Quatro Comp, Upgrades, and Devon Trophy.

Hello. Here’s my new blog. I am trying to push forward each and every day. ☺

Fri 5 Oct 2018 9.30am – 4.30pm I’m tired and teary. I had a chat with Kelly and Mum together after gym. I really need to believe in myself. I know I can do it. It’s just been an emotional time in gym this week. Some days are bad days, and I need to accept this but always be positive. Tomorrow is another day. ☺

Sat 12-5 pm A better day.

Sunday. A day off. I had to make my number for the Quatro comp. My number is 416 and it’s Super Heroes theme!

Mon 8 Oct. It was a really good day in the gym. I put some tubular bandages on my wrists and had them under my hand guards. It helped a bit. My rips weren’t as sore. I did 8 vaults to feet and I did 3 clean bar routines.

Tues 4-8.30pm A good day!

Weds 4-8pm My double twists were good on track today so we put them into my floor routine tumble. ☺

Thurs. Day off. My club mate Adam is competing in the Youth Olympics in Argentina, with coach Mike. He was absolutely amazing. He came 5th all around, in the world!

Fri 10am – 4.30pm. Another good day for me.

Sat. I ran through my routines from 1pm – 2.30pm. It was good. I had a few corrections. I know what I need to do. Jess did my plaits on my hair for me! Thank you Jess. Mum and I drove to Melksham, 2 and a half hours away. We stayed in a hotel. I had to do my homework, while watching Strictly! 😂 The life of a gymnast! Haha We watched the live stream of Adam competing in his finals in 🇦🇷!

Sunday. We got to the Wiltshire School of Gymnastics at 8.30am. I registered and started the warm up at 9.10am. I met my friend Madi. It seemed to take ages to do the warm up before competing. How many minutes do we need to stretch?! I met up with many of my national and past GB friends. 😍

Beam. I was first up on the first piece! I managed a clean routine.



Floor next. I put my double twist in for the first time. ☺ Kelly said afterwards that I didn’t get my value for my change half as I didn’t quite get all the way round. I will do next time 😂 Mum’s video isn’t that great. I think she was feeling the nerves! 😂



Vault. I wasn’t feeling it. So Kelly and I decide not to do my big vault. I didn’t do my yurchenko pike turn, I just did my yurchenko flic as I didn’t want to hurt myself. I need to do national finals in 3 weeks time. I just did 2 safe vaults.




Bars. I’m not that pleased with bars. I can do better, BUT it was clean. I didn’t hit my handstands and I took steps on my landing. I can do better!


A clean comp…I am happy. I know what I need to do and what to train hard in the gym to do. I came 5th against some amazing national gymnasts.


Mon. 4-8pm Berni from BC photographic was in the gym all week. He gave me one of my photos from my Compulsory Level 2 National comp back in May. I like this.


Hmm. I cut my knee tonight. 😔 I don’t know when I did it really. It was on my giant full on bars. It bled a little and I looked at it and cried. Oh my days. Yukky blood. It hurts tonight. It’s only small but it is quite deep I think. Hope I can walk better tomorrow.

We watched the Youth Olympics live feed at 10pm and saw Adam do his Pbars final. He was brilliant! We saw Mike on the screen too. They were both amazing.


Tues 4-8.30pm I had to try and do 10 vaults tonight. My yurchenko pike turn. I did some really good ones, but I also got frustrated as a few weren’t quite good enough, so they didn’t count! Grrr.

Berni took photos of us in our competition leotards. We did lots of poses and ones on the beam. We got out of doing conditioning! 😂 ☺

Weds. At my school year 7 assembly we were talking about aspiration. A video of Simone Biles was played. They didn’t tell us who it was. I put my hand up to say who! She’s my gym idol, but they didn’t pick me! What?! But I’m a gymnast, I know 😂

Training 4-8pm We had a few more group photos with our comp leotards on, squad photos. Guess what I did tonight?! My straight front straight front full on floor. Yay it’s coming!


Thurs. A day off. I broke up from school for half term today.

Fri 9.30 – 4.30pm. Kelly has a bad back 😔 I worked so hard today. 😰 I had more photos taken by Berni!

Sat 12-4pm We finished an hour early! ☺

Sun. Hooray! A Sunday with no comp. I can relax!

Mon 3 – 8pm. I have no school this week. My vaults were good today. ☺ I had to do as many clean beam routines as I could in 30 mins. I did 11. I think that was good!

Tues. Devon Squad training at Falcons today. 10am-2.30pm. I finished all my programme today. ☺ I was surprised to receive a big trophy! All the Devon coaches voted for me to be GYMNAST OF THE YEAR! 🏆 I think it’s because after my major head injury last year I have done really well to get back to being an elite gymnast and passing my compulsory level 2 and fighting hard. I was so excited to show my family!



Weds 2 – 8pm. I got a Halloween sweet for my 11 routines yesterday, and one other sweet for vault. ☺

Thurs. Day off!

Fri 26 October 2018. Today I found out when I’ll be competing next weekend at the National Finals in Guildford. Level 2 is on Sat, last round. There are 36 others in my level.

Training 1-6pm

Guess what?! I beat my score. I did 13 beam routines in 30mins today. 🤪 I got another Halloween sweet,plus an extra one.  😂

It was a great session. I feel I am really ready for my big comp next week.

I even did this today. I’m feeling hopeful for my future.




Thank you for following my progress, and supporting me and reading my blogs!

Fliss x



Colds and Comps. My South West Level 2 Age Groups

Hello. Here’s my diary blog from the last few weeks, and my comp videos. ☺

Monday 17 Sept. Kelly was feeling ill today so Mike watched us. Ryan spotted us on bars. I did 5 yurchenko pike turn to comp mats!!!

Tues 4-8.30pm. Ummm I fell on bars and landed on the hard floor on my bum. I’ve got a nice bruise 😱 and it’s sore. It’s my left side again! I put ice on it.

Weds 4-8pm Oh my days I’ve grazed all down the back of my left thigh. I came off on my flic tuck on beam. My poor left leg!!! I have bruises on my bum, thigh, knee and my shin is still pretty bad. I think my left leg thinks that I don’t like it 😂 Kelly and I had to laugh about it. 😂 Otherwise it was a very good day. ☺

Thurs. Day off

Fri Arghh I am full of cold. I am not feeling that good. I trained 9.30am til 2pm. I finished early as I wasn’t feeling that well. I need my sofa and some hot drinks and some Calpol!

Sat 12-4pm. I am still not feeling that well with my cold. We finished one hour early. I still had to do 3 clean bar routines, 3 clean beam routines, 2 clean floor routines and vault. But on vault I fell on my face every time. 😳 I got the trophy for conditioning queen this week.

Sun day off. I was still feeling not well and tired.

Mon I was feeling really sick at school this afternoon. I tried to do gym but I just wasn’t feeling well at all. I went home. I’m not sure if I will be well enough for my competition on Sunday. 😔

Tues 4-8.30 I feel a bit better today. I did 5 vaults to higher than competition mats. I thought I would land on my head, but I landed on my feet. ☺

Weds 4-8pm I’m still not really well, but I’m better. I’m having some tonic to try and boost me back to being me!

Thurs day off

Fri I feel better, I just have a bit of a runny nose. I’m not sure if I’ll be ready for the comp. I might not be able to do it as I haven’t been well and haven’t done enough routines. I think that we won’t be going.

