Injuries, pain and scans 😔 but now two lots of good news! 🦄 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


It has been 8 weeks since my last blog. I have had a lot going on and it has not been a very good time. I have had injuries and pain and been worried, but I am getting better now and excited about my good news! Here’s my blog.

Weds 17 April 11am – 3pm

I did 5 more tkatchevs today. That’s 8 this week I think!

My hamstring is sore. I think I might have over stretched it. I don’t know. I’ve iced it put a hot water bottle on it and Mum has given me a massage. I must not do any leaps for a week.
Thurs. My hamstring really hurts. I will not be able to do any running. I need to take care of it and keep doing ice, heat, massage I think. Gym 1-8pm. I warmed up on the P bars by holding myself up by my arms and air cycling! I might be able to do lots of bars today.

I did spins on beam, used the tee trainer on fast track, and on bars did two really cool tricks! I don’t know what they are called. 😂 I managed the whole 7 hours.

Our lovely physio said I must not run, or cartwheel or pull my leg in any way. I need to ice at different times.

Good Friday 19 April
As soon as I got up I was icing. Gym training 10 – 2pm. It was our Easter egg hunt in the gym! I only walked 😉 then iced again. I kept doing that through my gym session.

Kelly showed me a drawing that Jemma Drawing had done of me based on the British Championships photo. It’s cool.

I had Saturday and Easter Sunday off. I had fun with my family and cousins as we were caravanning and went to the beach and in the countryside. Yay ☺

Mon 10 – 2pm

Tues 4-8.30pm I went back to school after the Easter holiday. I was OK about going back. ☺ I couldn’t ice at school though! I think maybe my leg is getting a bit better? I am still not running though. I had to warm up on P bars holding myself up with my arms and cycling in the air. I tried a backward roll to handstand on the floor beam. It’s two days until my birthday 🎂!

Weds Day off. I made cakes to take to gym for all my friends tomorrow! Yum!

Thursday. It’s my birthday, and I am so excited! I am meeting my friends before school, then I’ve got school art club at lunchtime then parents evening after school! (They HAVE to say nice things about me 😂) I showed Mum the display that PE has on the wall at school.


I then got to gym at 5.30 and stayed until 8.30pm. My British Champs song ‘I am a giant’ came on when I was on Bars! 🎉

I had lots of lovely messages for my 12th birthday! It’s been a lovely day.

Fri 10 – 5pm. I am still not running and I am being careful with my hamstring. I did lots of bars today.

Sat. Kelly was really poorly today, so our training was cancelled. Get better soon! So, I had a day off…to ice my leg!

Sun Day off

Mon. My left leg was still feeling sore. 😔 4-8pm.

Tues 30 April. I went to see my physio today. I realised that my back and leg really hurts. 😔 My lower back is inflammed and sore and it’s making my leg sore and tight too. I have to stop doing gym for a week and rest it and take medication and do special exercises and Mum needs to do lots of massage on me. I know that I need to do this to get better. I think my body has been doing so much with all my comps and Squad camp and training, as I’ve been doing lots of routines, and it’ss just been used so much. It needs a rest and to get better.

We had a chat to Kelly and we are going to work together with my physio. So I didn’t go to training tonight.

I am missing being at the gym. I know that at my level of gymnastics I am going to get some injuries and sore parts of my body, so I just have to do what I need to do and then I’ll move forwards again and do great things again.

Weds. I had more medication and exercises and massage!

Thurs 2 May. I wanted to go into the gym to do my physio exercises, see Kelly and see my friends. So I did! 4.30pm until 6pm. I only did my physio exercises, nothing else, but then Kelly said to visualise my routines on each piece three times, so I sat down and closed my eyes and I went through it all in my head.

Friday 3 May – Tues 7 May

I went into the gym just to do my physio exercises and some visualisations. I had more massage and ibuprofen at home too. My back is still sore 😔 I think it hurts a bit higher up now. But I must stay positive and hope with time, rest and doing the right things it will get better. ☺

Thurs 8 May. I just did my physio exercises in the gym again. My sister Bella started back today! It felt a bit weird but nice to have her in the gym with me again. I think it’s been a year and a half since she left . She worked really hard! Mum picked us both up after a few hours.

Fri I am still doing just my exercises, going to the gym to do them and doing my visualisations and taking painkillers. I hope it gets better soon.

I had a sleepover with my friends which made me happy.

Sat I went to gym 12-2pm to just do my exercises and to be in the gym. My back is still sore 😔 and I’m also getting a few headaches in the front of my face and head. We all think that I need an X-ray or scan as there might be something more seriously wrong with my back or some damage. I really want to know what’s wrong and then we can work out a way to fix it and have a plan on my recovery. I want to be doing gymnastics but I know that I can’t at the moment. I went to Bella’s glass art party, which made me feel better.

Sun Day off and no physio exercises

Mon I couldn’t see the doctor today so went into the gym to do my exercises and see my friends 4-6pm. Kelly said that I’d make a good judge as we were both scoring my squad mates and ended up with deductions that were nearly the same!

Tues. I saw the doctor today.

Weds 15 May. It’s been exactly 2 years since my major head trauma gym accident.

Thurs. I went into gym with Bella and Jack at 5pm.

Fri I saw my physio and my doctor today. We think I do need to have an xray or scan of my back and hip. Something is going on. I might have a stress fracture in my spine. I have less physio exercises to do as my back is still sore. I just need to know what’s going on and how I can more forward and do my recovery. 🙏

Sat 18 May.
Bella’s birthday! My back is really painful. I know something is wrong and I want to know what it is. I’ll do my exercises at home today and not go into gym. I am trying to stay positive and happy.

Sunday 19 May. I started my hydrotherapy programme today ☺ 20 lengths of the swimming pool. After 2 lengths I had to have 1 minute rest then go again. I could only do front crawl or back stroke, as I’m not allowed breast stroke due to the hip movement. It was good to have a programme and be aiming towards goals again. It was a sunny day in the garden to relax afterwards. ☀

Monday 20 May. I went into gym today to do my spin bike rehab therapy. 20mins on the bike plus my three physio exercises. I think my body needs to be doing some activity as it is so used to doing lots and lots!

Tues. It’s my swimming rehab day! 20 lengths in the lanes with Dad tonight. Hopefully I’ll hear when I’ll get a MRI scan soon.

Weds day of rest.

Thurs 5-6pm in the gym to do my bike programme.

Tonight I heard some GOOD NEWS… I’ve been selected to be in the England Squad for 2019/2020 as one of the Espoirs! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🎉

Yay! I am so pleased and proud to be selected for England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 . I think I am the youngest in the squad, the only first year Espoir. 🎉

Well done to all the others who go in too! I just need to get my back better. 🤞 I hope I get a MRI scan soon. I am still doing my swimming programme, bike programme, and gym visualisations on the equipment and my physio exercises.

Sat. Kelly was away at a comp today so I went into the gym at 9am to help Lauren with Kelly’s babies, the Amethyst group. It was great! At 12pm I did my spin bike programme and other physio and visualisations.

