and when we were also there spectating. I saw myself in the audience on TV with my sister and our friends! 😂 We were sat in the front row above the Lottery Funded words. I’m in yellow and my sister in pink!

It’s Olympic trial number one for the womens artistic gymnasts today. Good luck to everyone. Just more conditioning testing for me, haha!

This week Bella and I have been trying to selling some of our leotards…at last we have decided to pass them on to others! Hopefully we can try and raise some money for Falcons (20% of our sales) and also for new leotards, as I have grown so much in the last year!

I heard today that my lovely gym friend has decided to train to be a coach instead of training as a gymnast with me. I will miss her so much, but I think she will be brilliant.

Sunday 14 March. It’s Mother’s day and I went on a great 5 mile run with my Mum, Dad, sister and brother. All five of us ran together today, plus Dash too.

Thank you for reading this and for any comments that you give me that really help me on my gymnastics journey. I can’t wait to do proper gymnastics skills again in the gym and to push myself onwards.

Fliss x

Ending 2020 a little bit broken, but I’m looking ahead to a positive 2021.

Hello again. It’s the end of 2020! It’s been a year of spending lots of time learning and working out at home! I never thought it would be like that. I only got to do one competition this year. It’s been crazy and strange, as normally I am in the gym or at school most of the time, but I’ve been able to be with my family much more which has actually been quite nice! Here’s my blog about December in the gym, and how I’m looking forward to 2021.

Sunday 29 November 2020. It was a fancy dress gym zoom training day today. Haha. Captain America for me!

Tuesday 1 December – Tonight I was watching ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’. Sir Mo Farah told a story about one of his European Championships. He was racing on the track and then somehow fell and somersulted onto the ground. He got up quickly and carried on running. Suddenly he realised that he was going the wrong way around the track! This made me laugh so much. I could not stop giggling. He is one of my Olympic idols, and an incredible athlete. He is human too! It was so funny.

We now know that The British Gymnastics Championships is not going to happen in March now. It’s been postponed to a later time in the year, which is to be arranged.

Thursday 3 December. It was back to the gym after national lockdown number 2! Training 5-9pm. The same procedures as before were in place to make sure we are doing the right thing for Covid safety.

I was really tired after training and my calf felt tight.

Friday. My body aches all over! Arghh. Training 10am at the gym. There was no way I could do the full seven hours of training today.

Saturday. I can hardly move 😂 oooh hooray a day off will help!

Sun 12-5pm

Monday 7 December 4.30-8.30pm I did my flic tucks again on the high beam, four giant fulls on bars, double backs on floor and other things. I left the gym feeling really happy, but it was freezingly cold and dark!

 Tues 4-8.30pm

Weds off

Thurs 5-9pm

Fri 1.30-7.30pm

These were all good days in the gym. Things are working out.

Sat ahh a day off

Sunday 13 December 2020. Gym 12pm -. Today was not a good day. I was doing a shoot on bars and going from high bar to low bar into handstand (a release and catch) but when I caught the bar I somehow bent my right thumb back. OWWWW. It was so painful. 😢 My thumb looked in a very weird position. We iced it at gym and my Mum came and took me to A&E at hospital. After an Xray they said I had to have my thumb moved back so that it could be straight and that I had fractured it. I was scared but had gas and air to help the pain while they grabbed my broken thumb and put it back in line. The gas and air made me feel all dreamy. Haha! I was so hungry as I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. We left the hospital at 6.30pm. It’s going to take 6 weeks to mend my thumb. Huh!

Monday 14 Dec. My thumb was still quite painful. I went to school. After school I had to go back to the hospital and attend the fracture clinic. All the doctors were funny and trying to make me laugh and were talking all the time! Dave was Welsh and made jokes about me and England Squad!!! I think you can probably guess?! 😂

They needed to Xray it again to see if it was realigned properly. Instead of going to the Xray department they could use a portable machine and do it in the little room I was in. It was amazing! I had to put my arm in a really awkward position to get the right pictures but it came up on the screen straight away. Wow.

The consultant asked me if I was happy with what it looked like. It’s much better than it was, not perfect, but I guess what is perfect?! 😂

They then plastered my wrist and the main part of my hand leaving the top of my thumb and fingers. I learnt that it was just above the IPJ joint. They kept testing me on the name, and it was quite funny. I have looked up the definition. ‘The interphalangeal joints of the hand are the hinge joints between the phalanges of the fingers that provide flexion towards the palm of the hand. There are two sets in each finger (except in the thumb, which has only one joint)’.

Tuesday. My friends started to write on my cast. It’s quite cool. My thumb is getting black and is still very swollen.

I went to gym at 4pm and stayed the whole four and half hour session! I did conditioning and leaps. I need to keep my body fit and strong and flexible. I have had lots of big growth spurts this year so my body has changed so much. It’s probably good that it’s happened this year.

Weds off

Thurs 17th December my hand is starting to smell! It is making me feel sick. Uh! It was Kelly’s birthday today. Gym 5-9pm. I am tired. Apart from a little bit of floor beam, leaps etc, it is all conditioning and stretching. It can be quite frustrating and gets a bit boring for four hours, but I know I need to do it!

Friday. I went to school for the morning as it was our last day of term. Then gym 1.30-5pm. More conditioning and leaps and stretching!

Sat off. I got my ears pierced! I have been wanting to get them pierced and I thought that this would be a really good time to try again. Last year when I had it done in the summer it didn’t work out for me. The holes closed up because of taking the earrings out for hours due to gym training. But now I have a broken thumb and with the Christmas break it might work. It made me happy anyway.