Training 9.30am – 4.30pm, my gym day! It’s tough on my own, I really have to work hard. I had a good session. Kelly and I decided that my beam and floor would be good enough to compete on Sunday. I want to do this. My wrists are bleeding from my blisters though. It’s more sudacrem on them tonight. I even had to go bed with socks on my hands 😂

Sat 12-3.30pm. I did my vault and bars routines today, and Kelly and Mike said that they think I am strong enough to compete all 4 pieces tomorrow! That’s amazing! Mike said he was proud of me, and that I should be proud of myself too. My vault was really good today. I am going to believe in myself and go and compete my new routines for the first time. Kelly did my hair ready for tomorrow, I’ve got two plaits across the top this time!

My wrists and hands have lots of sudacrem haha.



Sunday. It’s comp day. South West Age Groups Level 2 for me. I am excited. I want to go out there and smash it, and do my best and enjoy it. Mum, Dad, Bella and I left at 8am and drove 2 and half hours to Melksham to the Wiltshire School of Gymnastics. We watched a bit of the first round before it was my round. My Falcons squad friends Emily and Lauren were competing at the same time in a different section to me. I saw some other gym friends there.

First was vault. I did one really good vault. I really went for it. ☺



My second one was 😱 I landed on my head 😱 I can’t put the video on my blog as it is too scary! I cried a bit and sat still until I felt OK again.


I then had bars to do! 🤪 I managed to do a great routine! I need to put my giant full in soon.



Then it was beam. Which was great. I went clean. ☺

Unfortunately my Dad’s camera batteries died, so the first video is very short! 😂 The other video is my Mum’s phone recording which is far away. Maybe you can zoom in?



Floor was last. I did my new floor routine with new music from La la Land for the first time. It was good. I think I can make my landings even better though.


I am so proud of myself today. I competed all four pieces and did lots of new skills.

I came 1st on Bars and 1st on Floor. So I’m the South West Level 2 in age Champion on Bars and Floor. ☺ ☺ ☺ 2nd on beam and 3rd on vault. I came 2nd all around AA. My scores were.

Vault 1,11.650

Vault 2, 0

Vault Final 5.825


Beam, 11.750

Floor, 11.850

Total 41.275

The vault when I went on my head was zero points so my average score was only half. That’s why my total score is low.

It was good to compete, and I had some laughs with my friends. My next comp is the Quatro Cup here in two weeks time, then the National Finals in Guilford in November.

It was a long day but I’m very happy!


Mon 4-8pm Mike said I was very brave yesterday and that I’m a superstar! ☺

My poor wrists are really ripped. Ouch.


Even more sudacream tonight. I need a life time supply! 😂

Tues 4-8.30pm Training as normal as I’ve got another competition in 2 weeks time.

Weds 4-8pm. It was bad session as I was really tired. Hooray, I can rest tomorrow. I will then be feeling positive and have energy again.

Bye for now. Thanks for reading and watching me.

Fliss x







Trying to get competition ready and a flashback video of me doing gym at 7 years old!

Hello. I am trying hard to get into routines and preparing for my Level 2 Voluntary age group competitions. It’s sweaty times in the gym 😂 and I’ve had some bumps along the way but I’m getting closer.

Sunday 19 August. My ankle on the side is a bit sore today, so I’ve been icing it.

Mon 20 August. 4 – 8pm. ‘Believe in yourself and you will get far.’ This is what I believe. I have looked and chosen my new winning leotard! I can’t wait for it to come. I worked really hard. Even Kelly said we all did ☺ I managed the fastest time for run laps around the gym. How many do you think? We also did jumps over the beam. I did lots. I caught the side of my leg though. Ouch. I will get a big bruise. I did half my beam routine with only one mat under. I can nearly do all my skills for my new routines apart from vault. I need to work on that.

Simone Biles competed at the USA gymnastics comp yesterday for the first time since the Olympics! She is my total idol – the best in the world. She beat everyone on every piece and got over 1 mark more all around. That is unbelievable. I cannot get my head around it. It is ridiculously good.

Tues 1-7.30pm. I worked super hard today. It was really tough conditioning. I was sweating so much. I took more of my tumbles onto floor today ☺ That feels good. We all got our competition leotards. They are so sparkly and look amazing!

I worked so hard and was hot and sweaty. It was tough. My calf feels a bit tight, so I need massage and lots of stretching.

Weds. I was feeling poorly, so I couldn’t go to gym

Thursday. Day off

Fri 1-7.30pm my new leotard had arrived. It is gorgeous. I love it. It’s beautiful from Little Stars.


It was a good session. I wore my heel X brace for floor and beam as my foot was a bit sore from all the tumbles I am doing on floor now. There is a lot more pounding, and more impact and force.

Sat 12-5pm normal

Sunday. Day off.

Mon 27 August 2018. Bank Holiday. Day off and family time! Lots of fun activities, plus massaging my leg and ankle 😂

Tues 1-7.30pm I fell on my face twice! Doh. I was doing my front somi roundoff flic full twist on floor. I bent my knees so I landed on my face. I know what I need to do next time. I did do five giant fulls over pit on bars in a row though. Tomorrow will be better! Hopefully I won’t land on my face.

Weds only 11.30am -2pm (I had to go to the dentist first!) It was a great session. I didn’t fall on my face. 😂 I did on vault Yurchenko pike turn onto two mats. I worked hard on floor and bars. It was hard conditioning.

Kelly took all of my group to the Aquapark for our special treat for working hard. It was so much fun.


Thursday. Day off. I had more beach fun with my old Diamonds! These all my gym friends that were in my gym squad called Diamonds but who have left now. I miss them. I am the only one that still does gym. Unfortunately one other friend couldn’t come but I’ll see her soon. My sister Bella came along too.


Fri 31st August 1-7.30pm. I had a good first session I did 2 clean routines on bars completely on my own with the double tuck dismount over pit onto mats. I was doing my new beam dismount today and my arms really hurt from bruises. I realised that it’s September tomorrow. But I have a comp in September 😱 .. Oh my days! I’m not ready yet. But I then thought, I do have a lot of training sessions left. I’ll keep pushing on. My ankle seems to be better. I hope wearing the brace and Mum massaging my legs every night with the special cream is helping.

Sat 12-5 pm I bruised my leg trying to mount the beam, doh!

Sunday 2 September. No day off for me! South West Squad Training all day 10am – 4pm, at Falcons. At least I could have a bit of a lie in as I didn’t need to get in the car at 6.30am like I had to do before! Lannah was with me from Falcons today too. We had a guest coach today. Nicole Wooder she helped with dance and leaps. I think she is a very good choreographer. It was hard work. It was great to see my friends from other South West clubs, especially Madi.

It was a good day.. I worked very hard and my skills were quite good. I am proud of myself because I won an award for my dance and leaps from the special coach! ☺

Monday 3 September 2018. The Tour of Britain. I watched the crazy fast cyclists!

Gym 4-8pm. I ran 34 laps round the gym in 10mins. I think I worked very hard. I am determined to be the best I can be. Competitions are coming! I need to put the effort in. I did my 100 jumps over the beam after the run and my session was good.

Tues 4-8.30pm. My bars are coming together I think. I did 4 clean bars routines over the pit today with Kelly stood on the other side of the gym. I feel good about that. I think my bars may be my best piece, beam next, floor next, vault last. But my vault is getting a bit better.