More swimming and cycling this week

Friday 31 May. After my cycling in the gym and physio exercises Dad drove me to Exeter for an MRI scan. I was so happy that I now had a scan booked. I had a few scans of my back and hip. (I remembered having one of these scans after my head injury two years ago.)

I had to stay really still. I stayed so still that I fell asleep inside it opps! 😂 I had ear phones over my ears and they played music. It was like being a baby at bedtime and having a lullaby song sung to me to get me to sleep. So I went to sleep! 😂 I won’t know my results until Tuesday. I hope we know soon if there is a fracture in my spine or not and if there is any damage or not and how I can get better and get back to gym. I am hoping.

Sat. We went swimming again today and did my lengths. I think I’m getting much better at swimming now ☺ Guess what, after swimming…
My sister and I had our ears pierced!!!! I couldn’t have it done until after my MRI as you can’t have metal in the scan machine. We are so happy!!! Now we have to put tape on our ears when we go to gym 😂 I can’t believe that I have had it done. 🤪

Sunday. I should be at South West squad training today at Falcons but I can’t because of my injury, so it is a rest day at home.

Monday 3 June 2019 gym 4-5.30 spin cycling, physio and visualisation.

Tues 4 June. More swimming.

Weds 5 June. My MRI Scan results are back. It’s good news. There is NO stress fracture. Which is very great news. They say that everything in my back and hip looks normal and there is no damage to my spine. But I am still feeling pain and I don’t understand why. I hope we can now work out how to make my pain and tightness go away. I think my lower back has to act as a shock absorber for all my tumbles and all my landings on hard. Will I always have a bit of pain? !! Now we know that I am not going to damage myself any more, I can start doing lots more fun exercise and I can carefully build my body back up…but why is it hurting? I can get back doing some gym and dancing (I really love dancing too) and running and PE. I like athletics and I am quite good at that. Maybe I’m growing and that’s hurting me too?

It was fun doing some basic gym skills again today. ☺I did giants on metal and upstarts and preps on vault for yerchenkos.

The new hall of fame board is up on the wall at Falcons! That’s really nice. I am proud to be in the GB Performance Pathway Squad for 2019 and England Squad for 2019/2020. It is such a brilliant achievement for me.


Fri. I had lots of physio today and massage, and then went to the gym. They think my back is hurting because of my nerves in my back and leg, and my nerves are making my leg tight, but we are going to get me better and I am going to do more now that I know my back doesn’t have a stress fracture. I am happy about that. With the help of everyone around me and the support of Mike, Kelly and my physio Megan we will work out my rehab programme, exercises and treatment plan and I will get back to normal and aim and try to get fit for GB and England Squad training next month. I really really hope so.

Now that I know my back doesn’t have a fracture, I can go to my brother’s aquapark party tomorrow and join in, carefully. Yay! (It’s going to be freezing!!!)

I have been listening to some older songs with Mum, and I really like Bon Jovi’s ‘Living on a Prayer’.

That’s me! ‘Woah, we’re half way there, Woah, liv’ in on a prayer, Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear, Woah livin’ on a prayer’ 😂

Thanks for supporting me and helping me.

Fliss x

GB Performance Pathway Squad Training Camp, first one for 2019 🇬🇧 

Hello! Here’s my blog about the weekend.

Friday 12 April 2019

Mum and I drove up to Lilleshall in the afternoon. There was so much traffic and some incidents and fire engines so it took 5 hours. We came off the motorway and went the countryway to make it more pleasant, instead of all the traffic at Birmingham. We then suddenly arrived in the lovely grounds of Lilleshall. Most of the main buildings are old and it’s got very pretty gardens and grounds. 

We had a room at Lilleshall to stay the night, it was in a different building to where I’ve stayed before. It was really near the gym. We were told we could have tea in the dining room if we went straight away. It was cool to stay in the room with my Mum. ♥ 

I am really excited. It’s great to be back at squad. I want to try hard, learn new things, and show what I can do. I have new upgrades to show 😉 I can’t believe how much has happened since we were last here for my Compulsory Level 1 grade competition only two and half months ago (I won bronze AA 🥉!) I’ve had my Florida trip and comp, the English Championships 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and the British Championships 🇬🇧. It’s crazy 🤪 

Saturday 13 April

We had breakfast in the hall at 8.30am. We had a quick walk around. 


I then got ready. I liked this quote over our beds. 


We checked out at 9.30am and met Kelly in the carpark, as she’d driven up to Lilleshall and left Devon very early! We also met my other three SW teammates. We went over to the gym at 10.10am and started training at 10.30am. Mum said that the parents were allowed to watch for 15 mins then Mum said they went to British Gymnastics offices for a talk and video and chat, then had a tour. Mum left after that to drive all the way home. 




I was sharing a room with a friend I know from other GB squads. That was really nice. ☺ 

I had a great first day! I did 3 more tkachevs 🎉 and Kelly got this great photo of me doing my change to ring leap on the beam. 




We had tea in the dining room. I had chicken, rice and vegetables. 

I phoned home (E.T phone home 😂) before bedtime to tell my family how I’d got on and what good things I’d done today. 

Sunday 14 April 2019. 

We had to get up early! We were awake at 7am and went to breakfast at 7.30am. Then we could have 30 mins to chill before going over to the gym. I found it quite hard to be at my best in the morning. 😂 But I was much better after lunch! ☺ 

I had a fantastic experience and it’s such a great opportunity for me to learn from top National Coaches. I want to learn all I can. I really liked seeing friends that I already know and loved meeting new gymnasts and making lots of new friends. Everyone was really nice. 

The coaches we had teaching us for the weekend were great National Coaches. I find it hard to understand the dance teacher’s accent sometimes, but I try hard and somehow work out what she wants me to do. I like that she knew my name ☺ 

While we were there we were trying to find out and were able to watch some of The European Champs in our break. It was apparatus finals for GBR Alice and Claudia. They were both incredible. I can’t believe it, Alice won gold on beam! Wow, really Wow. 

We finished at 5.15pm after a full day. It was hard work but great! Kelly then drove me all the way home in her car. Thank you so much Kelly. I actually stayed awake for most of the journey this time 😂, and we got to chat. 

I can’t wait to go back to Lilleshall for the next GB Performance Pathway Squad training.

Thank you for reading this and supporting me as I keep trying to get better and better and move forwards. ☺ 





Flying, double tucks, double twists 🤸‍♂️ and training after The British 🇬🇧 

Hello. It’s been four weeks since the British Champs and I’ve been having fun and working hard in the gym to get some new upgrades. Here’s my blog.
Weds 20 March. We are in a new training routine starting this week, so Weds is now my day off. It feels a bit strange.
Thurs. We train on this day now instead of Weds. It’s supposed to be 4.30pm – 8.30pm but I have to arrive half an hour later as I have something on at school. Dance! We made up a dance to Ellie Downie’s floor music today. 😍
Friday 10am – 5pm. My hair was crazy after my hard work today. I was really tired at the end of the day.