Sun 20th Dec. There was a complete rainbow at the gym car park 🌈 Mum couldn’t quite get it all on the photo. Maybe that’s a lucky sign?! Today was going to be good. I hoped. 10-3pm Our Secret Santa day! I did games and then conditioning while my other friends were on the pieces. It was a fun day. The five hours went quickly. Time flies when you are having fun 😂 👍

I came home with two medals and a Trophy. 🏆 Yay!!!! 1st for the longest handstand hold of 2 minutes\ this year and second for my straddle levers of 13, which I’m happy with. It’s nice to actually have some medals to hang up again!

Mon 10-2pm more conditioning.

Tues 9-1. I tried going upside down today, obviously without using my hands. Oh my days, it felt so nice to be doing this. ☺ I am an elite gymnast after all!

Happy Christmas!

Tuesday 29 December. After six days of holiday time it’s the day to get back to the gym. It’s been such a different kind of Christmas. Normally we would have two Christmas days with all my Mum’s family and then all my Dad’s family, having sleep overs with cousins and there would be many of us. This year because it has been the coronavirus we’ve just spent Christmas as the five of us. Luckily we’ve had great winter beach walks and really cool sandboarding days. (I had to strap up my hand with a strong plastic bag!) It’s been fun and we are so lucky to have amazing beaches and countryside where we live.

Tues 29 December. Back to gym! My Mum has to help me put my hair in a ponytail as I can’t do it because of my hand. It’s been years since my Mum had to do that! Training 2-6pm I was quite excited to go back. It was a hard conditioning session. I felt so tired. I also accidentally hit my hand and thumb today which hurt.

Weds 30 Dec 10-2pm. It was a good day today.

Boris Johnson gave a Government announcement about Covid. It’s not good news. The situation is much worse. We are going into Tier 3 and most of the country is going into Tier 4 and then people have to stay at home. School isn’t going to start back as in school lessons until 18th Jan. We will have to do online learning for two weeks, and British Gymnastics has said that secondary school kids that aren’t going into school can’t go to gym. It’s not that great. That means more fitness and training at home for me! Oh well. We have to do what we can. I’ll be able to go back into the gym on 18 January, and hopefully my cast will be off by then.

31 December. It’s New Year’s Eve! Last day of 2020. We couldn’t spend it with our families or friends, but we still had fun, played games and did crazy singing and makeup at home.

I have so many lovely memories of 2020, but I think this is one of my favourite photos.

I think it is good to look back on my competition from March, which was quite a small competition but gave me a run up to the big English and British Championships (which were supposed to be in April but got cancelled) and to watch the videos of my pieces. Here’s my floor routine. It reminds me why I do what I do, and why it’s all worth the hard work and keeping moving forwards. Sometimes it’s hard to keep going but I still want to keep motivated as I love gymnastics.

Now I’m looking ahead to 2021. I think as a country we are still going to find things difficult for a while because of the virus spread but I am hopeful that things will get better and I’ll have gymnastics opportunities again this year. I’ll keep my mind on that!

I’ve been writing my blogs for 4 years now, which is crazy! Thank you for following me on my elite gymnastics journey.

Fliss x

Flying high again, then oh no it’s lockdown number 2.

Hello and welcome to my new blog. This autumn I’ve been getting my skills back, achieving new ones and really flying high (I really felt like I was doing amazing gymnastics things again)! However now we are two weeks into another national lockdown due to the coronavirus and the gym has had to close for 4 weeks again. It’s a shame, but we have to do what’s right for everyone to stay safe.

Friday 18 Sept. It was a full all day session at gym with Kelly 10am – 5pm. It was a great day. ☺ I achieved a lot today and I was much quicker! I loved being in the gym.

Here’s a video of me doing a straight front double twist the other day.

Sun 20 Sept. Training, 12pm-4.30pm, it was a good afternoon as I improved on my skills and tried a half twist on vault. Straight after training it was the Wacky World fun event. My friends, brother and sister all went and we had fun bouncing and going on all the activities on the inflatables at Tarka for an hour and half. It was hot!

It’s now week 3 of being back at school since the summer.

Mon 4.30 8.30pm It was a frustrating day.  Tues 22 September, 4-8.30pm I had a headache and I was really tired but I pushed on and I made it through! I had a treat of a Mcflurry after eating my hot food in the car after gym! The Prime Minister made another announcement to the nation about coronavirus and more restrictions. I really hope I can continue gym. Weds, off. Thurs 5-9pm It was a good day and I did some new connections on beam.

Fri 1.30-5.30pm Oh my days, I was tired today, but I worked hard. Saturday – rest!!!!! Sun 12-5pm It was such hard work. I was exhausted at the end of training. My Dad ran a marathon today and it was tough, so I couldn’t complain to him!

Mon 28 September 4.30-8.30pm My throat was so dry today. After training my stomach was making so many noises as I was really hungry. My vault was better today and my forward giants and giant fulls were good too. Tues 4-8.30pm. A good day. Weds, off. Thurs 5-9pm I felt sick during the evening and had such a sore throat. Unfortunately I was sick in the night so 😔 I couldn’t train all day on Friday as I was not well. On Saturday I still had a headache and was tired and exhausted. I felt better on Sunday and although I was a bit under the weather I managed to train 12-5pm.
Mon 5 Oct I felt so cold today! Gym 4.30-8.30pm I did my yerchenko straight on vault. ☺ ♥ Tues 4-8.30pm A great day and I did some moes. All my pieces were good! Weds off, Thurs 5-9pm. My skills are becoming more consistent now. Fri 9th October 2020. 1.30-6.30pm Owww my back hurts. I think I might have niggled or jarred something when I was doing a leap on fast track. My lower back is really sore. My legs and bum are tight too. I think I need lots of massage to ease it off! Guess what, I did my shoots by myself today (with a mat and block). Yay!