New school tomorrow!!! I am so excited! The only thing I’m scared about is whether I can get any lunch! 😂 It is all paid for using my thumb (Mum and Dad have put money on online) What if it doesn’t work? I need food! I am having to think about a new routine of how I am getting to school and gym after school.

Weds 5 September 2018. New school day! Then gym 4-8pm.

Thurs. Day off

Friday. My first full gym day with Kelly, and no school. Hope I can cope on my own. I feel I need to be perfect all the time, but realise that that’s not possible. I’ll work hard and train my best. I think the aim is to try my bars routine over hard, finger 🤞 9.30am – 4.30pm (7 hours!)

I sent this message to Mum at lunch.

‘Hi mum had a good first session did my three clean routines over hard on bars I am so happy! see you soon’

I survived on my own for 7 hrs! 😂 We did lots of vault then went straight to floor.

Sat. My sister is making up special things for our names. For FLISS she says I’m, Fabulously Likeable Incredibly Super Sentational! I like that idea ☺ I hope so!

It’s strange but now I’m at my new school, my tutor and teachers are calling me Flick. I quite like this too! My new friends might call me this too 😂 It’s making me feel like a new beginning for my new school life. I still like my other names too! I’ll always be Fliss and Felicity and Fizz!

Sunday off

Monday 10 Sept 4-8pm. A good session. On my way to gym tonight I found a really old and rusty one penny coin on the ground. I picked it up. Hope that brings some luck. 🍀

Tues 11 September 2018. Lorna who used to coach me found an old video of me when I was 7 years old, August 2014, which is 4 years ago. She sent me the video of me doing my very first round off flic! I can’t believe it. Oh my days, I’m really small! I have learnt so much in 4 years. I’m doing such big skills now! Thanks Lorna for sending this to me.



I also found this photo of me 4 years ago in the gym.


4-8pm training. I was tired after school but then had to start the session doing as many laps as I could in 10 mins around the gym then 100 jumps over the high beam again. I was very red and sweaty, but I was determined to do better than my last time. I was very focused.

Weds 4-8 opps a little bump on beam today doing my flic tuck, ouch, but otherwise good!

Thursday. Day off

Friday. No school today, it’s my GYM DAY! My favourite place, and that’s what I told my new Geography teacher 😂 Training seven hours, 9.30am -4.30pm with Kelly. It was a very good day. My bars were good, and I stuck one of my double tuck dismounts.

Watch this. I am there behind the mat 😂 I just need to add my giant full into it over hard now. I’m getting there.


My beam was good, my floor was better and my vault was better. I’m tired but happy. A nice chilled out time on the sofa and in bed when I got home.

I wrote on my white board to inspire me when I wake up, ‘Olympics 2024 here we come. Gym is a dream. You can do it. Always believe in yourself. Good luck in your amazing day ahead of you. Be the best you can be.’

Sat 12-5pm. I had some bumps and knocks today. My shin has a big bump and graze from bars and I had some tears. BUT I really wanted to try my yurchenko pike turn to competition mats today, as I really need to work on my vault. I did 3 out of 5 (the other two I wiped out and landed on my face 😱 ) but I did 3! That was good! You always have to be positive, and in it to win it. ☺

Yay it’s my weekend.

I made it through the week! I made it through a whole week of school and whole week of gym. ☺ Day off tomorrow.

Two weeks until my first competition…I’m counting down the days on my calendar and getting focused and will try my best.

Thank you for reading and supporting me.

Fliss x


Meeting famous gymnasts, the amazing European Championships and summer training camps!

Hello again. Here’s my next blog. It’s been a busy and amazing few weeks. I’ve met and watched some incredible gymnasts.

Monday 23 July.  4-8pm opps I had a bit of a bump on beam today. It was not too bad, but I did graze my side and the top of my leg.

Tues. It was the school beach trip. Mum picked me up from the beach to go to gym training at 1pm but I was very sandy! I needed to brush myself down. My gym finished at 7.15pm and then we had my gym friend who is leaving this country, slip and slide water party outside! I received a lovely donation of some money from some family friends towards my Florida competition saving pot for February. I’m going to give them a signed gym picture of me to say thank you, and that is so kind of them. Maybe I could give this to anybody else who wants to donate to my America saving pot too?

Weds. It was my Year 6 leavers assembly, then gym 4-8pm.

Thursday 26 July. I left Primary School today!!!! It was our fun Aquapark party with all my year 6 friends, and a few mums.

Fri 1-7pm I did a double twist backwards on floor!!! And I am so close to be doing straight front straight front full on floor as well. ☺ I came home with a trophy tonight.

Sat. Day off. I went to watch Bella in her Madagascar musical, which was funny. I then packed my bag ready for tomorrow’s gym camp!

Sunday. Devon Squad Camp Day 1 in our gym. We played games and had to dress up and arrive in Harry Potter costumes. It was good to see my other friends from other clubs.
I won the most stamps today for new skills and hard work, and got a prize.

I did something great, my double tuck off bars over hard!!!! Yay! Watch this. 

We camped out overnight in the gym!

Monday 30 July. Devon Camp Day 2. Today we had to dress up in an 80s costume. I won a prize for my costume 😉 Unfortunately I did a face plant today. I’ve got a sore nose and lip. It was tiring and Mum said I was grumpy! I needed to have some food and rest! But I have to train tomorrow! I’m tired. It was fun at Devon camp.

Tues 10am – 2pm

I received a wonderful present from my family in the post. It was a photo collage of some action shots of me in competitions this year taken by Berni of BC Photographic. Thank you! I really like the ones of me upside down doing a straight front and a straight back.



Weds. Day off!

Thurs. 10am – 4pm A camp at Falcons gym with John Pirrie. It was really good. He came to train us in December last year. He is very experienced as a coach.

I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT TOMORROW. Mum, Dad, Bella and me fly up to Glasgow to watch the Women’s European Gymnastics. We booked our tickets over a year ago, and now it it here! Hooray.

Friday 3 August. It’s time! On my days, I am going to go to GLASGOW to watch the best European gymnasts!!!! We went on the plane from Bristol to Glasgow. I haven’t been on a plane since I was 3 years old.


Our hotel was about 30 minutes walk away from the gymnastics place. We had lots of Croatians and Ireland swimmers in our hotel. We couldn’t get a table to eat in the Italian restaurant next door because it was booked for 80 swimmers! 😂

Sat 4 August. We walked along the river and saw some fantastic art on buildings. I really liked this one.


As we were walking we saw a lady smiling at us. When she got close to us we could see she was the lady on the TV that presents the sport on BBC TV. Mum and Dad said her name is Claire Balding. We were so surprised and didn’t manage to get a photo or stop her and say hello!

The gymnastics was in the SSE Hydro. We bought T shirts and some gifts from the shop trailer outside before we went inside. It was so big! I saw my friend from Exeter gym there too. I was with her at Devon camp but didn’t know she was going to be at Glasgow too!



We watched the Senior Women’s Team Finals. The top 8 teams from Europe. It was AMAZING!




Our GB girls worked really hard and their vaults were brilliant as they were under so much pressure. They got enough total marks to come 4th. Well done GB! It was so exciting to watch. The Russians were really great and came 1st.


I can already do a few of the skills that I saw today.  That makes me feel hopeful that one day I might be in this arena. It must be quite scary as you have to come out onto the big stage with all the lights on and photos behind and loud music and people saying all the gymnasts names.