Mum made one of my favourite teas, spicy sausage pasta. I ate loads! As an athlete I know it is really important to eat well and have a balanced diet with lots of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins to feed my body and give me energy and strength. I also had yummy fruit salad. I really think about what I eat. I want to help myself be the best gymnast inside and out.
Sat 23 March 12-5pm. Arghh. I have a big fat lip. I cut my lip inside. I kneed myself doing basics in the gym. Doh.
We watched the Gymnastics World Cup on TV today. Mustafina from Russia was great, and she’s had a baby and come straight back!
Sun. A relaxing day off!!!
Mon 4-8pm. We had to write down our goal for the week. I did a full twist double tuck off bars with spot into pit today! I was a bit early on my twisting but it was my first try. 😂
Here’s just a photo of me on bars over pit.

Picture By Jim Wileman -
Picture By Jim Wileman –

It was hard and sweaty conditioning, even in between my fingers were so sweaty!
This nice message was in the foyer today on the wall. Thanks Falcons.

Tues 4-8.30 pm It was a good session. At school we had to write about something we love. I wrote about gymnastics 😂 😂 😂
Weds A nice chilled evening off.
Thurs. 4.30-8.30pm. A good session. I might be flying tomorrow! 😉 🤪
Fri 10-5pm I did some tkatchevs on bars with spot! I had to release the bar and catch it again.

It felt really good. I was a bit nervous to start, but I did fly! I practised my upgraded tumbles and my double back on track again. Beam was OK too.
Arghh in the last half an hour of conditioning I rolled my ankle. 😔 Ouch it hurt. It was really sore all night and I got upset. I iced it and put bruise cream on it. I hope it gets better soon.
But, I tried to think about my positive news today. Kelly did send my Mum these videos of my first flying experience. It was great.

Sat 12-5pm My foot hurt and I was a bit upset. I had to warm up on fast track and could not tumble or vault today. I did some double spins on beam though ☺ I was practicing my crouch spins on beam too.
Sun. A rest day with my family. ☺ It was Mothers day. I took the time to look after my foot and my Mum! 😂 .
Mon 1st April 4-8pm My foot was better today. I did lots of stretches this morning, I think that helped.
I did some more tkatchev practice on bars. It was my third day. It went really well. ☺ Only Kelly needed to spot me, so I only had one spot.

Guess what I did on track?! Straight front straight front DOUBLE twist! Yay. 🎉 After I did one of them, one of my favourite songs came on in the gym… Whitney Houston’s ‘I just wanna dance with somebody’. It was like my celebration song. ☺ 😂

Dad thinks I’d be good at long jump, but doing it in a different way as I travel so far. 😂

I put some Fisiocrem on my ankle and foot to help it before bed.
Tues 4-8.30pm
Weds 3rd April Day off
Thurs. I had double PE at school then the whole school had to do a cross country race. It was really tough. I came 2nd out of all the Year 7 girls in the whole secondary school. I could have come 1st, but I didn’t know where go, but 2nd is great too. ☺ I felt so tired and dizzy and had a headache at the end of school. I just wasn’t feeling very well. I couldn’t train at gym.
Fri 5 April 10am-5pm. I did lots of tkachev practice today. My shoulders were killing me! I needed a massage. ☺
Sat 12-5pm
Sun off
Mon 3-8pm. It was a good session. Mike had to help spot me on bars as Kelly had a really painful neck. I hit my heel on the bar so I think I will have a bruise. 😤
Tues 9 April. 10am – 5pm. I had a great first session. I have loads of news to tell you!!! I am so happy. I did two big skills today.
My first time on my own and I did it! I can fly 😂 I actually did a tkatchev on bars over pit on my own. It felt weird letting go then actually catching it and doing an upstart. I know what it feels like now though, so it won’t feel weird again. ☺

I also did my double tuck on floor. 🎉 This was the goal I set myself for this week. I did 3 tries. On two of them I over rotated so fell back, but that’s good as it’s better to over rotate rather than under rotate. My height was good and when I take away the mat I’ll be even higher. This is my good attempt.

This has been a really big memory day for me. I am very pleased. If you believe in yourself you can achieve anything. It’s a Terrific Tuesday. I will keep positive. I just need to keep working on these upgrades when I go to GB Performance Pathway camp at Lilleshall this weekend.
Weds. A nice day off for me. It was Devon Squad today, but I was allowed a day off, as I have so many hours training this week and GB Performance Pathway Squad all weekend at Lilleshall. So…it was beach fun!!! 😍 🏖


Thurs 2-8pm. A great session, and I did another Tkatchev! ☺ I needed to make sure I took all my kit from the gym as tomorrow I travel to Lilleshall.

I’ve been catching up on all the news about the European Gymnastics qualifications. We had 3 GBR girls in the top 5 (Alice, Ellie and Amelie) but only 2 can go through as it can only be 2 for each country. I think that is a shame. It should be the very best that go through to the finals no matter what the country. I feel sorry for Amelie. I hope I can watch some of the routines on TV when we are at Lilleshall 🤪 I hope I’ll be competing at the Euros one day. 🤞 😍
Bye for now.
Thanks for reading and supporting me.

Fliss x

🇬🇧 British Championships 2019! 🇬🇧 My first ever experience competing as an Espoir.

Hello again. Here’s my diary blog of my very first British. ☺ 

Tues 12 March 4-8.30pm. I had a good session and I ran through all of my routines in our Falcons gym tonight. I am ready to go! 💪 I will try and go clean at the comp. 

Weds 13 March 2019

Kelly did my hair early in the morning!


Then Dad, Mum, Jack, Bella and me drove to Liverpool. It took 5 hours and it was quite an easy journey. In the car I sent a video to Nile Wilson to say that I was thinking of him and sending him a get well message and and hoping he’d be at the British again soon, and that I was about to do my very first one! I am sad he is injured. (He sent a video message to me when I had my head injury, so I wanted to do one for him.)

We parked our car in the city centre and walked to the Albert Docks to our hotel. Our room was lovely and so close to the M&S bank arena – it was only a couple of minutes to walk. My bed was by the window. Wow! I had a wonderful view of the Docks.  Look! Our hotel was a converted warehouse and I really liked it.





I am cool as a cucumber and looking forward to the comp. 🥒 ☺ 😂

Thurs 14 March 2019 – BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIPS 🇬🇧 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) Espoir, M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool

I was in the second round, so we arrived at the arena about 10am.

We got my accreditation lanyard, and met Kelly.


We walked into the very big arena. Wow! I found out that when it is full 11,000 people can be in there!


We sat and watched the first round. I think all the GB National coaches were sat in the row right behind me 😂 Beth Tweddle also came and sat right behind me. 😂 I hoped that my routines could be good in front of them.


I then went to register with Kelly.