Saturday – I rested, massaged, stretched, rolled, had baths and watched TV!!! Sun 12-5pm I managed to stay the whole session. My back was a bit sore, but the pain seemed higher up not near my lower back. At home I gave my back lots more heat and Mum massaged. ☺ 

Monday 12 Oct 4.30-8.30pm. I did more in the gym today, which felt good. I think my back might be stiff in the morning. There were more Covid government announcements today. The government has set up three tiers. 
Tues 4-8.30pm. Weds off. Thurs I was on my own with the coach today training 5-8.30pm. I am feeling very happy with how my gymnastics is going at the moment. After my session I felt really bouncy and my Dad bought me a special Orange Twirl treat! The song I really like and play at the moment before I go to sleep is ‘Midnight sky’ by Miley Cyrus. We’ve received several England Squad emails this week, about online programmes, and new England kit! Fri 10am-5pm It was another full day in the gym, and it was a great day. I did some jaegers and tried some shaps on bars. It was brilliant because I achieved some more stickers for my chart, so I received my magic 50 and I received a prize! Sat off. Sun 12-5pm.

I did some shoots without a pad and mat! Yay.

Mon 19 October 4.30-8.30pm I did double pikes again yay! So exciting.  Please watch this video! It means so much to me to be doing this skill again.

My jeagers were better too.

Tues 4-8.30 I think I am working really really hard in the gym. I just have to keep looking forward and aiming towards any big comps that might happen next year. I can’t wait to start learning my new floor routine choreography. Hopefully it’s not long to wait! I have my new music!!! 🎶 It’s FANTASTIC. There are lots of different types of styles in 1 min 30sec! Weds off. Thurs, Mum has a GB and England Performance Pathway Parent Forum Zoom type thing tonight. I wonder what they will talk to the parents about. We’ve got some new kit for England 2021 to get. A tracksuit, a top and leotard. It’s a new design for 2021. I did my yerchenko straight full on vault tonight! ☺ Fri, school then gym 1.30-7.30pm. I made some more progress with my shaps. Sun 12-5pm. I did a real wipe out on bars today! opps. The video of me was very funny. I did a really nice shoot and stalder but then wiped out like a monkey on the bars to the floor!

Mon, half term week. Mum had a review appointment with Kelly today. Training for me was 4.30-8.30pm and I had a good session, and it was hard work. Tues 10-2pm, Weds off gym BUT it was THE DAY TO LEARN MY NEW FLOOR ROUTINE CHOREOGRAPHY with Sarah in the evening. YES! My new routine, I am so excited. Mum, Bella and I went to the Dancing Feet studio, and we all learnt the routine. The routine Sarah has made up is so much fun and full of energy. Thank you so much, Sarah. I learnt the whole thing and I think I picked it up quite quickly. I will keep practicing at home all the time.

Thursday. I am practicing the dance bits and watching the video of my floor routine from yesterday over and over again. I want to get it right, so I can then work it out on the actual gym floor, and eventually put in my tumbles and leaps. Training 5-9pm.

Fri 10am-5pm I caught my first jaeger on bars!!! ☺ Sat 31 October . Day off and I get to be with my lovely friend ☺  The Prime Minister gave another announcement tonight. Covid is spreading so fast that we need another lockdown for everyone in the country. This starts on Thursday for one month. It looks like gym will have to close down 😔 but school will still be open this time. I just have to keep fit somehow, but it’s harder outside in the dark and its dark early now. I won’t be able to go running or cycling outside during the week. Sun 12-5pm we didn’t do conditioning testing after all today! I did some stamina floor routines. 

Monday 2 November 4.30-8.30pm, a great session. I caught two more jaegers!!! Funnily I was wearing the same leotard as the day I did my first jaeger the other day. My leotard I call ‘diamonds’. I did loads of change leg ring leaps tonight too and beam elements and a floor routine dance. 

Tues 4-8.30pm. My last gym session in the gym for at least 4 weeks. 😔During lockdown I can work on my flexibility and keep my strength and cardio up.

Thursday 5 November. The start of national lockdown number two, until 2 Dec. It is the US Presidential Election between Trump and Biden, and I am finding it so exciting! It’s so close! Oh no, I was given a letter at school today. I have to self isolate at home for 14 days, as I have come into close contact with a Covid positive student. I am trying to compute it. I have to stay at home and now can’t go to school as well as gym 😔 I feel a bit upset about it. I’ll have to do online school work again. Oh well. I just have to do it. At least I can have a lie in! I just hope I don’t get the virus. I did some online training in the evening with my friends.

Week 1 of Lockdown 2.0 and also my first week of self isolation at home. I am doing lots of online school working during the day, and several hours of fitness, strength and conditioning every day at home in the evening.

It’s been hard work, but also fun. I still practice my handstand holds. They are always around 1 min 43, but my PB is 2mins 20s, although I only have 2 mins on video! It’s actually OK being in lockdown and in self isolation from school. The days do seem very long though, but I like not having to get up early to go to school! 😂😴
They say there might be a vaccine from December, maybe? 

Here are some autumn gym photos of me in my garden. I can’t leave the house or garden but I feel lucky that at least we have a garden.

Week 2 of lockdown.

Monday 16 November – Grampy’s birthday today, but I can’t go and see him. I did more online work then strength and conditioning exercises in the evening. Guess what I did tonight. I am so proud of myself!!! A new PB. 13 straddle levers to handstand in a row without stopping, whoop whoop. Yay!!! I am really pleased.

This is my video of me back in the first lockdown doing my 10 straddle levers to handstand. Now I have achieved 13. 