We bumped into Coral from Falcons! She was there as a volunteer helping the judges. It was really nice to see her and a surprise.


I saw the teams from Russia and France too. Corine Devillard and Juliette Bossu from France signed my Falcons shirt.



We were lucky and we met Beth Tweddle! She was lovely and we talked about my training and about being in GB squad last year and my major head trauma accident. I want to be a GB gymnast again. She said she would remember my name. ☺


We walked back along the river Clyde.





We went to George Square where the TV studio and Festival stage was set up.



Sunday 5th August







I just had to do some handstand walking going into the Hydro building, and some held handstands!

We watched the Woman’s Junior Apparatus Finals and the Senior Apparatus Finals all day. Amelie and Halle were in the Junior, and Kelly and Georgia Mae in the Senior. They were all FANTASTIC. Amelie won lots of medals. We were shouting  and clapping really loudly.


A girl from Belgium in the Seniors called Nina Derwael did a fantastic bars routine and became champion, and on beam she did triple spins crouched down with one leg out! Wow!

I got autographs from all the amazing GB girls except Kelly Simm. I missed seeing her. 😔 I saw Taeja James, Lucy Stanhope, Georgia Mae Fenton and Alice Kinsella. The GB senior girls were BRILLIANT!



I was really shy when I met Alice! She is my GB gym idol and my friend, and we send each other messages, but it was the first time I had ever actually met her face to face. I loved seeing her. She motivates me and inspires me. Her spins on the beam were WOW! I liked her floor too. She is very good all around.


One gymnast did a backward roll to handstand from sitting on the beam. How did she do that? I think my favourite routine from the whole competition was by Sanne Wevers from the Netherlands on beam. It was really really beautiful and she controlled everything. Her spins were great too. My mouth was open while I was watching, Mum said! She won GOLD.

I liked the CATs floor routine by Celina Van Gerner from The Netherlands. Her leo and make up was even like a cat!

Angelina Melnikova from Russia is an incredible gymnast. She signed my T shirt. The girl from Sweden in the apparatus finals signed too. I think her name was Jessica Castles.




At the end of the day it was time to fly home.

This was funny at the airport!


On the aeroplane back home we realised that we were sat behind the coaches that I know from Wiltshire and The Academy. It was really funny. The Wiltshire coach took a selfie with me and sent it to Kelly! It was very late at night.

Glasgow was amazing! I am so inspired. I want to be the best gymnast that I can be and I’m excited to get back in the gym at home. I think I can be a great gymnast if I train hard.

It’s our family holiday now in the caravan in Cornwall. I do want a holiday too! I have got some conditioning to do. Kelly has sent me a plan!


We watched lots of the Euros on TV every day. The athletics was great. Adam and coach Mike from Falcons were in Glasgow and Adam competed for the Men’s GB Gymnastics Junior team. The team won a SILVER MEDAL. It is AMAZING! We all wished we were still there to watch. Well done Adam. I am proud of my club friend. The GB Men’s Senior team were incredible too.

Monday 13 August 4-8pm. Back to training! I got there really early as I wanted to start back. It was hard conditioning. I am tired. But we did the raffle ticket draw (a raffle ticket is put in the jar everytime we do a new skill) to win a leotard. I won!!! I won 2 years ago and my sister won last year. We must have some luck! My brother won a leotard draw at Falcons once too. I feel very lucky, and I can’t wait to choose. What shall I get?

Tues 14 Aug 1 – 7.30pm. Arghh I am SO achy today. I thought I would be but arghh. 😂 It was another hard conditioning day! I was so hot and sweaty. I was happy that I did on track front somi round off flic full twist. ☺ I am having to get back into routines again now as it will be competitions in 6 weeks time. I did 10 bars routines with spot, but my wrists are ripped now. Ouch. I have big bits of skin coming off. I put on loads of Sudacrem just before I went to sleep. That was satisfying.

Weds 15 August. I am so tired and stiff! 4-8pm. I made it through to the end, but I did miss the springboard on vault today 😳 😱 😂

Thurs. Day off. (Ikea trip to get a new comfy bed so I can get the best sleep!)

Fri 1-7.30pm. I was scared going into gym today about my vault. I had a talk to Kelly. But it was a good day! I did some basics on vault, roundoffs and roundoff flic to get me to feel better and confident again.

I am looking forward to more good days in the gym.

Thank you for reading and helping me.

Fliss x ☺



Moving on, making new plans and thinking about food!

Hello! It’s been a month since my last blog. Quite a lot of things have happened in the gym, and I leave my primary school this week, so I am looking ahead to starting a new secondary school and a new gym training plan!

Mon 25 June. 4-8pm. A normal session in the gym. It was Pacs again tonight. I like them. ☺

I think athletes should have lots of fruit. Every night after training I make myself a fruit salad after I’ve had my hot tea. I think it’s important. I want to be a GREAT athlete.  Pineapple, strawberries, banana, grapes, raspberries, nectarines. Lots of summery yummy things! It was very hot in the gym tonight!



Tues. 2-4.45pm. Mum is away working for 3 days. 😔 I took the bus to gym with my school at lunchtime. I only had to train until 4.45pm! I then went to my year 6 parents eve at my new school with Dad, to find out my new tutor! It was a hot and sweaty training tonight, and very hot weather outside!

Weds 4-8pm I needed a crop top and shorts again! We did stretching in the sun outside on the grass. That was nice. ☺

Thurs. Day off

Fri 4-8pm It was a sad day. My best friend in the gym, Kayleigh, has decided to leave gym. She wants to try new things, and do lots of activities at our new school in September. I am finding it hard. I cried at training tonight. Kayleigh and I have always been together. It feels weird. I am the last Diamond now. It’s like part of me is missing. 😔 I will still see her at our new school but I will miss her so much in the gym. Good luck Kayleigh!

Sat 12-5pm It feels odd without my friend. I’m not really sure how I feel.

It was a good day. (It was an easy day!) I did on the low beam one free walkover, free cartwheel to stick!!!

We had water guns outside on the grass after training! It was so much fun and so hot.

To cool off even more I went to the sea with my family!


Mon 4-8pm

Tues 1-7.15pm I am so close to landing a straight double twist.  🤞

Weds 4-8pm

Thurs. Day off

Fri 1-7 pm Mum, Kelly and I had a chat about things and about pushing forward and getting to where I want to be. I want to reach for my dreams. I trained on my own for the afternoon. It was hard work, and I was tired at 7pm. The weather is still hot and sunny! We heard some amazing news today. My gym friend Adam and coach Mike have been selected for the Junior GB team at the European Gymnastics competition in Glasgow. Well done! My family and I are going to watch the women’s finals there in August, and I can’t wait! I hope I get to meet the GB girls, especially my friend Alice Kinsella. It’s really exciting.

Sat 12-5pm. I did a free cartwheel flic on the low beam today! I am trying new connections.

It was our fun Holywell Rocks festival in the fields at school! After gym I met up with my friends and my cousins.

Mon 4-8pm I did on vault, yurchenko pike turn into pit with two mats. I’m getting there!

Tues 2-7.15pm. Today was good. It was just a normal training day. ☺ No new skills.