I got to reveal my special new UNIQUE leotards that I designed and Quatro made. I love them! Thanks Quatro for my short sleeve warm up and long sleeve comp leo. My family said they really really sparkled and looked fabulous. My gem design was like a Scorpion. We thought it was like I could have a sting in my tail 😂 I love the pink yellow and white colours and think it suits my skin and my hair (it suits me 😂) so I wanted to get a design with these.




After the general warm up and apparatus warm ups we had to start the comp by coming out onto the stage with lights and music and our names being read out. I was starting on vault so had to line up backstage. 

When I came out at the beginning, Mum and Dad said that the announcers said my Ayres name wrong. I didn’t actually notice as I was just trying to see through all the smoke and try not to fall down the steps! I really couldn’t see that well but I waved to the crowd OK. ☺ 🖐️



We competed at the same time as the Under 12 boys.


One of the Falcons coaches, Gemma and her school gymnasts came to watch me. They were cheering a lot. 🎉

The scores have a D for difficulty E for execution and there are deductions and bonuses which are added to make the total score.

I found that the arena and equipment took a while to get used to so warm ups weren’t great. It was a huge place. The bars seemed a bit slippery. I practised my straight front straight front full on floor but it wasn’t working right, which I was a bit disappointed about, so we decided not to put it in my floor routine.

My first rotation was Vault. We all had two vaults.




My scores were V1 D:3.5 E:8.55 deduction 0.1 Total 12.050

V2 D:3.5 E:8.65 Total 12.105. My best vault.

Bars was next. I fell once on bars, which I am annoyed about, because I thought I might have just made the bars final if I could go clean on the day. After the English I put in my stalder to increase my difficulty. I just had to go for it! I had to go for all the handstands. Oh well. My routine didn’t go quite to plan, but I still did a good job. I know I can do it.


My bars scores was D:2.8 E:7.25 Total 10.050

Then it was Beam.

I fell once on beam, on my flic tuck, which was a shame. I actually landed it but lost my balance a bit. My skills were nice.




My scores on beam were D:4.2 E:7 deduction 0.1 bonus 0.2 Total 11.3.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND – MARCH 14: Felicity Ayres of Falcons Gym Academy competes on the Balance Beam during Day One of the 2019 Gymnastics British Championships at Echo Arena on March 14, 2019 in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)
British Championships 2019.Women’s espoir all-around and Men’s under 12 all-around
British Championships 2019.Women’s espoir all-around and Men’s under 12 all-around

That picture is me doing my free walkover, taken by a professional called Alan Edwards. I really like both photos. ☺

Then it was floor. My floor was good.



My scores were D:3.4 E:8.35 bonus 0.2 Total 11.950

My vault score and floor scores were higher than the English Champs, which makes me smile.

Even though I did have falls, which was frustrating for me, my routines were good and neat. There were many very very good gymnasts in my Espoir category. I was also against girls that are 12 and 13 years old.

I am proud of myself today. It wasn’t perfect but I had fun.

British 2019 Fliss and Kelly BG








British 2019 Fliss on score board_20190314_170309

In the end I came 30th out of 47 gymnasts at my first British.

On floor I was 16th. My execution score was high 8.35


I was happy with my competition floor routine. I performed it well and got a high execution score. Mum and Dad said it looked stunning.

Mum said that Mike arrived in time to watch my comp and Adam and George saw my floor.

Lots of our friends were watching it live on the BG Score app. They could see the live streaming and me on the screen. Mum said she was getting lots of messages telling her people at home were so excited watching! Thank you everyone.

What an experience for my first British. Thank you Kelly for getting me here. I will keep working hard, and I know what skills we are going to work on next. I am proud that I am the first Falcons female gymnast to ever qualify to compete at the British. ☺ I am determined to make next year and will keep being positive. I hope to make some finals next time. 

After the comp, we went and got some food in Pizza Express just outside, and saw some Falcons friends who came to watch and said how great it was to watch me.

We then watched and cheered on the Falcons boys Adam and George in the U18 comp. They were awesome! Adam got several medals, and George placed well. We were still there at 10pm! It was a long day! I got a T shirt of the British Champs with has my name on the list on the back. 😍

This is what our hotel wardrobe looked like! A gymnast’s wardrobe. 😂




Once my comp was over I could enjoy the rest of my weekend here watching gymnastics, exploring Liverpool and more gymnastics!…And 3 days off gym for me!


When I get back in the gym I am going to be out of routines!! Yay. I’ve been doing them for months and months and focusing so hard. Now I get to do new skills and try things out. I have had competition after competition, four comps (Compulsory 1 at Lilleshall, Presidential Classic at Florida USA, English Championships at London and British Championships at Liverpool) all in the last 6 weeks!!!! It’s been crazy, and exhausting. I have travelled a lot! I can have fun time in the gym now and learn new things, it’s like play time 😂 My GB Performance Pathway camp at Lilleshall is 3 weeks away, so maybe I can try new skills then too. ☺ 🇬🇧


Friday 15 March

It was a day to chill and explore and go shopping in Liverpool. There were so many shops! I like shopping☺ I couldn’t buy too many things though as I am saving my money. Oh my days, I did find my favourite shop ever, Lindt. I love Lindor chocs. They are my treat to myself whenever I can!



We saw lots of gymnasts around. Ellie Downie, Claudia Fragapane, our Falcons competitors Adam and George and my Falcons gymnast friends Rosie and Bella that came to watch. They said they were all watching me on the live stream yesterday and think I am amazing and my floor was stunning, which is so kind.


Sat 16 March.

We met Falcons friends Maddie, Charlotte and their parents outside the arena in the queue and also Ryan. Ryan was competing in the Men’s seniors.




It was a fantastic day. Ryan was incredible! We were shouting and screaming. He got a bronze on vault!


Giarrni was awesome. We spoke to him in our hotel in the morning. All the boys and girls seniors were all awesome. I loved Alice Kinsella, Kelly, Claudia, Georgia-Mae, Amelie and many more. We met Nile Wilson who was there supporting.


We saw Kelly Simm and Georgia Mae Fenton in our hotel. My sister got selfies! 



Sunday 17 March.

We watched all the apparatus finals all day.

I felt annoyed with myself that I hadn’t made a final (bars), but I will make it next year. 💪 🤞




I think it’s terrible that not enough people watch the boys. On Thursday and Sunday lots of people left after the girls had finished.


In the Masters finals on Pommel Adam was against Max Whitlock MBE. Adam also did Rings. Ryan did Vault. They were brilliant and were on TV. Bella and I were in the background near the end of the women’s vault run in the front wearing yellow tops, next to our friends, waving at the cameras at the end of the vaults. Several of our family and friends said they saw us on TV.

We drove back home after the Masters. It took 5 hours to get to north Devon. We got back at 11.15pm.

Mon 4-8pm training. I was tired!

I just can’t stop watching Ellie Downie’s floor. I absolutely LOVE IT. It makes me so excited and tingly. I love the music, the dance choreography (it’s really put together well), the gymnastics. All of it 💞 Wow. How has she come back like this? I want to watch it over and over again. WATCH!