Tues. More conditioning! Weds day off gym stuff and my last day at home doing so much school work. I am really looking forward to going back to school tomorrow and getting out in the world after two weeks! I even ironed my school clothes and polished my shoes 😂 

Thursday 19 Nov. School! Then fitness strength and conditioning after school at home. ☺ Friday 20 November. Today was weird. It was my first full day of school on a Friday for years!!! Normally I am at gymnastics training, but I can’t due to lockdown so I’m at school. It’s so strange! It was great to do PE today. ☺ After school I did lots more strength and conditioning exercises for a couple of hours at home. 💪  Falcons has just set up a House system for all the development gymnasts. Today I found out that I am in the Green House team called JAEGER! That’s cool! It links to me actually being about to do my first jaegers before we went into lockdown! Sat – I was allowed to go outside, outside of my home and garden! Sunday I trained in the morning and taught some tik toks! 

I just have to keep motivated. I need to have little things to aim for every week, and to keep my mind positive and my body fit and my body strong 💪
I had a meeting today and I found out that unfortunately the English Championships that I was working towards in February has had to be cancelled due to coronavirus, and we don’t know what is going to happen about the British Championships yet. 
I need to look forward to six months time when hopefully everything will be much more normal, with competitions, squads and national camps and all the fun with gymnastics and my friends. 

I will keep working hard and aiming high.

It’s Monday 23 November and the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has just announced that gyms can reopen next week!!! Yay!!! To let you in on a secret, a little bit of me has liked not rushing around ALL the time going places (normally every minute of my day from morning to bed time late at night is planned!) and I’ve enjoyed more time in my home space, but I can’t wait to be back in the gym on all the kit! Suddenly next week seems so close and this lockdown seems to now be going fast. Oh my days, soon it will be Christmas, and I love Christmas! Hope I get some Lindor chocolates – they are my dream chocolate!

Thank you for reading my blog and supporting me. Keep healthy and safe.

Fliss x

Summer 2020 – First 7 weeks back in the gym after lockdown, England Squads and back to school!

Hello again. Here’s my blog about returning to the gym during the summer holidays after 4 months of lockdown at home, and then coping with going back to school as well!

It’s been seven weeks of trying to build things up again very slowly with my gymnastics, adding my hours carefully and getting used to new systems and programmes, but it’s been so good to be back in the gym doing real gymnastics again!

Monday 27 July 2020
We did a Zoom training session at home for 45 mins from 8.45am, as it was wet outside. I got all hot and sweaty. Then, I changed into my leotard (the first time I have put on a leotard for months!) and jumped in the car.

I met my squad friends at Falcons. I was so excited but a bit nervous.

The coaches need to take our temperatures at the door and no adults are allowed in. Every one has to social distance. I had to clean equipment and fill out a feedback form after my session. We did a two hour session. I was tired. We did easy skills and tasks, but it was hard! Rock hard! I feel that over lockdown I have kept myself really fit, doing cardio work (runs and cycle rides with my family) and lots of hours each day with conditioning and daily challenges! It’s different being in the gym though, but I think I have given my body the best chance to survive!

I went on metal bar and did some giants and a few other things. I thought I might only be doing up starts! 😂 Ouch, I hit my shins on the METAL bar! On fast track I did some roundoff flic straight backs. On high beam, I can’t believe that I managed to do a free cartwheel. Yay! That’s because I’ve been practicing on the floor and low beams during lockdown.

One thing I need to do is I need to try and remember that my attempts in the gym don’t have to be perfect. (But I want them to be perfect!) . I was so hungry and tired. I went straight home for a shower and poached eggs on toast! It was just want I needed, and then I watched some TV under some cosy blankets!

Tuesday. I am feeling achy today! 😂 My core is really sore.
We did training outside on the field 10-11.30am

Weds 9.45am – 12.45pm I was excited to get back into the gym! We did some outdoor running before two hours in gym then conditioning outside after. I was sweaty and tired.

Thursday 30 July. It was my day off from Falcons but not my day off 😂 I had an England Squad Zoom session in the afternoon. Ben from English Institute of Sport took a session with us – Strength and Conditioning workshop.
It was like a physics lesson too, about forces and stimulus. The forces through my body. He said that technique is’ King’ and we needed to prepare our bodies well for landings and take offs. I need elasticity for explosion!

I had to fill a rucksack with 10% of my body load and do exercises! We talked about lots of things and body parts like quads, hamstrings, calves and strength training.

I then had to put 20% of my body weight in my rucksack then squat, and then on one leg. It was very hard.

After my England Zoom, I went to the beach and met up with a few of my lovely school friends. The first time I’ve seen them since school closed in March. It was so nice. The afternoon was hot and sunny and it was fantastic to be in the sea!

Friday 31st July.
Mum and I ran to Falcons this morning with Dash. It was such a beautiful morning, but hot! I was sweaty.
We trained outside 9.30am then went in the gym for a couple of hours. I had a good session. I did my flic tuck on high beam with mats. ☺

Saturday – day off
Sunday – I ran to gym with Mum and Bella. In the gym we did 10-11.30am of conditioning and stretching.

Monday. I ran to the gym with Mum again. It was really nice. Training 9.45am-12.45pm. Guess what I did! Flic tucks on the high beam with only two mats underneath.
Tues 4 August. It was my day off, but my family and I went coasteering along the rocks at Hele Bay. I jumped off rocks that were soooo high. It was scary and a real challenge. But I did it! It was fun.
Weds – Ran to gym with Mum for training 10am-1pm
Thurs – We did our programme at home today.
Friday – I ran to gym with Mum and Bella. In the gym I did double backs on track! But I felt sick when I was on bars. It was really hot outside and I think I overheated, so I went home slightly early.

Saturday – day off so we went for a family countryside picnic.

Sunday – It was my first four hour session 12-4pm. It was a really good session for me. ☺ I did my free walkover on beam, my forward giants on bars were better and some other skills. It was a very hot and sunny day. I felt good and I’m happy to be doing gymnastics skills again. I didn’t have any real fear today.