Weds 4-8pm It was the World Cup semi final England versus Croatia. We watched part of it in the gym! Instead of conditioning! 😂

Thurs. Day off

Fri 1-7 pm It’s Friday 13th!!! arhhh I hope it’s not a bad day at gym. It was a good day! Hooray. Three times I did free cartwheel then flic on the high beam! Yay.

Kelly told me today that she knows the English comp date for next year. It’s at the start of March, that means I could have 4 competitions in 6 weeks! And one of those is in Florida so I might be tired 🤪 . (Compulsory Level 1, Florida, English Champs and fingers crossed that I make it to The British. ) Oh my days, well at least they are all together, so I can then come off routines and have time off and try out new skills. 😂 It’s going to cost a lot of money to enter the comps and stay in hotels plus the ✈ and everything else for Florida! We need to start putting money in a pot!

Sat 12-5pm then beach time and a sleepover with my great friends near the seaside! 🌊

Sun. Day off

Mon 16th July. I like to write new messages to myself to wake up to each morning. Today it was


4-8pm But it was a bad day at school today. I was crying after school, but I came in to train at gym. I did my yurchenko pike turn to three mats in pit. Kelly said that this is competition height. I am happy with that!!! ☺

I watched Gymstars on TV and part of it was filmed in our gym! I saw boys I know at the gym and some coaches and parents 😂

Tues 1-7.15pm. I was a bit tired today, so Kelly thought I should be careful! We didn’t do beam. But we did finish my floor routine!!! It was fun. I can’t wait to do it more. My routine is very sunny ☀

Mum and Kelly have been talking to my new school head of house about my gym training and when I will be able to come out of school to train, when I start in September. Mum says that the school is being really helpful and that they want to support me all they can. I think I might have to make some sacrifices at school. There might be some subjects that I can’t do. I know that my education is important and I want to do really well, but I want to be the BEST gymnast that I can too. I want to be the best version of me. I will fit my homework in somehow around school and my 25 hours a week of gym. I believe I can.

My report from school was really good. I am working at the expected level for my age and I got all As for excellent effort in every subject. I feel proud of myself. ☺

Weds 4-8 hmm lift to gym problems! 😂 It was a good day. I am doing my flic tucks on high beam more consistently now with just one grey mat.


Thurs off. Relaxing in the garden 📸 in the sun. Ah.


Fri 1-7pm. I had to give in my food likes and dislikes to Mike for our Florida trip. I wrote lots of things down for likes. I like looks of different meats, potatoes and rice and vegetables. I need lots of fruit! An apple a day keeps the doctor away. 😂 The only things I don’t like are prawns and coleslaw 😂 In the afternoon I trained on my own with Kelly. Guess what I did? On my own over pit without Kelly next to me I did my giant full (full turn) giant. I am happy with that!

I came home from gym and I found my school leavers book. It was so much fun looking at all the old and new photos and laughing! There are lots of questions to fill in about my friends. I need to write lots of memories – trophies, medals and awards I’ve won. It’s a place to say all my achievements. One question asks which of my friends is most likely to win an Olympic medal…I think that is me! I want it to be me! I am determined to make it me! It also asks what job I want to do when I am older. I said a GB gym coach, that would be incredible!


Sat 12-5. A good session, and I did another new skill. I did my split mount on the beam. ☺



We also had a fun time on the trampoline playing stick it! 🎉 ☺

Sun. A day off and some fun time with my friend. I only have 4 days left of primary school, then my new adventures begin.

Thank you for reading and helping me on my journey.

Fliss x

Gym is good!

Hello again. Here is my new blog. It’s been a great few weeks for me! I’ve done lots of new things. ☺

Fri 8 June. 1-7 Guess what I did today! A double twist!!! Whoo hoo!

Sat 9 June 12-5pm.

Sun 10 June Day off.

Mon 11th June 4-8pm. It was a hot day! We did some running outside and then we had trampoline time! We managed to get away without doing conditioning 😉 . Guess what I did! Yurchenko pike turn on vault. Yes!

After training we all had a meeting to talk about our Florida trip and the comp when we are there in February 2019. Mike is going to book our villa! There are only 8 months to wait! We need to save lots of money to pay for the trip but it will be amazing! I am so excited.

Tues 12th June 1-7.15pm It was only me in the afternoon! I started my new floor routine with Kelly. Yay! I’m excited. It was really fun and I love it so far. I think it will be incredible. ☺ Today I did my double tuck off bars onto mat into the pit. I’m working on it! 😉

Weds 13th June. During the day it was the Arlington cross country small schools comp. I am so happy as I finished the 1.5 mile race as the 1st year 6 girl. 🎉 I feel proud of myself. ☺

Gym 4-8pm. I tried my new comp leotard on today at the gym. It’s costing us lots of money but looks fantastic! The sparkles really sparkle!

Thurs. Day off

Fri 15 June. It was Oceanfest day. Dad came with me and school to Croyde beach. We did beach games with other schools all day. I did well at beach flags! Kelly gave us the day off gym, as she was away.

Sat 1-4pm Ryan coached us today. Thanks Ryan!

Sunday. Day off. It was Jack’s party. We went to the Aquapark again! I did the crazy monkey bars and went ALL the way to the end and didn’t fall in the water ☺ Dad did it too! 💪

Mon 4-8pm Kelly was back ☺. I tried doing Pacs on bars today! 👏 It was so much fun. I had to try on our new comp leotards again as I needed to make sure that we order the right size. It needs to last 2 years! I think I need the next size up! We had Junior Life skills on a school trip today. We talked about drinking and understanding alcohol. We had to wear ‘drunk goggles’ and then try and walk in a straight line to get to our pretend home. It was funny. I could walk in a straight line! I was one of the only ones that could. Mum said to me that it’s because I’m used to my world spinning or being upside down because of gym! Haha. That might be right! 🤔

Tues 2 – 7.15pm. I came in on the coach with school, as my other school friends were having a school PE gym session at the gym. It was a GREAT bars day for me today! I did a double tuck off the bar over pit but with high mats in. Whoo hoo! I needed to do a little dance 😉 🎉

My giant full was good today. Ryan was spotting me. ☺  

Weds 4-8pm (after The Mix school trip, and me playing the violin! I really want to learn how to play it. )

Thurs day off

Fri 1-7pm. It was a really really good day! I did off the beam – round off full twist, and I stuck it three times 🎉

I did on bars – giant full on my own. Oh yeah, oh yeah! 🕺 It was GREAT! Kelly was there but didn’t touch me. I really liked Kelly’s face 😂 ☺ I did 5 good ones.


I told Mum and Dad about my new skills today and Mum said it sounded like FIZZ FRIDAY! Mum told me that some bars have special Fizz Fridays 😂 🥂

I did some double tucks (round off flic double tucks) on track into pit. It was quite good. One was very funny though, as I did my round off and flic but I thought I was supposed to do my double tuck straight away so I missed my feet from my flic and did a tuck back into the pit. 😂

I was given the Gymnast of the Weeks trophy tonight. 🏆 ☺

Sat 12-5pm. My arms were aching from conditioning yesterday. It was just a normal kind of gym day for me today, nothing really special happened today.

It was International Handstand Day today, so I got my family to do some handstand comps! Here’s one photo of me.


The last 2 weeks have been fantastic and I feel I am really moving forward. I want to keep doing this! I will keep working hard. ☀

Thanks again for reading my blog.

Bye for now.

Fliss x

One year has passed. Now looking forward to my future, and doing new skills!