Claudia Fragapane’s come back from her injury is also amazing! Wow!

I have been watching the videos of my own routines. I can watch the recordings of the judges cameras on BG score app. It makes me feel excited and happy that I actually look good! I can see how my skills look instead of how they just feel to me. I am annoyed I came off bars and beam because all my elements were really nice.



Tues 4 – 8.30pm. Kelly said I had worked really hard today. Guess what?! I did my double back on track tonight. Yes! I am really pleased. 💪 🎉





I shall keep learning and being positive and determined. ☺ I have lots to do.

Thank you for reading this and supporting me.




My Four Year Compulsory Level Journey to get to the British Championships 2019!🇬🇧

Hello, welcome to my new blog. On Wednesday I will travel to Liverpool to the British Gymnastics Championships. I can’t believe that I have earned my place. It’s amazing. I am excited, scared, nervous all at the same time. It’s such a big competition. I really want to be there, and I am going to be there! I feel very proud to be going and competing. My family and I have been thinking about my gymnastics journey to get there. It’s taken four years of competing and passing my Compulsory Levels, 4, 3, 2, 1. I’ve had to do four years of compulsory level national finals. It’s taken me hours and hours of training, with many ups and downs, but I made it! Kelly Park, my coach, has been with me all the way.

Here’s my National Results from the last four years, and my videos. I thought it would be fun to look at my routines and how far I’ve come. 💪 ♥

May 2016 – Compulsory Level 4 – Stoke on Trent

7th AA (All around)

Range and conditioning 4th, Bars 7th, Beam 9th, Floor 11th, Vault 12th

I was part of the South West Team with my friends and we came first. We were the BRITISH TEAM CHAMPIONS.


May 2017 – Compulsory Level 3 – Stoke on Trent

7th AA

1st Bars – I was the National Champion.

2nd Range and Conditioning

My Falcons team mate Kayleigh competed too.


Then, on 15 May 2017  (I will always have that date in my mind) I had my major gym accident. That’s when I fell on bars and suffered major head trauma. I had a fractured skull, bruising of the front of my brain, and a bleed on my brain. I had to be taken in an ambulance all the way from north Devon to Bristol Children’s Hospital for one week. When I went home I needed 3 months recovery to heal (I could only do some conditioning) before I could properly start to train again, and go upside down.

May 2018 – Compulsory Level 2 – Stoke on Trent

I scored 57.625 and passed! The pass mark was 55. I was so pleased to have achieved this, after my accident.

26th AA.


February 2019 – Compulsory Level 1 – Lilleshall National Sports Centre


1st Range and Conditioning

3rd Bars

3rd Beam

4th Floor

My score was 63.15, and the pass mark was 55!


Here are some photos taken by professional photographer Jim Wileman, and my comp videos taken by my Dad for each piece each year.


Picture By Jim Wileman -
Picture By Jim Wileman –


JimW-Fliss 015.jpg


Picture By Jim Wileman -
Picture By Jim Wileman –


Picture By Jim Wileman -
Picture By Jim Wileman –

Range and Conditioning

Picture By Jim Wileman -
Picture By Jim Wileman –

On Friday it was International Women’s day. Mum and I were talking about it and I said that I thought the most important thing that women have done for our country is earning women the right to vote, these women were known as the Suffragettes. Thinking about gymnastics though, I think Beth Tweddle was amazing. She really fought hard, achieved great things and got female British Gymnastics to be known. I want to be strong and inspire others too, if I can.


This is how people can follow the British Championships if they are not actually there.

I’m really liking the song ‘Giant’ by Calvin Harris and Rag ‘n’ Boneman. I think this is going to be my British Gymnastics song…’I am a giant. I would be nothing without you holding me up, now I’m strong enough for both of us. We’ll be breaking boulders underneath our feet.’

Picture By Jim Wileman -
Picture By Jim Wileman –

Thank you for reading and watching this and helping me on my journey. 🤞 




🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 My first English Championships and I bring home a medal! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

On Thursday Mum, Dad and me drove to Redbridge Sports Centre in Essex. It took 4 and half hours in the car. It was a long drive. I did all my maths homework in the car and emailed it to my teacher 😂 The life of a competing gymnast! 😂 I still felt like I had a cold and cough. We met Kelly there. Podium training started at 4.15pm. It was a chance to run through my routines, which is the first time there has been podium training for a comp of mine. There was brand new Gymnova equipment! We were the first group in so we were the very first to use it.


I had a good session, and felt ready. Kelly did my hair then we went to our hotel. We saw some other coaches and gymnasts there too.

Friday 1 March 2019

My first English Gymnastics Championships. I am an Espoir gymnast now so compete against two year groups which are 11 year olds, 12 year olds and 13 year olds. I know many of the first year Espoir, many are my friends, but I don’t know the second years. There were 3 rounds of gymnasts today in the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) Espoir Category. I was in the first round and we got to the Sports Centre at 7.30am. It was quite quiet there then. 😂



After our warm up upstairs, we came into the arena to warm up on the apparatus. Then we had to march in for the competition. It went dark and we had lights and music while our names were read out.



My first rotation was Vault. I only had one vault. I went clean. The judges didn’t put their hands up to say they were ready for me to go. I didn’t know when to go, I had to look at the big screen to read my name and the GO next to it! On all the other pieces the judges put their hands up.



Then it was Bars. My warm up was a bit wobbly. The bars seemed slippery. My routine went well. I went clean. I didn’t think my bars was really really amazing, but people kept telling me it was really good!




Then we went to rest rotation.

Then Beam. My free cartwheel and free walkover was nice. ☺ I was happy with that.




Then Floor. It felt like my floor at the gym.




My last rotation was rest again.

After the first round of about 30 gymnasts I was placed first AA, first on bars and third on beam.

I was happy I was in the first round to get my routines done. There were two more rounds of gymnasts to go. 🤞 🤸‍♂️

We then stayed with Kelly and watched the other two rounds all day!!! 🤪 🤪 At the end of the afternoon Mike, Ryan, George and Adam arrived from Falcons. It was great to see them. They were going to do their podium training after our comp.

We also saw Ellie Downie, Kelly Simm, Claudia Fragapane, Amelie Morgan, Phoebe Jakubczyk and Alice Kinsella. They are amazing Senior gymnasts 😍 They were signing autographs.

Alice is my British gym idol. I used Kelly’s phone to get a selfie with her! ☺ 🎉



At 8pm it was the medal presentation ceremony. I didn’t know the final results before we had to march in with the boys that had competed that day too. There were 97 girls, so we had to line up in two lines in front of each other. There were so many of us!


Oh my days, I came 6th AA. I also came 6th on Beam and got a BRONZE 🥉 medal on Bars. I am really happy. I want to say a big thank you to Kelly for helping me.