Mon 10 Aug 9.15am-1.15pm. We didn’t run to gym today as I thought my legs would not make the programme otherwise!
Ouch. I crashed on my flic mount on beam. I was really sad. I head butted the beam with my face and scrapped my nose and cut my lip and now I have a big swollen nose. It also bled. After that I didn’t go upside down but iced it. Hopefully I’ll look better in a day or two!
Tues – off. I had a really sore nose. It was so bruised. I wasn’t sure if I’d broken it. 😔
Weds off
Thursday – I couldn’t go to gym as my nose was still swollen and the pressure hurt when I went upside down. I was worried about hurting it too. It was upsetting.

It was another England Squad Zoom session today. 5-6.30pm. We were learning about nutrition and fueling our athletic bodies. It was interesting and a lot of information to understand. We actually cooked something too! Homemade chicken bites! Yummy. I think I realised that actually I eat really well already, and have the right foods.

Fri 14 August. 9.30am-12.30pm. I was happy to go to gym today, and it was a really really good day back for me! Yay!!! I didn’t feel scared. It was a good day on all the pieces. My nose was still a bit bruised but much better.
My giant fulls on bars were good. ☺
After gym we went to Croyde to stay by the sea in the caravan for a week. Yay! 🌊 I would still need to go to gym, but could come back to the caravan after.
Sat day off – It was time for fun on the water slide, in the rain!
Sun 10am -2pm
Mon 9.15am-1.15pm I was tired to start with but I got better!
Tues 18th August – day off from gym. I did a morning 4 mile run round the coast path with my family. It was great!

It was then a beach day with my family! It was sunny and hot. We did sea swimming, bodyboarding, had a fire and cooked s’mores. Then we went back to the beach and sea for more, and a BBQ til sunset. It was a busy day! Three beaches and lots of exercise in one day. It was exhausting but so much fun.
Weds day off. Rain. 😔
Thurs 12.30-4.30pm. A really good session for me in the gym ☺
Bars – I did three lots of the second half of my routine ☺I did Jeager preps.
Floor – I did three double tucks to land on a mat in the pit to level. ☺ I did some two and half twists to level mats.

Beam – my free walkover on the beam was better
Vault – I did some yerchenko open tuck turn onto mat in the pit.
Overall it was a good day on each piece. I’m feeling happy. I feel I am getting back slowly and carefully.
Sat off. A nice day to meet up with my friends. ☺
Sun 12-5. Arghh I am so tired. It was my first five hours session since coming back to the gym. My legs really ache.
My relations took me to gym today as my Mum was dancing for a filming day and Dad was working. I listened to some new floor music today, that might be mine!

Mon I felt really sad today. My gym friend decided that she wanted to leave gym. I’ll really miss her, but I understand. My body was really achy. I was also scared about doing something in gym and not having the pit available to do it in. 😔
Tues 25 August. 9.15am -1.45pm I felt happier today and I talked things through with Kelly and with Mum. I tried on our new competition leotard. It’s gorgeous!
Weds – we are still at Croyde caravanning. It was our surfing day and my day off from gym.
Thursday – Things didn’t really go right today. I just needed to say ‘oh well, never mind. Tomorrow is another day’.
I got my new Falcons competition leotard today! It’s beautiful and very sparkly!

Fri 9.30am-1pm A good day on all my pieces today! Whoop! ‘Tomorrow’ was another day!!!

We have managed to get all my medals up on the wall at home now, which is really nice. I feel proud.

These last five weeks since starting gym, I’ve kept fit by running (to gym or on my days off! 😂) , board boarding in the sea, kayaking, coasteering (jumping off big rocks into the sea) and cycling too. All with members of my wonderful family. 😍
Sat – Day off – We had such a lovely walk today.
Sunday 30 August 12-5pm, 5 hours of training. It was a good day. ☺
Bank hol Monday. A day off gym today, so I went for a 8 mile cycle ride to keep my cardio up, and to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors with my family. We met up with some more family and had a yummy BBQ. ☺ 🚴

Tues 4-8.30pm. My first night time training for months! It felt so weird.
There were other gymnasts starting and finishing at my times. It was dark when we came out. I was hot in the gym today. It was an OK session, I was a bit tired at the end.
Weds Day Off – we went kayaking again.

Thurs 5-9pm
Fri 12-4 Training with Kelly on my own
Sat day off
Sun 12-5. A GREAT day in the gym! I did on Vault for the first time a yercheko straight to a mat in the pit and on track a straight front double twist. Yay!!!
Back to school next week. Think I’m going to get very tired! I can’t wait to see my friends.

Week 1 back at school – September 7-13th. I went back to school after 5 and a half months! Trying to cope with school and my gymnastics training has been tiring but ok. I am still building up my gym hours, but I managed 21 hours in the gym this week, as well as school so I’m pleased. Friday was my half day at school and half day in the gym this week. It’s been good at school and good in the gym. Mum and Dad have supported me and always bring me hot food to eat in the car after training late at night! I’m always in need of some food!

I just hope that we are able to continue as the coronavirus is still worrying. Let’s all hope that everyone can stay safe and still do the things we love to do. From tomorrow though, we are not allowed by law to meet up as a group of more than six. I’ll miss seeing all my family. We will just need to speak on the phone and over Zoom.

Monday 14 September. I had tummy ache this morning. It was so hot during the day as it was 28 degrees in the afternoon. My tummy ache got better but then I had a bit of a headache. I needed to wear a crop top and shorts for my four hours of training tonight.

I had a bump on beam tonight. Ooh I have a sore graze on my thigh from a jump that didn’t quite go right.

Yesterday we had conditioning testing in the gym. I did really really well! I was amazed at the score I got! Maybe all my hard working during lockdown and the summer in the gym helped?