Hello! Here’s my new blog.

Monday 14 May It’s SATS week! BUT I get a night off gym as it’s the day after the compulsory comp! I just want to chill.

I’m feeling a bit weird tonight. I think I’m a bit anxious about tomorrow. It will be the day I had my gym accident last year. I’m feeling a bit scared and strange. I am also scared about wearing a new leo like last time too. It’s a really strange feeling. Mum and I had a chat before bedtime. She said that it was a freak accident and that it’s normal to feel like this on the evening before the date that is stuck in my mind.

I hope gym can be a happy place tomorrow and that I can stop thinking about my accident.

Tues 15th May

I am scared. One year ago I had my accident. It’s playing on my mind and bringing memories back.

Mum feels a bit strange today too. A bit uncomfortable. I never want to go through that again. I feel agitated today. I just need to get through today then everything can be put behind us and I can move on and be just me.

Mum met me at gym at lunchtime. I think she just wanted to make sure we were both OK! Mum was feeling a bit strange too today. I think we want today to be over and to feel like we can be normal.

I had LOTS of fun in the gym. Lots of new skills! Kelly and my friends made it fun. ☺

Weds 4-8 pm. I was a bit tired and yawning, but I did lots of new skills. We had free time. No routines. Yay! We had to do some conditioning too but also played volleyball.

Thurs off

Fri 1-4.45pm I finished early and then watched Bella’s dance show! I hurt my chest today at gym. I think I winded myself.

I did another new skill today though.

Sat. 12-5pm I had a sore chest – it felt bruised.

Sun. I was up at 6am. At 6.50am we met Kelly, Katie and Kayleigh and Kelly drove us to Melksham! It was South West Squad. I did a new skill and saw my friends. (scroll across)

We got back at 6.30pm. I was tired and had a very bruised thigh – I fell on my beam change leg! Ouch.

We had Amy Tinkler’s coach, named Ross Falsetta, coaching us today. It was great! We were lucky to have him with us.


I am soooooo tired. My leg is killing too. My bruise is as big as the side of my thigh! I couldn’t train today. 

Tues 1-7.15pm. I did my level 2 beam and floor routines for prep for Gymstars.  Yay!

🤔 I SO want to create a new move that one day is named after me, like the ‘Fliss off’ or something. That would be so cool and a big dream! 🤔 ☺

Wed 4-8 It was a really hot day, but we still had to do really hard conditioning! I did many flic mounts onto the beam. My arms underneath are bruised!

Thurs. Ah a day off. ☺ I need this!
Fri 1-7pm Kelly asked to see my bruises. She says it’s like dot to dot! 😂 (Kelly has some fractured toes 😔. ) I needed to do a few more flic mounts on the beam, so bruises on bruises!

Ryan coached us for a bit which was nice.

Half term!

Sat 12-5 pm. Here is a video of my vault today. ☺



Sunday. Day off! Bella’s party!

Mon. Bank Holiday but we were still training! 🤪 10-2pm. Then it was beach and family time and a few gymnastics things while I was there!


Tues 10-4pm training then friends time and sleepover!

Weds 10-2pm. After gym it was pamper time – hair and make up with my best friend – a late birthday treat for us and a well done for completing SATS.

Then I went to Exeter to watch Flashdance the musical! There was loads of dancing and acro skills -‘What a feeling!’ ‘Maniac!’ One of the girls in the show looked like my gym friend Alice Kinsella – I thought it was her. 😂 It was a late night with Mum and Bella. So much fun!

Thurs day off! Family time. Beach time!

For the weekend Gymstars comp I’ve only got routines for two pieces, but it will be good to try them out in a competition.

I’ve been thinking about my goals now for the start of next year – in 9 months.

I need to work towards me taking my Compulsory Level 1 at Lilleshall National Sports centre in February . Hopefully I’ll pass and then I get to compete at the huge British Championships in March in Liverpool! This would be ACE! (Plus I hope we’ll have the Falcons gym comp trip to Florida in between!) It is crazy, but exciting.

Fri 1-7pm. I have a bit of a bruised top of my foot and ankle. It was quite good training. I got the conditioning queen trophy! 🏆

Sat 1-4pm We did just a run through of our routines and Kelly did our hair. It’s the Gymstars  comp tomorrow at Falcons. I’m only competing  2 pieces as I haven’t quite got my vault yet and I hit the bar with both bars in. I have grown and I need to learn how to straddle the bar.

Sunday 3 June 20198.  It’s the Gymstars comp at Falcons. It was sooooo hot in the gym. Argggg. Hot outside and lots of people inside. I competed my two Level 2 apparatus routines. There were some older girls in my level comp.

On beam I came 3rd, and on floor I came 4th. I competed a few new skills – my free cartwheel on beam and one and half twist on floor. My free cartwheel was good and I didn’t land on my bum doing my new tumble on floor! I also got a special prize for my spinning The Greatest Showman themed 195 number 😂 🎉 Can you spot me in it?




My competitions are over for a few months now so I can go on to learning more new skills! 👍 I can’t wait to learn a new floor routine to my new music too. ☺

Monday 4th June 4-8pm I did this new beam mount tonight.



Thanks for reading and helping me on my way.

Fliss. X



Friday 11 May 2018

Falcons posted this on Instagram.

Saturday 12 May 2018

I had to do a run through of my routines in the gym 10am -11.30am with Mike today, then Dad, Mum and I drove up to Stoke on Trent. We were trying to find out how my club mate Lannah did in her competition today. She was brilliant. The South West team got 🥇.

We stayed in a hotel and chilled out watching Britain’s Got Talent and Eurovision. 😂

Sun 13 May 2018

Compulsory Level 2 National Finals Competition Day!

It was an early start! We had breakfast at 6.30am, and the I got ready.


We drove to Fenton Manor Sports Complex. I felt excited.


We met Kayleigh and Kelly and my other South West friend Madi.

After the registration and our general warm up and apparatus warm up it was competition march on time, and competition time.


Beam was first.

I had one little wobble (😂 !) but I kept going, the rest was good.

Warning – if you watch this video that Dad took, I fell on my triple flics 😔 ( I managed to get them right once in the warm up. 🤪)


I felt good. I winked when I was in one of my poses! 😂 😂 😂


I was happy with range, but my back roll blind could have been better, if I’m honest.


I was really proud of my vault. My second vault, the handspring one was the best I’ve done I think. I had good consistency for both my vaults.



I was proud of my bars but I could have got my first upstart handstand better, and then 1 mark wouldn’t have been taken off 😉



Here are my results which are put online on Gymdata so people can read the results while we are competing.

2018 BG Compulsory L4321
Fenton Manor
Event Dates:

12/05/2018 – 13/05/2018

Felicity Ayres
Club: Falcons Gym Academy
L2InAge Results:
Vault 1:12.500
Vault 2:12.050

To pass you need to get 55 marks. YAY! I PASSED!!!!! I know I still have work to do to improve and that things weren’t perfect today, but I PASSED and that’s all I really needed to do! I can move forwards to Compulsory Level 1 and do really big girl gymnastics, as Kelly says. I am so pleased. I think Kelly is very pleased too. Thank you so much Kelly for coaching me and getting me ready for this comp. 🎉


Out of 43 gymnasts competing in this national championships I came 26th All Around. ☺

My friend Kayleigh from Falcons did really really well and passed too. I am so happy that we could go round together. My friend Madi was also brilliant and passed.