We left at 8.40pm and went to get some food and then drove 2 hours to Swindon. It was such a long day. I slept in the car as I was so tired. We stayed in a hotel for the night.


Saturday 2 March. Good luck to the Falcons boys at the English Champs today and tomorrow. I am now in the car while Dad drives us back to Devon. I need to get back in the gym at 12pm to keep training. The life of an elite gymnast 😂 😂 🤸‍♂️. Only 10 days until The British Championships!!! 💪 🤞


Thank you for reading this and supporting me in what I do. 🤸‍♂️

Fliss x


My amazing Falcons journey in Florida!!! A roller-coaster of a time 🇺🇸 , but now it’s the English Champs 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ! 

Tuesday 12 Feb… .Whoop. It’s here! I have been crossing the days off my calendar on my bedroom door for days and days and now I am so excited because I’m going to Florida with my Falcons team! I am so excited!!!


Weds 13 February 2019. I had to get up at 2am, as we left the house at 2.30am to go to the Falcons car park to meet the rest of my friends and coaches to get on the coach to London. Mum didn’t even go to bed as we didn’t want to miss it. 😂


It was a long coach ride to Gatwick Airport. We then flew to Orlando in a big aeroplane. Everyone at home told us that we flew over north Devon and they saw our plane! It was a 10 hour flight. I sat by the window. The flight was OK. I coped with it. I watched Mamma Mia ☺






Our villa was so cool!  It was big enough for all of us, with a pool and games rooms. The villa pool was great. I took two blow up unicorns in my suitcase for us all to use there. ‘Be yourself unless you can be a unicorn’ 🦄 😂


Thursday 14 Feb. The first place I went to on my American journey was Animal Kingdom. When I got into Animal Kingdom me and my gym family went straight to the safari, I saw many different animals like: elephant [baby elephant], hippo, giraffe, flamingo, different types of birds, lion, tigers, rhinos and crocodiles. After that we all went to the Yeti ride.

When we finally got through to the ride after a long wait stuck in a queue I went on the ride next to one of my friends. I started to panic because it looked like it was going up very high and that was my first proper roller coaster in the park. After I got off the ride I was so happy because it was so so so fun and I would do it again any time.This ride was one of my top favourite rides.

After that we went to watch the Lion King show and that was FANTASTIC. I even got to help them out and join in with the lovely ending song.








After all this, we decided to go back to the villa, relax and have some food.


Friday 15 Feb 2019 Competition day for me at the ESPN World Wide Sports.

It was The Presidential Classic. We even met up with an old friend who used to go to Falcons!

It was a humongous arena to compete in. Wow!


View this post on Instagram

Lets go girls 💫 ✨ #presidentialclassic

A post shared by Falcons Gymnastics Academy (@falconsgymnastics) on

I was competing at Level 9. I felt kind of  OK but my comp didn’t really go to plan!!! 😔 Oh dear. I was so tired and my legs weren’t that powerful.  I had a headache. I had some falls. 😔 😔 It just wasn’t my comp at all It’s not the end of the world though. I have to take the rough with the smooth. I will move on. I did come 13AA.


We had three days of going there for all our boy and girl competitions. We supported each other.









Once the competition days had finished we could relax and have fun. We went somewhere near the villa for some water time.

Monday 18 Feb. Hollywood Studios day!

Dad can’t believe that I went on the Tower of Terror. I think he’s proud of me. 😂


The Rockin’ Roller-coaster was so much fun. It was one of my favourites. There was loud music, and I liked going into the band’s recording studio on the way to the ride. We had to make sure our heads were right back in the seat before it started as it went super super fast. It did loop the loop which was fantastic! 

My other Florida favourites:-

The shopping was amazing!!! I would have liked to buy so many things. I want to go back and buy all the things I couldn’t get. It was so nice. I will save up all my money!

Our car was cool. It was a 7 seater car and we sang songs in it.

You must get into the parks first thing in the morning. In Hollywood Studios we all ran really fast to the catch the Slinky ride first before all the other visitors.

Other things I remember.

The car parks cost lots of money, 25 dollars! We needed money to go on the private roads with less cars, called toll roads.

Some of the park queues were 2 hours long! We played Uno card games. 😂

The ice cream was goooooood!

You needed to use your fingerprint and card to get into the parks. It was useful to have our cards on our lanyards round our necks. 👍

Tuesday 19 Feb. Magic Kingdom. I liked this park too. The Log flume ride was so long and so great! We went back in the evening to see the Fireworks. These were really fabulous.


Wednesday. Shopping!!!






Then we had to fly back. The airports were really strict on security. The flight home was overnight and was OK.  The coach got back to our gym at 1.30pm on Thursday. I saw Mum, Jack and Bella waiting for me and spoke to Dad on the phone, as he was still at work. It was so lovely to see them. ♥ I said a big Thank You to my Falcons coaches, Mike, Kelly, Katie, Paul and Kacey for looking after me and giving me a great time in America.



I went home for an hour


then went back to gym to do conditioning and stretching for 1 and half hours!  I found it hard. 🤯 My throat really hurt and I had nearly lost my voice.

I really wanted a roast dinner. I craved it so much. 😂 We had my favourite roast pork and I ate lots. I then started to type my blog on the computer, it also helped, as I didn’t need to talk! I had an English cup of tea and dipper! I felt really tired but I needed to try and stay awake until proper bedtime.


I also had loads of fruit salad, which I really wanted. Yum!  I really craved fruit! 

I slept for 13 hours and then slept again in the morning for 1 hour! My throat was so sore and my chest was wheezy, but I knew I had to get into gym to train for 4 hours. I have the English Championships next week!!! I survived.

I saw our school magazine, Park News. I am in it! ☺




In the Falcons entrance area there is a really nice Welcome Home wall and a new display of hall of fame and past achievements!


This is also up in the gym which I haven’t put on my blog before.



Falcons have made a film of the fun bits of our trip to Florida! 


I am tired and have jet lag (I know what that is now 😂) my throat is sore, I have a cough and wheezy chest but I needed to train as normal once I got back to England. I had a day off on Sunday and felt a bit better.

Mon 4-8pm I am still struggling with my chest and throat but I managed routines.

Tues 4-8.30pm. I’m still not feeling totally well, but I will be able to rest tomorrow after school and try to get really better.

I’ve seen the new advert for Nike. I love it!!!!  It has brilliant female athletes in it who have achieved amazing things. It’s got my gym idol Simone Biles in it too. Please watch it


…I’m crazy like them 😂

I write notes on my whiteboard to myself every night. I read it in the morning and it helps to motivate me in the morning for my amazing day that lies ahead. Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything in the world.

I am off to London on Thursday for the 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 English Championships. I compete on Friday. 🤸‍♂️

Just like the Nike video, let’s show what crazy can do. 💪 💪 💪 🤸‍♂️ 🦄

Ohhhh….and today this arrived!!!


My Quatro leotard for The British Championships. I am so excited!!! Thanks Quatro! I’ve designed my very own leotard and they’ve made it for me. You’ll have to wait to see it. ☺

Thank you for reading and supporting me every step of the way.