Tuesday 4-8.30pm. It was a good session (my leg has a big bruise!) and my bars went well.

Thank you for reading my blog and supporting me.

Fliss x

Lockdown as an elite gymnast during weeks 8-18. Now after 4 months it’s back to the gym!

Hello. It’s been eleven weeks since my last blog and now a total of 18 weeks in lockdown! I can’t really believe it. During this time I have done so much running, cycling and hours and hours of conditioning every day, daily challenges and lots of online school work. I’ve been so busy everyday. I feel fit and strong, and so excited to be getting back in the gym to do ACTUAL gymnastics after four months. But I need to take it slowly as I don’t want an injury and I think it might be a bit difficult and take time to get my skills back. I think the beam with look very high! I will stay positive and motivated. ☺

During four months of lockdown I have:

Cycled 170 miles 🚴, Run 150 miles 🏃, done about 90 daily challenges, held a Handstand Hold (without moving) on camera for 2 mins and completed 10 Straddle Levers (without coming down) on camera 💪. I am proud of what I have achieved in this strange time.

I have made a poster collage of my memories during lockdown.

I have four key words – Patience, Determination, Positivity and Family.

Here’s some of my activities and thoughts during the last eleven weeks of lockdown.

Week 8

Weds 13th May. The Government eased lockdown a bit, and so now we can drive to the beach. Yay!

My sister and I learnt the routine set by Nicole artistry, the Quatro dance, in our garden, which was fun to do together. It took us about an hour.

One of my daily challenges was leg holds on the bar, which I did for almost 1 min.

My Dad through work entered into a ballot and we won some special tickets to go to a picnic in the garden at Buckingham Palace, but because of the coronavirus it was cancelled. It was such a shame. I might have met the Queen!

More cardio! Run, run, run…

Week 9

I am starting to get a bit fed up as the coronavirus situation seems to be getting worse and I want to get out of this. ‘I’m a gymnast get me out of here!’ I don’t want time off gymnastics. It’s frustrating and going on so long. I don’t want it to be like this until Christmas.

Mon 18th May – my sister Bella’s birthday. We went to the beach!

Weds. I did such a fun daily challenge today! My Dad and I made up a pairs routine dance, and my sister helped too. It made me laugh so much 😂. It is good! ♥

Another daily challenge this week was one at a time calf raisers over a step. I did 108. Ouch, it killed.

I had some zoom sessions with my gym friends.

I am learning to skateboard! It’s really good for my balance and it’s exciting and fun.

Week 10 – Half Term

Monday was bank holiday and it was very sunny and hot, so we went to the beach for tea and a swim. My daily challenge was squat trusts leg lifts and chins.

Tuesday. Today the challenge was to create perspective gym photos. This was cool.

This week we have cycled in the countryside a lot! I am so glad that I get to do this with all my family.

My sister and I are logging all our runs for the Devon School Games (Virtual School Games) and we want to reach at least 40 miles in 4 weeks. Because of our ages, Bella would get a Gold certificate and I would get a Bronze. I am doing hours of hard conditioning too, so I don’t need to run any more than that!!!

Saturday. It was a gorgeous day today and we got up really early and went to the beach with our breakfast and lunch. It was so quiet and the sea was really blue and calm. We went in the sea and played games, and it was so nice.

Today I was finding my challenges really hard. I have a target to reach but I am frustrated as I can’t beat my score. I just can’t do it at the moment. I need to try again tomorrow.

Sunday. I tried again with my handstand hold and managed 1min 57s. That’s not bad! I find that I need to count the time in my head and not look at the timer as it gives me something to do and think about in order to pass the time. 😂

Week 11

The postman came and I received a certificate in the post! It was such a surprise. Thank you Falcons. ‘ Cardio Queen’

I had to create a poem all about gymnastics. I quite liked doing this. Here’s me speaking my poem.

I was feeling a bit sick one day this week, but I still did my daily challenge!

Saturday 6th June – This afternoon my Mum, my sister and I did some ballet together. It was really nice. We learnt Nicolesartistry’s challenge routine. Nicole posted our routine on her Instagram.

I also did some yoga balances with my sister.

Each weekend I am doing conditioning testing and trying to beat my point scores each week if I can. I am challenging myself to try to!

The testing involves straddle levers, handstand hold, sit ups, chin ups, leg dips, upper body and lower body and leg lifts. The bars we made in the garden are so useful!

Week 12

Every week I am taking a picture of my splits and all my leaps, to see if I can improve.

My knees are a bit sore, as I think my quads are tight. I need some massage! Mum will massage me, and I have also bought a massage gun, which is really useful to keep my body well.

For one of the daily challenges I had to hold a handstand on the floor bar. I did 10s. Another challenge was tuck lifts.

Another was handstand walks in the room. I walked for over 1 minute.

I think it’s going to be a bit scary back in the gym trying to get my skills again. I know it’s important to do conditioning but I want to do more than conditioning now. I want my gymnastics skills. I want to get the feelings that I used to feel doing them again! I want to see my friends. I miss hugs. I just have to keep myself busy doing fitness and making up lots of dance routines. At least my family can give me big hugs.

I have so much school work to do. Sometimes I am working late at night to get it all done. I always finish everything I am set as my education is very important to me.

Sunday. To cheer me up we went on another really long family countryside cycle ride, which was really really great. We even bought some yummy strawberries along the way. They were perfect. I LOVE strawberries. I would have strawberries instead of sweets!

Week 13

The #DevonVirtualGames running event has finished now. Bella and I completed 40 miles of running in 4 weeks. I got a bronze certificate.

It was my brother’s birthday on Tuesday, so we had a fun day.