I bought a new leotard from Quatro while I was there. Now I need to get my nails done, like I was promised. 😂

While I was there we met the awesome Max Whitlock MBE and Amy Tinkler. Amy signed my certificate, and Max signed my number! 😍



It’s a long drive home to Devon, 4 hours so I’m writing my blog in the car. 😂 Mum will add my videos for me. 

Tomorrow I start my Year 6 SATS week arhhhh!!! I hope I’m not too tired. 😴

BYE BYE for now,

It’s been a great day!

Fliss x

National Finals are here – never give up on your dreams.

My Compulsory Level 2 National Finals are so close! I’ve actually got myself ready to be able to compete in time, I can’t believe it. Here’s my diary over the last few weeks. It’s been a difficult time but I’ve tried so hard and I’m feeling good now. ☺

Week 1

Monday 4-8pm. I trained quite well.

Tues 1-7.15pm. My heel was really hurting today. I couldn’t do lots of skills and pieces. I cried quite a lot. It was a really bad day.

Weds 4-8pm I was scared to go in to train as my heel really hurt. Mum and I chatted to Kelly and I put a wrist band on my foot to help and Kelly said we’d have an easier day. I ran on the fast track, didn’t do vault, had a soft mat on beam for my leaps. I didn’t do my dismount on beam, and didn’t do tumbles on the floor. All the other work including conditioning I did. Bars was good. Range was good. Mum stayed and watched for 4 hours to support me. She said my bars were great, my range looked beautiful and my beam was looking good.

I had lots of massage and ice when I got home .

Thurs day off. Mum ordered an ankle support heel cushion for me. We put ice on and massaged. I tried to relax and enjoy some sunshine after school.

Fri 1-7 pm I was a bit anxious. I wore my new ankle strap heel cup thing. It felt weird but it was very soft on my heel. I did everything today!

I also did these skills – Flic tuck on red floor beam, flic mounts with spot with Kelly. Toe on to handstand, so circle jump off on bars. Yay!

Sat 12-5pm it went OK today, and I was thinking about my sleepover with my best friend tonight for our early birthday treat.

Sun day off. Mine and my best friend Libby’s picnic party!

Week 2

Mon 4-8pm I was feeling a bit anxious and had to be brave. I thought my heel would really hurt. I wore my heel cup thing again. It does help me. Kelly said I had a good session tonight. I think I did too. ☺ I’m going to wear my trainers all the time when I’m at school (my teacher said I could) and at home to help my sore heel for a few weeks.

Tues 1-7.15pm I felt OK today. Training went well. My heel was still a bit sore. My vault was better than yesterday, beam felt really good. Guess what I did?! A giant full with slight spot from Ryan on bars! I put my sandwich pack lunch ice pack on my heel at break! I put ice on when I got home.

It’s my birthday tomorrow!!!!

Weds 4-8pm I AM 11 TODAY!


It was a really bad day for me at school. I got upset. Gym made me smile. It was a good session and I wore my new leotard! We had cakes! YUM.

Thursday day off

Fri 1-7pm. I wore my new xbrace on my foot instead of my heel cup. ( I think I’ve had a growth spirt which is why my heel might be hurting.) It slipped off my heel a bit but some tape held it on. It felt better and I had a good session. Kelly said I really attacked my vault, and it went really well. I’m feeling positive. 💪
Sat 1.45- 4pm. We did a run through of our comp routines and then Kelly did our hair. I pinged off bars 😔 It didn’t hurt but it was a bit scary.

Sun – Competition day. We left at 9.30am and dropped off Jack and Dasher at Grandma and Pa’s on the way. It took 2 and half hours to get to Melksham. While I was chilling in the car in the car park there, a bird pooped on the car. It went everywhere! I was so glad that I wasn’t getting out of the car at the time in my Falcons comp kit 😂 Round 3. This was just a control comp for my level, but it was a proper comp day for everyone else. I felt a bit strange. I kept saying what am I doing here?! It was my first competition for nearly a year, due to my accident.

We did vault first. My first Yurchenko (I know how to spell it now!) vault was good. My second handspring wasn’t amazing but OK.

Bars next

This was my best piece. I think I executed it well.


Grrr. I fell on my third flic of my triple flic sequence. Ouch, it was quite a big fall. I hit my thigh and my head on the beam. I had to get back on and finish and fight back my tears.


It was quite good but I just had a few mishaps, which meant I sat or put my hand down on the floor a couple of times. I don’t know why I tried to do a one and half twist instead of just one (full) twist?!!


This was really good.

I came 3rd, Kayleigh 2nd and Madi 1st.

My score would have been high enough to pass if it was a real comp, even with my three falls. So I am hopeful. 🙏


Week 3

Mon 30th April

I’ve got a big bruise! Kelly and I chatted about my scores and each piece and how I did and how I can improve more. When we talked about my floor we just laughed. We just don’t know where my extra half twist came from!!! 😂  Also, Kelly thought I was tired so just wanted to sit on the floor 😂
Taylor told us at the end of training that it was her last training day ever! She’s decided to stop doing gymnastics. Her body is hurting. It was very sad. I think it is the best decision for her though as she wants to be a doctor and needs to focus on that – she can’t really do all the gym training and all that she wants to do in her life now. I will really miss her. It is going to feel so weird.

Tues 1-7.15pm. A good training day. I’ve got a bit of a cough and snivels though.

After gym I watched the new Cbbc series Gym stars and saw my mate Madi on TV!

Weds 4-8pm A good training session. I did a flic tuck on the red beam! We finished off watching Simone Biles’ Courage to Soar film story. It was really great! She is a big inspiration to me. I want to be like her. This is a journey I am on.


Thurs day off. I need it! 😴

Fri 1-4.30pm. I wasn’t feeling that great, so Kelly said I could go home and have an early night. I have a bit of a cold and I’m tired. I’d done all my competition routines. My beam didn’t go so well. I fell and added another bruise to my other really really big one from the comp.

Sat 12-5 I feel better today and slept til 8.30am! I am pleased with training today. My routines were good. ☺

Sunday day off

Week 4

Monday 6th May. It’s Bank Holiday but we still need to train 10-12.45pm as it’s national finals on Sunday! There were only 3 of us training in the gym today! I got through my programme and it was a good session.

Tues 1-7.15pm. A good day in the gym.

Weds 4-8pm.

Thurs day off.

EAT, SLEEP, TRAIN GYMNASTICS! Never give up on your dreams.

Fri. I need to train 1pm to 5pm today (I’m going to wear my ‘Diamonds are Forever’ leotard.) It’s the big weekend! National COMPULSORY FINALS. My Falcons club mates Lannah and  Kayleigh will be there too. I am feeling nervous / excited. I want to be there! Let’s do this! I’m going to aim to do just what I do in training, and focus on that magic pass mark, that’s what I need. I’ve asked Mum, if I do well, if I can have a new leotard and my nails done! Marble effect! This morning we’ve been listening to the song ‘Chandelier’ by Sia. Mum and I love it. It’s a great song to motivate me. ‘I am going to swing from the Chandelier! I’mgonna fly like a bird through the night’.

I am ready to go. ☺ 💪

Thanks for reading and supporting me.

Fliss x


Training, Control Comps, Commonwealth Games and surprise Award for me!