Fliss x


Wow! Passed my Women’s Artistic Gymnastics National Compulsory Level 1, and got a BRONZE MEDAL!!!

Friday 1 February 2019

It was my last run through in the gym, then Kelly did my hair. We then had at 4 hour drive to Telford. Luckily the snow was only on the fields and sides of the roads.

Saturday 2 February 2019

I woke up in our hotel and felt good. I know I’m ready for this comp. I received some lovely messages from my family and friends to wish me good luck, including from Mike at Falcons☺ Hope I can go out there and DO IT! We drove to Lilleshall National Sports Centre, and I saw some friends, and met Kelly. It was good to be back!

It felt like it was a gym session not a comp because it was in a proper gym not a sports hall, and all the spectators including Mum, Dad, Jack and Bella were sat up high in the seating area, out of my eyes! There weren’t any big TV screens for scores, names on and whether to GO or STOP either! It was a better place to do my routines. We registered at 11.15am, started our warm up at 12pm, started competing at 2.15pm and finished and had the presentations at 5pm. It was a long comp. I needed some sweets to keep me going along the way! 😂


I was given the number 1 to wear on my leotard, as my name was first on the list. I made a lovely new friend Evie from Birmingham. She was in my rotation. We chatted lots and hugged after our routines on each piece. It was good to chat and stay calm.

My rotations went like this. Dad filmed my routines. Thanks Dad!

Bars – This was really good and I surprised myself on how well it went.




Beam – I had to try really hard to stay on the beam a few times, but I did! I went clean. It was good.




Floor – I really enjoyed my floor. ☺ The floor was quite close to the walls and bars though. 




Range and Conditioning – Now, this really went well! Mum and Dad said it was very beautiful, strong and flexible.




Vault – I was feeling that if I could just go clean, I might be in with a chance of getting a big combined score for my comp. I attacked it and I went clean. ☺



I had a clean competition, no falls. I am so happy with myself.

Oh my days, I came 3rd All Around. I was presented with the Bronze Medal. A proper British Gymnastics Bronze 🥉just for my individual performance. It’s so cool! I got a total combined score of 63.15. The pass mark is 55, so I feel I did smash it. I am very happy and proud. Compulsory 1 is the highest national competition level for my age, and very technical and really hard! Thank you so much, Kelly.





I now know that I came

3rd on Bars, score 13.2

3rd on Beam, score 12.8

4th on Floor, score 12.2

And 1st for Range & Conditioning! Score 12.85. I am the National Champion! 💪 🎉

Picture By Jim Wileman -
Picture By Jim Wileman –

My vault score was 12.1

Here is the link to the official results.


I’ve now qualified for the British Championships Espoir Category! It’s at the Echo Arena in Liverpool from 14 – 17 March. It’s a really big deal 😂 My comp will be on Thursday 14 March. I can’t believe it. I am so excited. (But first I get to go to Florida for our Falcons trip and Presidential Classic comp. Yay! I see this as my reward to myself for this weekend ☺)

I think that with perseverance, determination, believing in myself, spending lots of time in the gym, hard work, listening to my coach and my body and mind really helped me to achieve my goal this weekend.

Sometimes I do feel anxious or nervous, but I felt good this time. I really wanted to pass and I did, but also came 3rd! When I did my Compulsory 2 last May, I didn’t think I would have been ready to even be there, but I was and passed and came 26th then. I’ve now moved up to 3rd for this level. ☺ Yay! 👍

Every one of my friends that passed with me on Saturday achieved something really amazing too!

I got to celebrate with my family this weekend, and went swimming to relax.

It’s back to training on Monday, and more work to do. 💪

Thanks for reading and watching and for supporting me along my journey.

Fliss. ☺


New Year, New Skills, Me in the Newspaper and Big Comps!

Hello. It’s been 6 weeks since my last blog. I’ve been training really really hard and I’m about to start a crazy two months of big competitions. I’ve been in my local newspaper and online too! The link is below in my blog. Here’s my diary. ☺

Tues 18 December 4 – 8.30pm. I did three lower bar routines today ☺

Weds 4-8pm I’ve got all the skills for my comp now. I just need to work on my routines and polishing everything. Ah oh, I grazed my nose on the beam tonight, as I was too close to the beam for my flic mount onto it. Doh.

We contacted Quatro today as we thought we should get a leotard made in case I make the  British Champs. Hope I can make it. We’ve only got 24hrs to design my own Leo to get the special offer and give them enough time to make it! It’s crazy and exciting. What ideas?! We talked with Kelly about them. ☺

Thursday. I designed my leotard today. I’ve never done that before!!! 🤸‍♂️ Whoop whoop. Day off gym.

Fri 9.30am-4.30pm My morning session was not good. My routines were not working. 😔

I also grazed my leg 😔 I felt frustrated and a bit upset.

My afternoon training was much better!

I was given a signed photo of Alice Kinsella today. She is my British idol. ☺

Today, one of the little 3 year old Happy Hoppers, Flo, wanted her photo taken with me! She is so sweet. I was very surprised. Am I a gym idol now too?! 😂 Many of the little ones in the gym say I’m ‘Gymnastagirl’ – this is so cute!!!

My new achievement before Christmas – my video is the second one.

Sat 12-2pm. It was Secret Santa then pit clean and party in the gym.

Sun 23rd Dec 10am-2pm

Now it’s 4 days off. It’s CHRISTMAS!!! 🎄

Fri 28 Dec Back to it! 10am – 4pm

Sat 29 Dec 10am-4pm. I did 2 clean floor routines today.

Sun 30 Dec 10am – 2pm

Mon 31 Dec 10am – 1pm an early finish. 🎉 ☺ It’s New Year’s Eve!

Tues, New Year’s Day. Day Off! It’s 2019! 🎉

It’s time to think about my achievements from last year and targets for this year!

It has been an amazing time in 2018, I will miss all the fun times I had then, but 2019 is going to be the best. Watch out 2019 here I come 🦄 ☺

Weds 10am – 4pm A good session, clean routines.

Thurs 10am – 4pm A good session, clean routines.

Friday 4 Jan 10am-4pm

We ordered my own designed leotard from Quatro today! I’m not going to say what it looks like, you will have to wait and see 😂. It is really exciting. Quatro say that they can make it by 1st March.

Sat 10am-2pm

It was a tired day in the gym. I got frustrated with bars. It all seemed hard today. I only managed one bars routine. But I did do something great today, which I’m happy about.

This I achieved!



Now for a day off!

Sun off. Time for some tricks like my friend Madi!



Mon 7 Jan Back to school! ! It’s going to be a long week! Gym training 4 – 8pm. I did 3 bars routines ☺ I needed to do 10 vaults and I did 10 vaults ☺ We had new conditioning today. I was really sweaty.