I achieved my 10 straddle levers on camera again! Yay! Whoop whoop.

One daily challenge was to get from my knees to a pistol squat. It was hard!

On Thursday 18 June, I joined in with a dance workshop on Zoom with Danuisa Francis. She represents Jamaica at international gymnastic competitions.

Afterwards I taught the routine to my sister.

This week I did some more acro skills on the low beam and did my flic tucks, free walkovers and free cartwheels. I was really pleased. I met up with my gym friends in their garden and we created a conditioning exercise to music.

On Sunday we did a crazy 11 mile family bike ride. The hills were so steep! It was tough work! We saw some ash trees like this one. Mum told me about the Ash die back disease that is killing ash trees. It’s sad. We got back home really late.

Week 14

The weather has been so hot, 30 degrees, but we still keep running and cycling!

Saturday was International Handstand Day. Here are two of the photos that professional photographer Jim Wileman took of me during lockdown. We did socially distance!

The conditioning testing is getting so difficult to beat my scores now, but I keep trying!

I am getting a bit bored of online school work now and not being in the gym.

One of the daily challenges was as many tuck backs in 30s.

Week 15, 29 June -5 July

My photo and a short article about me is in DevonLife magazine! The editor phoned us up and Jim Wileman took some photos. It was good fun doing the photoshoot outside. I had to be brave and balance high up on wobbling logs.

Jim took lots of pictures. Here are a few more.

Three of my daily challenges were ‘d’ roll (I nearly did it!) and frog hold.

Another challenge combination was this. It was too wet and slippery outside so I had to make something inside!

I did my handstand hold for 2 minutes. Yes! It is not the best I have ever done (that is 2 mins 20 secs) but this makes me happy as it’s good.

I felt my conditioning testing went better this weekend. I felt stronger and quicker.

We have been painting and sorting out things at home. Mum found an old diary of mine that I wrote during the summer holidays in 2012. It was so amazing to find this page…31 August 2012, the day the new Falcons gym opened. I was 5 years old! I loved seeing this. Oh my days, I actually look cute! haha.

Week 16

I held my arms out with weights as long as I could for a challenge this week. It killed but I managed over 5 minutes. 💪

It was rainy on Wednesday, so we took gymnastics photos in the garden in the rain for the daily challenge. Here are a couple.

Thursday – Oh my days! The Government announced that gyms could reopen on 25th July!!!! Yay!!! I feel so happy to be going back into the gym. I am a bit nervous, and it will feel different and weird, but it is going to be so great.

I did planks in abnormal places.

Sat 11 July. I met up with my gym friends on the beach and we exercised and had fun. It was one of the best days.

Sadly there has been the news in the media about abuse and cruel treatments of gymnasts by coaches. There are many famous gymnasts that have come forward about physical and mental abuse. British Gymnastics are going to get an independent review. It is upsetting and sad that this has happened.

Week 17

The Final Countdown (I really like that song! da da da da, da da da da da) to the gym reopening on 25th July. There are zoom sessions and things for us to know and to do before we can go back in. We all have to be prepared.

I did more of my acro skills on the low beam again this week – free cartwheel, free walkover, flic tuck. It felt scary but I did them again!

More long cycle rides and runs as normal! Bella did some more conditioning training with me.

Sunday – I had so much school work to do today. I can’t wait for school to finish on Tuesday. It took me 4 hours, then I could go and run as my reward! So, I went to say ‘hello’ to the outside of my Falcons gym. ☺

Week 18

For school we had to complete a really long review of lockdown for all the subjects. It was an evaluation of the whole term. I had to try and think of everything we’d done, what I had completed well and what topics were tricky. I also had to say how I’d found my lockdown experience and what I’d achieved or learnt.

I did more flic tucks, free cartwheels and free walkovers on the low beam. Hooray!

On Thursday I had an 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ENGLAND WAG SQUAD Zoom Training Session. It was about Motivation and the person taking the session was a Psychologist from the English Institute of Sport. I think I am already really motivated but we talked about several concepts. We are going to have several other England sessions. It was good to be involved and to see gymnasts and coaches.

On Friday I played outdoor games with a few of my gym friends, and it was so nice to feel a bit more like normal.

I have been getting my gym kit ready to return to Falcons, cleaning it and sorting it and putting it in my new bag.

I’ve been thinking about songs I’ve listened to over this lockdown. I loved the Queen song, ‘Flash’, that Dad and I danced to. It was so funny. But I think the song that reminds me of the whole of lockdown the most is ‘Blinding Lights’ by the Weeknd. It was been on ALL the time, and we’ve done conditioning to it, dances to it, cooked with it on!

We watched a TV programme about Britain’s Best Olympics Moments, as it should have been the Toyko 2020 Olympics. It was so inspiring to see these athletes, and their dreams come true. When I was watching it there were other sports that really interested me and inspired me so much – rowing and athletics.

Never lose sight of your dreams. I never will.

Thank you for reading my blog, and supporting me on my gymnastics journey. (I am going to go to gym tomorrow!!!)

Fliss x

Me, an elite gymnast 🤸‍♂️ , during weeks 4-8 of lockdown 2020 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Hello. It’s been another five weeks of isolation. Actually it’s gone quite quickly! I am keeping myself very busy and as fit and conditioned as I can and eating well and taking care of my body so that hopefully I will be strong and ready when I get back in the gym. I really like getting outside to exercise with my family and seeing the countryside where I live as it helps my mind to keep positive too!

Here’s my blog.

Week 4 in isolation due to the coronavirus 13 April – 19 April

Easter Monday – the daily challenge today was calf raise hold. That is standing on my tip toes for as long as possible without moving. It was crazy. I did not move for 42 minutes!!! I was really determined to keep going and keep going. My tea even went cold as I was still holding my challenge! I really needed to stretch out after and have a bath and massage my calf muscles after that.