It’s been 4 weeks since my last blog. Here’s how my training’s been going. I think I’ve made lots of progress and everyday matters as I get closer to completing. 🙏 I just want to keep fit and healthy and be able to perform my skills as well as I can.

Monday 19 March 4-8pm. An OK day.

Tues 1-7.15pm. Kelly marked my bars, and beam. I need to get at least 11 marks on each piece to pass my compulsory level 2 at nationals. I still have a little way to go, but I think it can be done. 👍

Weds 4-8pm. It was good today. I did some clean bars routines.

Thursday. Day off! I watched the World Cup on TV. My friend Alice Kinsella was amazing! She got a bronze all around (AA) medal! Poor Amy got injured though.

Friday 1- 5.45pm IT WAS A WOW DAY for me. One to put in my memories. I did my Level 2 compulsory bar routine over hard floor on the same bars that I had my major head injury on. I did it twice! I am so excited and proud. 😍

It was an early finish as we have a long long day tomorrow, travelling two hours to Melksham, training for 5hrs then travelling home.

I messaged my friend Alice Kinsella to say a big well done. She is awesome! I told her about my bars and what a big day it was for me today.

I heard tonight sad news that Amy Tinkler has a bad ankle injury and can’t go to the Commonwealth Games. Get better soon Amy. Who will replace her I wonder?

Sat 12.15pm -10.40pm. I went with Taylor and Lannah and Kelly to Melksham to train today as our gym was closed for the schools comp. It took 2hrs and 30 mins to get there, and we trained 3-8pm. It was a long day, but good to try some other equipment. It was a harder day than I thought. 😂

Sunday, rest day. Hooray! It was sunny!

Monday. Argggg I am so tired and I have a sore throat and headache. I don’t feel that good. I tried really hard to find the strength to go to gym 4-8pm. I was not feeling brilliant, but my training went quite well. I did all my level 2 routines on all the apparatus over hard today. I am pleased.

Kelly, Mum and I had a chat afterwards. Kelly said I should be so proud of myself, as where I have got to is outstanding. She said that it would take a year to get me back to being at the same level as I was before my accident, but I have achieved being ready to be entered into the next level (Level 2) at the right age even before it’s been a year since my accident. Mum and Dad said it’s incredible, and are so proud of me. We all thought it was going to be a hugely big challenge, but not impossible! I was aiming for the comp in October, but I am ready to be entered now. I just need to stay calm and not get annoyed if things aren’t perfect, but just do my best. The national comp is in May. I know I can do it. I want to do it. I am just aiming to pass, not worry about where I come.

Tues. I have a sore throat, headache and a cold coming and my heel is sore. I tried to go to training, but I only managed 1pm-4pm. Kelly said to go home, relax and get better. ☺

Weds  I was not well 😔 no training.

Thursday. I had the option to go in for an extra session but I needed another day off training to get better. We finished school for the Easter holidays.

Friday. Good Friday. 10-4pm, 7 hrs! We kind of did a control comp. I had a few slight mistakes/slips in practice but when I had to show, I did OK. I think I managed over the pass mark so I’m feeling positive. I can do this. I just need to keep working hard and doing more of the same. I really hope I can.

Sat 10-2pm. It was the last training before Easter! I got a bruise on my thigh from yesterday’s beam slip. It was only our squad in the gym! We did an Easter egg hunt, and some games. It was fun! I did preps on vault and our programme on bars and beam. We had a fun time after. I did the ‘worm’ dance move on the high beam 😂. It was time to go and have fun with my school friends afterwards. I was so happy that I could join in a sleepover tonight. I can’t always go along, due to all my gym training. I have to sacrifice quite a lot of things. My school friends are just brilliant and I really wanted to go!

Sun. Easter Sunday. Day off!

Mon. Day off!

Tues 3 April 10-4pm. I did 5 out of 6 clean bar routines.  Then I did some fwd fwd tops. Kelly said that if I was feeling clever that I could try some toe ons on wood. My toe ons were quite good, but for the last one I didn’t quite get to handstand and my shoulders were over the bar and my hands came off, my legs bounced off the bar and I kind of did a front somi and landed in the pit. Grrr.

At home, I had to try on my comp leotard to see if it still fitted. It was so tight! I haven’t worn it for nearly 1 year and I’ve grown a lot!

Weds 10-4pm. I put my comp leotard on to show Kelly and did a few quick moves in it. I think I will be OK in it for my next comps in the next two months. It does feel like it is sprayed on! Today was good. 5/5 routines on bars, beam routines were much better than yesterday, Kelly said my floor was good, vault wasn’t that bad. My knee wasn’t as sore as I thought it might be today.

Thurs 10-4pm

Friday 10-4 pm. There were some incredible performances by the boys at the  Commonwealth gymnastics in Australia. Well done!

Sat – I did a few hours extra yesterday so I was allowed to have a day off so I could go away with loads of family friends. Yippee.

The Commonwealth gymnastics was amazing! I watched the individual girls all around online. Kelly and Alice were fantastic. I am so happy for my friend Alice – she was fantastic and got the bronze medal!

It was the FALCONS Gymnastics Academy’s awards night tonight. I had to miss it, which was a shame, but we were on holiday with our friends.

Sun. There were more amazing Commonwealth English medals today!

Monday 9 April

I watched the Commonwealth gymnastics again as I didn’t have training until the afternoon. There were many more medals for England! Well done! Nile Wilson is incredible. My heart was going fast for Alice Kinsella though. Wow. She won Gold on the beam! Amazing!!! I sent my friend a message straight away! I really hope I am as good as her one day. She is inspiring me. I’ll keep training hard.

3-8pm gym. Quite a good day for me. Bars, floor, beam good, vault not the best. My friends were talking about our awards night on Saturday. They had a nice time. I thought my two rips on my pinkie finger might have hurt on bars today, but it was kind of OK.

Tues Devon Squad! I had to get up at 6.10am as we were leaving at 7am. I went to South Devon gym in Paignton with Lannah’s mum, Lannah and Taylor. We trained from 9.30am til 1pm. We wore our new Devon leotards!


Oh, dear…. Ouch I split the beam today.  It hurt but I tried to get back and do it again. It wasn’t too bad on the other pieces.

Weds, a planned day off. Kelly said I could go in if I wanted to but I decided that a day to chill out and be with my cousins would be better for me so I’d be able to give all my effort to tomorrow’s long gym training and control comp on Friday.

Thurs 10am-5pm I was presented with my nomination certificates from the awards night. I was nominated for Female Gymnast of the year 2017, Female Most Promising Gymnast of the year, Positive Attitude to Training and Gymnasts Gymnast.

Look what I won!!! ☺ FEMALE GYMNAST OF THE YEAR 2017. I feel very proud. My family were very proud of me.



After training my heel was hurting. I put lots of ice on it.
Fri 1-7pm I needed to ice my heel all morning and put bruise cream on. I was a bit upset in the morning as my heel and ankle were hurting. It was a proper control comp from 1-4pm. It wasn’t my best control comp but some pieces were really good. I was happy because I hadn’t done anything like that for ages. It was good to try and do it in my competition leotard which is now very tight! We finished early at 6.30pm! ☺

We had the weekend off, as there was a boys comp all weekend in the gym. (Yay!) I enjoyed the rest and went to the hairdresser to have lots of my hair cut off so that I am ready for my comps.



I am now looking forward to focusing hard next week. Every training session counts now.

Thanks for reading!

Fliss x