Tues 8 Jan 4-8.30. Had a bit of a bump on my change leg leap, I think a bruise will be coming! Guess what I did though…a double pike to mats in the pit. ☺

Weds 9 Jan.4-8pm. We met a reporter for The North Devon Gazette newspaper and he interviewed me for an article, and took my photo, and with Mum.

It was hot and sweaty conditioning tonight, but I quite liked it. My range was good. I did my voluntary beam routines today. I need my voluntary routines for my Florida comp next month. 2 clean. Just the lower bar routine today.  2 floor routines. Kelly gave me my training schedule for the next few months. It’s a crazy time with all my competitions coming up in Feb and March, Compulsory Level 1 at Lilleshall, Florida trip and comp, English Champs in London, and hopefully British Champs in Liverpool. 🤪 Plus South West Squad training 🤪 and normal training. 🤪

Thurs day off

Fri 9.30am – 4.30pm. It wasn’t a good training morning for me. I got frustrated and a bit upset.

My report in the North Devon Gazette went online! It’s nice! It has photos and videos. Read it here.

Sat 12 – 5pm I was with some of the other girls. It was great session for me today! I feel happy with myself.

I did 3 clean bars routines in a row. 2 good floor routines. 3 good voluntary beam routines.

Sun day off

Mon 4-8pm A good session.

Tues 4-8.30pm I had a bit of a difficult session, but then I did something new using the T-trainer on vault.

Weds 4-8pm My article is in the North Devon Gazette newspapers today.


I had a crash today. Ouch. 😔 I fell on the beam doing my flic tuck. I nearly landed on my head, but luckily I didn’t (I really could have landed on my head 😱 ) but I banged my leg and knee on the beam. It’s really sore. I iced it. I don’t think I got my foot quite right on the beam. I think my head was not quite as speedy as my body. 😂 They just weren’t talking to each other. But, my bars and floor were really good today. I think they were the best I’ve done. I did my floor routine even after my fall on beam as well 😕 🤪

Thurs. I have a bruised leg and shin 😔 oww. And I’ve got double PE today at school!!! Day off gym. I went to bed early.

Fri. I am feeling a bit scared about my control comp today, but I’ll do it. Mum and I have had some good chats and notes about it. I’m trying to be confident and positive though.

I had a pretty good control comp. Unfortunately I fell on my flic tuck again and banged my other leg though, so I’ll have another big bruise. 😔 My routines were good though. 🎉 I got total marks above the pass mark of 55, so I hope I can achieve this in two weeks time. 💪 I’ll try my best and be positive.

Normal training Sat, Mon, Tues, Weds. My Weds session wasn’t amazing. Thursday day off – I went to the theatre to watch my Mum performing ☺

Fri. A really good session in the gym for me today. ☺

Sat. Day off because I’ve got SW training tomorrow.

Sun 27 January. South West Squad at Bristol Hawks. Kelly took me, and we met her at 7.45am. It was a long but great day. I received an Award for good bars work from the guest coach.(Jody)

Mon 4-8pm

Tues 4-8.30pm It was a comp warm up today.

For my comp at the weekend I will be competing 7 new skills for the first time! I am feeling good and ready. 💪 I am feeling prepared. I just hope I can stay well and actually get there on Friday night as the weather man says there might be snow 🌨 😂.

Weds 30 January 2019, 4-8pm. Two weeks today I will be flying to 🇺🇸 with my Falcons team for a week long trip and comp at the Presidential Classic!!! I can’t believe it is nearly here. I am do excited. I just need to get through this weekend first 🤞 🤪

Picture By Jim Wileman -
7 Picture By Jim Wileman –


So, on Friday we have to drive up to Lilleshall National Sports Centre, where British Gymnastics is, and then on Saturday I compete my elite level in age Compulsory Level 1. Hope I go out there, have a great day and SMASH it!  I hope I can fly! (Like this!)


Thanks to Kelly for getting me to where I want to be. BELIEVE in yourself and you will achieve your dreams.☺All anyone can do is try their best.

Thanks for reading, watching, and supporting me along the way.

Fliss x


Yay! I’ve got into the GB Gymnastics Performance Pathway Squad for 2019!

I’ve received some really fantastic news! Read my blog to find out more 😉 🎉

Friday 7 December 2018. I went to my normal  training 9.30am – 4.30pm. I met Mum at lunchtime. I said to her, ‘Guess what I did?!’ Round off flic double pike into pit on two mats and little mat. I think I am better at pikes than tucks. I get better rotation. I have to lift my hips up and arch my back a bit to get the rotation. It felt good! ☺ I think this might be the same score as for a double tuck? I am not sure.


I did my upstart handstand, giant, giant full, giant blind forward top, giant double tuck dismount combination over hard. ☺

Saturday 12 – 5pm. I had a great session. I am buzzing from this week. I’ve tried really hard to push on and try new things, and I’ve achieved so much. 💪 Look…


Sunday, day off. It was so lovely to be at home and to get the house decorated for Christmas 🤶

Mon 4-8pm. Mike was back from his holiday so I told him about my new skills.

My double pikes weren’t that great tonight though. I landed on my face, but that’s because I had another mat under. I don’t think I was quite ready. I only did it for the first time on Fri! 😂 Hey ho. I’ll try again tomorrow. 💪

I did do my Level 1 bars routine, with Kelly spotting the bottom bar. ☺

Tues 4 – 8.30pm. I am super happy that I did this tonight! Things are working for me, which is good! ☺ I am going to keep trying and trying.


Weds 4-8pm It was a good session.

Thurs day off.
Friday 14 December 2018, 9.30am- 4.30pm I went into the gym like normal on a Friday morning. There were some balloons and letters on the vault. I thought they were for the coach Lauren who is leaving to have a baby. Kelly told me that they were for me! ME?! I opened the envelope. I didn’t quite know what I was reading. Kelly explained it all to me! 😂 I was so surprised. OH MY DAYS. I have been selected for the GREAT BRITAIN (GBR) Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Performance Pathway Squad for 2019! I can’t believe it! I am so so happy! I am so excited and can’t wait to train with my friends at Lilleshall National Sports Centre. Wow. It feels so good. Everyone tells me that my comeback is amazing. It is incredible to get back into a GB squad only 18 months after my accident, when I had a major head injury – bleed on the brain, bruising of my brain and a fractured skull. I don’t like to think about it. I remember the date clearly 15 May 2017.

I can’t believe it! I am really so happy to have achieved this. GB squad! 🎉 Yay!


I trained really hard again today. I have skills to do 😂 I must train hard! The life of a gymnast nevers stops, haha.

I met Mum and Granny at lunchtime. They were so happy for me.

Look what I did today!

Sat 12-5 pm. I gave Kelly a special card and gift. I wouldn’t have got to where I am without her. My amazing coach.

I feel so lucky.

Here’s a video that Jim Wileman took of me training a few weeks ago. The music is by Beatsuite. I think it’s really good. This is my daily life in the gym.


Thank you to all of you for supporting me. My gymnastic life is busy and hard but I am so excited for my future.

Fliss x