Other challenges I’ve done this week.

V sits

Leg dips

Mushroom hold

I’m also doing lots of conditioning programs everyday to keep strong and toned.Thursday 16th April – I should have been competing at the British Championships in Liverpool today as a second year espoir in the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Espoir category. I was really ready to compete and wish I could have. It’s what I have been aiming towards for a year. But we all need to do the right thing and stay at home. We will be able to compete again one day. 🤞Here’s some photos from last year. It was such a big experience. ☺


Here’s my floor routine from last year, 2019.

You can read my blog from last year’s British Championships if you’d like to.

Friday 17th April. It was #Handstanduptocorona today. We all took part! 😂


Saturday. I wasn’t feeling well today, I had a headache and tummy ache. 😔

Sunday. A great 9 miles of cycling. We then came home and watched the live stream of the recorded British Championships Senior Finals from last year. My sister and I and some friends were on TV in the audience! Here’s one picture. ☺


On the radio, the song that makes me think of the British Champs, my song, came on, ‘I am a giant’. This makes me smile ☺.I am now kind of getting used to this new routine now, but it makes me a bit worried that I will find it hard to get back into my old one! I am working really hard at home with all my fitness and my school work. I hope I am doing enough to keep on top of everything.

Week 5 in isolation 20 April – 26 April

This week we had some great hilly countryside family cycle rides.

Some of my daily challenges were:

Handstand walks to press ups

Squat down star jumps

Learning a Nicole artistry beam dance routineStanding on one leg with our eyes closed!Recreating a dance pose from a famous gymnast. I chose Alice Kinsella, who I think is Amazing! 😍


Saturday 25th April – it’s my birthday today. Yay!!! I am 13 years old. 🎂 🎉


I had this lovely post by Britishgymnewstics. Thank you!

I had my day all planned. We had zoom chats with my family and played lots of outdoor games with Mum, Dad, Jack and Bella – cricket, badminton, dancing etc. We also had chocolate cake and pavlova with blueberries and raspberries. My cousin Emily gave me this fantastic painting of me!!! It’s like the actual photo of me from the British Championships last year. I think it is so wonderful.



I had a great birthday and received so many lovely cards. Here are some of my gym cards.


Sunday 26th April – WOW! I was picked as the winner for the beam competition set by nicoleartistry and riowear leotards. I can’t believe it. I won something! I won a Riowear leotard. I feel so lucky.

Week 6 in isolation 27 April – 1 May

These weeks are going fast. I am still running or cycling nearly everyday 🏃🚲 , dancing and doing choreography and doing so much conditioning.I am still also doing daily fitness challenges. Some of these were:

Squat star jumps

Longest handstand without moving my hands. I did 2 mins 3s.

Chin changes

I received my leotard from Riowear and Nicoleartistry. Thank you so much! I love my red Union jack leotard.

My family made this silly video in the rain. It was just meant to be a bit of fun and make people smile!!! 😂 My brother did well videoing us.

Week 7 in isolation 4 May – 10 May

I have been running with my family. We usually do 4 miles. If I don’t go for a run, then we go cycling. It is really important that I keep my cardio up.


I am still doing daily challenges and also conditioning with my friends on video calls most days or with my sister at home.Pike lever circles 5

Press ups – today my brother and Dad joined in with me! 💪 🎉 😂

Sit ups

I made a vision board.


It was so lovely to see some of the other little Falcons gymnasts’s vision boards. I think it is amazing that some of these little gymnasts look up to me! ♥ That is so so special. I will try and keep being as good as I can be and hopefully inspire them.

I have so much school work to do online! My days are always full with school work for hours, gym work for hours and outdoor activities. Every day I make a plan for my day.My whole family go on many long cycle ride adventures in the countryside. Sometimes we go 8 miles, other times we go 15 miles or 16 miles. They are so much fun, even the hills! The other day we crossed rivers and walked our bikes over the railway line (on the tracks!) and then saw the train! We only saw a few people and cars on the whole trip.Look at this fun photo up closely. Can you spot something or someone?!




My family and I play lots of outdoor games – cricket, badminton, trampolining.My straddle leaps have improved this week.

My sister and I have also been doing some fitness demonstration videos for my Mum’s work, beaford. This has been fun.


We are now going into week 8 of lockdown. I can’t believe it! I miss doing all my gymnastics skills, but I don’t want to go back until it is safe and it’s the right thing to do. I don’t want the coronavirus to spread, and I don’t want me or my family or friends to be ill and really poorly. We all just have to keep working out really hard at home 💪 and stay happy, positive and safe.

Week 8 of lockdown due to coronavirus

Monday 11 May – Another great 4 mile run!

I have been working really hard on my cardio, conditioning and flexibility. I need to do all round fitness as an elite gymnast!I have to keep working on my splits.

My sister and I help ease our muscles in the hot tub. ♥ We have seen lots of lovely sunsets and I feel hopeful.


Wednesday 13th May – Today the government agreed that people could go back to work if they couldn’t work from home, and drive to beaches and parks. I think our beaches might be really busy. I don’t want to go there yet.My sister and I learnt the Nicoleartistry quatrogymnastics dance workout routine in an hour today.

Thursday 14th May – My school drama homework is about creating a Docu-drama, and I am basing mine on the current crisis. We have to write a diary for a week to help with research for the play. This blog is my homework! Yay!Some of my other daily challenges this week have beenThe 10-1 challenge

Leg lift hold

Today my friends and I did conditioning dressed in 80s costume!

The challenge was really hard and I tried and tried all day to do it, it made me laugh so much. I nearly got there!

Thank you for reading my blog and supporting me. I hope you are staying well and getting outside in the sun and being active too!

Fliss x